Saturday, 6 September 2014

you wanna know what I think?

So today I encountered this woman who has absolutely no good things to say about my decisions. Ever. She is just so full of herself and wants everyone to follow exactly just what she says. 她的看法就是圣经;其他人的看法就是屎。

She asked me a bunch of stuff and told my mom a bunch of other stuff, as though convincing my parents to support her objection with my decisions on my life, and also I think partly those words are directed to me.

These are what I should or would have said to her when she asked me stuff and said stuff. I didn't say them tho, not because I was scared, just because I didn't think I needed to waste my energy to discuss matters like this with autocrat. 

*Answers her*

And she freaking judgmentally eyed me with discrimination. I ignored her, feeling super glad that she didn't keep the conversation going. But then she asked, “你骗我的是不是?”

What I said: *laughs* “我为什么要骗你?”
What I should have said: 你以为你自己是多重要的人?我为什么要花费我的心思、时间、脑力、力气还有精力去想办法来骗你?骗你既得不到乐趣,更得不到金钱,况且我连话也不想跟你多讲一句,我还去骗你?简直就是笑话。这种百害而无一利的事情谁要做呢,请问?你吗?你要的话请自便。

Before I met her again today, my dad had once told me that she told her my choice in degree, even at that time she had started opposing it. Hell, she even said it like it was something disgraceful to do. WOMAN, I am not going to sell drugs or become a prostitute. BUT THEN AGAIN, maybe if I did so then you would be more pleased because all you can ever think of, all that you ever want, all that it is in your mind is just money money money money. You only want the people around you to do what you think is right and advantageous. 

So today she asked me again, “为什么要选这科?” Actually, the correct question, the exact form of the question that she asked was: 搞错哦,为什么选这科?” sounding very annoyed.

What I said: “我喜欢啦。”
What I should have said: "Because I can, and quite frankly, I don't give a shit about what you think, at all."

It doesn't stop here.

She later turns to my parents and talk about how people who graduated from my course all can't stay here because they can't find any income here.


What I said: Nothing.
What I should have said: 酱就不要吃啦!


What I said: Nothing.
What I should have said: 
1) WOW thank you, I SO did not know that before you told me. WOW. DAMN, you're smart.
2) 那就请英明的你指教、指点小的,请大人您奉告,有什么东西是容易的叻?

You only think whatever it is you think is easy because:
1) The people who are pro at doing it make it seem easy
2) You have never done it on your own before, you have only seen or heard, which is back to 1).


What I said: Nothing.
What I should have said: (I'm gonna combine these two to talk about) Nothing is easy. People make it seem easy when they do it, so it is them who are pro at doing it. But behind the scene, behind the act, how long they have been practicing, how long they took to learn it, all those countless and endless hours of practicing and training and doing and reading, all those sleepless nights spent researching on techniques and all to improve themselves, all those restless nights due to the stress and pressure everybody else put on them, or even given by themselves, all those tears, hard work, blood and sweat, DO YOU KNOW? OF COURSE NOT. 

Even if you were born a genius, even if you were born with talents in that field, do you think that they can be successful like they are now, as well known as they are now, without regular practicing and doing? I'm going to say it again because I don't think it is said enough, talent without hard work is nothing. If you want to really be good and excel in something, anything at all, of course you need to put in some effort and sacrifice time to train and practice and do some research on it. 

I know you have read a lot of books about the course that I chose, that's why you think you know a lot. I'll admit, reading really gives you a lot of knowledge. But woman, reading is not the same as doing. You think just because you read a lot that magically gives you the skills and techniques to perform whatever it is you need to perform? And the world is SO big, even if you read a lot, even if you think you read a lot, even if you think you have read the best book there ever is, the world is SO big, there will always be more books to be read, always going to be better books out there somewhere. There is always going to be another mountain higher. Of course you need to be exposed to people of the same field, of course you need to practice it and do it on your own to really experience it. Reading is not the same as doing, it never is. You think you all magically acquire knowledge about everything and every skill after reading? Your books are not the freaking Dragon Scroll, nor is it some 神卷. 

I know you want the best for me, but you need to stop it with your know-it-all attitude. Furthermore, you need to know when to stop talking. 

It's all sort of like, thanks, but no thanks.