Sunday, 14 April 2013

together again

Y to the O to the Y-O! YO YO! (wtf.)

Last Friday night, we went out to celebrate Zhan Hang's birthday.

A lot of funny things happened, we laughed a lot, but it's so hard to put everything in words, but still I'll try. LOL.

We were supposed to meet at 6pm, but I know they won't be punctual, so I left home at 6pm XD! When I reached, it was only 6:15pm. Man Long was the only one there. Then there's me. So 15 minutes after the time we're supposed to meet, only 20% of the people showed up. Then the two of us just sat there and talked until about almost 7pm, then Shelley came, then after a little while more our same-faced friends and Zhan Hang came. Then Pooi Yen, then Chi Hoe.

Chi Hoe was the latest to arrive (excluding Zen Wai), but for some reasons, every time he arrives the latest and orders the last, his meal always comes before the ones who ordered before him. #bushuang

I forgot who said to Zhan Hang, "Oh, 我们今年真的是没有买到 cake." Which was funny, because last year, when we went out to celebrate Zhan Hang's birthday, they bought the cake and was planning to surprise him with it. We went to the restaurant and asked the waiter to put it in the fridge. But then we decided to go somewhere else to eat, before we leave, Zhan Hang asked us, "你们不要拿 cake 啊?" LOL. Operation surprise Zhan Hang with the cake = failed. What's even funnier was that Man Long and I didn't hear him ask that question, so we didn't know that he knew. So when the cake was passed to my hands, I was hiding the cake from him because Man Long said, "不要给 Zhan Hang 看到." LOL! Then after hiding it for a while only they said, "你们躲什么?他都知道了..." LOL!!

Shelley brought her camera and showed us the stupid and random videos we took when we were form 5. Shelley, Hui and I watched first, and we kept laughing. En from afar said, "Wei, 快点给我看啦,不是要给我看的 meh?你们一直笑我又不知道你们在笑什么.." And I was like, "Tsk, 等啦!" And then slowly they all started to laugh until very high level. LOL! I was like, "Zomok? 很好笑 meh?" But yea, they were laughing quite hard, and till now I still wonder why XD

There was this part, where I was saying Zhan Hang is officially 18, so he's an adult now.

"他是大人了,还有 Man Long,我们还是小孩子罢了.."

Then Pooi Yen stretched her neck out and said, "我大了."

Then we LOL-ed. And Chi Hoe asked, "哪里?"

Then we (LOL-ed)x2. HAHAHA!

Forever 笑点低.

"Ah Hui 很凶 eh.."
"Zomok leh?"
"哪里有?我只是讲 ‘我讲他没有在睡觉!’ ”

She acted out how she said it, and we all 被吓到全部静静没有出声 HAHAHAHA!

Zen Wai came when we all finished our meals LOL! 上班族....

Zhan Hang and Ah Hui went to Kuchai for a while. That was the perfect time for us to buy the cake, because we didn't buy it before we came. Among us who were left there after Zakaria and Fatimah (LOL) has left, Zen Wai was the only one with the car. Si said she'll drive, and I said I want to go with her. So we went. Zen Wai and Chi Hoe followed us too.

"我不要踩油啊,我踩 brake 罢了..."
The pressure of driving somebody else' car.... I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND. LOL.

Then we went back with the cake.

"Wei Shan, 来."
And then Pooi Yen and Shelley told me how Ah En was trying to become Pooi Yen, and was trying to snatch Pooi Yen's Yong Hwa. Hahahahaha!

Like last year, we decided to sing "月亮代表我的心" instead of "Happy Birthday" XD We kept saying, "Eh, 一起啊." "开始啊.." "1, 2, 3." But Chi Hoe and Zen Wai were like, "Har? 什么?" "我不会歌词啊!" Hahahahaha!

