Thursday, 28 August 2014

It happened!

It seriously does feel like just yesterday I graduated from high school, when in fact, I've finished A-Levels. It kind of feels like college never happened, probably because everything happened too fast, and most of it just involves nerding and studying. But I have prove that it happened! 'Pics or it didn't happen'? HA!

Of course I don't really remember every single detail because it was mostly stressful and not exactly pleasant to remember, so I just dug up a bunch of pictures and we'll just go with them

OKAY, so, in the first week of college I HAD NO FRIENDS. Lol. It's like this: I was not even a little bit active during orientation. Just doing things because I had to. TBH I didn't really want to be there omg I remember the feels of that day. Ew. EW.
ANYWAY, during orientation, the only cool thing that happened was the choir that sat among us, pretended to be freshmen and then suddenly slowly, one by one, they all stood up and sing. Then the awkward thing happened when they stood on the stage at the bottom of the lecture hall and this guy was clapping his hands and I think he wanted all of us to clap, but no one did. 

THEN, they had these two cocktail making guy to come perform making cocktail except on that day they made mocktail. After they were done they gave two parents the drinks, which they reacted,

Parent A: It's good!
Parent B: Not bad.

We actually talked about this when there were only a few days left of college,
“你记得 orientation 那天那个爸爸讲那个男孩子做的水 not bad 罢了吗?”
“一个讲好喝哦,讲到好像真的很好喝酱,然后突然间一个讲 ‘not bad’
And suddenly, Kar Yan was like, “那个是我爸爸来的...”


We always talked about it but it's actually no use now because it's all a year away now. That is, we should have made use of semester 1 and go explore around the college and be more active and actually join more stuff to get to know more people and shit. All so we wouldn't be what we seemed to be and that is antisocial. We're actually not antisocial. Nor are we nerdy. We're just very very very very holy shit lazy.

So anyway, this was the first class photo we've ever took:


It was when everyone was still here (actually 2 were missing from the photo). As in before some people left for other courses and ditched us. Lol. 

Fun fact about my classmates though I don't really know everyone that well nor have I spent the amount of time that classmates could have spent together, but everyone's very funny and friendly and nice and smart. No shit, guys, all the classes that I've been in since I remember, which was since like about.. Standard fiiiiveee? Yea, probably, since standard 5, every class that I have been placed in is awesoooooomeeee!!!! (go high pitch like Barney Stinson)

I remember this one time in Chemistry lab, okay, since we're at Chemistry lab, let's talk about that.

This one time in Chemistry lab, we were supposed to mix this black solid powder thing, I forgot what it was, it was something oxide, with hydrogen peroxide. You know how when you conduct an experiment, and if you're supposed to mix it slowly, it will be stated there mix slowly or caution: vigorous reaction or something like that? Well, for that something oxide and hydrogen peroxide, it wasn't stated. And I was freaking running out of time, so I just poured one damn thing into another and it caused a freaking minor minor minor minor explosion. Very minor, but major enough to spurt out and the mixture landed on my hand and it burned and I freaking screamed and dropped the boiling tube on Khai Ching's lab report and turned it black. 

This other time in Chemistry lab, I broke a freaking conical flask. I was stupid. And clumsy. I was washing it and shaking it dry and I hit it at the corner of the sink and it shattered. 

This other time also in Chemistry lab, I dropped a test tube on the floor and it broke. I was like, 'SHHHiiiiiiiiiiT!' and a guy was like, “快点,快点扫掉就可以了!” Pointing at the broom behind. Hahahhahaa. But there was no thing for me to sweep the glass onto. Then I just picked up the pieces and Jia Yi was like, 

"Woi! 不要!" 
"不是用铁做的 meh?"

And she laughed and turned and walked away.


Moving on to Bio lab.

Moments in Bio lab that I remember mostly consist of embarrassing moments such as:

A) I had no clue what the hell a eyepiece graticule is and what the heck is stage micrometer is while everyone else does
B) I had no idea how to properly use a microscope. I couldn't see shit. HAHAHAHA
C) The lecturer had helped me a shit load of times with my microscope, and I still couldn't see shit
D) I can only answer 2 or 3 questions from the lab report thing at most

There was this one time or maybe a few times, but I only remember one, where I wasn't alone at D. Khai Ching sat beside me in lab and we had no idea how to answer the questions, and we asked Kar Yan, Jia Yi and Yue Shin and all did not know, and we asked the guys because they looked so relaxed like this is a piece of cake!

