Sunday, 19 May 2013

To Remember.


K I'll just tell you this straight, I JUST TURNED 18! *applause* *cheers* *congratulations* *thank you speech*

I feel older already. When did it happen? (2 days ago) How did it happen? (You know, growth, puberty... Cells and stuff..) It feels like it was just yesterday when I first set foot into high school. I solemnly swear that I will use this age legality wisely, and not use it as a reason or excuse to do stupid things.

So anyway, I'm not really the kind of person who pays attention to my own birthday. I don't look forward to it, I don't get excited about it or anything. Birthdays are always just like every other normal days to me. I think this is because before this, my birthday is always near the exam season or DURING the exam season. Ain't nobody got time to waste or put any effort into any other thing other than exams.

But this year, I got excited because, well, I was turning 18! Adult oledi, maaaannn... LOL. (Don't you feel that the fact that I said it in that way, it proves that I am still very not-adult? hahahaha) I would never have to carry the fear of the cinema staff coming after me to ask for identification to prove that I'm 18 if I went to watch a 18 movie. Hahaha! And also I'm excited about something else that I will not say here. These two are pretty much the reasons why I was excited.

On my birthday, in the morning, I did the usual thing which was check whatsapp and stuff. I'm so happy that my family-like-friends all wished me at 12am :') It takes very little to make me feel loved. Hahaha! Appreciate all of their wishes a lot. But I slept that time, I even missed a phone call from Yin Huan. To be honest, actually I saw her called, I just silent it because I was half asleep. Hahahaha!

After Chemistry class, Yue Shin went toilet right away and Kar Yan said she wanted to go to the library, typical Kar Yan. Then Khai Ching asked me where was I going, she had no where to go because Yue Shin had club meeting and Kar Yan wants to study and do her stuff in the library (her second home). I didn't even realize Yue Shin was gone with her bag and books XD I thought she was still in the toilet. HAHAHA! So I asked Khai Ching to follow me to meet Amanda because she said she wanted to give me something. She agreed. But when we reached the lift, Khai Ching said, "You go ahead, I'll go find Kar Yan in the library." I was like, "Okay, kewl."

I will always like Amanda's gifts. So simple and ingenious and creative hahahaha! She even gave me a big fat juicy hug which I loved so much. So happy to get gifts and wishes from her :D

"Later you come L6 R108, Kar Yan don't want layan me... ): "

Khai Ching texted me.

Amanda went back for classes and I went to find Khai Ching, with the gift from Amanda in my hand :)

I saw Khai Ching alone in the classroom, and when I went in, Yue Shin and Kar Yan jumped out of nowhere and sang "Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~" which scared me a bit because, well, they just popped out of nowhere! And then I just burst out laughing because on the table, were 4 muffins with two big candles and two small candles and a candle with a paper with the "-" sign on it. So it became "20-2". LOL!

"你们 plan 这样的东西 hor,等下万一进来的人不是我怎样?"
"我们有想过! 可是就讲,当然是看到 Wei Shan 进来才唱 ma..."

And then Yue Shin admitted,"刚才我们跳出来唱歌的时候是应该要站起来的,可是我一下子忘记站起来,所以我就蹲在那边唱..."


Before I blow out the candles, we took pictures.

"等等等! 多一张多一张!"
"快点啦! 那个火要烧到那张纸 liao!"


Some of my other classmates wished me as well. I was surprised that they even know, power of Facebook, I assume. But I really appreciate them anyway :D

I was really happy :)

At night, I wanted to study Bio. But then mom brought me out to have Baskin Robin ice-cream. How can I refuse? Hahaha! After enjoying and went home, it was already almost 9pm. I thanked everyone on Facebook for the wishes and caught up with a few old classmates. When I REALLY wanted to start studying, Zi Hao asked if I wanted to go out yumcha. And then I agreed. LOL! Then we called Shelley as well because we were at the placed near her house.

Zihao was like, "是这样的,朋友 leh,就是知道你要考试了,就会叫你 ‘读书啦,不要出去啦,考完了再出啦’,好朋友 leh, 就是知道你要考试了还跟你讲,‘出来 yumcha 啦,读什么书啦...’ " HAHAHAHAHA!

The 3 of us sat and chatted for a while. All sharing our new college life stories and just.. Stories. It was nice. It was funny and fun. Hahaa :D

OH OH! And the Lulu station people also celebrated mine and Zihao's birthday in advance :D
This bunch of friends may just be my LOUDEST bunch of friends ever. Talk, laugh, do everything very loudly. Hahaha!

Zihao kept disappearing that day, and then Shelley said something about, "其实 Zihao 是这里的厨来的..."


Then he came back after finishing a phone call, and Yen Lu told him about the "chu" thing. Then after a while he disappeared again.

"Zihao 又跑去哪里?"
"他做 part time 的,要去做橱了.."


Then Yen Lu presented us with our birthday gifts. She took two paper bags out and said, "你们一人选一个.."

Then Soo Ping and Man Long LOL-ed! Because I was right. LOL! #knowthemtoowell

After dinner and the delicious cake, we all headed back to Lulu station with my car. 7 people squeeze one car. Still okay, you might say, but we're 7 not-skinny people who just finished dinner, which makes it not-so-okay, don't you think? Hahaha!

We are 抬头族, so we cannot see Shelley. HAHAHAHA! 

"Shelley 没有来 meh?" *抬头*
"Eh 你们没有叫 Shelley 啊?" *抬头*
"Eh Shelley leh?" *抬头*


There came a point, where I had to go up this hill and there's a bumper, so I made them get out of my car and walk up the hill. HAHAHAHA! They were all going out and I said, "Eh 你们不用全部下的.." And then Wei Li and Zi Hao remain seated in the car. This proves who's what and who's what. Hahaha! 

It was fun. It's been so long since we chilled in Lulu station :D

The next day, I met up with them: 


So there we have it. I appreciate every blessing and every little thing my family and friends did for me. They made me feel very loved and that... I matter? Even a simple Facebook comment or a simple text message or whatsapp message or tweet will make my day :) 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I've never felt so happy on a birthday before. But thank God for the family and friends, I feel like I've really tasted the happiness that little and simple things can bring. I've realized what matters in my life and what doesn't; what plays a big part in my life and what doesn't. I gotta appreciate now, appreciate the little things, appreciate the people I love and the people who love me :)

Even though I was a teency weency bit disappointed because of you, because I had hope, and disappointment is what that's directly proportional to hope, but I know now, I don't need it, I don't need you to play that significant part in my life. The disappointment is completely covered up by love, joy and happiness :)

But of course, I must still say, having you playing that significant part in my life could be pretty awesome. *winks*

I'm a happy girl! :D

Da EdN :D

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Last night, I had a dream about you.
In this dream, I'm dancing right beside you. 
And it looked, like everyone was having fun.
The kind of feeling, I've waited so long.

Don't stop, come a little closer.
As we jam, the rhythm gets stronger.
There's nothing wrong, with just a little, little fun.
We were dancing, all night long.

The time is right, to put my arms around you. 
You feeling right, you wrap your arms around too.
But suddenly, I feel the shinning sun.
Before I know it, this dream was all gone.

Oh, I don't know what to do.
About this dream and you.
I wish this dream comes true.

Digital Love - Daft Punk.

I think you're amazing :)

&& excited about Daft Punk's new album!