Thursday, 19 December 2013


I'm here again, to keep my blog as alive as possible. There is an attempt, at least I think there is.

So last week, we had our family gathering again! It's the thing that I really love and really looked forward to this whole year. SO YEA I WAS EXCITED! Even on the journey back to hometown, I kept smiling and my cousin sis (Yan) who was driving had to ask me,"你 zomok?" and I'll be like, "I'm so excited!" Hahahaha!

So, the gathering is being held in Langkawi this time, on a Friday. On Thursday, I ditched 2 hours class and went back to Perak in the afternoon. Speaking of classes, let me tell you this. My Thursday class schedule is 10am-12pm: Maths, and 2pm-4pm: Biology. Because we had to leave at 1pm and head back to Perak, I had to skip the Bio class. But because I'm such a disciplined and responsible (LOL) student, I still went to school for the Maths class. Here's the thing. Because it's pretty difficult to find a nice parking space in SS14 AND SS15, I always go there like super early so that I can park at a nice place and walk for a shorter distance :D

So I reached school at about 730am when class starts at like 10 freakin am but it's good cuz I got my parking. I waited in school with Yue Shin and slacked there for a lot and ate and studied Bio and stuff. Then at about 930am or so, Kar Yan messaged us and said that our Maths lecturer was on leave and Maths class was cancelled.

Me when I first found out about the news.

But then it was all good. After another pretty shitty event I made my way home! *excitement excited feelin like an electron*

Journey back to Perak with cousin Yan and yi po. Pretty fun trip!

Reached Selinsing at around 4pm, freshening up took about 30 minutes or so, and then the eating began immediately. We were served with coconuts which were so refreshing and sweet and young and delicious and it was everything you want your coconut water and flesh to be. #heavenly

Caught up with the relatives and played very violently with my little nephew because he likes to pretend that he's a tiger and we are his prey. HAHAHA! 

At night, we went for dinner. There's this dish, it's fish, I forgot what it's called, but it's like these pregnant fish, with fish eggs in their belly? You know? Okay. Anyway, it's deep fried, so the whole thing is edible. I cut off it's head, and I felt Yin Huan beside me looking at me, so I looked back at her, while putting the fish head in my mouth, and chewed. Then Yin Huan's eyes were like.. WIDENED. And after I swallowed, she backed off a bit. HAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh her reaction is so comedy-movie-like!

Dinner was delicious, of course. The food back at home never disappoints. 

Couldn't sleep at night in the room cuz my uncle snored really loudly and there's also the fact that I'm excited and couldn't fall asleep easily, so I went downstairs and slept in the living room. Slept at 3am and woke up at 530am. Which was good because there were a lot of people there and we kinda have to fight our way to use the bathroom. Waking up early is a perk.

Pretty much slept my way through to Kuala Perlis to the jetty.

Little cousin bro sitting beside us! He's so adorable I tell you! Talking like an adult and stuff.

I don't think I like taking the ferry at all. IT'S SO FREAKISHLY PACKED! Squeezing our way through all the way like sardine. But at least it's comfortable once you got into the ferry. Talked to Yin Huan about feelings (hahaha!) and then slept our way through again.

Had our dinner at this restaurant called Wan Thai. DELICIOUSSSSSS!! SO DELICIOUS I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW DELICIOUS IT IS.

Went back to hotel after dinner to relax lol. Toured around the hotel with Ah Qin and Yin Huan. It was so windy outside. So cool and nice we decided to just SIT there by the sea and chat and chill.

Because our eyes are already small, and the wind is blowing in our face which made it harder to keep our eyes open, so we just closed our eyes to take this picture.

After being exposed to the cool weather, I got a cold on the first night. #fail

The next day, supposedly 10 of us were to go snorkeling, but cousin B has not even landed in Langkawi yet, so only 9 of us went. I think we spent a lot of our time on the transports during our stay in Langkawi cuz like, from our hotel to ANYWHERE, the bus ride is about 30 minutes, and then we had to take the ferry to Pulau Payar, which is about 1 hour. So back and fro... You do the Math. 

Oh and by the way, I woke up the next day with terrible sore throat and a pretty bad cold. I drank so much water I had to pee so many times. My bladder is already very squirrel-like, and because I'm sick, my bladder became something-smaller-than-a-squirrel-like.

I felt like such a pro cuz my cousins all had trouble using the washroom in the ferry as it was shaking so hard and they felt really dizzy and almost had seasick (?) while I had NO PROBLEM AT ALL. Prolly because I used it way too many times HAHA.

So this is us before snorkeling. Look at our hair, so smooth and nice. Wait till you see the after..

So we arrived at Pulau Payar. After all the briefing and stuff, we jumped into the water! And oh my gosh, you know the thing about beaches, SO DARN MANY HOTTIES ON IT. Yin Huan and I were just scanning the whole beach for handsome/hot dudes. *creeps* 

There was a time, we both were like, "OH MY GOSH! THERE THERE! THAT ONE!" and my elder cousin brother was like,"什么?你们 zomok?" and my other cousin sis said, "你的表妹在看 lengzai,她们已经长大了..." HAHAHAHAHA

Ah Qin dared not use the snorkeling gadgets as she was having her OCD moments. 

"Yerr.. 都不知道多少个人咬过的咯..."

And we were there like, "Aiya 你用盐水洗 ma,够杀菌 liao 的 la..."

But then there was my uncle, who just had to kacau her and be all like, "是咯,不知道几多个人咬过的... 马来人华人印度人全部都有..." HAHAHAHAHA!

And if that's not enough, he went on, "大人老人小孩子全部啊.. 有病没有病你都不知道啊.." HAHAHAHAHAHA! 

I think it runs in the family. The hobby of kacau-ing people :D

This was my first time snorkeling and it was pretty fun. But I was sick! Which made it not as fun as it could have been but it was still okay. Because I'm out with my relatives! It's the people, I tell you :D

Around 12pm, we went up for lunch. Then we were all chitting and chatting.

My dad:"你们这里谁最大?阿俊是吗?"
阿俊:"没有啦,还有 Xin Jie lehh.."
My dad:"Ohhh Xin Jie 几年?"

Then we listed the year of births of all the kids from our generations. The eldest is 1984 then youngest was 1995 excluding the even younger ones. But no one was born in the year 1987 and 1994. 

And my dad was like, "Zomok '87年没有人的?" 

Then we were all like stunned and looked around and then looked back at him, 

Me: "这个是我们的问题 meh?是你们(上一代)的问题了ma.."
Cousin: "是咯,小舅,zomok '87 年没有的?"
Cousin: "是咯,'94年也是没有哦,zomok ah?"


Then the ones younger than us were born in 20XX.

Cousin:"Zomok 小姨的跟我们相差这么远的?"
My dad:"小姨跟我们本来就相差很远了咯.."


(I have to just write 'cousin' because I don't remember who said which line sorry lol)

Then after the chilling we went back to the water. We were all standing in a circle and talking and then someone just had to be like, "WAAHH!!!" and everyone else will, "ZOMOK ZOMOK?!" and back away from the circle. "我被鱼咬!" HAHAHAHA

Then my dad came to us and we were like, "小心,不要被鱼咬.." and he was like, "鱼会咬人的 meh?" then we stood there and talk and talk and suddenly my dad SHOUTED, "ARGHHHHH!!" which startled all of us and we all were like, "AHHH!!!!!" "ZOMOK!!!!" And he said, "哇!真的是被鱼咬哦!" HAHAHAHAHAH!