Halfway through the song, we all burst out laughing. But the show must go on, so we sang while laughing. XD

Zhan Hang cut the square cake like how we cut a round cake. Seriously made me laugh like crap. "Cake 是酱子切的 ma..." LOL. We ate almost half the cake, and there was still a lot left. Zhan Hang was playing with the candle and he put it back onto the cake. And I forgot who said, "Eh Zen Wai 生日 Zen Wai 生日!" (His birthday was earlier but close) Then they lighted the candle on the cake left and we sang Happy Birthday to Zen Wai and presented him with the half of the whole cake left.

"你们就省 lo..." Zen Wai said, and we laughed until very high level again.

Last year when we were out to celebrate Zhan Hang's birthday, we went to this steamboat place. We ate everything without realizing we left a plate of tofu behind. But our plates, the soup and everything were cleared so we were like, "Aiya 不用紧啦一盘豆腐.." So we left it there. After singing 月亮代表我的心 to Zhan Hang, and ate the cake and everything, don't know who put the candles on the plate of tofu, and lighted the candles. LOL. "谁生日?" "Neh Zen Wai!" So we sang Happy Birthday to him and presented him the plate of tofu XDDD!
(The tofu tasted alright when eaten alone. It's just like dao fu fa. Yes I ate it. Only a piece LOL)

Then we asked Zen Wai to blow out the candle from far. He did it at first try and we were all like, "Woooowwww..." and applauded hahahaha! Then Si wanted to try, then En, then Hui and then pretty much everyone because we were just kacau-ing around. LOL.

When Si tried to blow it out, she took a deep breath, and burst out laughing. Hahahahaha!

Then we went to Baskin Robin. Chilled (almost froze because of how cold it was in BR) and gossiped about something for a while.

We don't have a complete group picture because in the first pic, Man Long went home early and in the second, Zakaria and Fatimah went Kuchai and haven't came back and Man Long was leaving.

We are soooooooooooo troublesome XD


Tada! :D

"Sometimes friends are family too." :)

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

I could hear the chitchat, take me to your love shack

Honestly, I just don't feel like studying this chapter for Bio - Energy & Ecosystem. So I think I'll be sharing these funny conversations between me and my family and friends. Mostly family because I've recently went back to kampung for ching ming and I spent more time with my family and cousins.

Last Friday on the way back to kampung with my dad, in the car:

"Oh shit! Shit liao la.."
"Aiya 不用紧啦牙刷罢了 ma,7 Eleven 就有得买了,不是忘记带内衣内裤就可以了..."

And there I was thinking, truedat. But then after a few seconds, I said,



I told my college friends and Yue Shin said, "翻来翻去最多也不是只可以穿两天!第三天还有哪一面?" LOL!

Reached hometown,
Min and Wen together: "牙刷,内衣,内裤."
"WALAO ZOMOK 你们这样厉害?!?! 你们怎样知道的?!"


At night before we went to sleep, my dad came in to our room and asked me,

"她应该不能这样早醒." Ching Yee jiejie said.


"Zomok 你爸爸要这么早去?" Ah Wen asked.
"他讲他喜欢早晨的天气,环境那些..." I said.
"他这样早去,就会有很多看着他咯,看着他,然后问,‘这个人这样早来 zomok?’... "
*stares at her*


Saturday morning during ching ming, we were all getting ready to go out, then Ching Yee jiejie applied some perfume.

"ZOMOK 你去扫墓都要喷香水?!?!?!!!?"


Then at the cemetery, we wanted to buy drinks, but we didn't have any money with us, so we had to ask from the adults.

Ah Wen went up to her dad and said, "爸,你有散钱吗?"

And then my uncle, which is her dad, stood up, searched in his pocket, and handed Ah Wen 20 cents. Hahahahahaha!

In the afternoon, we went for Tutti Frutti.

Ching Yee jiejie was taking a picture of her frozen yogurt, and she said aloud, "一,二,三" and took the picture.

"Zomok 你跟你的电话讲一二三?"


