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Graduation Part 2


I hope I haven't make you guys wait too long. It's totally not my fault. It's nobody's fault actually, just that SPM was being a cockblock and everyone had to put that as their first priorities first before anything else, which meant, no pictures! But they're up now! *excited* So anyway, I finally finished bugging those people who I know have photos to send them to me or upload them (hahahaha!) and I'm back to talk about our graduation day! *Please cheer and applause* XD

Previously on "Graduation Part 1", we arranged our classrooms for SPM examination, we ran around the whole floor taking photos with everyone and anyone at all, and photoboomed any photo possible.

 These are the photos I got later :)

Apart from Jia Shin standing there very stiffly, don't you think we look very happy together? :)

Vickki! :D

Himinminminminminmiiiinnnn!! :D

我们很牛的. If you know what I mean. LOL!

Xue Hui :D

Chun Kiat :D

Swee G! :D

Now I'll show you something cute. Ready?


I just had to put this as X-Large x)

After recess, we were to return to the hall for the graduation ceremony......

We arrived at the hall again pretty early I guess. There weren't many people at the hall when we arrived. And those who were already there were all busy taking photos. Then I saw the form 4 prefects sticking the class' cards on the floor. Coincidentally, Chuan Yew was sticking for my class. So I approached him and scared him with my over-friendly and strangely high-pitched "HIIIIIIII CHUAN YAAAOOOOO!" LOL. I like to freak people out like that. Then he used his hands to cover the "10" n the card "5A10". It was really funny.



I love them all nyahahaha!

Soon, we were asked to be seated. The fact that the ones who had to go up front to receive their certificates of honor of something something had to sit separately with the others is such a big fat bummer. One is because most of my close friends are involved in that thing because they had either been such good kids in school, with full attendance for 3 years straight, some even got 5 years straight, outstanding co-curricular performance, or they have this.. Gigantic brain that makes them really smart and got top 3 in class. So yea, the people that I usually hang out with are all that. Hahaha! I'm a proud friend :D TWO, it's because, come on, it's our graduation ceremony, the least you can do is let us sit together. As in, all together. It really bugged me a lot that we had to sit separately as I really think we needed to sit together with all of our classmates.

Then I went to 5A12's line to sit with Hui Chan and Siu Li.

"Zomok 的?"
"她们全部去那边坐了,全部都有 cert 拿,除了我们两个."


The 3 of us also talked about our past together. Hui Chan was saying how good girls we used to be back when we were in Form 1 and were prefects, Siu Li was talking about our bus life when we were in afternoon session. Ah, memories. I remember how much fun I used to have with them. They were indeed a noisy and fun bunch. When we were form 3, Hui Chan, Pui San, Wei Li, Himin, Mei Xi, Shelley and I were all in the same class, and we sat together at the same table in Science lab, and we talked a lot. Like seriously, a LOT. Starting from the moment our asses touch the chair till the bell rings after second period, non-stop talking. We were so noisy and talkative that Mr. Lee had to change our seats. LOL. Good old times.

So anyway, there I was, sitting another classes' line because I felt lonely in my own class (XD), holding Shelley's camera preparing to take photos for my classmates :D

Oh btw, each class were to send out one representative to give a Thank You speech. Our class sent out two, which were Shelley and I. But then it turned out not only our class sent out two representatives. After the adults gave their speeches, it was the class representatives' turn. They went according to class, from class 1 to 12. I was really nervous as it got closer and closer to our turn. Pooi Yen kept encouraging me :) But I was still really nervous. Soon, it was our turn. We went out and gave our speech. I was stuttering quite a bit. Or was it a lot. I don't really remember. I was stuttering because I was nervous. I was really nervous because, I think this speech means a lot. I want it to be memorable and meaningful to my classmates and teachers. I kinda want it to be perfect and so I wasn't completely satisfied with it. But even though it wasn't up to satisfactory, I still appreciate that my classmates laughed at some things we said and their applause. And I'm glad that I got the honor to give that speech with my best friend :)

Then it was time for the students to receive their certs. During that time, everyone was sooooooooo quiet. Seriously! It was so quiet. I imagined everyone to be shouting and cheering for their classmates up front receiving their certificates, but no, everyone was just really quiet. There was applause at the beginning, but then it just went silent. LOL. It was taking too long maybe.