At around 2pm we went to shower and change. Not much of a shower because the whole island only has salt water. Actually, you're not even allowed to shower there because they have to preserve the island. Shampoos and shit will pollute the water. So yea, we "showered" with salt water which was actually no shower at all. 

Headed back to the jetty to wait for the speedboats to bring us back to the ferry. Then Yin Huan suggested we do this:

Selcaaaaaaa??? WHAT is a selca anyway?? LOL
Oh and see our hair! After snorkeling. Like so hardened and messy.

This was the first take. Turned out to be the best. We tried to take a few more but they were all not as nice as this. After a lot more takes, my dad suddenly walked away from us and walked up to this stranger and said, "Excuse me, can you help us take a picture?" "Oh sure." And then BAM!


Should've done this earlier. HAHAHA!

SUNBURNED after the snorkeling! First sunburn in my life. Fuuunnnn~~~ And then we slept our way back to the hotel again. Such a loooooong journey.

After dinner we went back to this room in the hotel for the gathering. Talked and ate and talked and ate and thank you speeches and stuff and took a lot of pictures!

3缺1! 美中不足。

Popo and Yipo

Our generation with uncle and family; cousin sis and cousin bro-in-law carrying their kids.

85 86 88 89 92 95 :D

Slept pretty early that night because flu got worse after I got back to my room. And can I just say, DAMN panadol is effective because I took one and I woke up the next day pretty much completely cured. The sore throat and flu, all gone. Wow.

Went to Eagle Square before we headed back to Kuala Perlis with the ferry.


Another long journey back to Perak. Laughed and talked a lot on the way home, but this other little cousin of mine is really cute.

We stopped at the rest area. And he came back into the bus and kept asking people, "你有踩到大便吗???" "臭咯!" with his high pitched voice. 

At night when we reached home, the adults went for dinner and da bao for us while we chill at home. I don't follow the On Call 36 HK drama series, but my cousins were watching so I watched as well. I guess we're the only ones who watched it and laughed so much. Watched it like it's a comedy. Seriously laughed a lot a lot, and I read Twitter everyone's like so sad and cried so much watching it which makes it even funnier for me. Sorry. Cousin moments. 

The next day, we went to Bagan Serai in the morning to visit more relatives. Damn I think I've spent too LESS time back in hometown this year. Not fun enough. >:( 

Then we went home. To KL. And I just felt so empty. I do not like that fact that I'm already spending my holidays lifelessly in KL when I should be back at my hometown spending more time and having more fun with my relatives. But then, there's also the fact that some of my cousins gotta go back to work, and some of them still have classes in Uni.. So.. Okaaaay. #sad 
It's like you can actually feel that the times we get to spend together is getting lesser and lesser. Then soon, some will maybe go overseas and come back only once every two years or somethin. Ughhh I'm gonna miss all the cousie moments so much. Nothing beats family. Nothing. 

Before we left Langkawi, my go cek gong wrote something, and asked Yin Huan to share it with the family:



Gotta love the fam. I love my fam!

Da EdN :D

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hi I'm doing random stuff to get my mind off things again.

200: My crush's name is: not crushing on anyone now
199: I was born in: 1995
198: I am really: not girly
197: My cellphone company is: sony ericsson. or is it just ericssion? or sony? lol
196: My eye color is: dark brown
195: My shoe size is: 8-ish?
194: My ring size is: I dont know...
193: My height is: 165 < X < 170
192: I am allergic to: dust
191: My 1st car was: a toy
190: My 1st job was: an assistant tuition teacher
189: Last book you read: waiting for sunrise
188: My bed is: super comfortable
187: My pet: fish. died.
186: My best friend: awesome
185: My favorite shampoo is: herbal essence
184: Xbox or ps3: xbox?
183: Piggy banks are: heavy
182: In my pockets: air
181: On my calendar: numbers
180: Marriage is: commitment
179: Spongebob can: make crabby patties
178: My mom: is taking a shower. i think.
177: The last three movies I bought were: none
176: Last YouTube video watched: the cello song - the piano guys
175: How many cousins do you have: > 10
174: Do you have any siblings: yes
173: Are your parents divorced: no
172: Are you taller than your mom: yes
171: Do you play an instrument: cello. kinda.
170: What did you do yesterday: had a great time with two of the few people I few completely comfortable with
[ I Believe In ]
169: Love at first sight: a little bit
168: Luck: yes
167: Fate: yes
166: Yourself: sometimes
165: Aliens: yes
164: Heaven: yes
163: Hell: yes
162: God: yes
161: Horoscopes: yes
160: Soul mates: yes
159: Ghosts: yes
158: Gay Marriage: yes
157: War: is all egoistic men's fault, no
156: Orbs: what?
155: Magic: yes
[ This or That ]
154: Hugs or Kisses: kisses
153: Drunk or High: high
152: Phone or Online: online
151: Red heads or Black haired: black haired
150: Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes
149: Hot or cold: hot
148: Summer or winter: here, it's summer all the time
147: Autumn or Spring: we have neither
146: Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
145: Night or Day: day
144: Oranges or Apples: apples
143: Curly or Straight hair: straight
142: McDonalds or Burger King: McD because coffee
141: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: Dark > Milk > White. White chocolate isn't really chocolate haha
140: Mac or PC: PC
139: Flip flops or high heels: flip flops
138: Ugly and rich OR beautiful and poor: no
137: Coke or Pepsi: I hate 'em both
136: Hillary or Obama: what?
135: Burried or cremated: donated for scientific purpose
134: Singing or Dancing: dancing
133: Coach or Chanel: I don't care
132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: who?
131: Small town or Big city: big city
130: Wal-Mart or Target: where?
129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: Ben Stiller
128: Manicure or Pedicure: manicure
127: East Coast or West Coast: malaysian east coast
126: Your Birthday or Christmas: christmas
125: Chocolate or Flowers: chocolate
124: Disney or Six Flags: disney
123: Yankees or Red Sox: what?
[ Here's What I Think About ]
122: War: stupid
121: George Bush: a guy
120: Gay Marriage: why not?
119: The presidential election: I'd rather not
118: Abortion: why?
117: MySpace: I don't care
116: Reality TV: I don't care
115: Parents: are trying their best
114: Back stabbers: have no balls
113: Ebay: never been on it
112: Facebook: stalking made easy
111: Work: responsibilities
110: My Neighbors: friendly folks
109: Gas Prices: ugh.
108: Designer Clothes: argh.
107: College: fuuunnnn
106: Sports: cool
105: My family: I love 'em
104: The future: is on the way
[ Last time I ]
103: Hugged someone: wow i don't remember
102: Last time you ate: like an hour ago
101: Saw someone I haven't seen in awhile: yesterday :)
100: Cried in front of someone: a long time ago
99: Went to a movie theater: 14 weeks ago
98: Took a vacation: 5 months ago
97: Swam in a pool: last year
96: Changed a diaper: a few years ago. it was just an attempt. a failed one. hahaha
95: Got my nails done: no thanks
94: Went to a wedding: a few years ago i dont remember
93: Broke a bone: never
92: Got a peircing: 7 years ago
91: Broke the law: never
90: Texted: a few hours ago
[ MISC ]
89: Who makes you laugh the most: Internet
88: Something I will really miss when I leave home is: my computer
87: The last movie I saw: She's The Man
86: The thing that I'm looking forward to the most: The end of my AS exam
85: The thing im not looking forward to: starting of A2 syllabus
84: People call me: by my name
83: The most difficult thing to do is: > 2 pirouettes
82: I have gotten a speeding ticket: never
81: My zodiac sign is: taurus
80: The first person i talked to today was: Himin
79: First time you had a crush: 13
78: The one person who i can't hide things from: one of my closest cousins ever
77: Last time someone said something you were thinking: just now.
76: Right now I am talking to: my brain
75: What are you going to do when you grow up: be happy
74: I have/will get a job: not now
73: Tomorrow: I'll have nothing to do
72: Today: spent with Himin
71: Next Summer: here, it's summer everyday
70: Next Weekend: birthday celebration with my cousin :)
69: I have these pets: they died.
68: The worst sound in the world: construction sites working sound and noise
67: The person that makes me cry the most is: pfffffft.
66: People that make you happy: my family and friends
65: Last time I cried: that time when I watched MIB 3 on TV and towards the end......... ):
64: My friends are: crazy and loud and fun
63: My computer is: on
62: My School: there
61: My Car: outside
60: I lose all respect for people who: are ridiculously unreasonable
59: The movie I cried at was: MIB 3
58: Your hair color is: I dyed it brown, but the roots are growing
57: TV shows you watch: How I Met Your Mother, Victorious, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, Avatar: The Last Airbender..... Cartoons count, right?
56: Favorite web site: tumblr
55: Your dream vacation: some fantasy thingy... no i will not tell you
54: The worst pain I was ever in was: my wisdom tooth growing
53: How do you like your steak cooked: I don't want it
52: My room is: my space
51: My favorite celebrity is: emma stone
50: Where would you like to be: you mean right now? here's good. lol.
49: Do you want children: maybe
48: Ever been in love: shut up
47: Who's your best friend: Shelley
46: More guy friends or girl friends: girl
45: One thing that makes you feel great is: successfully doing a double pirouette hahaha
44: One person that you wish you could see right now: my cousin yinhuan
43: Do you have a 5 year plan: no
42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die: no... should I have one?
41: Have you pre-named your children: maybe
40: Last person I got mad at: it's either my brother or my mom.. hahaha
39: I would like to move to: singapore
38: I wish I was a professional: dancer
[ My Favorites ]
37: Candy: can I not?
36: Vehicle: car
35: President: I don't know..
34: State visited: singapore
33: Cellphone provider: nokia
32: Athlete: Kobe Bryant's pretty cool
31: Actor: There's a few, but I really like to watch Channing Tatum in action.
30: Actress: Emma Stone, Mila Kunis
29: Singer: Justin Timberlake
28: Band: Maroon 5
27: Clothing store: Iora
26: Grocery store: Coldstorage
25: TV show: How I Met Your Mother
24: Movie: I don't know.. There's so many...
23: Website: tumblr
22: Animal: Eagle
21: Theme park: I havent been to a lot of theme parks so.
20: Holiday: Chinese New Year
19: Sport to watch: The Olympic Sports hahaha
18: Sport to play: I suck at each and everyone of it but badminton's fun
17: Magazine: I don't.
16: Book: If You Could See Me Now - Cecilia Ahern
15: Day of the week: Friday and Saturday
14: Beach: Phuket
13: Concert attended: Maroon 5
12: Thing to cook: I can't cook. Sorry.
11: Food: Ice-cream for now
10: Restaurant: wow I've never thought of this
9: Radio station: Lite fm?
8: Yankee candle scent: huh?
7: Perfume: those that smell decent lol
6: Flower: Never really gave any thought on flowers... But I think I'll give it to rose now.
5: Color: blue. pink. black. grey.
4: Talk show host: dk.
3: Comedian: russell peters
2: Dog breed: Husky, German Shepherd.. But I'll just admire them for afar thank you very much.
1: did you answer all these truthfully? Too truthfully.

