Sunday, 3 May 2015

let's get away

Ever wanted to be spontaneous af and just get anyone who would and just go on a road trip without a care in the world? Like, let's just go, let's just leave and get away for a while, whatever the reason may be. Let's just leave everything behind, let things be wholly about us for a while, like how it should be always, but weirdly it can't. Anyone at all. Anyone who would. Even with the people you just met for a brief few hours and hardly know anything detailed about them. People who can lie to you of their names and you would not even realize.

Something like that happened. Except they did an exceptional job, putting in efforts to plan and organize everything, prepare everything to make things go smooth.

It's really funny every time I think about it. We were just friends of a friend from two very different sides. The only thing we had in common was that one mutual friend, but that one mutual friend was all the glue and bonding and catalyst we needed in this chemical reaction which is called friendship.

The first time we met, we were only together for a few hours, playing mindless games and sharing feeble jokes and laughed so, so, so much about it. Maybe that was it, laughter shortens any distance between people. Laughing together plays an important role in bringing people together.

So anyway. After just spending a few hours together, we were invited to join on a trip together with them, thus resulting in our second meeting, which was a 2 days 1 night trip. So yea, we only knew one another for a few hours and then we went on a trip together. That was what I was trying to say all along. Hahahaha!

I can't even begin to talk about details on the trip as they all talked too much and there were too many nonsense coming out of it. But all of them were so friendly and nice and funny and gentleman. There was really a whole truckload of warmth and homeliness and joy and above all, even love from and among all of them. One truck for each, that is, by the way.

On the first night after our barbecue dinner, we enjoyed some never before seen (seen but not up close) magic tricks and then showered and chilled and all and it was around 11pm-ish and then we started playing Truth or Dare and it went on for hours and hours and hours and HOURS until it was 3:30am. AND THEN, we left for freakin' Broga Hill.

YA MAN, we all skipped sleeping and went straight up to Broga Hill and we all CLIMBED THE HILL. It was about 5am when we started walking/climbing up the hill/mountain and it was about 5:40am-ish when we reached the first peak. The wind was out of this world, I have never felt such strong and cooling wind and it wasn't even about to rain. It was such an amazing feeling. Like the win just breezes through me and I just felt, happy. Like genuinely happy. Tired, but very very happy.

After chilling for about 5 minutes, we continued and climbed up to the second peak. I'm telling you, we were like professionally trained ninjas (or monkeys) as it only took us 9 minutes for us to climb from the first peak to the second peak. 9 minutes guys. And we didn't even sleep the previous night. I don't know how we did it. I don't know how we did anything the next day after not sleeping the first day and we were hungry like 85% of the time and we sort of experienced some kind of water shortage. Hahahhaa!

Because it only took so little time to climb from one peak to another, we then decided to go to the highest peak and so we did, I thought it would take the same amount of time but NO, I was wrong, I was very very wrong. The roads were longer and steeper and more slippery and I wanna cry but it was still so fun. Hahahahha!



But omg, while climbing up hills I thought I was going to die as my heart beat so hard I felt it almost pounding off my chest. My legs felt wobbly at times and I really just wanted very much to give up and sit somewhere and maybe fake a faint and let some helpers carry me back down the hills but NO. I suddenly remembered Candice Swanepoel in her Victoria's Secret behind the scene interview where she said she felt weak at her legs but the show must go on so she said, 'come on, legs! one before another!' and she finished the whole show glamorously like how she always do, and so I started telling my legs the same as I climbed up the hills, 'COME ON LEGS, ONE BEFORE ANOTHER!' and I kept pushing and shouting in my head and because I'm so clumsy I keep getting cuts on my hands and fingers and the exposed parts of my legs and of course there were mosquito bites and my shoes were old af and the bottom came off and they were cutting and killing me (my shoes) and I kept looking at the uneven ground and my neck went sore BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. From the peak, everything beneath us lit up and it was BEAUTIFUL. The city lights with a touch of fog here and there, and hills upon hills the colour of charcoal at that hour, embellished by the dark sky and solid twinkling diamonds in the sky, accompanied by the wind smelling so fresh, was indeed a breathtaking sight and almost a breathtaking moment. (Almost, because if it was completely, I wouldn't have any breaths left to be writing this right now. Sorry it's not funny but I tried.)It was just so touching and it kind of made me feel that everyone should get in touch with nature like this at least once in your life.

Do you see that view?! Can I dive into it?!

I still find it superb and amazing that we were able to climb all the way up the hill after having no sleep the previous night and walking 1.5km back and fro the hotspring before that and experiencing hunger and water shortage 80-85% of the time. IT'S LIKE WE'RE MADE OF METAL. WE ARE THE REAL IRON MEN.

As we get older, our responsibilities become more, our shoulders get heavier, worries infiltrate our hearts, we slowly lose touch with what matters, what is the most important thing of all - happiness and friends. It's always nice when suddenly, when you least expect it, life just crosses the paths of you and some people, so you'd meet them, and they'd remind you of happiness and friendship, just in case you ever forget.

To wrap it all up, this has been a fun, fresh and without a doubt, hands down UNFORGETTABLE trip. I feel SO privileged and honoured to have joined it and I am really, really, really happy. I know I'm in no place to say this because I'm not considered the one who knows them all that well, but I hope these people never change. They are incredibly amazing the way they are.


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