Sunday, 14 June 2015

first time for everything

I wanted to record this down somewhere since the start of June but now it's already the middle and almost the end of June and I still haven't done it. Sorry. Life happens.

I have done/experienced 7 things for the first time in May/2015 and I want to talk about 6 of them.

1. Using A Lighter
Yes yes. You are absolutely correct. I have already come to the point of life where my age does not start with the digit '1' anymore and it is only until now that I have learned to use a lighter. I only learned how to use matches at the age of 18 because A-Levels examinations include lab sessions and we had to light up Bunsen burners ourselves and I can no longer depend on my friend to light it up for me like how she did for me in every practical session during exam. So I had to learn. But I have never learned and I never dared use a lighter.

Till that 2 days 1 night trip to Bamboo Village with friends and I was holding the lighter and talking and listening and unconsciously I just lit it up and I was like, 'WOW!!!!!' and everyone was like 'wtf?'
Yea. It just happened like that.

2. Hiking
Which story you can read all about here

3. Stepping On Dog Shit
 One day after class I went to fetch Biang to my house as we had somewhere to go together at night and I pass by her house every time en route home from uni. So I don't have to make another round and go get her before heading to where we were going. OKAY that is not the point.

So anyway, I parked my car outside my house at the side on the grass. We were ready to go and when I was stepping into the car, I felt that I stepped on something that sank. I ignored it and forgot about it almost instantly thinking that it was just mud. I sat on the driver's seat and when I raised my leg wanting to step on the accelerator I thought, 'Why is my foot so heavy?' then I remembered I stepped on something.

I turned on the lights in the car and checked out what it was on my slipper.

'I stepped on something. Is this shit or mud?' I asked as I was observing that brown stuff on my slipper.

'It's just mud I think...' she said.

As she said that, I used my finger to scrap it and the smell immediately reached my nose and I stared at her. 'It's shit.'

And I think she smelled it too for she stopped talking and her face changed and she asked me, 'Do you want to go inside and wash it?'

'No no, just pass me some tissue.' And I used my hand to use the tissue to wipe off a gigantic piece of squished shit on my slipper and the smell was HORRID. Then I held there in my hand a tissue-wrapped shit and I was like, 'WHERE DO I THROW THIS?'




And I did.

'Can you go inside and wash it off? The smell is unbearable.' She said.

She chased me off my own car to go into my house to wash my slipper. LOL.

I did.

Then for that one whole night the smell kept lingering in my nose and because our nose and mouth are interrelated I could almost taste it in my mouth. And also, I touched it with my hand. Then out of habit, I smell everything I hold in my hand, so yes, I brought the tissue-wrapped shit close to my nose and gave it a sniff. (thinking of it now: omg.)

Then we went to have dinner with friends and Biang passed me the menu and I was like, 'No no no, I cannot eat now.'

That went on for one whole night. Till the next morning too.

4. Buying A Condom
We had to do a poster presentation targeted at secondary school students with the theme Human Reproduction something something. So we chose the title 'Premarital Sex' as it was easy to talk about and also easy to convey and it was a hot issue in the world now and it is also easy for secondary school students to understand.

We had our introduction and causes and effects and there was this part we decided to talk about prevention. Like all typical talks and presentations on prevention for sex of any kind or unwanted pregnancy and that kind of stuff, condom was one of the preventions. Also, our poster looked too wordy and lack of decorations, so we decided to just paste a packet of condom there as a related decoration.

I bought all the essentials for the poster presentation which included the mounting board, and the condom. Others like tapes and marker pens and all we already had. But that is once again, not the point.

I went into the shop and walked towards the condom section and stopped in front of it, deciding which to buy. I was taking such a long time to decide that another person just came and was like, 'Excuse me.' then reached for one and took it and made the payment. I then looked at Shelley who was there on my first condom purchase and said, 'That one is regular customer.'

Finally, I took a condom and headed to the counter to make my payment. Then the cashier was too immature and kept looking at me and smirking and grinning. DUDE, it's not what you think.

5. Doing A Backbend Bridge
From standing position, mind you, not the lay on flat ground and push yourself up with your hands one.

I back hurt and I was bending it around, doing a forward port de bra and a backward port de bra and side ones. Then as I was bending backwards I suddenly thought: I wonder if I can reach the ground.... And as I was thinking I kept bending and bending and bending and then my hands touched the ground and I was overjoyed and was all like, 'Heeeyyyyy! I did it!' in my head. Hahahhaha!