Sunday, 29 September 2013


I mean the weather.

Seriously guys, you all have to agree with me on this one. I even sat in my room with only my undergarments this afternoon. The heat is unbearable! I'm supposed to be preparing for my upcoming exam, but omggggggggg. Temperature can affect my mood really easily. High temperature can cause anger and major impatience. LOL.

So anyway, I needed something to do, and I found these on Facebook, so obviously I'm not gonna tag anybody. #haha


Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... Nothing is to be made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Tag 20 other people when you finish!

1. What is your name: Wei Shan

2. A Four Letter Word: Weed? LOL

3. A boy's name:William Shakespeare

4. A girl's name:Wynona Ryder

5. An occupation:Waiter

6. The name of a colour: White

7. Something you'll wear: Wonder bra??? HAHAHAHA

8. A type of food: Waffles

9. Something found in the bathroom: Water

10. A place: Winchester

11. A reason for being late: Weather. LOL

12. Something you'd shout: WOI!

13. A movie tittle: When in Rome

14. Something you drink: Wine

15. A musical band/group/personal: Whitney Houston

16. An animal: Whale

17. A street name: Wabash Avenue (I Googled this I don't even know where this is XD)

18. A type of car: Wiesmann

19. The title of a song: We've got tonight


NAME : Wei Shan

BIRTHDATE: 1995 May 16th


Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.


1. last beverage = water

2. last phone call = my mom

3. last text message = does Whatsapp count? If it does, then it's Yue Shin and Khai Ching cuz it's a group.

4. last song you listened to = 1973 - James Blunt

5. last time you cried = Yesterday. During my ballet class. I felt like someone punched me really hard in the guts halfway dancing, and I felt really sick and felt like throwing up, and secretly I teared a little bit in class but my face was in my hands and I was sweating a lot so it's not noticeable. ^^v


6. dated someone twice = nope

7. been cheated on = nope

8. kissed someone and regretted it = nope

9. lost someone special = yea i guess so.

11. been drunk and threw up = been drunk, yes. threw up, yes. been drunk and threw up, no.


12. blue

13. pink

14. grey


15. Made a new friend = yea I guess...

16. Fallen out of love = noooo

17. Laughed until you cried = yea last year was one of the happiest years ever thus far

18. Met someone who changed you = not sure...

19. Found out who your true friends were = definitely.

20. Found out someone was talking about you = hahahahhaha yeaaa.. inevitable since that something happened. but that thing is also how I found out who my true friends were.

21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list = hahahhahaa yea XD Ah En, if you're reading this, remember? HAHAHAHA


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = I know who they are, or I know them personally. Cuz I don't really add/approve people I don't know or have never seen before in my life. lol.

24. Do you have any pets = nooo

25. Do you want to change your name = nooooo

26. What did you do for your last birthday = click here:)

27. What time did you wake up today = 8am +

28. What were you doing at midnight last night = sleeping

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = YEAR END HOLIDAY!!!!! FAMILY FUN TIME :D :D :D

30. Last time you saw your Mother = I just looked at her.

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = Nothing.

