Monday, 6 January 2014

Gang trip 2013?

"You planning what? Class trip?"
"Gang trip."


I've actually been planning on this post. Just planning, and thinking of it, but never took any action until now. Because this has been a really fun trip with friends and too many things happened and there might be a lot of inside jokes that only we understand. And also because I'm on my sem break and before sem break even begun I've been playing and playing and playing and going out non-stop until 2014 started. 差不多算荒废学业 already... #guilty NOT ENOUGH TIME!

So anyway, this is the last week of my sem break so I better get this done before classes resume.

Our trip to Penang happened on the 20th of December 2013 (Friday). On Thursday night, we all went to sleepover at triplets' house so that we can leave to the airport together the next day. Except for ZiHao and JunWai who went to sleepover at ManLong's. Zhan Hang fetched Weng Key and I to triplets' house. We were in their house without them being at home. It was pretty strangeeee. Then it got even stranger because their maid kept asking us if we needed anything. She kept wanting to serve us. I don't know about the 2 of them, but it felt weird for me having someone serve you so much. LOL. Then she said she wanted to go to sleep and asked ZhanHang to help us (WengKey and I) with anything we need.



Did some editing to our itinerary. Where to go, what to eat, regular stuff and all. Then WengKey fell asleep on the couch. Or pretending to be asleep, or resting his eyes. Not sure. So ZhanHang and I continued on the discussion about our Penang schedule.

A while later, triplets and family are back. They did their packing and showering and everything and then we all sat downstairs to watch My盛Lady. We were watching the Laura part and shit just got real and we were all like, "YER 很恐怖!!" and "如果这个拍成恐怖片一定很好看.." Hahaha! Then I forgot at what time, ZenWai arrived with a da bao-ed nasi lemak for ZhanHang. Then we continued watching the HK drama till about 1am+ and we all went to sleep.

Our departure time was 7am, and we have to be there before 6am, and they wanted to shower and stuff, so we had to wake up at 4-430am. 3 hours of sleep was like no sleep at all. I set my alarm to 430am and then I remembered Ah En said before we sleep, that she doesn't need to set alarm because someone will surely wake her up. So I thought,"I think I am that someone today." LOL. So I woke her up. Then woke Hui and Si up. It was all like, "酱快的?我好像刚刚睡着罢了..." I know that feel. We were all almost like zombies. BUT HEY, WE'RE GOING ON A TRIP! So it's all worth it.

When we reached the airport, they wanted to check in their luggage and so I went to the toilet on my own. And on my way back to the check in counter, I was thinking, "Huh, I wonder if I'll run into ZiHao ManLong and JunWai.." And then I turned my head to my right and BAM! The 3 of them were standing there, back facing me. What a coincidence. So I snuck up on them and went,"OI!!!" from their back. Hahahahaha! So fun.

I led them to the others at the queue of the check in counter, then they wanted to eat. So we hand-carry people went to McDonald to wait for them. Then a while later, a phone call came and ZiHao said we have to leave right away. Then we looked at the time and PANICKED because it was already like 645am. So we RAN to the plane. RAN. Passing the custom was kinda funny because we were all moving like NINJAS. Then we RAN to the gate and saw that it was already CLOSED. OMG. Then this dude came and asked for our flight number and we told him and even HE was moving like a ninja! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Then we just RAN towards the plane. ManLong even took a wrong turn then this other dude was standing there shouting, "Singapore! Singapore!" and pointing to the direction of the plane that ManLong ran towards and we were like, "OI! SINGAPORE AH!" then he ran back. HAHAHA!

But then THANK GOODNESS we made it! We were the last ones to board the plane, BUT WE MADE IT. Then we sat down and settled down and kept laughing about what just happened. We almost missed the flight! But we didn't. PHEW!

My seatmates on the plane!

Talked about some random stuff with ManLong because he was right beside me and laughed and laughed at I-really-forgot-what. ManLong offered us confectionery treats. Then we both plugged in our earphones and then we were like, "Eh,我戴你的一边你戴我的一边啦.." Then we did this:

Mash-ups! Hahaha!

Part of the things we laughed about what, 
"Eh, 'cheese' 华语是什么?"
And JunWai from the other side was like, "哇,我不懂哦.." 
ManLong was like, "什么乳的.." 