A month or two ago, before I went on ballet hiatus, this teacher made the whole class do this and the whole class was able to do it except three. I was one of those three. IT WAS EMBARRASSING. But I think by now all three of us are able to do it. Which is good! Improvement. (Y)

This. This is the thing I mean.

6. Sitting and Chilling in
We wanted to get ice-cream and we went to McDonald's but the machine was spoiled or something and they DIDN'T HAVE ICE-CREAM. DON'T YOU HATE IT WHEN MCDONALD'S DON'T SELL ICE-CREAM?

So then we went a little further up the street and went into this higher class kedai runcit place and bought ice-cream and there were tables and chairs so we just sat there and talked and chill. That day, we talked about our random likes and dislikes. From food to noises to weird fetishes.

That's all.

I was just thinking about the question: 'When was the last time you did something for the first time?' 

Therefore, this.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


It still amazes me till date that the bonding between us happened so fast and so well, that this chemical reaction called friendship is such a successful one with no anomalous results and okay wtf am I saying now. What I'm trying to say is that, it's great. It's so great that it makes me kind of scared, to be honest. (insert laugh till tears come out emoji here)

The long awaited one day trip has finally happened. Like during our dark days, fine, not dark, just not so bright, because there are tests and quizzes and exams to worry about, and with stress and pressure here to say hi again, during the walk through this tunnel, this trip with them, this meeting and bonding time with them, just the mere thought of going to be able to have fun, heck, be with them, is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the hope given to you and it is the something to look forward to. I'm not even exaggerating because this is really how I feel about it. (cross my heart)

After meeting up with the others and going through a very very very very very very VERY long and difficult car seats distribution that involves 'lat da li lat da lit dam bom' which some people didn't even know how and which creates even more problem like, 'then? the one who is out go into whose car?' and 'drivers no need la.' 'no drivers also need.' 'then if they get the same car? aiya the other car no driver' and a lot of laughing and laughing and laughing and delaying and distractions and stuff, we finally departed for our destination at around I don't even remember what time because I looked at my watch a few times because the car distribution really took a very long and funny time I even asked if we were having the trip there in McDonald itself.

Oh and then also a certain hot chick got me a cooling gel kind of thing because she knew my muscles ache and that I had to drive and also because she's caring and loving af and she loves me so much. Hahahahahaha

Oh and then upon meeting an actuarial science friend I consulted him about a problem on Maths chapter I don't know what, Sets, that I found and in return he threw to us a brain juice draining, heart aching, pain sticking, time consuming, memory space jamming, tears dripping, blood leaking, wall banging question he found on the Internet which involves 4 guys, 4 hats of 2 different colours and a concrete wall. And maybe something about sand. Like dude can you plz. (insert laugh till tears come out emoji here)

Like 10 years later, the other 5 friends arrived and we all just sat there and had breakfast and talked. Naise.

So we were separated into 2 groups of 5 in 2 cars and we were finally leaving. Tbh I don't even really remember what happened on the way to our destination. It was like 2 hours of driving and things kept happening at the backseat which involved noises like 'Ahhh!' 'Ohhh!' 'Stop!' .... and I just kept laughing but I have to focus on the road. What I remember is the discussion about pretty boys came up and they were passing around Instagram pages of some pretty boys and I kept demanding to see which they turned out to be not so pretty after all. And then there is this discussion and spreading of love for the one and only BigBang. I'm not kidding, Kpop brings people together. Hahahahaha! (Not a big fan of Kpop, though, just a fan of BigBang) Then there was this part because it was very sunny and they at the back suddenly passed the front passenger a car shade while they used another and I was like, 'HUH? Where did you get this?' 'Here?' 'It was in my car?' 'Yea?' 'Wow, 我的车上竟然有这样的东西!' LOL

Then suddenly, out of motherfucking nowhere, a traffic congestion occurred for reasons beyond my knowing and the car consisting of the other 5 of our friends was close behind us and then the middle finger battle began and it is always funny to see things like that because this is prove that our friendship is real. To me, at least. Hahahaha! Then the traffic moved a bit and I moved my car a little bit further forward and then the other one stopped his car SOOOOOO DAMN NEAR my car but didn't kiss my car's ass but I was laughing and also undeniably a little bit high because that's just how low my laughing point is and then without much thinking, or without any thinking at all, I opened my window, stuck my hand out of it and gave them the middle finger. Which was funny to my 4 passengers and also the other 5 in the other car for reasons beyond my knowing but quite possibly for the same reason I find funny when they gave each other the middle finger. Call me crazy, but I find this to be a pretty sweet gesture among friends. Hahahahahah! Sorry.