32. What are you listening to right now = Comptine d'Un Autre Ete - Yann Tiersen

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? = Yea hahaha. But not Felton tho, what a shame :/

34. What's getting on your nerves right now = THE HEAT.

35. Most visited webpage = Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and another magical website.

37. Nickname = Only my family members know hahaha. I'm not saying.

38. Relationship Status = single as fuck hahahahah

39. Zodiac sign = Taurus

40. He or She = she

41. Elementary = SJK (C) Yoke Nam

42. High School = SMK Sri Sentosa

43. College = INTI Subang

44. Hair color = brown

45. Long or short = long

46. Height =165 < x < 170

47. Do you have a crush on someone? = hahahhahahaa WHY WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?! yes.

48. What do you like about yourself? =  I guessss is that I can be crazy when having fun; and serious in times of needs. I guess.

49. Piercings = 2

50. Tattoos = nope

51. Righty or lefty= righty


52. First surgery= no surgeries attempted

53. First piercing = 11 y.o

54. First best friend = Jaclyn Wong :D

55. First sport you joined = swimming

56. First vacation = I have no idea

58. First pair of trainers = I don't know.


59. Eating = nothing

60. Drinking = water

61. I'm about to = go get ready for bed hahaha

62. Listening to = (You Drive Me) Crazy/Crazy - GLEE Marley and Jake :D

63. Waiting for = bed time hahaha


64. Want kids? = yeaaa hahaha

65. Get Married? = yesss


67. Lips or eyes = EYES

68. Hugs or kisses = kisses haha

69. Shorter or taller = taller

70. Older or Younger = older/same age

71. Romantic or spontaneous = romanneous hahaha

72. Nice stomach or nice arms = OMG BOTH! HAHAHAHA

73. Sensitive or loud = half half haha

74. Hook-up or relationship = relationship?

75. Trouble maker or hesitant = what? lol


76. Kissed a stranger = nooooo.. it'd be fun tho. if the stranger is hot. HAHAHAHAHA

77. Drank hard liquor = YESSSS

78. Lost glasses/contacts = I lost one side of my contacts before. SO FRUSTRATING hahahaha

79. Sex on first date = noooooo

80. Broke someone's heart = whyyyyyy you like to do this...

81. Had your own heart broken = yup.

82. Been arrested = noooo

83. Turned someone down = no one really came up. HAHAHAHA

84. Cried when someone died = yes

85. Fallen for a friend = yes


86. Yourself = It depends on what I'm doing.

87. Miracles = Yes

88. Love at first sight = come ask me this question personally.

89. Heaven = yes

90. Santa Claus = funny how I just asked Yue Shin question number 88 that day, and then we talked about question 90 also. but I think the answer has gotta be no, I do not believe it. haha

91. Kiss on the first date = yea

92. Angels = yes.

人人常说认真的男人最帅,可是他们没有告诉我们,本来已经很帅了的男人认真的时候真的是帅到让人看了有点缺氧的感觉! Hahahahaha!

K bye!

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

You're also the reason why I smile so brightly out of a sudden that everyone have to smile, too, when they see me. And when they ask, "What?", with a happy face, I just smile brighter and say, "Just thought of something my friend said."

You can make me so happy.

But you know what they say about the people who can make you really happy? They can make you really sad, too.

That's you.

Always so temperamental. I will never know what's on your mind, what are your intentions. I wish I knew. I hope I can stop letting you make me feel like crap. When I think of you, I want to feel happy. I want to only remember the happy memories, because for some reasons, recently, I feel that the happiness we had together were the only true happiness.

Maybe because it was so long ago. Right where we left it, it was beautiful. Everything was perfectly well. It's like thinking of you is the only sanctuary I can get in this life that I have now. By thinking of you, all the sadness, anger, disappointment, all of it, will be wiped out completely. Just like that.

The perfect smile on your face. The beautiful bright twinkling eyes of yours. The sweet sound of your voice. The soft skin of your hand. Breathtaking was when you look at me.

Everything was perfectly wonderful right where we left it. I had you. Even though it was all just memories in my own head, even though it was just me in my own world, I had you.

But then you came along. And then I felt you slipping through my fingers. Even the memory of you.

Monday, 29 July 2013

We're going cowboy tonight!

Howdy, folks!

Ya know what, I accidentally deleted a lot of the photos that were sent to my phone after I transferred them to the other device. I totally forgotten that I wanted to blog. It's habit to delete them since I don't have the habit to blog anymore. So... These are the only ones left!

So, in the morning, I went to Shamelin with Yen Lu first because she wanted to get some stuff from the headquarters. One of the stuff was a T-shirt for the absentee. So she called the dude,

“我想问你,你的衣服要穿什么 size 的?”
“Err... S 咯...”

After she hung up, she said,

“S 啊? 那个人男的还是女的?”
“男的拿 S 啊?!”
“他都不是很清楚自己要什么 size,我打电话问下人那个人应该穿什么 size 先...可是他讲到自己可以拿 S,应该是很瘦的咯...”

“Hello,eh 我问你,那个 XXX 衣服要穿什么 size?”
“Errr... L 咯...”

I swear, our eyes, Yen Lu's and mine, almost popped out of the sockets and my mouth almost touched the ground. It's like, omgggggg, S and L very very big difference don't cha think?

In the afternoon, we went to Vivatel for rehearsals and practice. Soo Ping and I came up with the ending pose only on that day itself. Wait till you read about what happens later.

We danced to the songs "Cowboy Very Busy" (direct translate from a Chinese song), "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" and "5,6,7,8" for Man Long, Soo Ping and I. For the Cowboy Very Busy, the steps Yen Lu came up with/referred to and decided to include, seriously make us look like we're very busy. Non-stop jumping and running and hopping and jumping and jumping and jumping and did I mention jumping? Ahhhhhhhhhh I haven't sweat like that in a long time and I love it. Plus it's from dancing so I love it more! Hahahaha!

After practicing, Soo Ping and I attempted to do some simple stunts. The stunts are simple, but not sure if it's because we haven't been doing this in a long time or we weren't serious enough that day, OH HOW WE FAILED in every attempt to do shoulder sit, with or without back spot. After times of trying and trying and trying, we succeeded ONCE. HAHAHAHA!

Then everyone went changing into their performance outfit and we took some time to camwhore of course.

“这张照片如果你站我后面一点 hor,就很像你在 za 我 bo 了....”


I look like a fish and they look retarded HAHAHAHAHA!

Then we went to change into our outfits and do our hair and stuff (get ready). It's been SO LONG since I last put on contact lenses, I wasn't even sure if I still remember how. LOL. But I still have the skills. Hey, it's a big deal to put on contact lenses, okay? For me. Because I have small eyes. It's hard. HAHAHAHA!

Gossiped a little in the washroom with Soo Ping and Yen Lu. Talked about stuff that are COMPLETELY non of our business. Hahahaha! 

  Side French braid by Soo Ping :)
My hair is weird.

Before the performance :)

Hi, I'm adorable! HAHAHAHAHA

Bet you:
1)Didn't think that I could look so adorable
2) Have never seen me in makeup

It's been so long since my last performance on stage. I love the feeling of being on stage; the feeling when the spotlight hits me; the feeling of performing. BUT THE ONLY THING I DON'T LIKE, IS THAT I HAVE TO WEAR CONTACT LENSES AND PUT ON MAKEUP ESPECIALLY EYELINER. WHY? BECAUSE I CAN'T SCRATCH MY EYES WHEN THEY ITCH! HAHAHAHAHA! And I also don't like to put lipstick. It's so uncomfortable.