So I asked and these were the responds:


*shakes head and laughs*


*insert laugh until tears come out emoji here*

Come to think of it, Bio was stressful.

Our lecturer was always like:

"I count until three, you haven't hand in then you can keep it forever."
"I want it done by today."
"No one leaves until everyone finishes their work."


There was this time where the lecturer was like, "I want it done by today." and the whole class fell silent and got started with their work. At about my second or third question, she started asking the whole class advice on whether she should buy an Xbox or a PS 4. LOL

That reminds me of that time my Chemistry lecturer had the projector on and told us about PS4 in class, and even Googled the picture to show us through the projector. The guys suggested that he buy one and put it in class. (Y)

Not forgetting that time our class was to make this video thingy about the periodic table and show how elements and compounds react with one another. The video that I was supposed to be sodium in, the video that we ditched on filming day because we went to watch Iron Man 3. Do I regret it? Yes and no. Hahhahaha. But I do feel bad. Oh well. The video came out great and I laughed so hard when I watched it. See, awesome people. (Y)

Oh yea, there's also this time in Bio class when we were doing paper 5. It had something to do with the pollution level of the water and the size of the fish's testes. See how they used the word 'testes'? It's usually 'testicles' or 'testis' and rarely 'testes'. Jia Yi turned around with Khai Ching to face Yue Shin, me and Kar Yan.

"What's testes?"
"Testes 你不知道啊?" *shocked*
"不知道啦... 什么来的?"
"LAM PA la!"


"那个不是 testis meh?"

A few seconds later, someone asked,

"Miss, what's testes?"
"Is it the balls?"
"Fish got balls one meh?"
"I don't know, I don't think so... OH WAIT, FISH BALLS!"
*Laughs* "THIS fish ball is not THAT fish ball!"


There was a while last year that I felt that my life was a bore and moving at the same pace at the same old straight line. I needed excitement and fun, and so I joined HERO Camp organized by the college's Chinese Cultural Society in conjunction of the Dragon Boat festival :D

Since it was the HERO Camp, there were 4 teams and all named after The Avengers: Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, and my team, Thor. The committees were The X-Men.

Kumpulan-kumpulan tersebut sering saling ejek-mengejek mungkin sebab mereka semua dah sangat friend dengan satu sama lain. They were so funny and kept saying things about the other teams like:

“Iron man 只是一堆烂铁!”
“Captain America 只是帅罢了,他没有什么用的。”
“The Hulk 会喊罢了,他本来是一个很聪明的人来的,可是他一变 Hulk 就没有脑了。”
“Thor 是根本没有用的。”
“Excuse me, 我们是神来的叻,你们只是一堆凡人。”

And then there's:

"X-Men aren't even Avengers!"


Each team were given an egg to look after for the rest of the camp. Also, each team drew their own team flag and were supposed to keep it safe as well. We were allowed to steal these two valuables from each team. At the end of the camp, whoever has the other teams' eggs and flags will gain a crap load of extra points; and those teams without them will lose a crap load. So the stealing and tricking all began on the very first night. Naturally, everything ended up in the girls' dorm because it was safer there. None of the girls wanted to steal anyone's eggs or flags while the guardian was asleep or in the showers or something else. I was in charge of my team's egg and flag and Yue Shin was in charge of Iron Man's.

It was all fun. Met a lot of fun people there. Everyone's so hyperactive and crazy there! So fun!

The next day, we went canoeing! We had to make our own canoe. Iron Man was teamed up with Thor to make it. And so from Team Captain America and Team Hulk:

“你的衣服邹了!快点拿去给 Iron Man 烫一下!”
“没有鞋啊?Thor Hai Thor Hai....”
“还有,去 Thor Dei! ”


This was us taking our position and practicing. Even though we were still on dry land.



The race began!

Look look look hahahaha

First round: I forgot who we were against, but we won, so we moved on to the next round. PROUD, but also tired as hell.

Second round: Also forgot who the opponent team was, but we were so far behind and so all 6 of us stopped paddling and we just sat in the canoe in the middle of the lake and let the water bring us anywhere. We were tired and far behind so we pretty much gave up. Hahahahahha! From the shore, everyone was like, "Walao! 快点回来,还有一点罢了!" and we were like, "酱就慢慢来啦!" HAHAHAHAHHA

After the canoe race, Yue Shin and I and some others went back to the dorm to chill while some others went to play at the river. Yue Shin was showering and she had forgotten her towel, so she called from the bathroom:

"Wei Shan!!!"
"我要 Iron Man 的蛋!"

