Monday, 29 July 2013

We're going cowboy tonight!

Howdy, folks!

Ya know what, I accidentally deleted a lot of the photos that were sent to my phone after I transferred them to the other device. I totally forgotten that I wanted to blog. It's habit to delete them since I don't have the habit to blog anymore. So... These are the only ones left!

So, in the morning, I went to Shamelin with Yen Lu first because she wanted to get some stuff from the headquarters. One of the stuff was a T-shirt for the absentee. So she called the dude,

“我想问你,你的衣服要穿什么 size 的?”
“Err... S 咯...”

After she hung up, she said,

“S 啊? 那个人男的还是女的?”
“男的拿 S 啊?!”
“他都不是很清楚自己要什么 size,我打电话问下人那个人应该穿什么 size 先...可是他讲到自己可以拿 S,应该是很瘦的咯...”

“Hello,eh 我问你,那个 XXX 衣服要穿什么 size?”
“Errr... L 咯...”

I swear, our eyes, Yen Lu's and mine, almost popped out of the sockets and my mouth almost touched the ground. It's like, omgggggg, S and L very very big difference don't cha think?

In the afternoon, we went to Vivatel for rehearsals and practice. Soo Ping and I came up with the ending pose only on that day itself. Wait till you read about what happens later.

We danced to the songs "Cowboy Very Busy" (direct translate from a Chinese song), "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" and "5,6,7,8" for Man Long, Soo Ping and I. For the Cowboy Very Busy, the steps Yen Lu came up with/referred to and decided to include, seriously make us look like we're very busy. Non-stop jumping and running and hopping and jumping and jumping and jumping and did I mention jumping? Ahhhhhhhhhh I haven't sweat like that in a long time and I love it. Plus it's from dancing so I love it more! Hahahaha!

After practicing, Soo Ping and I attempted to do some simple stunts. The stunts are simple, but not sure if it's because we haven't been doing this in a long time or we weren't serious enough that day, OH HOW WE FAILED in every attempt to do shoulder sit, with or without back spot. After times of trying and trying and trying, we succeeded ONCE. HAHAHAHA!

Then everyone went changing into their performance outfit and we took some time to camwhore of course.

“这张照片如果你站我后面一点 hor,就很像你在 za 我 bo 了....”


I look like a fish and they look retarded HAHAHAHAHA!

Then we went to change into our outfits and do our hair and stuff (get ready). It's been SO LONG since I last put on contact lenses, I wasn't even sure if I still remember how. LOL. But I still have the skills. Hey, it's a big deal to put on contact lenses, okay? For me. Because I have small eyes. It's hard. HAHAHAHA!

Gossiped a little in the washroom with Soo Ping and Yen Lu. Talked about stuff that are COMPLETELY non of our business. Hahahaha! 

  Side French braid by Soo Ping :)
My hair is weird.

Before the performance :)

Hi, I'm adorable! HAHAHAHAHA

Bet you:
1)Didn't think that I could look so adorable
2) Have never seen me in makeup

It's been so long since my last performance on stage. I love the feeling of being on stage; the feeling when the spotlight hits me; the feeling of performing. BUT THE ONLY THING I DON'T LIKE, IS THAT I HAVE TO WEAR CONTACT LENSES AND PUT ON MAKEUP ESPECIALLY EYELINER. WHY? BECAUSE I CAN'T SCRATCH MY EYES WHEN THEY ITCH! HAHAHAHAHA! And I also don't like to put lipstick. It's so uncomfortable.

We're so sweet and we love each other so much :D HAHAHAHA

For the warm up exercise, we led the crowd and did the Chicken Dance. HAHAHAHA! Such a funny dance. We're such bright and cheerful kids :D

 HOWDY-DOO from us! :)
 Fortunately Tomato didn't do our makeup AFTER she drink those two bottle of alcohol......... LOL

OH YEA we're going high tonight! 

OKAY. SO. We did our first performance wonderfully, I should say. Then during "5,6,7,8", because we didn't have the time to practice the dance, and we've only watched the video once or twice, we're not very familiar with it. We know what steps are included in the dance, but we don't know which comes after which and we don't even really know the song, so, it's sad to say, that we danced wrongly, A LOT. Sigh. That's not the worst part. The next performance was the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go + Cowboy Very Busy. The ending pose that Soo Ping and I decided to do involves her jumping onto my arms and me carrying her. But at the end of the song, I COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT!!!! And when she jumped, I caught her but I couldn't stand still because I wasn't ready and I fell on the ground, and I dropped Soo Ping!!!! So we both fell on stage. LOOOOOOOL. Yea, it's funny now. But I cried after that because I feel like I'm the disappointment of the group performance. 

Then while I was crying, of course I ignored everyone who tried to talk to me. Man Long came and talk to me and I kept crying, then after a while I just covered my face and stood there. Man Long was like, "Wei Shannn~~~~~" beside me and I ignored him. And suddenly he said, “你睡着了是吗?” THEN I LOL-ED!!! Because while I was standing there with my face buried in my hands, I actually felt like falling asleep. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Our own little after-party:

Can you blow my whistle baby whistle baby LET ME KNOW. GIRL, I'm gonna show you how to do it and we'll start real slow. You just put your hands together and you come real close, can you blow my whistle baby whistle baby HERE WE GO!

And then we can't whistle. HAHAHAHA!

IT WAS FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!! Except it wasn't on Friday.



Not even sure if this is a compliment or not.

Hasta luego!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I hate this feeling that I'm feeling right now
Feeling like I don't want to care anymore
I really hate this
I really hate myself for feeling this
Because even if I said I don't want to care anymore
I know it in my heart
That if I hear about it
If I found out about it in whatever way possible
If I sensed that something is wrong
If I knew
And no matter what state that I'm in or I say that I'm in
Fed up
As long as I know that you need me
Or even if you don't need me
As long as it has to do with you
I will still be worried
I will still ask about you
As long as I'm still here
I will always care.

Thursday, 11 July 2013