We're so sweet and we love each other so much :D HAHAHAHA

For the warm up exercise, we led the crowd and did the Chicken Dance. HAHAHAHA! Such a funny dance. We're such bright and cheerful kids :D

 HOWDY-DOO from us! :)
 Fortunately Tomato didn't do our makeup AFTER she drink those two bottle of alcohol......... LOL

OH YEA we're going high tonight! 

OKAY. SO. We did our first performance wonderfully, I should say. Then during "5,6,7,8", because we didn't have the time to practice the dance, and we've only watched the video once or twice, we're not very familiar with it. We know what steps are included in the dance, but we don't know which comes after which and we don't even really know the song, so, it's sad to say, that we danced wrongly, A LOT. Sigh. That's not the worst part. The next performance was the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go + Cowboy Very Busy. The ending pose that Soo Ping and I decided to do involves her jumping onto my arms and me carrying her. But at the end of the song, I COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT!!!! And when she jumped, I caught her but I couldn't stand still because I wasn't ready and I fell on the ground, and I dropped Soo Ping!!!! So we both fell on stage. LOOOOOOOL. Yea, it's funny now. But I cried after that because I feel like I'm the disappointment of the group performance. 

Then while I was crying, of course I ignored everyone who tried to talk to me. Man Long came and talk to me and I kept crying, then after a while I just covered my face and stood there. Man Long was like, "Wei Shannn~~~~~" beside me and I ignored him. And suddenly he said, “你睡着了是吗?” THEN I LOL-ED!!! Because while I was standing there with my face buried in my hands, I actually felt like falling asleep. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Our own little after-party:

Can you blow my whistle baby whistle baby LET ME KNOW. GIRL, I'm gonna show you how to do it and we'll start real slow. You just put your hands together and you come real close, can you blow my whistle baby whistle baby HERE WE GO!

And then we can't whistle. HAHAHAHA!

IT WAS FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!! Except it wasn't on Friday.



Not even sure if this is a compliment or not.

Hasta luego!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I hate this feeling that I'm feeling right now
Feeling like I don't want to care anymore
I really hate this
I really hate myself for feeling this
Because even if I said I don't want to care anymore
I know it in my heart
That if I hear about it
If I found out about it in whatever way possible
If I sensed that something is wrong
If I knew
And no matter what state that I'm in or I say that I'm in
Fed up
As long as I know that you need me
Or even if you don't need me
As long as it has to do with you
I will still be worried
I will still ask about you
As long as I'm still here
I will always care.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Thursday, 20 June 2013


I've been searching for the feeling again. The feeling to love you. And you. And all of you. But I don't know why I just can't find it anymore. I can't feel it anymore. I don't feel the love, I don't feel the warmth, no sparks, not tacit anymore, nothing. Maybe it's just time to be honest, time to be true, time to wake up and face the reality. It's so obvious. To me, at least. I don't even know if I'm the only person who noticed all of this or does everyone see it but just wants to keep quiet, or they just simply doesn't give much of a damn anymore. I saw it. For quite some time. Just, letting it slide and pretending and hoping that it will get better again, soon. But it's so obvious, and I hate it. I'm so tired of pretending. I don't want this anymore. I'm done. I'm out of this.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

To Remember.


K I'll just tell you this straight, I JUST TURNED 18! *applause* *cheers* *congratulations* *thank you speech*

I feel older already. When did it happen? (2 days ago) How did it happen? (You know, growth, puberty... Cells and stuff..) It feels like it was just yesterday when I first set foot into high school. I solemnly swear that I will use this age legality wisely, and not use it as a reason or excuse to do stupid things.

So anyway, I'm not really the kind of person who pays attention to my own birthday. I don't look forward to it, I don't get excited about it or anything. Birthdays are always just like every other normal days to me. I think this is because before this, my birthday is always near the exam season or DURING the exam season. Ain't nobody got time to waste or put any effort into any other thing other than exams.

But this year, I got excited because, well, I was turning 18! Adult oledi, maaaannn... LOL. (Don't you feel that the fact that I said it in that way, it proves that I am still very not-adult? hahahaha) I would never have to carry the fear of the cinema staff coming after me to ask for identification to prove that I'm 18 if I went to watch a 18 movie. Hahaha! And also I'm excited about something else that I will not say here. These two are pretty much the reasons why I was excited.

On my birthday, in the morning, I did the usual thing which was check whatsapp and stuff. I'm so happy that my family-like-friends all wished me at 12am :') It takes very little to make me feel loved. Hahaha! Appreciate all of their wishes a lot. But I slept that time, I even missed a phone call from Yin Huan. To be honest, actually I saw her called, I just silent it because I was half asleep. Hahahaha!

After Chemistry class, Yue Shin went toilet right away and Kar Yan said she wanted to go to the library, typical Kar Yan. Then Khai Ching asked me where was I going, she had no where to go because Yue Shin had club meeting and Kar Yan wants to study and do her stuff in the library (her second home). I didn't even realize Yue Shin was gone with her bag and books XD I thought she was still in the toilet. HAHAHA! So I asked Khai Ching to follow me to meet Amanda because she said she wanted to give me something. She agreed. But when we reached the lift, Khai Ching said, "You go ahead, I'll go find Kar Yan in the library." I was like, "Okay, kewl."

I will always like Amanda's gifts. So simple and ingenious and creative hahahaha! She even gave me a big fat juicy hug which I loved so much. So happy to get gifts and wishes from her :D

"Later you come L6 R108, Kar Yan don't want layan me... ): "

Khai Ching texted me.

Amanda went back for classes and I went to find Khai Ching, with the gift from Amanda in my hand :)

I saw Khai Ching alone in the classroom, and when I went in, Yue Shin and Kar Yan jumped out of nowhere and sang "Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~" which scared me a bit because, well, they just popped out of nowhere! And then I just burst out laughing because on the table, were 4 muffins with two big candles and two small candles and a candle with a paper with the "-" sign on it. So it became "20-2". LOL!

"你们 plan 这样的东西 hor,等下万一进来的人不是我怎样?"
"我们有想过! 可是就讲,当然是看到 Wei Shan 进来才唱 ma..."

And then Yue Shin admitted,"刚才我们跳出来唱歌的时候是应该要站起来的,可是我一下子忘记站起来,所以我就蹲在那边唱..."


Before I blow out the candles, we took pictures.

"等等等! 多一张多一张!"
"快点啦! 那个火要烧到那张纸 liao!"


Some of my other classmates wished me as well. I was surprised that they even know, power of Facebook, I assume. But I really appreciate them anyway :D

I was really happy :)

At night, I wanted to study Bio. But then mom brought me out to have Baskin Robin ice-cream. How can I refuse? Hahaha! After enjoying and went home, it was already almost 9pm. I thanked everyone on Facebook for the wishes and caught up with a few old classmates. When I REALLY wanted to start studying, Zi Hao asked if I wanted to go out yumcha. And then I agreed. LOL! Then we called Shelley as well because we were at the placed near her house.

Zihao was like, "是这样的,朋友 leh,就是知道你要考试了,就会叫你 ‘读书啦,不要出去啦,考完了再出啦’,好朋友 leh, 就是知道你要考试了还跟你讲,‘出来 yumcha 啦,读什么书啦...’ " HAHAHAHAHA!

The 3 of us sat and chatted for a while. All sharing our new college life stories and just.. Stories. It was nice. It was funny and fun. Hahaa :D

OH OH! And the Lulu station people also celebrated mine and Zihao's birthday in advance :D
This bunch of friends may just be my LOUDEST bunch of friends ever. Talk, laugh, do everything very loudly. Hahaha!