Our dorm door was open and the Iron Man's team captain and my teammate from Thor were sitting at the doorstep so they heard our conversation and Iron Man's captain was like, "Waalaaaoooooooo...." and my teammate was like, "GOOD AH!"

Hahahahhahaha! Then of course I brought her her towel. 

After much chilling and cleaning up, we went for dinner. Something happened there that made everyone at the table laugh like shit and almost spat their food out, while I was just eating the vegetable that I very much remember was disgusting. I was so blur and blunt that when everyone was laughing I was like, "What?" and they wanted to tell me but can't. But they did later, and it was that they noticed that this guy sort of has a thing for this girl, and they said that the way he was behaving around her was so freaking obvious and kind of awkward and everything was generally funny.



Night time chill.

The third day, before we left the campsite, it was the prize giving ceremony and then after that, we were supposed to be going home, but the bus came late and so we played games. I forgot what we were playing. It had something to do with a ball. And when the person won, he/she gets to smack everyone's stacked hands. I won a round and I asked if I can step on their hands because the stack was so high (not sohai ah) and it was difficult to smack with my hand. And everyone was like, "踩啦踩啦!" happily. HAHAHAHAHHA

We took a bunch of group photos. It was fuunnnnn...
OTW home!

We had fun in the bus otw home too, probably because everyone had bonded over the past three days. We gossiped about some random stuff and played some more and took pictures and everything. It was nice. Glad I got to know these people :D

A week or two later after the camp, or was it a month, I forgot, CCS organized another event which was the HORROR RUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

During group distribution, we were given a piece of coloured paper randomly and those with the same colour will be grouped together. A lot of the HERO Camp people went for Horror Run, too, so when most of us got a blue piece of paper, those without a blue paper went to exchange with the others! Thus, all of us who went to HERO Camp ended up in the same group, of course there were other people, big group. So, we were really noisy and hyper and soooooooooo active. Hahahahha!


Some of the CCS committees were dressed as zombies and were supposed to catch us and make us do stuff, just to waste our time, but when one of us got "caught" by the zombie, my team will be like, 

“就是咯!我们捉到你叻,你给我们 clue 啦!”
*whole group surrounds the 'zombie' *


We had to run a few stairs up to get to this location, and there were all those railings there and most of them just jumped over them like freakin ninjas. I was behind so I saw everyone jumped over it and I was like, 'Wow.' because it was a pretty cool moment hahahha #easilyamused

Then I forgot who, but one of my teammates laughed and said, “我觉得我们比较像zombie咯。”


We finished everything very quickly and could have finished first, but we got stuck at the last part and so we ended up second. But no matter, we had a really fun time together, running around the whole college late at night and all. 

Oh yea, at this one station, we were being really really really noisy and kept shouting to distract the other team playing and making noise and talking very loudly and being very annoying, so annoying that my nice friend Yue Shin, who was one of the station masters, SHOUTED AT US. Like really, turned to face us, and SHOUTED at us and EVERYONE fell silent. It was the second time I've heard her raise her voice, first time being in HERO Camp where people kept pronouncing her name wrong and she was like, "NO! MY NAME IS YU SHIN!" And I laughed like shit.

Since we're talking about Yue Shin now, she's the college friend that I spend most of my time in college with. She was the girl who found me scary the first time she saw me; the girl that finds ketchup cute (yes, cute), and finds chocolate ice-cream too chocolatey, and she is also my car ride buddy :D

I think most of the stuff we do in college can be summed up with a series of titles.
1) 那些年,我们一直撞衣的日子
2) 那些年,我们每个星期三早上都吃 McDonald 的日子
3) 那些年,我们因为下雨所以在车上 camping 的日子
4) 那些年,我们每天很早去学校然后一起分享 YouTube videos 的日子
5) 那些年,我们整天肚子饿的日子
6) 那些年,我们讲下废话突然间变成在讲很有深度的话的日子

I especially remember this one:

"Every girl's waiting for her Prince Charming to come, but the truth is..." She said.
"We are our own Prince Charming." I cut her off.


"Wow, I'm deep." I said.
"Yes, you are." She said.