After we're done with all the laughing and hyperactiveness, we really wanted to sit and relax and maybe sleep for a while. But after like 10 seconds of none of us talking, there came the announcement of switching off our electronic devices, open up the windows, sitting upright and PREPARE FOR LANDING. HAHAHAHA!

We were all like, "HAR? 要 landing 了啊?" "我才吃完一粒糖罢了,就要 landing 了.." 
SUPER FAST! Hahahaha!

We hung out in the plane for a while because we are nice kids with nice hearts and we have 礼让的精神 so we let everyone else off first :D So we just stayed there and talked. ZenWai said, "等下你会看到我很多 fans 在外面迎接我的..." LOL

I'm heeeeeerrrrrrreeee!!!

We were the first two who got out AND WE'RE EXCITED!!!


Walked out to the main entrance. Ah Si asked, "ZenWai, 你的 fans leh?" and he was like, "我叫他们低调一点,不要叫不要叫." HAHAHA!

We were to wait for our "driver" there. And you see, since we woke up at 430am, and landed at Penang at about 8am, we have not eaten a damn thing. Except maybe the sweet that ManLong gave. Then we were talking among ourselves, "哇,很饿..........." Hahahaha! When we went out and saw that the "driver" was not there yet, ZhanHang asked,"你们饿吗?" and JunWai swiftly responded,"不饿不饿." which made us all LAUGHED OUT SUPER DUPER LOUD. 

There came a point that we all started calling ZhanHang "导游" and he called us "团友们" and then they all started faking their very strong Chinese accent and keep saying stuff like, "来来来,过马路", "看车!","小心!" WITH their fake accent. I could not stop laughing. Seriously. 有我们的地方就很吵. HAHAHAHA!

Then our "driver" - Lik Min arrived. And our 包租婆 came and gave ZhanHang the house key. We're ready to go! Let the eating and traveling begin! 


First stop: PLEASE BRING US TO EAT!!!!! 
We ended up eating dim sum. Okaaaaayyy.. Hahaha.

Second stop was the Street Arts streets. Finally get to come here after seeing so many people posting pictures of those places everywhere on social networks from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to... MySpace??? HAHAHA. Sorry. 

I don't really know what this is: 

WHAT is this? I thought it was a phone booth. But where's the phone? There's nothing in there. Hahahaha! Are they for locking people in? LOL
 Trying on caps because it will get sunny! But just trying them on. LOL

 Didn't want to take a picture with this art because it would be awkward because there were a swamp of people there waiting to take a picture with this. So if you stood there to take a picture of this, there will be a lot of other people standing there and LOOK at you take a picture. Hahahaha! At least that's what I thought so I didn't want to take a picture here. 

But then:

Hahahaha! Nice!

Hello Ah Hui!!! 

“这个是 zomok 的?” (holding up the blue thing at the side)
“Neh... 你拿来吹回它!”
“哇!你很 geng leh!你拍你拍!”

“这个 yeng!”

“他 zomok 要踢那只猫?”

Don't know why ended up shooting him hahahaha!



I was so amazed when I realize that this was not drawn ON the wall...

Learning Hokkien from the floor. Laughing because we had problem figuring out what the heck is "EL". LOL!

First group pic of the trip!

Walked around the streets and did some shopping. Then it started to get hot and we saw some people eating shaved ice. So we asked them where they got them and we went there. 

Uploading their funny pics cuz I took em' and I find them very natural nyahahahaha!

I bought Shelley a fat owl because it looks like her. And we've got ice!

Hahahahaha! If you see what I see............

It started to get really sunny when we arrived at the esplanade. So we didn't want to go down and take a walk. Because it was too too too sunny we can barely even keep our small Asian eyes open! So... “我们下去拍几张照片就好了啦!” “是咯,来过就好。”

See that ZiHao and ZenWai!! HAHAHAHA!
AND YOU SEE! Cannot keep our eyes open....

Hello Ah Hui!!

Then we headed for lunch at Penang Road. Actually we just wanted to go there and get the famous cendol. But the... Laksa.... And... O jian......

It was soooooooo crowded there for a small place! And very hot too! The guys wanted to order Char Kuey Teow but the aunty was like, “等一个小时可以吗?” Hahahahaha! 不可以....... So just Cendol, Laksa and O Jian. And because it was so crowded there and we were fortunate enough to even get a table, so the 10 of us squeezed in one small table. Some of them even shared chairs. Ke lian ke lian. 

