Sunday, 4 September 2016

pandan leaves

conversations/inside jokes....

Person: “...她叫什么名了啊?”
Everyone else: “HORRRRRR!!!!!!!”

*cutting and combining songs*
Person 1: “这样可以吗?我还是觉得很奇怪叻。”
Person 2: “哇,不能不能,它们是两个世界的。”
Person 3: “是咯,你是上面那个世界,我是下面那个世界。”

*FaceTime XXX*, *YYY arrives late*
Person 1: “XXX!你看 YYY 迟到!”
YYY (confused af and gazed around): “XXX在哪里?她都不在。”
Person 2: “XXX, 你看,他当你没有到!”
YYY (continues gazing around confused): “她到底在哪里?”

X: *moves*

*choreographing and planning on movements*
X: “哇,这样要走很远哦!”
Y (worried): “oh, 是啊?”
X: “没有没有,你们不用走,不用担心。”
X: “真的是很远,要走很快。”
ABCD: “不用紧啊,我们脚长。”
C: “脚短的已经在对面了,不用走。”

*stands in one straight line*
X: “这个排法是根据什么的?”
Y: “...高度。”

X: YES high 5!
Y: *raises hand*
X: WAH 你的手很可爱叻!
Y: 很多人都酱子讲。
Z: Seeeeriously?

Z to X and Y: Oi, 你们两个站靠近一点!
X: Wah 我怕你踢到我。
Y: 我也怕我踢到你。
Z to X: 你有信心吗?
X to Y: 我很有信心我会踢到你。

X: EH 你不是明天考试 meh?
Y: ....yea?
X: 然后你还来?
Z: 还要跳到 12am...

X: Sorry, 我跳错了。
Y: 不是,你是根本没有跳。

X: 去我家咯。
Y: 走咯,去你家咯。
X: 去我家 zomo?
Y: 你自己提议的!

X: 终于有一首歌是我听过的。
Y: WAH 很厉害叻。
Y: 鼓掌啦,为什么你们没有鼓掌?
Z: 我的心在为她鼓掌。

X: *wraps duffel bag around neck*
Y: *laughs* 你在做什么?
X: 做自己。

*planning on ending location*
X: Eh, 这样你就跟我在一起了咯。
Y: 我就是要跟你在一起!

X: 或者你们睡下去啦。
Everyone: WAHHHH 睡下去哦..
Y: 你要谁睡下去?
X: Nehhh, for example, A and B 睡下去....
Everyone: 来来来,A and B,快点睡下去!
Z: 快点,一起睡下去!


“HAHAHAHAHAHA,can I ride on you?!”

“Nehhh,还有 XXX ...”

*choosing props*
Z:“我们用 pandan 叶啦。”
Everyone else: “OKAY ON!”

Thanks for the fun times guys. None of you will see this but I really love you all. I don't even remember who was in the room when we finished our performance and I was just lying on the floor and suddenly sat up and annoucned, "weih, 我很爱你们叻。" 
Because that time there was this sudden moment where EVERY frame of every moment we had together, every moment of me watching you guys laughing and having fun together, all flashed by my mind, and I couldn't contain the feels. 
I really regret not getting more group photos and forgetting about photos with each of you all. 
I can only remember all these moments, which is also enough, but there could have been more, but I stupidly forgotten.
I really hope there would be more times in the future where all of us will still be together.
I hope all of us stay friends always. 
Thank you all for all of this. 


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