Sunday, 11 August 2013

You're also the reason why I smile so brightly out of a sudden that everyone have to smile, too, when they see me. And when they ask, "What?", with a happy face, I just smile brighter and say, "Just thought of something my friend said."

You can make me so happy.

But you know what they say about the people who can make you really happy? They can make you really sad, too.

That's you.

Always so temperamental. I will never know what's on your mind, what are your intentions. I wish I knew. I hope I can stop letting you make me feel like crap. When I think of you, I want to feel happy. I want to only remember the happy memories, because for some reasons, recently, I feel that the happiness we had together were the only true happiness.

Maybe because it was so long ago. Right where we left it, it was beautiful. Everything was perfectly well. It's like thinking of you is the only sanctuary I can get in this life that I have now. By thinking of you, all the sadness, anger, disappointment, all of it, will be wiped out completely. Just like that.

The perfect smile on your face. The beautiful bright twinkling eyes of yours. The sweet sound of your voice. The soft skin of your hand. Breathtaking was when you look at me.

Everything was perfectly wonderful right where we left it. I had you. Even though it was all just memories in my own head, even though it was just me in my own world, I had you.

But then you came along. And then I felt you slipping through my fingers. Even the memory of you.