“他们两个人坐一张椅子 leh...”
“哦, sorry,我的错...”


You seeeeeeee!! Squeezing so much that JunWai was squeezed out of the picture LOL!
And the table doesnt look very small in the pic but BELIEVE ME, it was small.

“哇,我们很瘦 leh...”


After lunch, we went back home to freshen up and relax and chill. The initial room distribution was as below:
Master Bedroom - All the guys except ZhanHang
Bedroom downstairs - ZhanHang
Room 1 - Si and En
Room 2 - Hui and I

After taking our showers we all napped. Si and En in their room, all the guys in the master bedroom and Hui and I in the living room because the aircond was already on and it was very chilly there already. But it wasn't enough, still. So I slept on the floor. IT WAS SO NICEEEEEE. So cold there :D 

Then ZhanHang came down and shared the L-shaped couch with Ah Hui, forming a 90 degrees? LOL. Man Long came down later, too. Then the 4 of us woke up and chit chat a while, but all still very sleepy actually. So we were all just lazing around. 


After everyone woke up from their naps, we played in the house. Cards.

Wengkey, Zihao, Junwai and I sat in a room and played cho di at first. Actually before this, we were all playing with phones. I found Mandora in Zihao's phone!!! Then we talked there and Zihao and I were like playfully arguing over random things and Junwai was being the mutual party and kept saying “是咯。” “是 wo..” “酱也是 hor..” to everything we said. Then I said, "Look at Junwai, just sitting there and agreeing to everything.." Then he realized it himself and said, “是 hor...” HAHAHAHAHA!

So every time Junwai says, "NO" or if he fights back someone who zats him, we'll be like, “哇!Junwai 会反驳了哦!” HAHAHAHAHA


At 630pm, we went out to get our dinner at Jalan Macalister. I suggested the place but we were brought to the wrong place but it was okay cuz the food was still good and we still went to the place I wanted to go because it was near but everyone was almost full already so they didnt eat at the place that I wanted to go initially so I think it was a waste but okay neverminddddd. Then I got a little bit pissed at something and didn't talk for quite a while because I was in a terrible mood because of something and I think everything that I say will either sound extremely mean or said in a very unfriendly way so I'd rather not talk at all. Sorry guys. LOL.


Then we went to 7-Eleven to buy some junk food for the night in case we get hungry or if our mouths get itchy. I bought a bottle of stout because it was so tempting. Standing there looking beautiful and elegant and all. Combined with my not-so-pretty mood, I bought it. 

Got home and got lazy and got into the relaxed mood. Had a little trouble opening our bottles of alcohol because we don't have the bottle cap opener thing. I saw my dad use a spoon before so I thought it would be easy but it was actually not so. But at the end we managed to open them.

You know. Sometimes I really forgot how much my friends mean to me, how they will always be there for me. Maybe it's because before this, we haven't seen one another in a very very very very long time. So I forgot that I can tell them pretty much everything. 

I wasn't in a pretty mood that night. But when we got home and I went into the guys' room and just fell onto the bed and went "uuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhh", ManLong asked, "Zomooookkk..." and I don't even have to really tell them EXACTLY what is wrong. It's like, they know, that if you want to say, you will say, if you don't, they'll just be there for you and try to cheer you up. So it's pretty much like, even if I wasn't in a good mood, just by TALKING to my friends will turn everything around. Turned the frown upside down just like that. So glad to have them :D

Then they played Monopoly Deal and ManLong played Cytus on JunWai's phone and I just watched and ate and drank.

Don't even care if my hair looks like crap HAHAHA!

Played and eat through the night till midnight and then we suddenly decided to move all the beds into the master bedroom because it was so ginormous it can fit all 10 of us and we all want to stick together. So we did. And then they continued playing. 

There was a time when they were playing, and I'm not sure what happened, then all 8 of them (excluding ManLong and I) started talking together! HAHAHA! Can't hear shit what they were saying because they were talking ALL AT ONCE. SO LOUD AND NOISY. But so funny too. Laughing and laughing and laughing and shouting and trying to talk while laughing but just ended up laughing. Their voice even gave ManLong a shock. He was playing Cytus with earphones on and his music was on pretty loudly cuz I can hear it even if the earphones are on, but once they started talking all at once, according to ManLong, their voices were all that he can hear. HAHAHAHA!