Zihao kept disappearing that day, and then Shelley said something about, "其实 Zihao 是这里的厨来的..."


Then he came back after finishing a phone call, and Yen Lu told him about the "chu" thing. Then after a while he disappeared again.

"Zihao 又跑去哪里?"
"他做 part time 的,要去做橱了.."


Then Yen Lu presented us with our birthday gifts. She took two paper bags out and said, "你们一人选一个.."

Then Soo Ping and Man Long LOL-ed! Because I was right. LOL! #knowthemtoowell

After dinner and the delicious cake, we all headed back to Lulu station with my car. 7 people squeeze one car. Still okay, you might say, but we're 7 not-skinny people who just finished dinner, which makes it not-so-okay, don't you think? Hahaha!

We are 抬头族, so we cannot see Shelley. HAHAHAHA! 

"Shelley 没有来 meh?" *抬头*
"Eh 你们没有叫 Shelley 啊?" *抬头*
"Eh Shelley leh?" *抬头*


There came a point, where I had to go up this hill and there's a bumper, so I made them get out of my car and walk up the hill. HAHAHAHA! They were all going out and I said, "Eh 你们不用全部下的.." And then Wei Li and Zi Hao remain seated in the car. This proves who's what and who's what. Hahaha! 

It was fun. It's been so long since we chilled in Lulu station :D

The next day, I met up with them: 


So there we have it. I appreciate every blessing and every little thing my family and friends did for me. They made me feel very loved and that... I matter? Even a simple Facebook comment or a simple text message or whatsapp message or tweet will make my day :) 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I've never felt so happy on a birthday before. But thank God for the family and friends, I feel like I've really tasted the happiness that little and simple things can bring. I've realized what matters in my life and what doesn't; what plays a big part in my life and what doesn't. I gotta appreciate now, appreciate the little things, appreciate the people I love and the people who love me :)

Even though I was a teency weency bit disappointed because of you, because I had hope, and disappointment is what that's directly proportional to hope, but I know now, I don't need it, I don't need you to play that significant part in my life. The disappointment is completely covered up by love, joy and happiness :)

But of course, I must still say, having you playing that significant part in my life could be pretty awesome. *winks*

I'm a happy girl! :D

Da EdN :D

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Last night, I had a dream about you.
In this dream, I'm dancing right beside you. 
And it looked, like everyone was having fun.
The kind of feeling, I've waited so long.

Don't stop, come a little closer.
As we jam, the rhythm gets stronger.
There's nothing wrong, with just a little, little fun.
We were dancing, all night long.

The time is right, to put my arms around you. 
You feeling right, you wrap your arms around too.
But suddenly, I feel the shinning sun.
Before I know it, this dream was all gone.

Oh, I don't know what to do.
About this dream and you.
I wish this dream comes true.

Digital Love - Daft Punk.

I think you're amazing :)

&& excited about Daft Punk's new album!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

together again

Y to the O to the Y-O! YO YO! (wtf.)

Last Friday night, we went out to celebrate Zhan Hang's birthday.

A lot of funny things happened, we laughed a lot, but it's so hard to put everything in words, but still I'll try. LOL.

We were supposed to meet at 6pm, but I know they won't be punctual, so I left home at 6pm XD! When I reached, it was only 6:15pm. Man Long was the only one there. Then there's me. So 15 minutes after the time we're supposed to meet, only 20% of the people showed up. Then the two of us just sat there and talked until about almost 7pm, then Shelley came, then after a little while more our same-faced friends and Zhan Hang came. Then Pooi Yen, then Chi Hoe.

Chi Hoe was the latest to arrive (excluding Zen Wai), but for some reasons, every time he arrives the latest and orders the last, his meal always comes before the ones who ordered before him. #bushuang

I forgot who said to Zhan Hang, "Oh, 我们今年真的是没有买到 cake." Which was funny, because last year, when we went out to celebrate Zhan Hang's birthday, they bought the cake and was planning to surprise him with it. We went to the restaurant and asked the waiter to put it in the fridge. But then we decided to go somewhere else to eat, before we leave, Zhan Hang asked us, "你们不要拿 cake 啊?" LOL. Operation surprise Zhan Hang with the cake = failed. What's even funnier was that Man Long and I didn't hear him ask that question, so we didn't know that he knew. So when the cake was passed to my hands, I was hiding the cake from him because Man Long said, "不要给 Zhan Hang 看到." LOL! Then after hiding it for a while only they said, "你们躲什么?他都知道了..." LOL!!

Shelley brought her camera and showed us the stupid and random videos we took when we were form 5. Shelley, Hui and I watched first, and we kept laughing. En from afar said, "Wei, 快点给我看啦,不是要给我看的 meh?你们一直笑我又不知道你们在笑什么.." And I was like, "Tsk, 等啦!" And then slowly they all started to laugh until very high level. LOL! I was like, "Zomok? 很好笑 meh?" But yea, they were laughing quite hard, and till now I still wonder why XD

There was this part, where I was saying Zhan Hang is officially 18, so he's an adult now.

"他是大人了,还有 Man Long,我们还是小孩子罢了.."

Then Pooi Yen stretched her neck out and said, "我大了."

Then we LOL-ed. And Chi Hoe asked, "哪里?"

Then we (LOL-ed)x2. HAHAHA!

Forever 笑点低.

"Ah Hui 很凶 eh.."
"Zomok leh?"
"哪里有?我只是讲 ‘我讲他没有在睡觉!’ ”

She acted out how she said it, and we all 被吓到全部静静没有出声 HAHAHAHA!

Zen Wai came when we all finished our meals LOL! 上班族....

Zhan Hang and Ah Hui went to Kuchai for a while. That was the perfect time for us to buy the cake, because we didn't buy it before we came. Among us who were left there after Zakaria and Fatimah (LOL) has left, Zen Wai was the only one with the car. Si said she'll drive, and I said I want to go with her. So we went. Zen Wai and Chi Hoe followed us too.

"我不要踩油啊,我踩 brake 罢了..."
The pressure of driving somebody else' car.... I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND. LOL.

Then we went back with the cake.

"Wei Shan, 来."
And then Pooi Yen and Shelley told me how Ah En was trying to become Pooi Yen, and was trying to snatch Pooi Yen's Yong Hwa. Hahahahaha!

Like last year, we decided to sing "月亮代表我的心" instead of "Happy Birthday" XD We kept saying, "Eh, 一起啊." "开始啊.." "1, 2, 3." But Chi Hoe and Zen Wai were like, "Har? 什么?" "我不会歌词啊!" Hahahahaha!

Halfway through the song, we all burst out laughing. But the show must go on, so we sang while laughing. XD

Zhan Hang cut the square cake like how we cut a round cake. Seriously made me laugh like crap. "Cake 是酱子切的 ma..." LOL. We ate almost half the cake, and there was still a lot left. Zhan Hang was playing with the candle and he put it back onto the cake. And I forgot who said, "Eh Zen Wai 生日 Zen Wai 生日!" (His birthday was earlier but close) Then they lighted the candle on the cake left and we sang Happy Birthday to Zen Wai and presented him with the half of the whole cake left.

"你们就省 lo..." Zen Wai said, and we laughed until very high level again.

