Sunday, 26 October 2014

some chinese tag.

Came across this and just felt like doing it. Idk.

I will attempt to answer everything in only Mandarin. ^^v

你的全名是: 陈苇善
正在听什么歌:(SHIT) Ain't It Fun - Against The Current
暗恋过几个人: 四个
会怀念初恋吗: 有时会
有向人告白的经验吗:经验丰富 哈哈哈哈哈哈
最喜欢吃的东西: 芋泥
最伤心的事:一时想不到,代表应该没有什么伤心的事值得我记得或提起 哈哈哈 不要伤心
最想讲对不起的人:应该是有人要跟我讲对不起咯 哈哈哈哈
比过哪些比赛得过奖:数学比赛(从前我数学很厉害的叻,可是是从前。好汉不提当年勇,可惜我不是好汉。哈哈哈哈!)、诗歌朗诵比赛(因为一流的人都没有参赛)、海报设计比赛(其实我好像没有什么贡献到)、舞蹈(那时候小学,我们参加什么全国舞蹈观摩赛,然后我们拿亚军,可是还是很光荣因为那时我们学校好像是第一次得奖 ^^)、写作文(华语:也是因为一流的人都没有参赛;英文:那时候大家都觉得我写的很好,可是现在一直看回去,我觉得我写到很假。)
讨厌做的事: 晒衣服
擅长的事:讲骗话 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈不是好事来的...
以后想要做什么职业: 我现在大学就读的科系
你觉得自己十年后会在哪儿:唉......... 这里咯
你介意帮你另外一半付钱吗:不介意 但不要太时常
心里最想见到的人: 不知道叻,没怎么想过,因为见到又可以怎样?哈哈哈

Omg I'm finally done. I take the longest time typing Chinese words. Hahaha! But that's why I need to train. I'm so glad that the Interprofessional day is over! No more staying back till late night to finish the posters or brainstorming. But also kind of not used to it now. Hahaha! Oh! I have this lecturer who teaches us head and visceral anatomy, and my friend described her speed of speaking "faster than Eminem raps". HAHAHAHA! Plus the words she says are all scientific terms that we have never ever heard before. It gets pretty hard to keep up sometimes but I like her because she speaks loud enough, and her pronunciation is clear. Things are good I guess.

Don't act so cute, I'm still pissed. 


Monday, 20 October 2014

Medical checkup


Yes yes yes. Uni started for me for a few weeks now and it's going fine thus far. There are a few things that happened that made me a little bit dumbfounded, but they are actually very normal things. I mean like, out of a bunch of people, some of them are bound to act this way. Maybe I've been away from people for too long and I've forgotten how they act. Hahaha!

Anyway, what I want to talk about today is something I find very funny. Kind of stupid even. I am so stupid.

So I had a medical checkup for the first time today. I knew I had to pee for them, so even when the urge of peeing came to me, I didn't go straight away. I waited for my appointment time for the medical checkup and when the nurse asked, 'Are you able to pass urine right now?' I very confidently nodded and said yes. WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW was HOW MUCH PEE they want from me! Usually I would be able to pee that much, but I don't know, I just didn't have that much pee for them while I was in the washroom.

There was a line on the container, my pee was supposed to reach at least that level, but after I urinated and I held up the container, IT WAS ONLY HALFWAY TO THE LINE! I was all out of pee and I softly cursed 'shit!' in the washroom. I seriously had no idea what to do. I wanted to ask someone 'Errr, what if I don't have enough pee?' but I can't just cruise outside to the counter again with a small bottle of pee in my hand right? RIGHT? LOL. I panicked a little bit. Hahahaha!

So, I downed all my water. THE WHOLE BOTTLE. I drank it all. But it wasn't really useful because it was impossible for the feel to come RIGHT AWAY. I was jumping around in the washroom. Then I thought, 'how to make myself pee? people always have to pee when they feel cold, right?' so I kept washing and blowing my hands. HAHAHAHA! But it didn't work. MAN I had such a hard time forcing myself to pee. I even said to myself words of encouragement like, 'Come on, you can do this!' HAHAHAHAHA

I was in the washroom for about 30 fucking minutes. IT DOESN'T EVEN THAT THIS LONG TO SHIT AND SHOWER. About 5 people tried to open the door while I was in there. YES I was hogging the washroom! I HAVE TO PEE EVEN IF I DIDN'T HAVE PEE, OKAY? Sorry. Anyway, I was in there for SO long, suddenly my phone rang and some lady told me she was calling from the clinic and she asked me WHERE WAS I. I'VE BEEN GONE FOR SO LONG THAT THEY THOUGHT I LEFT. Or maybe they thought I passed out in the washroom or something. I don't know. So I was all awkward and said, 'I'm still in the washroom!' and I almost added, 'I can't pee!' HAHAHAHAHA

So when that's FINALLY done, they took my measurements like height and weight and blood pressure and all that stuff, then I went to do the X-ray for my chest. Then when the screening was out, they took me to this doctor guy, and they hung up my X-ray screening thing and the doctor switched on the light thing for the X-ray thing. AND HE SAID, oh my god, I swear this was what he said about it, and it was ALL he said about it. SO, he pointed at my X-ray screening and said, 'So this is your heart, and these are your lungs.' THE END. THEN HE TOOK IT DOWN. Right after he said that in my head I went, 'NO SHIT.' It was hilarious and ridiculous. That was all he said. Okay, fine, he did say 'looks good' at the end. So the sentence was actually, 'So this is your heart, and these are your lungs.', took it down, and said, 'looks good.' But still, NO SHIT!

omg I kenot.


So yea. It was funny. I was so stupid.

That's all bye!