Then I got tired so I got on my spot and tried to sleep. Already said goodnight to them and lied there in my sleeping position. THEN. Those mdfks....... started talking like:

“这间屋子很大 leh...”
“是咯空空这样很恐怖 leh...”
“那个 Conjuring 啊...”

 This is the part that I couldn't stand anymore. Because these things will give me a long term effect which I would not like.

This was our position.

They were sitting in a circle and talking. When I could no longer stand it, I sat up and went like, "Weeeihhhh..." sleepily, WHICH GAVE THEM A SHOCK! Ah En even screamed! HAHAHAHAHA! And Hui was sleeping opposite me so when I sat up and "weeihhh" and En screamed, I saw Hui jumped a bit, like 被吓醒 HAHAHAHAHAHA! 

It was so cold that night and we only had 4 blankets for 10 people and thanks to those mdfks who just had to talk about those horror stuff, we couldn't sleep very well on the first night. LOL. And so I just lied there and listen to the sound of people waking up and walking to the bathroom, open the door, go in, close the door and then open the door, come out and so on. 

THEN. We heard some weird noises like "bloop bloop bloop". I thought I was the only one who heard it because that time, I thought I was the only one who couldn't sleep well. I just stayed there awake listening to the sound hoping that it will go away soon. But it didn't. So I sat up and look around to see where the heck is that noise coming from, but I couldn't find the source. Then ZhanHang also sat up, doing the same thing as me I think, and asked, “什么声音来的?” I just shrugged and fell back to sleep. 

The next day, on our way to Penang Hill, we talked about it in the van.

“有啦!” “有!”  said everyone.
“哇,zomok 全部人都听到的你们没有睡啊?”

“那个声音是不是 ‘bloop bloop bloop’ 这样的?”
“原来 ZhanHang 在问你是吗,‘什么声音来的?’我不知道你有起来,我不知道他在跟谁讲话 leh!好笑的是 ZhanHang 一问了,‘什么声音来的?’ 那个声音就没有了!”



“我知道那个声音是哪里来的 leh...”


“原来是 Wengkey 嘴巴发出的放屁声...”


Arrived at Penang Hill and the guys went to settle the railway train tickets for us all. They took our student IDs and ICs. While waiting, we took some pics.

I'm not a fan of uploading nice and normal looking photos.

When they came back with everyone's IDs and ICs, Hui was distributing them back. And she gave ZiHao ZhanHang's and said, “这个是 ZiHao 的..” Zihao took it and, “这个是 ZhanHang 的啦!有酱像没有哦?” HAHAHAHAHA! 

While waiting for the train, the three of us (Zihao ManLong and I) wanted to take a picture together and tag Shelley in it. It's a thing we always do whenever one of us is absent. Take a picture of the three present, and tag the absent one at random objects. 

But WengKey likes to photoboom us

And non-stop kacau-ing HAHAHA

I shouted, “走开!” at him HAHAHA

But he insisted to be in the picture so there are his fingers HAHAHAHA!
#nevergiveup #nevergivein

Finallyyyy!! Hahahahaha

Very rarely is ZhanHang in the pictures because it was his camera and he was always the one holding it hahahaha! Sorry. And thanks! LOL

Squeezing again and this time Si and Wengkey got squeezed away.

Arrived at the hill and it was sooooooooo cooling and chilly! The weather was really nice there! So windy and relaxing :D


Felt so cool taking this picture. Turned out to be weird. HAHAHAHA! But it's okay. Still cool.

“Caption this.”
“看到对面 Condo 的...............”




Coincidentally we both wore owl shirts that day hahaha!

Saw these 4 cute looking owls doing random poses and we wanted to go imitate their actions and take a picture with them.

Wengkey 没有听 briefing...

There we go! Hahaha!
Went into the owl museum to have a look. OH OH! And when we were walking towards the entrance, Zihao came up to me and ManLong and said, “郭素心在后面..” :O this is my first time seeing a famous person in public in real life. HAHAHAHA! Wanted to take a picture with her but didn't want to disturb her since she was on a holiday. 

Penang Hill solos! (Except En's. I just needed a pic to fill the spot HAHA)

When we went into the owl museum, we were given this sticker of entrance. After we came out, I don't know who started it, but we began sticking it on each others' backs.

“你们的 sticker leh?”

Yam yam sap sap 开战去... HAHAHA

Don't know why Wengkey became the target HAHAHA!