Throughout all three semesters of this course, we had different Math lecturers. In the second semester, we had our trial exam for AS and before the lecturer gave us our papers back,

"How many of you think you will get an A?"
*No one raises hands
"How many of you think you will get a B?"
*No one raises hands
"Wow, how bout a C?"
*A few raised their hands*
"How many of you think you will fail?"
*More than half the class raises hands*
"You freaking Asian overachievers..." *shakes head*



Never forgetting the Math lecturer from third semester. There was one time he was walking around the class, and when he passed by Jia Yi, she stopped him to ask a question. You would think that he would answer her, because that's what teachers are supposed to do, TEACH. But instead, he just looked at her and kind of smiled and said, "I also don't know oh." and he WALKED AWAY. And I was like, "HAR? That's it ah?"

Then I thought maybe he was giving her time to think, and if he came back the second time and she still didn't get it then he would help her. But when he walked passed her the second time, he didn't even stop to look! And then the third time he walked pass her, he was like, "Okay, class, let's continue." WHAT?! HAHAHHAHA

"Jia Yi, 你做到了 meh?"


So it became a thing that we say. Like if one of us asks anyone in our bunch a question, someone will surely imitate him and be all like, "I also don't know oh."

Then cameeeeeee...... CHINESE NEW YEARRRR!


And so we did.

On the last day of school before Chinese New Year break, the four of us dressed all black :D

We weren't even going anywhere after. LOL

Then one of our classmates was like, “你们等下去哪里?” “回家咯。” and he thought we were lying and kept asking time after time after time. We were really all dressed up with nowhere to go. Hahahhaa.

Our Chemistry lecturer noticed the all black and even acknowledged it. LOL

Fun fact of my Chemistry lecturer: HE NEVER REMEMBERS MY NAME. He calls me either "Michelle", "Mee Sham" or "Su Shen", all real life people, all his students, but all not me. There was this time that I went to the washroom and when I came back I saw him looked at me shocked, and when I got into class everyone just finished laughing. Later, Yue Shin told me that he practiced writing my name on the whiteboard, 10 times. And I said that he will forget again after that day. 

On the 8th day of CNY, our Math lecturer of the third semester asked Yue Shin to solve a question on the whiteboard.

"But sir, I don't know how to do."
*Looks at the time* "Are you Hokkien?"
"You got bai tin gong?"
"Then you cannot bai tin gong today, you have to do my Maths, next week you will do on the board." *walks away*


*comes back* "Or you can bai tin gong, you can ask the tin gong how to do this question."


MathLecturerIII Yue Shin

On the bai tian gong day, I whatsapped Yue Shin:

"So what did tian gong say about your Math problem?"

To which she replied:
"He say I don't know oh, ask me do myself."


My personal favourite memory of the third Math lecturer was this one: He always had students go up to the front to solve the questions. One day, he asked the guy behind Khai Ching and I to go do the question and the guy said that he didn't know how to do.

"I don't know how to do."
"Just go out and do."
"It's definitely wrong." *showing his paper to lecturer*
"If it's wrong I will tell you it's wrong, just go and do."
"Aiyo, fuck lo."
"Don't fuck la."

Guy MathLecturerIII

It sounded normal for a moment there because we've reached the age where it is perfectly normal to hear people cursing everywhere we go. Especially when we are in places surrounded by peers of the same age or about our age. We didn't react at first upon hearing that conversation, but then everyone started realizing that omg wait a minute, it was the lecturer, the lecturer said the f word and then everyone started to be like wow and started laughing.

One day during our study break for A2 exam, I had too many questions about Math, so I went to college to look for Jia Yi to ask her my questions. Can I just say, the library is a very noisy place. It was as if everyone just went there to talk with friends and laugh about everything and anything at all, I'll be honest, I'm like that. Lol. I mean, going to the library but not for studies but to hang out with friends. But I was able to put myself in the shoes of the people who were studying when we were being noisy. It was fucking annoying. Hahahahha. So we left the library and went to level 8 to look for an empty classroom for us to do our Statistics.

We were under so much stress because out of the 6 or 7 questions we were only able to answer about 2 or 3 of them on our own. We can't even finish 3 questions continuously without the aid of the marking scheme. Not that marking scheme was of much help, anyway, but still. We felt so doomed and helpless. Just then, the students from the opposite classroom finished class and came out of the classroom giggling and laughing. Then Jia Yi was like, “Tsk,笑笑笑,看你到 sem 3 的时候还笑得出没有~” HAHAHAHAHAHA

I will spare you the rest of the stressful times during that one month of A2 exam season.

