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Graduation Part 1


I didn't really have the thought to blog about this day, but Ah En asked me to blog about it because she wants to read it. So, I'll try I guess. Hahaha.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I guess you can say this would be a wordy post.

Seriously though, there will be a lot of pictures and there will actually be a lot of words. And because a lot of people still haven't upload the pictures from their electronics yet, I'm gonna separate this post into Part 1 and Part 2. So the length of this blog post, double it. That's how wordy it's gonna be. Hahaha!

The first of November was a very memorable day. Why? Because it's THE DAY. The day that seemed so far; the day that sometimes we seemed to forget will come, so we do stupid regretful things; the day we've all been working for; the day that we used to wonder about; the day that signifies that we're really growing up; the day that signifies that we're facing the world soon; the day that will be our last to spend in high school. Yes. That day. Our graduation day. The day has come.

Before the graduation ceremony, a large amount of people were feeling emo and complicated, they were all worrying about crying on graduation day, or how they won't be able to see each other again after graduation, a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. I wouldn't know, because, well, honestly, before today, I really didn't feel anything about graduating. So, I'm kinda good today. Except that time when we rushed towards Pn Tan like we haven't seen each other in like 15 thousand years, I don't know why, at that moment, my tears came rolling down. Hahahaha!

WAIT, before that, let me first talk about before graduation.

First, I want to show you guys a few photos on the day when it was Form 3s last day.


Wondering what the form 3 girls are like? Picture this: Small, skinny, short, adorable, noisy, hyperactive. Yeah. That's kinda it. They can really make us very happy, and they are also very sweet :) Definitely going to miss them after leaving school, just like how they're going to miss us hahaha! Look at us! Don't you think we all look very 幸福 in this photo? Hahaha!

Then there are these people:

The craziest ones! :D

Spent most of the high school years with them, they're definitely a special buncha friends of mine and I will always loooooooooooooooooooooove them! Hahaha!

The NEXT Monday, my triplet friends brought their Polaroid camera.

Explanation for the photo on the left: 
Zen Wai went to open the cover without knowing that the films "walk light". LOL. Actually, I think a few people told him, he didn't believe. Hahaha! Then Ah En took a photo of Shelley and I with the Polaroid camera, and the photo came out blank. BLANK. Then Zen Wai offered to DRAW our faces on the film which was very HAHAHA because he just drew two stick men on it with a highlighter. And he also drew a tie on "Shelley" and said, "Shelley 有戴 tie 的..." LOL! Then he tested if it could be erased off, and it can! Then they told him to draw a mountain and a river, and he did. But then Ah En erased it because she wants to draw nicer ones. After she drew "us", she still asked Shelley, "Zomok 你们的头发粘在一起的?" They really made me laugh a lot.

Explanation for the photo on the right:
Same reason. The light that "walked" in, "walked" in quite deeply. So the second film got some light too. But it actually turned out to be very nice, like very nice effects, so, it's good :D
Ah Hui told me, "我真的会很想念你们咯..." So I gave her the photo of Shelley and I and said, "这个给你,这样你天天都会看到我们." Hahahaha! Ah Hui, you better still have it! XD

On Wednesday, which was the day before our graduation, we had fun. Hahaha!

During Chemistry, Mr. Lim was teaching medicines, and when we reached Psychotherapeutic medicine, he said, "Anything with 'psy' means have something to do with the mind. You know the singer? Ah, simply jump then become famous." Hahaha! Mr. Lim always tell jokes with an almost-very-serious face, leaving us to laugh to stomachache, while he himself stay calm and asks us not to laugh, claiming that it's true. (Y) :D

During Chinese class, 李老师 adviced us about life again, for the last time, and after class, a lot of people surrounded her to talk to her. Then suddenly Weng Key came up to class with KFC. Teacher took a drumstick and fed everyone around her. The same drumstick. LOL. Most of us just ate, though. Hahaha.

5A11 was having majlis perpisahan in their class and Yen Lu brought us some jelly :D

Then we ate our chicken while Jia Shin EXPLORE around the whole class and take picture with and of everyone. With Shelley's camera. Hahaha!

I've actually forgotten that KFC chicken is not bad too. Except for the spicy chicken which is just ever so disappointing to me. LOL. Okay, anyway, chicken is good.

Finger's lickin' good. LOL

SO, the day has come!

First, we were gathered in the hall to be briefed about SPM. After arranging the whole of form 5 according to our angka giliran, they began with the briefing and then suddenly I-forgot-who said a hair check will be happening. So all the boys got up to get their hairs checked. A lot got their hairs cut. A lot watched. Teachers scolded us because we watched. I don't even. LOL

Then we went up to our SPM classes to arrange the tables and chairs. And maybe the classroom I'm using consists of all my classmates, we arranged the whole class pretty quickly and efficiently. Choosing tables and chairs, arranging them as 5x5 in the class room, extra ones move to the other empty classroom, cleaning our tables and chairs, cleaning the windows, sweeping the floors, everything was done so smoothly. Thumbs up for teamwork! :D

We all chilled in class like bosses after that. Later, Ah En and Vickki came to take pictures with us :D

Shelley is very pro with camwhoring, the angle is nice and she ensures that everyone fits into the photo nicely :)

Then all of us just pretty much went out of class to take photos with everyone and anyone at all. There were also a lot of photobooming from a lot of people. Everyone on this floor pretty much knows everyone, which makes things even crazier because everyone were just running around, shouting around, running, pause, snap photo, run away. LOL!

This is boomed XD

I know Adeline and I look nice in here as well, but Yee Mun actually only asked Soo Ping to take a picture with her. And if you see clearly, you can see Shelley's teeth between them. Hahaha!

Happy Birthday Wai Yuen! Thank you for being short here! :D

Just standin' around, coverin' our private parts and all..

*Raises camera* *Everyone runs to fill the spots* Which explains all of our very bright smiles here, we were laughing, not smiling hahahaha!


The solos of me and others ;D These are the only ones I have for now.

1) PooiYenYen, my 知肾 #lotsoflove
2) Yen Lu, my very good friend/dad #lovelovelove
3) Ern Ying, we have the same senior :D
4) Deanna, my wife! (L)

We look so awesome. 

We look so cute :D

My "ex-colleagues" ? Hahaha!


After recess, we were to return to the hall for the graduation ceremony...... (To be continued.)

Probably have to wait for quite some time until Part 2 is published as I think everyone will only upload their photos at least after Maths exam. At least. Otherwise before our Chinese paper, which would also be around end of November. So, be patient and stay tuned? :)


Da EdN :)

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