Everyone pasted theirs on Wengkey's back. EVERYONE. I don't know if he was pretending not to know or he really didn't know. But it was still so funny. Kept sticking it and laughed behind his back. I know we're bad. Ah Si is damn pro at this. *laughed till tears come out*

Headed to the Kek Lok Si temple laksa for lunch. LAKSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


The number of bowls.... LOL

So delicious the guys ate 2 or 3 bowls each. HAHAHA! I dealt with the leftovers. They even ordered slices of pizzas. Which also turned out to be delicious. Gooooosssshhhh I love food. Food makes me so happy. My friends make me happy too. Penang is the food heaven. I'm in Penang with friends. Perfection.

Still do not know how can he not know. HAHAHAHA!

After laksa, I mean, lunch. After lunch, we walked up to the Kek Lok Si temple. We walked through the pasar-like place at the looooong little alley. Some of them bought nutmeg oil. We walked out and to the turtle place. The 千年老龟 place. Then we stood there watching the turtles for quite a while, cheering for those which were trying to climb up. They kept stepping on each other to try to climb up and some even pushed the others down while trying to climb up. Maaannn I do not want to be a turtle. Later, we took the railway train up to the huge Guan Yin statue place as that's where we're meeting Lik Min.

Lik Min wanted to bring us to this place to play water. So, of course we were happy to hear that because the weather was so hot and jumping into the cooling water would be super nice and enjoyable. We got into the van, and that's when it started. My stomach started playing games with me. I felt a little pain in my stomach, but I ignored it because I thought it was just a signal telling me that it's time to unload my tank. But then the pain got worse and worse like it's not the signalling or any good kind of pain. It's like this. Imagine a wet cloth. You want to dry it. How do you do it? You twist it hard and squeeze all the water out right? Yup. My stomach felt like the cloth. 

Then things just got worse when we reached the pool place, and Lik Min was like, “水要拿啊,等下要走很远哦..” And I was thinking, "Greeeeeeaaaaaaat." Like this stomachache isn't bad enough already. But what to do? Bo bian. Gotta walk. Can't delay the whole gang. Lol. 咬紧牙根往前冲(去找厕所)! BUT, ALONG THE WAY, I CAN'T EVEN SEE SIGNBOARDS THAT LEADS TO THE BATHROOM. Crap! Worse still! When we finally reached the pool, it was soooooooooo crowded! FILLED with people. So they decided not to hang out there, so we left. WHICH MEANT, WE HAD TO WALK BACK TO THE VAN! #pain HAHAHA! But it was still bearable that time because the pain was like here for a while, gone for a while, and back again. So when it doesn't hurt, I have to walk faster. That's it. Still keeping up. Hahahaha.

Then we went to Lim Wah Thai and Ghee Hiang to buy tau sar pneah and all kinds of other pneahs. Like my classmates said once before, "5A10 的孩子真孝順." (Ah En is part of 5A10) Hahahaha! After buying all the pneahs, we went to the beach. I really tried very hard to ignore my stomachache man. 精神可嘉! LOL #selfpraise

We're hereeeee!!!

First thing that caught our attention was the banana boat, which story that you will soon fine out.

拍這兩張照片的時候, 我肚子很很很很很 sibeh jialat 痛!!!!!!!!
But still so happy hahahaha

We're not really allowed to do this, because we're not hotel residences, but we went into the hotel to use their bathrooms. Come to think about it, it's pretty weird. The beach is opened to public, then there are a few hotels there, but non-residence can't use their bathrooms, but there weren't any public bathrooms. WHAT? So what are we suppose to do if we really need to go to the bathroom really really urgently to take care of some business? Bury our excrement in the sands? #confused 

After we changed into our swimsuits (or not), we went for the banana boat.

My first time on a banana boat and I felt so tricked. While we were out there, we kept shouting and shouting and cheering and someone suddenly said, "Eh 弄翻它 lo!" and I was like, "HAR?! 會翻的啊?!" then someone replied, "不會的啦!" then we continued enjoying the speed and the wind and cheered really loudly. Then again someone said, "要翻了要翻了!" and I said, "又講不會翻?!" then after everything, I believed that it will not turn. So I had nothing to worry about. Just when I thought this was it, we got nearer to the shore, the speedboat in front slowed down, and the next thing I know we were tossed into the sea. When I came up, all that I said was, "我被騙了." Hahahahaha!

