Thursday, 19 December 2013


I'm here again, to keep my blog as alive as possible. There is an attempt, at least I think there is.

So last week, we had our family gathering again! It's the thing that I really love and really looked forward to this whole year. SO YEA I WAS EXCITED! Even on the journey back to hometown, I kept smiling and my cousin sis (Yan) who was driving had to ask me,"你 zomok?" and I'll be like, "I'm so excited!" Hahahaha!

So, the gathering is being held in Langkawi this time, on a Friday. On Thursday, I ditched 2 hours class and went back to Perak in the afternoon. Speaking of classes, let me tell you this. My Thursday class schedule is 10am-12pm: Maths, and 2pm-4pm: Biology. Because we had to leave at 1pm and head back to Perak, I had to skip the Bio class. But because I'm such a disciplined and responsible (LOL) student, I still went to school for the Maths class. Here's the thing. Because it's pretty difficult to find a nice parking space in SS14 AND SS15, I always go there like super early so that I can park at a nice place and walk for a shorter distance :D

So I reached school at about 730am when class starts at like 10 freakin am but it's good cuz I got my parking. I waited in school with Yue Shin and slacked there for a lot and ate and studied Bio and stuff. Then at about 930am or so, Kar Yan messaged us and said that our Maths lecturer was on leave and Maths class was cancelled.

Me when I first found out about the news.

But then it was all good. After another pretty shitty event I made my way home! *excitement excited feelin like an electron*

Journey back to Perak with cousin Yan and yi po. Pretty fun trip!

Reached Selinsing at around 4pm, freshening up took about 30 minutes or so, and then the eating began immediately. We were served with coconuts which were so refreshing and sweet and young and delicious and it was everything you want your coconut water and flesh to be. #heavenly

Caught up with the relatives and played very violently with my little nephew because he likes to pretend that he's a tiger and we are his prey. HAHAHA! 

At night, we went for dinner. There's this dish, it's fish, I forgot what it's called, but it's like these pregnant fish, with fish eggs in their belly? You know? Okay. Anyway, it's deep fried, so the whole thing is edible. I cut off it's head, and I felt Yin Huan beside me looking at me, so I looked back at her, while putting the fish head in my mouth, and chewed. Then Yin Huan's eyes were like.. WIDENED. And after I swallowed, she backed off a bit. HAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh her reaction is so comedy-movie-like!

Dinner was delicious, of course. The food back at home never disappoints. 

Couldn't sleep at night in the room cuz my uncle snored really loudly and there's also the fact that I'm excited and couldn't fall asleep easily, so I went downstairs and slept in the living room. Slept at 3am and woke up at 530am. Which was good because there were a lot of people there and we kinda have to fight our way to use the bathroom. Waking up early is a perk.

Pretty much slept my way through to Kuala Perlis to the jetty.

Little cousin bro sitting beside us! He's so adorable I tell you! Talking like an adult and stuff.

I don't think I like taking the ferry at all. IT'S SO FREAKISHLY PACKED! Squeezing our way through all the way like sardine. But at least it's comfortable once you got into the ferry. Talked to Yin Huan about feelings (hahaha!) and then slept our way through again.

Had our dinner at this restaurant called Wan Thai. DELICIOUSSSSSS!! SO DELICIOUS I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW DELICIOUS IT IS.

Went back to hotel after dinner to relax lol. Toured around the hotel with Ah Qin and Yin Huan. It was so windy outside. So cool and nice we decided to just SIT there by the sea and chat and chill.

Because our eyes are already small, and the wind is blowing in our face which made it harder to keep our eyes open, so we just closed our eyes to take this picture.

After being exposed to the cool weather, I got a cold on the first night. #fail

The next day, supposedly 10 of us were to go snorkeling, but cousin B has not even landed in Langkawi yet, so only 9 of us went. I think we spent a lot of our time on the transports during our stay in Langkawi cuz like, from our hotel to ANYWHERE, the bus ride is about 30 minutes, and then we had to take the ferry to Pulau Payar, which is about 1 hour. So back and fro... You do the Math. 

Oh and by the way, I woke up the next day with terrible sore throat and a pretty bad cold. I drank so much water I had to pee so many times. My bladder is already very squirrel-like, and because I'm sick, my bladder became something-smaller-than-a-squirrel-like.

I felt like such a pro cuz my cousins all had trouble using the washroom in the ferry as it was shaking so hard and they felt really dizzy and almost had seasick (?) while I had NO PROBLEM AT ALL. Prolly because I used it way too many times HAHA.

So this is us before snorkeling. Look at our hair, so smooth and nice. Wait till you see the after..

So we arrived at Pulau Payar. After all the briefing and stuff, we jumped into the water! And oh my gosh, you know the thing about beaches, SO DARN MANY HOTTIES ON IT. Yin Huan and I were just scanning the whole beach for handsome/hot dudes. *creeps* 

There was a time, we both were like, "OH MY GOSH! THERE THERE! THAT ONE!" and my elder cousin brother was like,"什么?你们 zomok?" and my other cousin sis said, "你的表妹在看 lengzai,她们已经长大了..." HAHAHAHAHA

Ah Qin dared not use the snorkeling gadgets as she was having her OCD moments. 

"Yerr.. 都不知道多少个人咬过的咯..."