Last year when we were out to celebrate Zhan Hang's birthday, we went to this steamboat place. We ate everything without realizing we left a plate of tofu behind. But our plates, the soup and everything were cleared so we were like, "Aiya 不用紧啦一盘豆腐.." So we left it there. After singing 月亮代表我的心 to Zhan Hang, and ate the cake and everything, don't know who put the candles on the plate of tofu, and lighted the candles. LOL. "谁生日?" "Neh Zen Wai!" So we sang Happy Birthday to him and presented him the plate of tofu XDDD!
(The tofu tasted alright when eaten alone. It's just like dao fu fa. Yes I ate it. Only a piece LOL)

Then we asked Zen Wai to blow out the candle from far. He did it at first try and we were all like, "Woooowwww..." and applauded hahahaha! Then Si wanted to try, then En, then Hui and then pretty much everyone because we were just kacau-ing around. LOL.

When Si tried to blow it out, she took a deep breath, and burst out laughing. Hahahahaha!

Then we went to Baskin Robin. Chilled (almost froze because of how cold it was in BR) and gossiped about something for a while.

We don't have a complete group picture because in the first pic, Man Long went home early and in the second, Zakaria and Fatimah went Kuchai and haven't came back and Man Long was leaving.

We are soooooooooooo troublesome XD


Tada! :D

"Sometimes friends are family too." :)

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

I could hear the chitchat, take me to your love shack

Honestly, I just don't feel like studying this chapter for Bio - Energy & Ecosystem. So I think I'll be sharing these funny conversations between me and my family and friends. Mostly family because I've recently went back to kampung for ching ming and I spent more time with my family and cousins.

Last Friday on the way back to kampung with my dad, in the car:

"Oh shit! Shit liao la.."
"Aiya 不用紧啦牙刷罢了 ma,7 Eleven 就有得买了,不是忘记带内衣内裤就可以了..."

And there I was thinking, truedat. But then after a few seconds, I said,



I told my college friends and Yue Shin said, "翻来翻去最多也不是只可以穿两天!第三天还有哪一面?" LOL!

Reached hometown,
Min and Wen together: "牙刷,内衣,内裤."
"WALAO ZOMOK 你们这样厉害?!?! 你们怎样知道的?!"


At night before we went to sleep, my dad came in to our room and asked me,

"她应该不能这样早醒." Ching Yee jiejie said.


"Zomok 你爸爸要这么早去?" Ah Wen asked.
"他讲他喜欢早晨的天气,环境那些..." I said.
"他这样早去,就会有很多看着他咯,看着他,然后问,‘这个人这样早来 zomok?’... "
*stares at her*


Saturday morning during ching ming, we were all getting ready to go out, then Ching Yee jiejie applied some perfume.

"ZOMOK 你去扫墓都要喷香水?!?!?!!!?"


Then at the cemetery, we wanted to buy drinks, but we didn't have any money with us, so we had to ask from the adults.

Ah Wen went up to her dad and said, "爸,你有散钱吗?"

And then my uncle, which is her dad, stood up, searched in his pocket, and handed Ah Wen 20 cents. Hahahahahaha!

In the afternoon, we went for Tutti Frutti.

Ching Yee jiejie was taking a picture of her frozen yogurt, and she said aloud, "一,二,三" and took the picture.

"Zomok 你跟你的电话讲一二三?"


Friday during Malaysian Studies.........
(Class starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm, we're considering leaving at 3pm because we weren't really doing anything in class and we felt like eating and Yue Shin wanted to eat fried chicken.)

"我们没有 ponteng 过他的课 leh, 不会觉得很坏 meh?"
"你要跟老师讲什么?! '老师,我们要去吃鸡.' 啊?!"


Then we left without saying anything. #ponteng

We felt bad right after we stepped out of the lecture hall.

I went to the washroom. When I came out,

"我觉得我们很坏 leh... 老师很惨咯,全部人 ponteng 他的课,酱就走掉了..."
"Neh, 刚刚 Khai Ching 讲我们现在回去还来得及,然后跟老师讲,‘老师,对不起,我们本来要 ponteng 的,可是我们知错了所以我们回来..."


No, we went to eat chicken anyway.




Yesterday I went to Chinese orchestra practice. I was 30 minutes late for practice because I was playing Mandora and couldn't stop. I played for about an hour. LOL!

So anyway, I went for practice. Coach was busy teaching the new students, so we seniors just practiced on our own. #disciplined
Practice was 1-4pm, but we practiced on our own until 3pm! We were so neglected by coach, felt so 失宠 XD! But after a while, when we got really bored on practicing on our own and not playing it together, we started chatting and talking about random things and laughing and messing around with our instruments.

What we did, I really don't know how to tell it in words XD

Pei Yii even said, "我们华乐团很难找到一个正常的人." TRUE STORY.

At about 3pm, coach came to us and said, "我多一下过来。"
But then he came to us only at about 3:30pm! LOL Once he came, we were all just staring at him

"现在三点半了 leh..."


"老师啊 zomok 你要等 Jia Wei 回了你才来叫我们合奏 ?"
"Jia Wei?"
"Walao, 可能 Jia Wei 有来他都不知道咯!"


*Starts to play*

"停! 你拉! (二胡)"


Can you imagine? The coach said this. So loudly! We laughed so hard and so loud our stomachs all hurt. I'm so glad we're like friends with our coach :)

华乐 makes me happy, my family makes me happy :)

I miss my friends tho. The bunch of friends who are like my family. 菜都一起去买过了 XD

I always tell my 3 close college friends about them, I have so much to tell, so many funny experiences to tell, which makes me talk a lot.

"你们讲话啦,zomok 只是我在讲?"

Conclusion: 有你们,我的中学生活才会显得特别有乐趣 :)


I keep using and reusing the same pictures of us over and over again! We don't have enough pictures together guyssssss!!! >:(

K back to Energy & Ecosystem! 

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

plain old me

I'm relaxin' a lil' bit today ;)


1. What is your favourite primary colour? "blue" is the first colour that came to my mind
2. What is your favourite secondary colour? green
3. What is your favourite tertiary colour? pink
4. What is your favourite pattern? Dune Ripple
5. What is your least favourite pattern? -
6. What primary colour do you dislike the most? -
7. What secondary colour do you dislike the most? -
8. Do you consider Black, White and Grey colours? black


1. What is your hair colour?: light brown getting lighter
2. Have you ever coloured your hair?: yup, that's why it's brown and getting lighter lol
3. What is your hair length?: Mid back length
4. What is your eye colour?: dark brown
5. What size eyes do you have?: What? Hahaha! Medium
6. Small, medium or large nose?: Medium
7. Thin, medium or thick lips?: Medium
8. What colour is your skin?: #E4B98E
9. Do you have severe acne?: Nope
10. Do you pluck, shave or draw on your eye brows?: Ain't nobody got time fer' that.
11. Do you wear make up every day?: Ain't nobody got time fer' that too.
12. Are you short, medium or very tall?: 165cm< X < 170cm
13. Are you bony, thin, average, chubby, overweight or obese?: averageee, I guess?
14. What is your shoe size?: 8 sometimes 9
15. Do you have your ears pierced?: Yes~
16. Are your teeth straight?: No~
17. Do you or have you had braces?: No~
18. What would you label your type of clothing style?: casual


1. Name: Wei Shan
2. Birth year: 1995
3. Gender: Female
4. Home town: -Classified-
5. Current home town: -Classified-
6. What country do you live in: Malaysia
7. What languages do you speak: English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese


1. What is your favourite comedy film? White Chicks
2. What is your favourite horror film? SAW
3. What is your favourite romance film? Moulin Rouge!
4. What is your favourite action film? RED
5. What is your favourite cartoon film? Mulan
6. What is your favourite Sci-Fi film? I Am Number Four
7. What is your favourite film series? Harry Potter
8. What is your favourite overall film? -


1. What is your favourite comedy show? How I Met Your Mother
2. What is your favourite drama show? -
3. What is your favourite fiction show? -
4. What is your Favorited cartoon/Disney show? Phineas and Ferb
5. Which show that has been cancelled do you wish would come back on? Whose Line Is It Anyway?


