Friday, 15 March 2013

My Horror Story

 Hi guys, this is bad. This is really bad...

I had two alarms set up in my phone to wake me up this morning. One of it was set at 7.00am while the other was set at 7.15am. At 7.00am, my alarm rang, I woke up, reached for my phone with my left hand, turned it off and left the phone beside my pillow. I was lazy to wake up. I didn't want to get out of bed yet. It was still so early. Actually, I only have two alarms set up so prevent myself from oversleeping. So I just laid there to wait for the 7.15am alarm. My right hand was under my pillow, my left hand was over my bolster. I smelled something. The smell was terrible! Terrible, I tell you. I thought it was me. You know how our body actually excrete waste products when we're sleeping? We actually sweat when we're asleep. So I thought it was me and thought I'll just take a shower later.

 Suddenly, I felt something hairy moving on my elbow. I swiped it away simply with my left hand. I was thinking, maybe it's just my imaginations, or maybe it's my hair, or maybe it's nothing at all, most probably my hair. Then I felt the hairy thing on my right cheek, not exactly cheek, more down under, lol. Thinking that it's probably my hair again, I just readjusted my position by removing my right hand from under the pillow and wiped my face a bit on the way, and I laid straight on my bed.
Then I started thinking, omg, what if it's not my hair? What if it's some small bug that fell on my bed? Maybe it's an ant or something. (Because it didn't feel like anything huge when it touched my elbow or my face) Then again, maybe it was just my hair. Then, I felt a bit of the hairy thing on my right thigh, then I knew, it wasn't my hair. Damn bug, I'm gonna crush you, I thought. I laid still in bed, awaiting the arrival of the damn bug.

Later, I felt a lot of the hairy thing moving on my right thigh again, and I quickly grabbed it with my right hand. Just when I got hold of it, I thought, "OH MY GOD, IT'S HUGE!" and I felt all of its six legs struggling and I felt super disgusted and quickly let go of it. On my bed. I was lying down. I let go of it and quickly jumped out of my bed like a freakin' ninja, and switched on the lights. I stared at my bed, but no sign of anything, just my two pillows, a bolster and my blanket lying there. I observed a while more, nothing. I ran out of my room, and took a sniff of my hand. What a horrid smell! Then I remembered it not only crawled on my thigh but my elbow and face too. MY FACE. Then I freaked out a lot. I quickly washed my hands, rubbing them very hardly.

I then barged into my parents' room and woke my dad. "What? What?" he said sleepily. "There's something in my room!" I said. "HUH? WHAT THING?" "I DON'T KNOW! IT'S ON MY BED!!!" Then he got nervous too, and jumped out of his bed and went into my room to check it out. I followed behind him.

He went into my room, and I stayed outside, peeking in. "Where is it?" "I don't know, it must be on the bed." He checked by opening up my blanket. Nothing. Then, I saw a dark coloured thing on my bolster. "THERE THERE THERE!" I shouted. "Go get me a tissue." He said calmly. I handed him the tissue and ran far far away, worrying that the bug can fly. My dad took the bolster out of the room. A few seconds later, he went to the dustbin to throw the tissue away.

"What is it?"

1) A cockroach crawled on me.
2) A cockroach crawled on my FACE. MY FACE.
3) I think it's leg went into my ear for a while.
4) I grabbed a cockroach in my fist.
5) It was alive. On me.


Then I was basically like this for the rest of the day:

College friends' reactions:
1) "Be thankful that it wasn't on your lips or in your mouth."
2) "Luckily you didn't crush it."


Okay, that's all. Scary, ain't it?



Da EdN.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

I cannot.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I love Bruno Mars


The title has nothing to do with the post, but I do love Bruno Mars :D Increasingly.

WOW life has been pretty busy for me. I have so much to do! Sleeping, watching How I Met Your Mother, watching Glee, watching whatever's good on TV, watching running man, playing mindless computer games, playing mindless tablet games, for example, Mandora, or not mindful tablet games, like Candy Crush, which very often depends on your luck (LOL), checking twitter, checking facebook, napping. Wow I'm so busy.

Okay okay, in all seriousness, life hasn't been too busy for me actually. Just doing the usual stuff, homework, teaching, and all those mentioned above. But I gotta say, I've learned to appreciate naps. College is nice to me so far, I guess. Making the best out of things :)

Anyway, just doing some random updates today, since I haven't updated my blog for quite some time. A few funny conversations I want to share again.

One day, I was in TESCO with my mum and bro. My bro and I were waiting for my mum to get some stuff, and we were standing there talking, and watching a lot of couples passing by in front of us.

"I want a boyfriend."
"I want a boyfriend, too."

Me Bro


One day in tuition, I don't know how we came to this, and I don't really remember who said these, but this was the convo:


Then everyone was like, "Huh?" "What?"

"吃东西的时候你可以讲话 ma,可是... 就不要讲啦,可是,你讲话...当然是不可以吃东西的ma 是不是?"

And then we discussed the statement "讲话的时候不要吃东西" for about 10 minutes. LOL.

Today in school, we were heading to the lecture hall for Malaysian Studies. When we reached, the people who reached were standing in front of the door, and the lights in the hall were not all on, in fact, only the lights in the front row was on, and very few people were in the hall. The class was supposed to start at 3pm, we were already late, and still everyone was like, standing outside and very few people were in the hall. So I asked the crowd in front of the door,

"No class ah?"
"No class. Class cancelled already."
"What? Are you serious?"
"Yea, just now teacher announced already, because you see, very few people come only."
"Really ah?!"
"Yes, I'm serious, that's why I'm standing outside here."
"Harrr...? Are you really serious?"
"Yes, I'm serious, do I look like I'm lying?"
"Yes, you really look like you're lying."


Yea, she was lying. LOL

Me GirlWhoseNameIDoNotKnow Classmate Crowd

I think I'm happy :)

Today during Maths :)

Thank you for reading ^^v

Da EdN :)