And we were there like, "Aiya 你用盐水洗 ma,够杀菌 liao 的 la..."

But then there was my uncle, who just had to kacau her and be all like, "是咯,不知道几多个人咬过的... 马来人华人印度人全部都有..." HAHAHAHAHA!

And if that's not enough, he went on, "大人老人小孩子全部啊.. 有病没有病你都不知道啊.." HAHAHAHAHAHA! 

I think it runs in the family. The hobby of kacau-ing people :D

This was my first time snorkeling and it was pretty fun. But I was sick! Which made it not as fun as it could have been but it was still okay. Because I'm out with my relatives! It's the people, I tell you :D

Around 12pm, we went up for lunch. Then we were all chitting and chatting.

My dad:"你们这里谁最大?阿俊是吗?"
阿俊:"没有啦,还有 Xin Jie lehh.."
My dad:"Ohhh Xin Jie 几年?"

Then we listed the year of births of all the kids from our generations. The eldest is 1984 then youngest was 1995 excluding the even younger ones. But no one was born in the year 1987 and 1994. 

And my dad was like, "Zomok '87年没有人的?" 

Then we were all like stunned and looked around and then looked back at him, 

Me: "这个是我们的问题 meh?是你们(上一代)的问题了ma.."
Cousin: "是咯,小舅,zomok '87 年没有的?"
Cousin: "是咯,'94年也是没有哦,zomok ah?"


Then the ones younger than us were born in 20XX.

Cousin:"Zomok 小姨的跟我们相差这么远的?"
My dad:"小姨跟我们本来就相差很远了咯.."


(I have to just write 'cousin' because I don't remember who said which line sorry lol)

Then after the chilling we went back to the water. We were all standing in a circle and talking and then someone just had to be like, "WAAHH!!!" and everyone else will, "ZOMOK ZOMOK?!" and back away from the circle. "我被鱼咬!" HAHAHAHA

Then my dad came to us and we were like, "小心,不要被鱼咬.." and he was like, "鱼会咬人的 meh?" then we stood there and talk and talk and suddenly my dad SHOUTED, "ARGHHHHH!!" which startled all of us and we all were like, "AHHH!!!!!" "ZOMOK!!!!" And he said, "哇!真的是被鱼咬哦!" HAHAHAHAHAH!

At around 2pm we went to shower and change. Not much of a shower because the whole island only has salt water. Actually, you're not even allowed to shower there because they have to preserve the island. Shampoos and shit will pollute the water. So yea, we "showered" with salt water which was actually no shower at all. 

Headed back to the jetty to wait for the speedboats to bring us back to the ferry. Then Yin Huan suggested we do this:

Selcaaaaaaa??? WHAT is a selca anyway?? LOL
Oh and see our hair! After snorkeling. Like so hardened and messy.

This was the first take. Turned out to be the best. We tried to take a few more but they were all not as nice as this. After a lot more takes, my dad suddenly walked away from us and walked up to this stranger and said, "Excuse me, can you help us take a picture?" "Oh sure." And then BAM!


Should've done this earlier. HAHAHA!

SUNBURNED after the snorkeling! First sunburn in my life. Fuuunnnn~~~ And then we slept our way back to the hotel again. Such a loooooong journey.

After dinner we went back to this room in the hotel for the gathering. Talked and ate and talked and ate and thank you speeches and stuff and took a lot of pictures!

3缺1! 美中不足。

Popo and Yipo

Our generation with uncle and family; cousin sis and cousin bro-in-law carrying their kids.

85 86 88 89 92 95 :D

Slept pretty early that night because flu got worse after I got back to my room. And can I just say, DAMN panadol is effective because I took one and I woke up the next day pretty much completely cured. The sore throat and flu, all gone. Wow.

Went to Eagle Square before we headed back to Kuala Perlis with the ferry.


Another long journey back to Perak. Laughed and talked a lot on the way home, but this other little cousin of mine is really cute.

We stopped at the rest area. And he came back into the bus and kept asking people, "你有踩到大便吗???" "臭咯!" with his high pitched voice. 

At night when we reached home, the adults went for dinner and da bao for us while we chill at home. I don't follow the On Call 36 HK drama series, but my cousins were watching so I watched as well. I guess we're the only ones who watched it and laughed so much. Watched it like it's a comedy. Seriously laughed a lot a lot, and I read Twitter everyone's like so sad and cried so much watching it which makes it even funnier for me. Sorry. Cousin moments. 

The next day, we went to Bagan Serai in the morning to visit more relatives. Damn I think I've spent too LESS time back in hometown this year. Not fun enough. >:( 

Then we went home. To KL. And I just felt so empty. I do not like that fact that I'm already spending my holidays lifelessly in KL when I should be back at my hometown spending more time and having more fun with my relatives. But then, there's also the fact that some of my cousins gotta go back to work, and some of them still have classes in Uni.. So.. Okaaaay. #sad 
It's like you can actually feel that the times we get to spend together is getting lesser and lesser. Then soon, some will maybe go overseas and come back only once every two years or somethin. Ughhh I'm gonna miss all the cousie moments so much. Nothing beats family. Nothing. 

Before we left Langkawi, my go cek gong wrote something, and asked Yin Huan to share it with the family:



Gotta love the fam. I love my fam!

Da EdN :D