Finally, the ceremony was near to the end. Everyone was asked to stand up and shake hands with teachers. It actually felt a bit awkward at first, because no one was actually feeling anything yet. Not that it seemed. Pn. Zahidah gave us hugs :D Most of the teachers just wished us good luck or all the best in SPM. I really thought the whole thing will just end very very normally. Like those times when we have celebrations of some special day during assembly in the morning, when it's time to leave, everyone just queue up, or not, and leave. I really thought this would end like that. But then, when we saw Pn. Yong, her eyes were already watery and red, it was then that I felt a bit sad. She even sounded like she was about to cry when she talked. We found out later that, she really did cry :(

And then, we saw Pn. Tan standing at the other side, and Xiao Yun and Jia Shin acted like completely crazy people and shouted for her while running towards her like they haven't seen her in like 15 thousand years. I don't know why, it was supposed to be funny and we were just supposed to laugh, but it was then that my tears came filling both my eyes. I really don't know why. It was as if it was an involuntary action. While Xiao Yun and Jia Shin were talking to Pn. Tan, I stood at the back and quickly wipe away my tears before anyone notices. Then suddenly, I heard 李老师 say, "AIYOO, zomok 你眼睛红红?" And she kinda like.. Gave me a hug/pat on the back. At that point I really can't hold it back anymore. That was when I started crying. (Damn it! LOL!) Hui Chan even asked Siu Li and I to hug each other and cry together since we were both in tears hahahahaha! You know what made me even sadder? It was when 李老师 said, "AIYOO, zomok 你眼睛红红", I saw that her eyes were a bit red and watery too. It was sad to see that the teachers were in tears.

When I finally kinda stopped crying, I saw Si, En, Hui were all crying! Do you know how heartbreaking it is to see your friends cry? LOL. I was really sad when I saw that. 我觉得... Ah En 哭到很惨 XD But that was before I saw Man Long! Hahahaha! It was even sadder to see Ah En cry because...... LOL, it doesn't have to be told here I guess. I was really shocked when I saw Man Long cry like waterfall (hahahaha) but that actually made me feel even sadder inside. I kept laughing at him, like, laugh OUT LOUD, with tears in my eyes, which was even funnier. So there we were. Laughing and crying at the same time XD

A while later, Xiao Yun came and pull me aside and said, "Wei Shan, 我们的 Yee Hwa 来了." I was so so so so so SO surprised and shocked. LOL! Form 3 has started their holidays a week ago and she purposely came back for our graduation.

"OI,zomok 你回来?特地来看我啊?"
"是啦! 是不是很感动 leh?"

Damn you, for making me cry again! LOL! I don't know why I was so fragile that day. There was one part where Man Long came and tell me something which made me feel really really sad. Then one part where I saw something and felt so touched and happy and just stood there and cry tears of joy. LOL.

Then we stayed back at the hall for a while to take pictures :D

 啊~我的班~ Part of it :D

Man Long 很惨! Hahaha! *pats head*

  My bully victim :D HAHAHA XD

The super tall, super smart and best ketua kelas :D

Wei Li grew so tall ! Hahaha!

Been classmates for 7 years :D

Yen Chen! Classmates when we were standard 1! 9 years later, we got put in the same class again :D

Yaay we met "GD" and "TOP"! Hahaha! PS, my finger was an accident, I swear.

It was truly memorable. It even rained heavily that day and flooded the school a bit. Kinda nice that it happened, brought back a lot of memories. It's kinda of a Sentosa thing, to flood every time it rains heavily. Then they'll put benches to connect the flooded roads, and everyone will have to walk on it. I guess this is the last time we'll ever experience it together. This always happen when we were in afternoon session, and it always happen between recess to school dismissal time. I remember when I was in Form 1, I always hope that it won't rain so we would have to go down for tugas, and so we didn't have to squeeze with everyone else while leaving school. But when I reached Form 2, I secretly hoped that it rained every day near dismissal time, so that we DIDN'T have to go tugas, so we can play longer in class XD Sometimes, just sometimes, not always, SOMETIMES, VERY RARELY, even when it's about to rain, we would still leave class early, claiming that we had to tugas, and so we left early, and when the bell rings, we would just leave immediately and earlier. LOL.