(After the trip when we talked about this again, only did I find out from ManLong that actually behind the scenes, the dude already told some of them that he won't flip the banana boat in the middle, he would only do so when we are close to the shore. LOOOOOOOOL. SO THEY KNEW.) 

Climbed back up just to get a picture! 

After that, we spent time on the beach.

Realized that they were coming towards my direction with a human...

Get out of the way get out of the way.......

Got out of the way..
(What is the uncle looking at? HAHAHA)


us play..
Wait for it...
Wait for it...


Then they started burying Wengkey in the sands. Not sure if he was forced or he volunteered, but seeing the look of enjoyment upon his face, I'd say he volunteered. HAHA!

Squatting is tiring. Use foot easier HAHAHAHA

Bestowing him with lady parts.

Let us bestow upon you these boobs...

Zenwai what are you doing zenwai HAHAHAHA

Even granted him abs.. Beautiful beautiful abs...


HIS HOT BOD! *screams*



Okay very tired liao. And my stomach is hurting again hahahaha

This dude who was in charge of the beach activities targeted us. Because we went on the banana boat, and maybe he saw that we're a bunch of young people and we'll definitely be looking for fun and exciting things to do, he KEPT asking us if we wanted to try the parachute thing. But we kept rejecting and rejecting. BUT HE NEVER GAVE UP. Hahahaha! 

So Wengkey went.

Sending him off... LOL

FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! (I admit I'm running out of ideas on captions...)

Then we went back home to shower and get ready for dinner and the movie at night. Then from this point on, my stomach ached allllllllllll the way till after the movie and we went home. 

Got home, took a shower and went straight to bed because I cannot stand the pain and I was hoping that when I wake up the pain will be gone but it DIDN'T. In fact, I woke from the pain. MAN I hated that.

Then we went to Gurney Drive for dinner. On the way there in the van, the pain got like 10 times worse than before and I can't do anything about it and I know nobody can do anything about it so I didn't say anything but it hurt soooooooooooo bad I don't know why but I started crying omg. Ah Hui who was sitting beside me patted me on the back and Ah En kept asking if I was okay. #cries But I just shook my head because I can't even talk! Oh man. Come to think of it, the pain was really serious, but till now I'm still not so sure what caused it. LOL. 

Reached Gurney Drive, once we walked into the food court, I immediately walked out of that place again because the smell made me want to throw up. And throwing up in a food court would definitely not be preferable because puke and food and eating do not mix well. Then ZhanHang came out behind me and gave me meds. #cries

I'm really grateful of my friends and very I feel very touched by them that night. I didn't show it, I didn't say it, but I am. Sorry for being egoistic. Lol. Everyone was being so caring of me it warms my heart so much. Lik Min even brought me to a clinic. ManLong accompanied me. Both of them were eating halfway and wanted to walk me to the clinic. #cries We walked quite a distance to get there just to find out that it was closed. Or it did not even open. Ugh! #崩溃 my stomach can't handle this hahaha! And also I've excreted so many times already my body feels so bo lat.

We walked back to Gurney Drive. Halfway, I felt like throwing up again and I went to the McDonald's toilet. After everything, Lik Min already went back to eat I think, so I asked ManLong to go finish his food, I go into Gurney Plaza to wait because the Gurney Drive smell makes me feel so sick. But he insisted on accompanying me because walking alone in an unfamiliar place is dangerous. #cries

We ended up just sitting at the esplanade opposite Gurney Plaza and we said NOTHING to each other. #feelinemo LOL

And I have to say this: I haven't been in Gurney Drive for a really long time but when I finally got to go, 我竟然生病然后什么屁都没有吃到!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRGHHHH!!!!! I haz emoz liaoz.

Anyway, got better but not completely. We went into Gurney Plaza to meet up with Zihao, Wengkey, Zenwai and Junwai. They kept asking me if I was okay, which just brings up my touchy-feely-side. #cries Went to fix Zihao's phone with him, then went up to the cinema to wait for Si En Hui and Zhanhang. While waiting, I told Zihao, “有什么要 belasah 快点趁现在,我没有力还手.” Hahaha! I don't know why I said that. Probably giving him this rare chance to belasah me because he was nice. Hahaha! Then he said, “等 Zenwai 先..” “为什么?” Apparently this conversation happened:

“Okay 啦,Weishan 病到这样重,我们今天不要讲鬼故事吓她啦...” said Wengkey.
“我讲了她没有力打我 leh...” said Zenwai. 