On the day after our second last paper,

"Class photo!"
"Class photo class photo! 来来来,快点来!" *gesturing down the entire hallway at everyone be it classmates, friends from other classes or strangers* HAHAHAHAHHA

"快点啦,lift 都来了!"
"Lift 来了!快点!"

It wasn't easy to take a groupfie in the lift. Everyone was so tall so we all had to bend our knees while the lift was going down and it was super difficult to maintain balance, actually.

"Walao, gravity!"


Then when we were finally able to take a picture, the lift stopped and the doors opened and everyone stood up straight like, No no no, we're not doing anything in here.  HAHAHAHAHA

It happened twice and when the second time happened, Jia Yi looked out of the lift and said, "NO!" And I was like, "你 NO 什么?" And she was like, "刚才那个人要进来..." And I was like, "然后你跟他讲 NO 啊?" And we laughed and I said, "又不是我们的 lift 哦!" HAHAHAHAHAHA

After much effort, we finally did it!


After our last paper, Jia Yi, Khai Ching, Yue Shin, Kar Yan and I went to Setiawalk for Escape Rooooooooooooooommmm!! We chose the room Crime Scene because we wanted horror and excitement. Hahahahaha! But it turned out to be damn scary. I would tell you, but I would ruin the room for you. GO PLAY IT. If they still have it, that is. It was scary, but it was damn fun. These girls work fast, I tell you! I was like, 'WOW you guys!' because when we went into the second room from the first room, I was the last one to enter, and when I did, everything that can be opened have already been opened and they were already unlocking the door to the third room. WOW. We could have made it out. We were so close. SO CLOSE. But we got scared towards the end. Like, really really really scared.

There was this part where we entered another room, and Kar Yan SCREAMED which made all of us JUMPED. Her scream was no regular scream. It was the weak-on-your-knees-hands-over-your-mouth-take-a-few-steps-back-away-and-scream-your-lungs-out scream. After her scream we were all like, "OH MY GOD! WHAT? WHAT?!?!?!??! WHAT?! OH MY GOD IS SOMETHING MOVING?!?!?!?!" and then we saw what scared her and we went, "你想吓死我们啊?!?!?!?!?" and she kept apologizing, "SORRYYYYYY...." But we were all laughing. I think Kar Yan's scream was the scariest thing while we were playing in that room.

After Escape Room, which we almost won but didn't, we went to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past. Might I just say, no matter what you think or say about it, I will always love X-Men. It's the coolest thing ever. It gives me goosebumps every time someone does something awesome and cool in there and I absolutely love the bromance between Charles and Erik. LOVE! LOOVEEE! LUUURRRRVVEEEEE....

That day at Setiawalk :D

“脸小的人站前面 please。”

Then, we had a trip to Malacca. Jia Yi ditched our asses. We had a pretty fun time there. As soon as we arrived at the Melaka Sentral, we saw McDonalds. 

"Can we please not eat here?"
"Sure, not like we came all the way here for it."

Then after we left our stuff at the hotel lobby, we went out to have lunch at this chicken rice ball shop with less people. We were so damn hungry like we haven't eaten for a week and we could each eat a whole elephant. We were deciding on how many rice balls to order.

“我要五粒,我很饿。Khai Ching, 你叻?”




After the chicken rice, it started raining and so we went to this coffee shop on the opposite side and had some stuff to drink.

After that we went to check into our room. We passed by this place which I said has very cendol to die for. So after we checked in, we went to get cendol.



On the first day, we mainly just explored Jonker Street. 从街头走到街尾,再从街尾走回去街头. 

About 8 something at night after we walked the whole Jonker street, we decided to buy some junk food and get back to the hotel room to chill because it was so nice and spacey on there. It's nice to have some time away from it all relaxing with friends. Once our asses touched the bed, we could actually feel the weariness lease from our feet. 

I was supposed to bring the deck of cards we bought from the 7-Eleven outside our college during CNY so we could ___________ in school, but I forgot. Then they made paper cards which they found from God knows where. Hahahahaha

On the second day, we went into town to explore the historical stuff. 

:D :P :D :D

We then walked all the way to Dataran Pahlawan to get movie tickets for Maleficient. It was about 11 on a Monday morning so it was pretty empty and quiet in the shopping mall and that's where and when we came across a scary thing. Or should I say person. But thank goodness it was only a short period of time. We kind of just ran for our lives. LOL.