So anyway, DBKL sponsored us lunch. But before we went to eat, Shelley and I walked around the school, allowing our feet, socks and shoes to soak in rainwater, to find the teachers that weren't in the hall during the handshaking session. We took photos with them :)

  1.  Mr. Lim! The best teacher in Malaysia and class mentor :D Yaay Chemistry! 
  2.  Pn Wong! Form 1 form teacher/mother dearest :D
  3.  En. Nasharudin! Lengzai teacher :D Yaay Siviks!
  4.  Pn Tan! Who claimed that this is her first time to 自拍 with someone XD Yaay Addmaths!:D

In bilik guru, we saw Si and Hui, and we went to find Miss Bio Lee. She was eating, and I think Hui took her food or something, and then Miss Lee kept feeding Hui keropok. LOL. Like, keep stuffing it into her mouth, and what's even funnier is that Hui just allowed her to do it hahahahaha! Completely defenseless XD Come to think of it, our relationship with most teachers are like friends :D It's like, we have these older, wiser friends, who would occasionally act like kids with us. It's really fun. I really like it when teachers get playful sometimes. I think.. All our teachers really love us :D I'm so grateful of that, really. Our teachers are actually quite supportive of us. After what I've been through this year, I know :'''') Hahahaha

 Ms Tan looking cute and Ms Lee looking fabulous :D

Pn Yong :D

Our dearest 木子李老师 :D

Then we went to Block G to eat, but when we reached, there weren't a lot of food left. A while later,  I was calling Hui, but she took quite a while to answer my call. So I just stood there with my phone going "doot doot.. doot doot.." then, picture this, all these are happening at the same time. I wanted to end the call, and I saw Mun Fei walking towards me, then she asked me to take a picture with her, but then Hui answered my call, "Hello?" and Mun Fei said, "跟我拍照" or something like that. So I was like, "Errr.. errr.. errr...", then to the phone, "等一下啊,你等一下啊" XD Know what this is called? This is called, "忙得不可开交" HAHAHA! But then I saw Hui and the rest were at dewan block G.

 Mun Fei ! My blue house cheer captain who treats us so so so so so good :D

Poly! The pretty girl :D
We then talked to Wei Li and Soo Ping. Then we took photos using Wei Li's iPod Touch. Wei Li asked me to take a picture of her and Soo Ping, and I kept doing the lame and annoying-if-you-do-it-too-many-times thing, which is switch the camera to front camera while they are still posing there. After I switched to front camera, Shelley got a SHOCK, and was like, "YER! 吓到我! Zomok 看到自己的?" Hahahahaha! Since Shelley was beside me, I just took a photo of us and Wei Li was standing there like -.- Hahaha! Then after I was done, Wei Li very happily pulled Soo Ping and said, "OK 好了好了,到我们了" then they smiled, ready for the picture. But then I turned the camera to face Chi Hoe and Shelley, and they both of them posed for the camera. Wei Li was like, "你不是拍我们 meh?" Oh my gosh, too funny XD Then I helped Wei Li and Soo Ping take a million pictures of them. Because whenever Soo Ping takes a picture, there's no "one take gao dim", she has to take like... A million. Marcus is right. Hahahahaha!

 Love die them :D

Graduation day in school pretty much ended like that for me. There were some heartwarming moments, and a lot of funny moments. Whichever, they'll be memories of my high school life, which are very precious and memorable :)


About... I forgot what time, we left from school and went to Shabu-Shabu to celebrate Wai Yuen's birthday. Because there were quite a lot of us (one car definitely can't fit), we went with separate cars. Zhan Hang fetched Hui, Wai Yuen, Eugene, Shelley and I. He drove into school, we dumped everything into the boot and then Hui, Shelley and I sat behind and there was one more seat. Eugene went to the front passenger seat and Wai Yuen went to him. The three of us behind were like, "他 zomok?" "他要跟他坐前面啊?"