1. What is your favourite top 40 song? Creep
2. What is your favourite rock/alternative/punk song? Wake Me Up When September Ends
3. What is your favourite R & B/Rap song?
4. What is your favourite techno song? Daft Punk songs
5. What is your favourite remix/parody song? there's this Malay version of "Telephone"...
6. Who is your favourite band? Maroon 5
7. Who is your least favourite band? I like the bands I know.
8. Who is your favourite solo singer? Christina Aguilera
9. Who is your least favourite solo singer? lol, you don't wanna know.
10. Who is your favourite band/solo singer from the 60s/70s/80s? Queen

Damn it you can't make me choose a favourite film or song of any genre there are just way too many. Lol. The answers are gave are just the ones that first came into my mind so yea :)


1. What are 5 things you love to do and could never get bored of?

watching tv
riding a bike

2. What is a hobby you used to have, stopped but wish you could continue? drawing


1. Are you a virgin? Yes~
2. What is your sexual orientation? heterosexual
3. Have any deep dark secrets nobody knows about? yes
4. The youngest person you have dated/hooked up with/liked? Liked. A few months younger than me lol
5. The oldest person you have dated/hooked up with/liked? A guy I liked who's a year older than me
6. Longest you've gone without a shower? A day
7. Longest you've gone without brushing your teeth? A day
8. Longest you've gone without changing your under wear/bra? HAHAHAHA! This happened recently: 2 1/2 days w/o changing a bra because I forgot to pack it in my luggage when I go back to my hometown LOL omg.
9. Longest you've gone without changing your bed sheets? A month?
10. Longest you've gone without shaving? What's there to shave? ;) LOL
11. Longest you've gone without eating a fruit/veggie? half a day
12. Do you hate any of your friends? If I hated them I wouldn't call them my friends. No wait, there's Chi Hoe. LOL! Joking, that's our joke.
13. Do you like somebody? Yes, then not so sure now.
14. Do you want to share who that person is? No.
15. Are you single? Single as fuck. LOL
16. Are you in a relationship? Refer to 15
17. Do you not know? ???
18. Have you ever cheated on anybody? No
19. Have you ever picked your nose in public? Duh yes, when I was a kid. LOL
20. Have you ever cried in the school wash room? Yes.
21. Have you ever clogged a public toilet? No la.


1. Who is your best friend?: River Ho Xiao Yi :)
2. Who have you known the longest? Amanda
3. Pick 5 friends

Zi Hao
Zhan Hang

4. Have you ever had a sex dream about any of these 5 people? No, that'd be scary LOL
5. Have you ever been in a relationship with any of these 5 people? I was married to Si but then she divorced me because she felt that I was flirting with Hui. HAHAHAHAHA
6. Have you ever wished one of these 5 people would get injured? Never.


1. Name your top 5 celebrity crushes:

 Adam Levine

Lee Seung Hyun/Seungri

 Mila Kunis

 Tom Felton

 Emma Stone

You just knew a lil' bit more about me :D

Nothing has changed.

Da EdN :)

Friday, 15 March 2013

My Horror Story

 Hi guys, this is bad. This is really bad...

I had two alarms set up in my phone to wake me up this morning. One of it was set at 7.00am while the other was set at 7.15am. At 7.00am, my alarm rang, I woke up, reached for my phone with my left hand, turned it off and left the phone beside my pillow. I was lazy to wake up. I didn't want to get out of bed yet. It was still so early. Actually, I only have two alarms set up so prevent myself from oversleeping. So I just laid there to wait for the 7.15am alarm. My right hand was under my pillow, my left hand was over my bolster. I smelled something. The smell was terrible! Terrible, I tell you. I thought it was me. You know how our body actually excrete waste products when we're sleeping? We actually sweat when we're asleep. So I thought it was me and thought I'll just take a shower later.

 Suddenly, I felt something hairy moving on my elbow. I swiped it away simply with my left hand. I was thinking, maybe it's just my imaginations, or maybe it's my hair, or maybe it's nothing at all, most probably my hair. Then I felt the hairy thing on my right cheek, not exactly cheek, more down under, lol. Thinking that it's probably my hair again, I just readjusted my position by removing my right hand from under the pillow and wiped my face a bit on the way, and I laid straight on my bed.
Then I started thinking, omg, what if it's not my hair? What if it's some small bug that fell on my bed? Maybe it's an ant or something. (Because it didn't feel like anything huge when it touched my elbow or my face) Then again, maybe it was just my hair. Then, I felt a bit of the hairy thing on my right thigh, then I knew, it wasn't my hair. Damn bug, I'm gonna crush you, I thought. I laid still in bed, awaiting the arrival of the damn bug.

Later, I felt a lot of the hairy thing moving on my right thigh again, and I quickly grabbed it with my right hand. Just when I got hold of it, I thought, "OH MY GOD, IT'S HUGE!" and I felt all of its six legs struggling and I felt super disgusted and quickly let go of it. On my bed. I was lying down. I let go of it and quickly jumped out of my bed like a freakin' ninja, and switched on the lights. I stared at my bed, but no sign of anything, just my two pillows, a bolster and my blanket lying there. I observed a while more, nothing. I ran out of my room, and took a sniff of my hand. What a horrid smell! Then I remembered it not only crawled on my thigh but my elbow and face too. MY FACE. Then I freaked out a lot. I quickly washed my hands, rubbing them very hardly.

I then barged into my parents' room and woke my dad. "What? What?" he said sleepily. "There's something in my room!" I said. "HUH? WHAT THING?" "I DON'T KNOW! IT'S ON MY BED!!!" Then he got nervous too, and jumped out of his bed and went into my room to check it out. I followed behind him.

He went into my room, and I stayed outside, peeking in. "Where is it?" "I don't know, it must be on the bed." He checked by opening up my blanket. Nothing. Then, I saw a dark coloured thing on my bolster. "THERE THERE THERE!" I shouted. "Go get me a tissue." He said calmly. I handed him the tissue and ran far far away, worrying that the bug can fly. My dad took the bolster out of the room. A few seconds later, he went to the dustbin to throw the tissue away.

"What is it?"

1) A cockroach crawled on me.
2) A cockroach crawled on my FACE. MY FACE.
3) I think it's leg went into my ear for a while.
4) I grabbed a cockroach in my fist.
5) It was alive. On me.


Then I was basically like this for the rest of the day:

College friends' reactions:
1) "Be thankful that it wasn't on your lips or in your mouth."
2) "Luckily you didn't crush it."


Okay, that's all. Scary, ain't it?



Da EdN.