Malacca is SO HOT. I mean the weather. But then we were there, so yea, physique, too. HAHAHA. Sorry x2. BUT SERIOUSLY, IT WAS SO SUNNY THERE MY ALREADY VERY SMALL ASIAN EYES GOT EVEN SMALLER. I don't think we did anything else but eat and eat and eat and eat and drink and drink and eat. Then we went to the famous chicken rice balls place at the corner and beginning of the street and of course we had to queue up for it and it was sooooooooo hot I swear I thought my feet were on fire. Then they played around with this scalp messaging thing and then we vlogged.

 This. This is the thing.

 为了吃,再猛的太阳我们都能顶. LOL

I love that even though it was hot and we were like thirsty and hungry 85% of the time (even though there is no water shortage this time lol) and were in a freakishly long queue for I don't know, half an hour, maybe? But everyone was still so in the mood and were still able to joke around and talk about everything and anything at all.

As we got closer and closer to the gates, because I was the first of our group, I saw the tauke came out of the shop and returned money to the lady in front of me and said, "不好意思啊,没有了哦." and I was thinking, 'Oh, maybe what she ordered ran out.' BUT THEN, the tauke turned and face the rest of the queue and said, '对不起啊,后面的,我们卖完了哦.' #walao #sad But we were okaaaayyyyy. (heads to the sky, chin up, while tears gently roll down cheeks. no la really la we were okay hahaha) Then we made another vlog on how we didn't get to eat balls.

Then we went to the red house and otw there we took selfies with the camera and we failed almost miserably each and every single time. Observe.

 Wasn't ready.

 Wasn't ready + blocked

 Blocked + blocked.

Then there was even this uncle who was standing in front of us looking at us as we attempted to take a group selfie with a camera and he kept smiling lightly and like wanted to walk towards us and ask, 'Why don't I help you guys....' Hahahahaha! Must be such a pain for him looking at us struggle. Or fun. Idk. Either one. Same thing. 

After 19378 attempts, 'Use phone front camera la...' 'Phone can meh?' 'Eh actually I got this.' *extracts monopod from bag* 'SAY EARLIER MA.' HAHAHAHHAHAHA


There were all these roadside shops selling all kinds of random things and there, I have officially seen the ugliest Elsa(s) ever. Then there was this place selling canes. Maybe it's because they have not seen canes in a very very very long time, they took the cane and playfully whipped another's butt and it was all kind of Fifty-Shades-Of-Grey-ish. #nottinotti ;)

And then and then and then we went to Klebang to get the famous coconut shake. En route, we drove into some driveway into some houses which we were not supposed to so I made a three-point-turn out and as I was reversing my car, I did it like how I always do and I always go very very very near the back but I never banged into it, so I did the same with this too. Of course I knew there was a wall behind me, I even stopped and looked to estimate the space left and then I continued reversing the car but then SOMEONE SCREAMED AND GAVE ME SUCH A FRIGHT AND MADE ME JUMP. AND WHILE HE SCREAMED HE WAS ON THE PHONE WITH THE OTHER CAR'S PASSENGER SO EVERYONE KNEW OF IT. But I was chill and was all like, 'ZOMO? Don't scare me lehhh...' S*HAIIIIIIIIIIII.

We got off the cars and then I forgot who, but someone, asked, 'Eh anyone wants sunblock?'
'Me me me me me me me.' Then everyone stood there under the sun to apply sunblock.

1) 一大班爱美的女孩们
2) Why couldn't they have sat in the car to apply instead of standing outside and under the sun?

We went into the coconut place and then:

"你们去找位啦我 order 先。"
"Oh okay."
"我直接 order 15 杯啊。"
"我们10 个人罢了哦。" LOL
"Oh hahaha okay lo."
"还是我直接 order 20 杯?"

 Which arrived only one eternity later.