Flashback: There was a day when a bunch of us went to Chi Hoe's house to revise BM. In the afternoon, we wanted to go Dami for lunch. We planned to walk there since it was near, but then Zhan Hang drove us in the end. But he only have one car, and there were 7 of us. HAHAHA! So Si, En, Hui and I sat behind, and Weng Key sat in the front passenger seat and Zhan Hang in the driver seat. One more? It was Wai Yuen. He had no choice but to sit on Weng Key's lap in front. Hahahaha! They were both so tall XD They even tested their sitting position before we took off. Throughout the whole short journey, we kept laughing and laughing. Wai Yuen tried to keep his head down to avoid people from looking at him. SO TALL AND BIG, HOW TO HIDE? Hahahaha! He kept ducking and said, "看过来了,那个人看过来了!" omg. It was hilarious.

So it was really funny seeing him walk to the front passenger seat, WHEN THE BACK SEATS CAN FIT 4 PEOPLE! Then we just kinda shouted to him, "Oi, 你 zomok? 后面还有位啦." Hahahaha

There was 10 of us, so we took two tables. Ah Si and some sat at the first table and said, "我们坐 5 个 5 个 啦", and we all agreed. Then the ones who went to park the car came back, then Ah Si came to our table and said, "不然...我们坐 6 个 4 个啦.." (I'm trying to be as NOT obvious as possible. XD) A lot of funny things happened that time, but I don't think I can say a lot of it here, the people involved may not like it hahahaha.

The 6 of us at our table at A LOT. In that place, you can ask for refill for the bacon and sliced abalone, we ate a lot of that. Ah Si was like, "十碟猪肉片!" Hahahahaha! But it wouldn't be a problem finishing it anyway, we were hungry. LOL.

For some reason, the 6 of us were a lot noisier and talkative compared to the 4 of them. Vickki was like, "要不要过去热一热那边?" "我不要" "我也不要" Hahahaha. And sometimes we would just say very loudly to the 4 of them, "Zomok 你们不讲话?" LOL. And then suddenly Vickki asked something about something dirty. Hahahaha!

 I don't know. XD

There, we have to get our own drinks, so Pooi Yen and I went. She said, "你要喝什么? 我拿给你." and I said, "你觉得我喝什么?" Then she activated her sampat mode and started mixing all kinds of drinks into one cup. There was 100 plus, Fanta grape, and some other carbonated drinks. Then I played along and said, "加茶,加茶,那边有茶". Hahaha. Then Ah Si came and she said, "加葱油的油.." but then it was me who will be drinking it so I didn't add that in. Hahaha!

Then the 10 of us just mixed around the two tables, so then, we were all noisy. Hahaha. Shelley and I were fangirling over BIGBANG's concert AGAIN hahahaha! She recorded some of it, including T.O.P saying "Terima Kasih" :D So funny XD

At about 4pm, people started leaving. Triplets left first followed by Pooi Yen. Shelley and I had to wait for people to come fetch us and Zhan Hang fetched Wai Yuen and Eugene. The 5 of us talked for a while. Triplets were being funny, they left so many things behind when they left. (Maybe it wasn't a lot, just a couple, but to us it was like a lot because we discovered those things continuously). Then, Wai Yuen, Eugene and I were talking about our form 2 lives in 2A10/2009.

"不是我害你的,是老师问 XXX 谁很吵然后她指我!"
"你换来跟我坐不好 meh?"


Zhan Hang the 冷笑话 guy. Hahaha!

Eugene. Very tall. LOL!

Then the 3 of them left, leaving Shelley and I, fangirling over BIGBANG again. *squeks~!* LOL

That's pretty much the day. It was fun :D It was everything actually, happy, sad, touching, heartwarming, funny. It really ended, and this is still unbelievable for me. I don't really know what to feel. Not even now. I'll really miss my classmates and other friends. Love ya'll. LOL.
2011 and 2012 are really.. TWO of a kind. LOL! Best two years in high school :)

Da EdN :D

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