Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Note to self.

I know words are inadequate to perfectly or completely describe or express a feeling. That's why it's always so difficult (or not easy) to answer questions like, "what do you want?", "what are you looking for?" What if what we described wasn't up to par with what we really want in our lives, right?

It's already difficult to explain a feeling for something, let alone a someone. People are very complex beings, because we all have different brains, minds, body and soul. We are all different, yet beautiful all the same. Anyway, in addition to the difficulty and the somehow lack of words in the dictionary or the lack of vocabulary of ourselves, there is the fear of rejection when you express a feeling you have for someone once you tell them how you feel and what you think of them.

What if you're not as important to them as they are to you?

What if the moments that you spent with them made the best memories in your mind, but to them, it was just another day?

That's what we fear, that's what we want to avoid, to be in a one-sided relationship, be it with a friend or a significant other or a family member. It'll suck.


But but but.

What we forget sometimes it's that, we are all people. That's the thing. We are all people. Different as we are there has to be something that we all have in common, and I think the thing is, love. Don't we all like to be told that we are loved and wanted? Don't we all want to feel loved and needed? If you do, surely the other person, too.

Yes, we might grow up differently and think differently and all, but we all need love.

And sometimes, people are really blunt. I'm not saying everyone is like that, I say this simply because I am like that, and if there is one person who is like that, there has to be other people who are like that, too. Which means, we need to be told! (Hahahahahaha)


To some people this might sound all bittersweet and romantic and all that, but to people like me, I'd be like, “你都没有跟我讲你爱我,我哪里知道你爱我 JIEK?”

I know, I know, sometimes you gotta FEEL it. And don't get me wrong, you CAN feel it at times. But loving someone isn't a bad thing, right? It's one thing to feel ashamed when you've done something wrong and terrible, and want to hide it from the lights and eyes of the world, but, this is love we're talking about. If you appreciate it when your siblings you usually have a love-hate relationship with suddenly buys you snacks or something, you tell them; if you appreciate it when your friend helps you out with homework or something, you tell them; if you appreciate it when your mom cooks food for you everyday, you tell her. Because the problem with us is that we convey and spread negativity (complaints, etc) to the outside, and we hide and keep the positivity (our love for things and people) inside, when it should be the other way around.

Besides, Ted said,

Point being, you have to let people know if they are important to you. It'll make their day, and yours, too. Because love, even in the simplest form, is contagious, and it forms a ripple.

So have no fear, and just love on.