And then, because it was so hot and we were all so sweaty and sticky and tired and also because it's just in all of us, we just sat there for a few hours and chill and talked and used up all of their tissue to wipe our sweat because it was, I've said it many times and I'll still say it many times later, SO HOT. The tables were scattered with used tissue papers and we even took another table's tissue box because we finished ours. SERIOUSLY KENOT. They brought up the 几点几点 game again and that led to the MehMeh again and then a mechanical engineering friend brought up the brain juice draining, heart aching, pain sticking, time consuming, memory space jamming, tears dripping, blood leaking, wall banging question that the actuarial science friend found on the Internet which involves 4 guys, 4 hats of 2 different colours and a concrete wall and maybe something about sand again and we were like, 'walao not again!' 'why? you all know already?' 'neh he asked us this morning.' 'OH HEY! You solved it yourself?' 'no la where got so geng.' so they left the question to us again. Then before this question was solved there was another question about a blind man who had 4 pills, 2 blue and 2 red, and he had to eat 1 blue and 1 red but he accidentally mixed them up, so how is he gonna eat the correct portion. To which was solved almost effortlessly by a certain hot chick. ;) And then cuz this was in the afternoon. Then like many HOURS later, one of us: 

"About the solution to the pills question just now, what if he mixed them up again for the second time? How is he going to be able to eat the right portion then?" 


Funny thing happened too: I don't know about the others, but the moment I crossed the border and entered Malacca, I BEGAN TO FEEL HOT (Body temperature and quite possibly physique too) and I have been sweating THE WHOLE TIME. Until the second glass of coconut shake the sweating stopped momentarily. UNTIL I FINISHED THE SECOND GLASS, THE SWEATING IMMEDIATELY CONTINUED. Like damn, state, how are you doing this?

After some time, we left Klebang and went to 万里香 to have satay celup for (dinner?). Me driving = a lot of me cussing and scolding + "chill man" + laughing.

So I was following the other car but we kept laughing and talking shit in the car and I kept laughing and a lot of times I keep losing them and had to make another round or go somewhere else to park and all those kinds of things. So they kept calling us to ask where we were and we kept replying shit like, 'Oh we going home already.' 'We missed the turn, going now but we saw this mutton soup place so we eat first.' Lol. Must be difficult having me following their car because I keep disappearing and they had to call us.

When we arrived at 万里香, the other car found a parking spot and stopped and I didn't see there was another parking spot in front of them and then I parked to the opposite side of the road to which my passengers asked, 'Can park here meh?' then I left and made another round back to the place and then they called and asked where we were again and asked why didn't I park in front of them. Which only after some time I asked, 'Actually, if there was a spot in front of him, why didn't he park in front so I can see there is a parking spot behind of him? Isn't that easier?' 'Because it's him, he won't think of these kind of things one.' 


When we finally made it back to them, they opened their windows and told me to double park them. The parking spot in front was occupied but not quite, because the car was just on double signal and we didn't even know if the engine was still on and if the key was still inside but it definitely looked like it. So the ten of us just sat there in two cars with our windows lowered and we talked crap like that.

'Aiya we park like this la don't care liao la that car so stupid one.'
'Ya lo don't want to wait liao la don't know need to wait how long also.'
'Ya lo let's just go.'
'Eh the driver is a leng lui leh.'
'Ya lo quite leng lui one.'
'Eh we wait for a while longer lo.'
'Ya lo help her look after her car ma what if someone wants to steal her car?'
'Ya lo we must take care of other people.'


When the girl finally came out, she stared at us as she was walking towards her car, probably because all ten of us were staring at her as well. Hahahaha! Can you imagine ten people's eyes following you? Yea.

So she left and I parallel parked her space. Once again, I reversed in and I wanted to get very very very very near their car at the back so I can just turn one round and not five thousand. Then as I reversed, THE SAME PERSON WHO SCREAMED PREVIOUSLY SCREAMED AGAIN AND THEN I STOPPED IMMEDIATELY AGAIN. BUT THIS TIME I WASN'T CHILL AND I LOST MY SHIT AND I TURNED TO THE BACK AND FACED HIM AND I POINTED MY MIDDLE FINGER AT HIM AND SHOUTED, 'HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO SCARE ME IN ONE DAY?! GET OUT OF THE CAR. GET OUT RIGHT NOW. NOW. FASTER! OUT!'
And then he smartly, quietly, opened the door and gtfo. The others kept laughing and laughing in the car and when I looked in the rear view mirror and to the car behind us, the 5 of them were laughing and laughing and laughing nonstop there too.

After the successful parking like finally, we went to eat satay celup. 因为刚刚有人喊到很大声吓到我然后被我骂,所以他一直要赎罪,所以对我特别好特别照顾. Well t(-.-t). But then he said something very very true which was, '我不要再出声了,我不要讲话了,这样就是赎罪的方法了.' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

'Eh 你等下没有车回了,因为你喊,然后我们这里满了,她又不要载你了。'




See! Nothing to worry about. Shout hami lj. HAHAHA
Then random conversations over food and time passed just like that again.