When we saw the big green field as we ascended the stairs, we all unleashed the little girl within us and were all excited and happy and so we ran onto the field and jumped and ran around and laughed and shouted and eeeeeeeeverything fun and happy. Pure bliss.


I look like I'm pointing my middle finger here but I really wasn't. It was supposed to be a peace sign. My timing was off. Sincerely. Hahahha

At night, we, I mean, I, was still paranoid about the incident from the morning from that scary person. We went back to Dataran Pahlawan again because our movie was at night. But there were more people at night and I felt safer. The others didn't seem as scared or as worried or as paranoid as I was. Hahaha. I'm in good hands. 

We watched Maleficent and it was magnificent. So preettyyyyyy and I like Angelina Jolie's sexiness in there :D

I kept annoying Yue Shin during the movie by saying crap, funny crap, that made her laugh. I kept doing that, and she finally laughed and said, "Stop talking, STOP talking." Hahahahhaha!

After the movie, we went for Gong Wo Tong for leong cha. We drank very quickly because the sky had already turned dark and we still had to made our way back to Jonker Street.


We actually just did it for the sake of fun. 

Yeah man I'm buff as hell! Hahahahaha

On the third day we just slacked nearby the hotel and ate and played mindless childhood games. Our bus home was at 3pm and we went to Melaka Sentral at 2pm. We arrived at about 2:10pm because it was so damn near. So we ate to avoid being hungry in the bus. What did we eat there? You guessed it. McDonalds. Even though on the first day we said we wouldn't, we still did anyway. #guilty

The next big thing was prom. 

Everyone looked so nice that night. If the entertainment wasn't such a bore and if we weren't so neglected and if we got to vote for our Prom King & Queen, I would actually love it. But things are never as the way you want them to be so hahaha jokes on you and me. LOL!

Part of the class :D


I seriously felt that our batch was so neglected that day. Why? Before we graduate, we were the third semester students, that's very senior. I thought the whole point of this prom was to bid us farewell? I might be wrong, but I still feel neglected. So we were the third semester students, but it's like, once you leave school, you are forgotten for life. New students come in to become the first semesters; the first semesters move to the second semester and the second semesters move to the third semester which makes them senior. So what are we? Not really anything. Hahahhahaha! I'm not even trying to sound sad, I actually find it pretty funny. 

There's this part where this just-entered-third-semester guy, he was the emcee, he was like, "I think everyone knows me la." then this other emcee was like, "No, the freshmen don't know you." and he went, "Oh yea, the freshmen don't know me." and I was sitting there like, "But I'm not a freshmen, and I still don't know you." LOL

But it's okayyyyy. It was still generally a pretty nice night.

There was this moment we got bored and one of us suggested we go to the washroom for selfies so we went.

It's a selfie relay. LOL

They then announced the Prom King and Queen nominees. One of my classmates got nominated for Prom King and one of them got nominated for Prom Queen. I FELT SO PROUD. Hahahahhaha! I think all of us from the same class had already set our mind on who to cast our votes on, NOT KNOWING THAT WE WOULDN'T BE GIVEN THE RIGHTS TO VOTE! Democracy... They just decided on the winners based on ONE QUESTION.

"This is not Miss Universe..."
"Miss Universe answers will all be like 'I want world peace'.." *smiles*


But then again, fiiiiinnnneeeeeeee..... hahahhahaha

Prom was a day that Jia Yi ditched our asses again. 

Class photo of the night!

Our class photos are never complete. There will always be a few people missing. That's sad. 

So anyway, college was a fun time. Leaving all the bulky homework and endless stress and countless hours of studying aside, the people I met here were all awesome. I had a great time and I want to remember it :D I feel very fortunate to have the ex-head of program to change me away from the class that I was originally placed in. The same thing happened to Yue Shin. We say it often and really mean it, we feel very happy to be in this class, and got to know everyone here.

I think this is the longest and wordiest post I've ever made, it is as such because it's what happened in the past 18 months. And it could have been longer and wordier because, well, it's what happened in the past 18 months. Cheers to those randomly fun times in class that I know happened but kind of involves knowledge from the inside.

As a conclusion, I just want to finally say, everything is better with friends, even something as pain sticking, ass kicking, hell raising, brain hurting, time consuming, mood ruining and heartbreaking as A-Levels.