Walaaaaaaaoooooooooo hahahahhahaa! #suchgoodfriends

Later, triplets and Zhanhang came up. Then again they asked me if I was feeling better. Ah En even told me that her uncle said if I still feel sick tell him, he will bring me to see a doctor. #cries

Then we went to watch the movie. There were 11 of us, but not many seat choices were left, so we bought 8 at the second row and 3 at the third row. Wengkey, Zenwai and I sat on the third row. 

I went to the toilet with Ah En's accompany first then we went into the cinema. Once I sat down, Wengkey and Zenwai was being nice again. “Okay 吗?” “会冷吗?” #cries 
Then Wengkey suddenly asked, “你要枕头吗?” and Zenwai and I were like, "Huuuuuuuhhhhh????" and Wengkey took out a pillow that he brought out from home from his bag and we LOL-ed! HAHAHA! 

We watched this movie.

Damn the movie was so bromantic I kept trying to hold back my tears and even if I did cry I tried to wipe my tears away quickly.

After the movie we went back home to settle all the bills and money-related things. What a looooooooong and difficult process. “以后我们还是自己还自己的啦...” Hahahaha!

Because I was sick, I slept earliest. But I keep waking up suddenly because: a) It was so cold (for me) !! b) They were so noisy!! Hahahaha. 
Remember how I said there were only 4 blankets in the whole house and there were 10 of us? Because I was sick and I felt really cold even when the fan speed is lowered and the temperature of the aircond was increased, they gave me 2 blankets. Omggggggggg I almost cried that time hahahahaha! #cries

Seriously guyssss.... :''')

Then before we slept we were reminiscing on the highschool days a little. How we used to work together and cheat in every exam and everything... Man those were really good times. Good old times. Sad that we can't go back there again. 

Oh yea, when we were talking, they switched off the lights and they thought Zihao and I were asleep. So they talk and talk and suddenly Zihao replied and they were like, “哇吓到我,你不是睡了的 meh...” LOL! And then they talked and talked and then suddenly I replied and, “喂,你们不要这样leh,等下会不会突然间又一个不知道谁的声音...” “Woooooiiiiii 不要....” HAHAHA! Yea it's funny NOW. Not so when it was happening...

I forgot how we fell asleep. But this sleep was so good that we woke up at 10am the next morning hahahaha! Not like the night before where everyone woke up at like 6am something. Best part, 我们一睡醒就有得吃! HAHAHA! 我们伟大的导游 walked out to buy pizza for us. 

Remember how we were almost too late to board the plane when we left for Penang? To avoid the same mistake, we went to the airport at 11am when our flight was at 155pm. HAHAHA! So we reached there super early and checked in luggage and went to eat again. LOL. We ate at KFC. So we talked and planned for our next trip (lol) and enjoyed and relaxed. Because we had all the time we need....OR SO WE THOUGHT. 

After we ate and went for boarding, we heard all our names being announced ONE BY ONE in the whole airport! And when we looked at the time, GOSH! LATE AGAIN! WHY? HOW CAN THIS BE! LOL! We were so late that once again we became ninjas at the custom and ninja-ed to the plane. Once again, last ones to board the plane. There was even a dude at the custom standing there waiting for us and guided us to the plane. HAHAHAHA! #likeafewbosses

明明就很早到机场,可是还是迟,而且好要迟到被人在整个机场报名字! Hahahaha! Once again, it's funny now, but it wouldn't be if we really missed our flight.

Once again, landed in a blink of an eye. Then... 我们就这样就分开了... LOL!

But really felt very 不舍得. To think that, we've havent seen each other for sooooooooo long and when we finally meet we went on a trip together. To get together. We're really growing up, not like we were falsely growing up before this, but, you know how they do in movies... That a bunch of close friends rarely have the chance to get together as they keep growing up, so every year they go on a trip together. But it's ONLY during the trip that they can really ALL get together. Other times, slim chance. Gathering soon becomes only an annual thing... 

It'll soon be back to the just-graduated-mood where not talking to them everyday will be something I need time to get use to all over again. Back to those busy schooling and classes and reports and assignments and exams days and times that we ALL get to be together will become lesser and lesser... Each goodbye will become increasingly hard. But then,

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

#friendsforlife :)

Da EdN :D

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