After dinner we went to the beach and it was so nice there! With the wind and the sound of the sea water splashing against the shore and the sound of your friends' laughter and just the presence of them and the mere being with them, right there right then, it was a really comfortable feeling. It almost felt like home and you just think to yourself, 'How I wish every day was like this.'

Once again, there were stars across the whole big piece of sky and they got even brighter and brighter as the sky got darker and darker. Of my 20 years of life thus far, I have witness a sky full of stars 3 times and 2 times were with them. 有他们在的地方就会有光,不管那个地方多暗. It was beautiful and I felt so at peace. And so we just sat there together, all of us, facing the border-less ocean embellished by the city lights and the starlight. But the most beautiful thing was the people there with me. Without them there, everything else is nothing.

I look like shit but you're wrong if you think I give a shit. :D

'不知道下一次可以这样的时候是几时...' :'''''(

'HUH? 这是我一整天里面听过最可笑的话 leh.'


In the car at a lot of points when we talked and they said something very vain, everyone else would just keep quiet and ignore him/her. Shit liao lo like that, we have only spent time together for 3 or 4 days and we have already reached this state. Hahahahhaa
Around 8:30pm, we went to Jonker Street for the night market. Because of our various walking speed, we walked in two different groups. Then when the two groups randomly meet each other halfway or a quarter way they'll be like, 'Eh, so ngam one?' -.- which happened throughout the whole day, actually, because we had two cars and we kept having to meet up and so it happened frequently.

When we reached the end of the street, there was this stage and some old folks were there singing and the 5 of us just stood there and chill and talked and listened to the performances.


'I know right! My concern just now when I was driving was, 'damn, 如果我要大便怎样?' '



After watching the performance and singing along, we decided to walk back to the beginning of the street to wait. Otw there, the other 5 were walking towards the end of the street and then once again, 'Eh, so ngam one?' 'Ya weih.' LOL

We sat at the third uncle place to chill and wait and saw more ugly and scary Elsas and listened to that one annoying apple song. shit.

10 hours later, the other 5 came to meet up with us and then we headed back to our respective cars and went back home.

Another 2 hours of drive with the same people and then, 'Eh, 你们要玩。。 Truth or... Truth 吗?' Hahahhahaha! So we did and we discussed about all sorts of things like 'Top 3' and 'Bottom 3' and literally talked about shit like the excrement that you produce after eating and digesting and reabsorbing, yea, that shit. Then our talk suddenly became serious and had depth to them. But it was still nice. It's always nice to be with people who you are able to actually talk and state your opinion and thoughts and feels in front of. It's not every day we get chances like this.

Then I shared a story of mine from like a very very very very long time ago which bothered me then but not now, and I did not show it and I didn't say much about it, but I was very touched when they said, 'It's okay, you have us now, we got your back.' Omg :')

I don't know. I liked the moments in the car very much.

To me, this trip felt kind of different from the previous one because that one involved more playing and this one involved more, playing as well, but minus the 客气 and plus more interacting and actually talking. If this was The Sims our friendship would increase and there would probably be a smiley face next to the percentage. (Meaning we're friends.) ^^v

I would tell you all about how we could have made it home by 2:30am but then we took the wrong turn and wrong tunnels about 3 times and twice was at the same place but two wrong roads and we got lost for a long time and discovered some new place and not even the signboards can help us out of there so we only reached home at 3am+ but let's keep that to ourselves but all I know now is that I iz expert of zat' plez nao. HAHAHAHA (no la not really throw me in there again and I won't know how to get out also)


I don't know man. I don't know how to put what I'm feeling right now into words. I don't know how to put yesterday into words. Because no combination of the 26 alphabets could perfectly describe how wonderful and amazing it was. Even the word 'amazing' itself is a degradation and an understatement.

So this is it I guess. This is all that I can and want to put into words here.

I still find it really amazing and kind of unbelievable that our relationship is the way it is now and I'm so so so so so grateful for all this things to happen and I want to treasure it forever. Really, I haven't been in my best state and was actually feeling very sad for a few days now, but then meeting them and spending time with them seemed to have gotten rid of that down side a lot. Hence the tweet: They made everything better. :) Sincerely.

I don't know when we'll get chances like this again but I strongly believe that we will someday. It will surely come. Why?