"You've made it through A-Levels, nothing will be harder now, nothing in life can stop you now." - Yue Shin, 2014

But then again,

“Walao,不知道,这个问题比 A-Levels 更难啊~- Jia Yi, 2013

Sunday, 17 August 2014

 Hi, before we begin, you must be bored, that's why you ended up here. Welcome, nonetheless.

Just need to remember some happy things. This will be one of those times I share those funny conversations that happened. Lol.

One Saturday, I went to watch Dawn of The Planet of The Apes with Shelley and Zihao. Awesome movie, btw, very touching and very cool. I actually went home and rewatched Rise of The Planet of The Apes, and every part of it made me want to cry because I keep relating it to Dawn and it just makes me feel, 'Why did it turn out this way?' and I felt very sad.

ANYWAY, after the movie, we went to have lunch at this place. It's one of those places where they give you an order list and you write down the codes of the food you want on it. So I wrote mine first, and Shelley was like,


*writes it for her, turns to Zihao*



Me Shelley Zihao

Like our love is just expressed through writing orders for each other...

One Friday at this place where I teach kids (not quite) stuff,

“XX 华小的厕所很肮脏的,而且也很臭。”
“就是咯!到今天它还是酱肮脏!可是 SMK XX 的厕所不肮脏 meh?”
“XX shopping mall 的厕所干净。”

*All stares at her*

“Aiya aiya,我尿急!我要去买飞机票非去日本!”
“在飞机上你就去跟那个 captain 讲,‘Excuse me,你可以驾快点吗?我尿急。’ 那个 captain 就讲,‘Errr,飞机上有厕所的。’ 你就跟他讲,‘不可以!我一定要在日本小便!’ ”


Same day at the same place, I was teaching a Form 3 girl vectors, which was a Form 5 syllabus so naturally she found it difficult. Then this guy there was also teaching vectors to my teacher (it's complicated, just know that he was teaching vectors), only the vectors he was teaching was A-Levels syllabus, and he was explaining both pure maths and further maths vectors.

Form 3 girl: 很难啊...
Me: 还好啦,Form 5 罢了,2D 罢了,A-Levels 的有 3D,慢慢来,慢慢想...
Teacher: A-Levels 的才是真正的难...
A-Levels guy: 很难 meh? 很容易罢了嘛.
Me: “你 okay 吗?你不要吓我啦...”
A-Levels guy: *Cannot contain laughter*
Me: “还好你知道是笑话...”

Strangely, I do feel better. Knowing that these silly little things can still make me smile during this depressing time. Some can make me laugh, but those jokes are so inside they require a shit load of explanation. Till I feel like it. Bye! :D

Friday, 8 August 2014

I am well aware that nobody reads anybody's blog anymore, unless they're famous or something, but whatever, I just wanna talk, even if it's just talking to myself (lol), or maybe the wall or something, it's still better than talking to people sometimes.

Okay, so about the end of June till somewhere near the mid of July, I have been so fucking depressed and upset all the fucking time. I felt so sad for reasons. That time was a time where everything hurts and it all just made me wanna hibernate for the rest of the year. I was so done with all these things. But then, a few things helped me overcome that period of depression:

1) A heck load of chocolates
2) A truck-full of ice-cream a day
3) Reading books that made me feel more like crap
4) Listening to really really really sad songs
5) Germany winning World Cup

No shit, those really helped. The hell with 'talking about your problems'. You already know what sort of crap people are gonna tell you. It's not like it's their fault because it's true that if it wasn't happening to you, or that you've never been through it, there is no way in hell that you will understand it. Even if you say you do, you don't. Don't lie. LOL.

Right now, I'm not even sure. I feel that I've become numb. Some stuff makes me sad, but not quite. Wtf I don't even know how to put it in words, which kind of defeats the purpose why I started writing, no, typing this. Lol.

I'm working on this thing, which I thought would be worthwhile and worth my time and my effort and my brain and my sleeplessness and everything, I guess I thought this was important. It probably still is, I mean, it could be, but I don't know. I don't feel like it's going anywhere and someone who I thought was supportive in this, isn't really. It's sort of one of those moments where you share something important to yourself to someone who matters to you, and they just reacted to it simply, as if hinting you that they have no time for your shit, and you shouldn't even be wasting your time on this shit, and asking you to get a new shit. That person just doesn't see it. If so, I guess no one will see it, then.

I have lost all the inspirations and frankly, all the confidence after that person's reaction.

I am shit now.

But anyway, like I said, numbed, so, it isn't really anything.

Okay, I forgot. Now I remember. So, bye.