Friday during Malaysian Studies.........
(Class starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm, we're considering leaving at 3pm because we weren't really doing anything in class and we felt like eating and Yue Shin wanted to eat fried chicken.)

"我们没有 ponteng 过他的课 leh, 不会觉得很坏 meh?"
"你要跟老师讲什么?! '老师,我们要去吃鸡.' 啊?!"


Then we left without saying anything. #ponteng

We felt bad right after we stepped out of the lecture hall.

I went to the washroom. When I came out,

"我觉得我们很坏 leh... 老师很惨咯,全部人 ponteng 他的课,酱就走掉了..."
"Neh, 刚刚 Khai Ching 讲我们现在回去还来得及,然后跟老师讲,‘老师,对不起,我们本来要 ponteng 的,可是我们知错了所以我们回来..."


No, we went to eat chicken anyway.




Yesterday I went to Chinese orchestra practice. I was 30 minutes late for practice because I was playing Mandora and couldn't stop. I played for about an hour. LOL!

So anyway, I went for practice. Coach was busy teaching the new students, so we seniors just practiced on our own. #disciplined
Practice was 1-4pm, but we practiced on our own until 3pm! We were so neglected by coach, felt so 失宠 XD! But after a while, when we got really bored on practicing on our own and not playing it together, we started chatting and talking about random things and laughing and messing around with our instruments.

What we did, I really don't know how to tell it in words XD

Pei Yii even said, "我们华乐团很难找到一个正常的人." TRUE STORY.

At about 3pm, coach came to us and said, "我多一下过来。"
But then he came to us only at about 3:30pm! LOL Once he came, we were all just staring at him

"现在三点半了 leh..."


"老师啊 zomok 你要等 Jia Wei 回了你才来叫我们合奏 ?"
"Jia Wei?"
"Walao, 可能 Jia Wei 有来他都不知道咯!"


*Starts to play*

"停! 你拉! (二胡)"


Can you imagine? The coach said this. So loudly! We laughed so hard and so loud our stomachs all hurt. I'm so glad we're like friends with our coach :)

华乐 makes me happy, my family makes me happy :)

I miss my friends tho. The bunch of friends who are like my family. 菜都一起去买过了 XD

I always tell my 3 close college friends about them, I have so much to tell, so many funny experiences to tell, which makes me talk a lot.

"你们讲话啦,zomok 只是我在讲?"

Conclusion: 有你们,我的中学生活才会显得特别有乐趣 :)


I keep using and reusing the same pictures of us over and over again! We don't have enough pictures together guyssssss!!! >:(

K back to Energy & Ecosystem! 

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

plain old me

I'm relaxin' a lil' bit today ;)


1. What is your favourite primary colour? "blue" is the first colour that came to my mind
2. What is your favourite secondary colour? green
3. What is your favourite tertiary colour? pink
4. What is your favourite pattern? Dune Ripple
5. What is your least favourite pattern? -
6. What primary colour do you dislike the most? -
7. What secondary colour do you dislike the most? -
8. Do you consider Black, White and Grey colours? black


1. What is your hair colour?: light brown getting lighter
2. Have you ever coloured your hair?: yup, that's why it's brown and getting lighter lol
3. What is your hair length?: Mid back length
4. What is your eye colour?: dark brown
5. What size eyes do you have?: What? Hahaha! Medium
6. Small, medium or large nose?: Medium
7. Thin, medium or thick lips?: Medium
8. What colour is your skin?: #E4B98E
9. Do you have severe acne?: Nope
10. Do you pluck, shave or draw on your eye brows?: Ain't nobody got time fer' that.
11. Do you wear make up every day?: Ain't nobody got time fer' that too.
12. Are you short, medium or very tall?: 165cm< X < 170cm
13. Are you bony, thin, average, chubby, overweight or obese?: averageee, I guess?
14. What is your shoe size?: 8 sometimes 9
15. Do you have your ears pierced?: Yes~
16. Are your teeth straight?: No~
17. Do you or have you had braces?: No~
18. What would you label your type of clothing style?: casual


