Thursday, 16 June 2016

oh dat fail x HB dim

Let's take some time to talk about what we've done yesterday.

It was our dear friend Dim's 21st birthday, but we are currently on study break, so we didn't need to go to school, thus not being able to see her and spend time with her and accompany her on her special day. So, being the nice and kind and thoughtful friends that we were, we created a Whatsapp group to discuss on this surprise we planned to give her.

It wasn't much of a plan. We just added a few people in, then said things like 'hey let's go to Dim's house and surprise her on Wednesday.' and they were like 'ok.'
That was on Monday, and we didn't talk in that group on Tuesday, and then it was Wednesday. Because Dim lived like, 2 tollgates and around 30-40 minutes (my driving speed and depending on traffic) away from the rest of us (except Ru), my plan was to leave in the morning, around 11am, because any earlier she might not even be up from bed yet, so when we get there it'd be around 1130am, after seeing her being surprised and all it'd be around 12pm and we would go have lunch or something, then we can go home.

So on Wednesday morning, we confirmed the plan. Which isn't actually much of a plan because we didn't even buy gifts or cake or anything. In my head I'm just thinking like, our arrival and appearance is already the best surprise. Hahaha!

So we embarked on the journey to Dim's place. Before that, we dropped by Ru's to pick her up. The journey to Dim's house was smooth like a baby's butt because shockingly Ru remembered the way to her house, she usually doesn't remember the ways to anywhere from anywhere. So it was a rather touching moment.

As we slowly reached her house, it looked very quiet and empty.

'Shit, I don't think she's home.' Someone in the car said.

I pulled over outside her house. We have thought about her not being at home, and on the way to her house we might or might not have thought of calling her and be all like 'hey, i just called to wish you a happy birthday in case you are feeling sad that you had to study on your birthday' or like 'hey where you at? oh lunch with your mom? where? oh no la, just wanted to keng gai with you'. Or, I don't know, ASK HER SISTER where she'd be?

So anyway, Ru dialed her number and asked. 'Hey, where are you?'
'Har? I'm in school oh.'

My eyes had never been bigger and my jaws had never dropped lower and I had never laughed louder. (Exaggerations. Of course I had.) It was so stupid because we were just at school earlier in the morning because I had to pick Felicia and Daphne up from there.

'I've been going to school to study for the past few days, but not today because we were going out. If I were to go I would have seen her and could have stopped this from happening.' Felicia said.

'I almost wanted to go to school to study today, but I thought there's no need because it's only for a while so I just stayed at home.' Daphne said.

'I thought of asking her sister if she'd be going anywhere today but I thought she'd probably be at home studying.' Ru said.

'We should have told one of her family members that we are planning a surprise.' Wee Chia said.

But we did neither of those things that we thought about, so instead, we woke up early in the morning, drove like 30 minutes to her house, only to be greeted by a bag of trash outside her house. It wasn't just that she wasn't home, NO ONE was at home. Not one single living soul. HAHAHAHAHA!

But we found out later that her mom was at home because Dim told us her mom saw our car driving away.

Dim was all like, 'wow I don't know what to say.'
And Ru was like, 'WE ALSO DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. Wei Shan is the most speechless she drove all the way here.'


After this event Felicia was like, 'Let's not plan surprises anymore in the future.'
And I think we all agreed silently to that.

So since we were already there, we went to have lunch.

'Okay, let's just go celebrate Dim's birthday without Dim.'


Ru brought three party poppers and had kept them in her bag. While we were waiting for our food to come, she took them out and found that one of the contents had already been released. She thought that meant the popper wouldn't pop anymore when she pull the string, so she pulled the string, and it POPPED SO LOUD, THERE WAS A MOMENT OF SILENCE, AND EVERYONE IN THE RESTAURANT, EVERYONE, FROM CUSTOMERS TO CASHIERS TO WAITERS TO COOKS, ALL TURNED TOWARDS OUR TABLE AND STARED AT HER.

I guess if we were going to celebrate a birthday, we have to do it right, even when the birthday girl was not there during the celebration. That was Ru doing it right.

We headed back home after lunch and had booked Dim for dinner at Burgerlab.

So after the fail from the morning, we still get to meet her and celebrate with her at last.

'Eh, you have to tell me the story from this morning!' Dim said excitedly.

All in all, it's been a fun day, and we had created another facepalm, funny, unforgettable experience as a bunch. I guess this was meant to happen, as an escape for everyone from our many days of studying every day. Maybe we needed it. We needed the laugh, we needed our friends. :) So, thank you for this.

Happy birthday, Dim. I look forward for the many more funny moments from the blur you, and the many more unforgettable moments we would created together with all of our friends here.