1. Name: Wei Shan
2. Birth year: 1995
3. Gender: Female
4. Home town: -Classified-
5. Current home town: -Classified-
6. What country do you live in: Malaysia
7. What languages do you speak: English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese


1. What is your favourite comedy film? White Chicks
2. What is your favourite horror film? SAW
3. What is your favourite romance film? Moulin Rouge!
4. What is your favourite action film? RED
5. What is your favourite cartoon film? Mulan
6. What is your favourite Sci-Fi film? I Am Number Four
7. What is your favourite film series? Harry Potter
8. What is your favourite overall film? -


1. What is your favourite comedy show? How I Met Your Mother
2. What is your favourite drama show? -
3. What is your favourite fiction show? -
4. What is your Favorited cartoon/Disney show? Phineas and Ferb
5. Which show that has been cancelled do you wish would come back on? Whose Line Is It Anyway?


1. What is your favourite top 40 song? Creep
2. What is your favourite rock/alternative/punk song? Wake Me Up When September Ends
3. What is your favourite R & B/Rap song?
4. What is your favourite techno song? Daft Punk songs
5. What is your favourite remix/parody song? there's this Malay version of "Telephone"...
6. Who is your favourite band? Maroon 5
7. Who is your least favourite band? I like the bands I know.
8. Who is your favourite solo singer? Christina Aguilera
9. Who is your least favourite solo singer? lol, you don't wanna know.
10. Who is your favourite band/solo singer from the 60s/70s/80s? Queen

Damn it you can't make me choose a favourite film or song of any genre there are just way too many. Lol. The answers are gave are just the ones that first came into my mind so yea :)


1. What are 5 things you love to do and could never get bored of?

watching tv
riding a bike

2. What is a hobby you used to have, stopped but wish you could continue? drawing


1. Are you a virgin? Yes~
2. What is your sexual orientation? heterosexual
3. Have any deep dark secrets nobody knows about? yes
4. The youngest person you have dated/hooked up with/liked? Liked. A few months younger than me lol
5. The oldest person you have dated/hooked up with/liked? A guy I liked who's a year older than me
6. Longest you've gone without a shower? A day
7. Longest you've gone without brushing your teeth? A day
8. Longest you've gone without changing your under wear/bra? HAHAHAHA! This happened recently: 2 1/2 days w/o changing a bra because I forgot to pack it in my luggage when I go back to my hometown LOL omg.
9. Longest you've gone without changing your bed sheets? A month?
10. Longest you've gone without shaving? What's there to shave? ;) LOL
11. Longest you've gone without eating a fruit/veggie? half a day
12. Do you hate any of your friends? If I hated them I wouldn't call them my friends. No wait, there's Chi Hoe. LOL! Joking, that's our joke.
13. Do you like somebody? Yes, then not so sure now.
14. Do you want to share who that person is? No.
15. Are you single? Single as fuck. LOL
16. Are you in a relationship? Refer to 15
17. Do you not know? ???
18. Have you ever cheated on anybody? No
19. Have you ever picked your nose in public? Duh yes, when I was a kid. LOL
20. Have you ever cried in the school wash room? Yes.
21. Have you ever clogged a public toilet? No la.


1. Who is your best friend?: River Ho Xiao Yi :)
2. Who have you known the longest? Amanda
3. Pick 5 friends

Zi Hao
Zhan Hang

4. Have you ever had a sex dream about any of these 5 people? No, that'd be scary LOL
5. Have you ever been in a relationship with any of these 5 people? I was married to Si but then she divorced me because she felt that I was flirting with Hui. HAHAHAHAHA
6. Have you ever wished one of these 5 people would get injured? Never.


1. Name your top 5 celebrity crushes:

 Adam Levine

Lee Seung Hyun/Seungri

 Mila Kunis

 Tom Felton

 Emma Stone

You just knew a lil' bit more about me :D

Nothing has changed.

Da EdN :)