Sunday, 28 October 2012


Get it? It's BIGBANG. #LOL

YESYESYES I went to their Alive Tour concert in Malaysia with Shelley :D 6 in the morning, we went to Stadium Merdeka to wait for the concert to start. There were many people who reached before us.

Because we were early, and we had so much time, we got bored. Hahahahaha! We tried to write the "Thank You Speech" for graduation day, but we really had no idea how to even start. After much discussion and randomness, we came up with the opening, but then we didn't know how to continue. So we just sat there. Soon after, the sun rose, and we met a foreigner friend :D Shelley took many pictures with her too!

They were bored. 

Later, we went to walk around the "market". They were selling a lot of BIGBANG stuff. There, you can really see REALLY obsessed people. Hahaha! We saw a few people imitate Dara's hairstyle; a few imitation of TOP's blue hair; a few imitation of GD's cotton candy hair, this includes a kid; a few imitation of Taeyang's mohawk.

Walking down the streets :D

Our foreigner friend approves of the craziness happening here ;D

This is their idea of "take a picture with BIGBANG" HAHAHAHAHA

Then we met an Arabian friend while queuing up to see the official merchandises. Somehow, Shelley's camera ended up in our foreigner friends' hands, and the two of them won't stop camwhoring under the big hot sun.

PS, the "foreigner friend" is actually me. It's just that I looked like and felt like some sort of foreigner walking on streets with sunglasses and a cap and carrying a bag. LOL

PSS, the "Arabian friend" is Shelley. She had a towel over her head because it was very sunny XD

At about 1pm, everyone got up and went to queue up to go into the stadium because they called for people to go in. You know the crowd, someone gets up everyone gets up and went to queue. But then suddenly they stopped calling and stopped letting us in. WHY? I don't know. One thing that made me angry, they all see that we were standing there so crowded-ly, if you're not gonna let us in, why didn't you just tell us? At least then we could've sit down instead of standing there for 5 freakin hours. 5 hours! FIVE! WHY? Because at 5pm, they didn't let us in. Only until 6pm did they let us in. 5 freakin hours of standing. Can't even move because there weren't any space AT ALL. WHEN did we ever have to stand for 5 hours with no space AT ALL to move? That was crazy. In a bad way. Because it didn't have to be crazy. We could've all just sit and chill and maybe make friends. Hahaha!

Heard a few funny things people said while waiting outside:

"Eh 他们有在 Ampang 吃东西.."
"XXX 讲他看到,还拍到下来."
"Wahh.. 很幸运咯,他们去 Ampang 吃什么? Yong Tau Fu 啊?"

At this point, I laughed out quite loud XD
But no, they didn't eat Yong Tau Fu, I heard those people say that they ate seafood. Yeah.

Then I also heard them say this:

"你想像啊,如果他们五个在台上表演的时候突然有一个尿急,真的是急到不能了,然后他突然间跑去舞台后面,剩四个在那边撑场,会是怎样的 leh?"

I LOL-ed. 1, it's because it's funny and 2, is because I've thought of the exact same thing before. Hahahahaha! 

So anyway, after much sardine-ing around and almost fighting around, we finally got in. Alive. LOL

At 6pm something, everyone was already waiting there. They were playing a few BIGBANG music videos to turn on the atmosphere. The concert was supposed to start at 8pm, but at 7:30pm, it started raining. And it wasn't just drizzling, it was RAINING. LOL. The music were playing very loudly initially, but when it started raining, the music got very soft. Like no more mood liao that time. The rain was quite heavy and it happened for a while, everyone had raincoat on, and all stand or stood there waiting and hoping for the rain to stop. The rain even got heavier at one point. But everyone just waited there. THANKFULLY, the rain stopped at 8pm + :DDD #forevergrateful

Then, there came a point where 5 dudes, came out to dry the stage. And then everyone SCREAMED AND CHEERED. HAHAHAHA! I'm starting to think that they did it on purpose, let 5 people come out and dry the floor. Hahaha! The rain stopped, and the music got loud again! Everyone cheered and shouted and sang along hahahahaha! It was very fun.

Suddenly, the spotlights were off and that's when everyone know... IT'S SHOWTIME!!!!!!!! Everyone had their crown stick on and when the spotlights went off, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Everyone shouted, screamed and cheered non-stop. Then, the curtains fell and the boys came out!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I kinda couldn't believe that they were real. THEY WERE REAL!!! AND THEY WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!! I WAS LIKE.. MAYBE.. 100 STEPS AWAY FROM THEM!!!! OMG!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm getting a lil' bit crazy.

First thing I noticed when they came out was that, TOP IS REALLY TALL!!!! HE'S LIKE.. HE TALLEST AMONG EVERYONE ON THE STAGE INCLUDING ALL THE DANCERS. HE'S SO TALL! They looked as flawless as their pictures from the Internet. They're real. OMG. I'm still kinda in AWE. LOL. They all looked very handsome. The crowd was crazy over them. Everyone was shouting and cheering :D Shelley and I were sitting side by side and I couldn't even hear anything she said unless she was shouting.

I forgot which song they were singing, but GD wore a singlet, and he was sweating, and my GOODNESS he looked sooooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I cannot.

Daesung did some hyped up hair swing move a few times which looked so awesome when he does it! Hahahahaha! Shelley can't stop saying how handsome Daesung looked. Can't stop, won't stop. Every time Daesung's doing solo parts or cute things, she'll be like, "他很 LENGZAI AHH!!!" I'll be like, "他不是一直都很 lengzai 的 meh?" she said, "我知道他一直都很 lengzai 可是我不知道他这样 lengzai de!!"

Taeyang slipped during Wedding Dress performance! O.O But he still smiled and got up and continued singing. He didn't lose his cool. I secretly think that he had fun slipping XD Maybe? Hahahaha! I have a reason, it's because later he glided on stage. LOL. It looked fun and it looked like he was having fun hahaha!

Then Daesung was up to perform Wings :D Everyone sang along with him and from the screen, I saw that he smiled really really really brightly when we did so. He was so happy! Maybe even touched? I would like to hope so :) He was great.

Seungri is and will forever be loved by me :D Hahaha! #bias He was really handsome! EEEEEPPPSSSSS!!! The intro before he came out to do his solo performance was cool! And the way he did his solo performance was also cool! Witnessed him being cool, adorable, funny and sweet! He told us, "I LOVE THIS PLACE!" and at my seat I was shouting, "THIS PLACE LOVES YOU TOO! THIS PLACE LOVES ALL OF YOU!" Hahahahaha! When he taught us the Fantastic Baby dance, he said, "It's like.. Car wiper.." Hahaha! Omg I think I fell more deeply in love with him.

After Haru Haru, the plan was to sing birthday song to TOP. It was a success I think, tho we weren't very sync singing it. But it's clear enough to be heard, and TOP said, "Terima kasih." (Y) (Y) I read from the fan pages later, and found out that he was near to tears. Awwwww :')
Daesung said, "Malaysia, BAGUS!" hahahaha! Made us happy.

Oh there was a part where GD and TOP were preparing, so Taeyang Daesung and Seungri interacted with the crowd. We kept "WOO!"-ing at everything they say. For example, Taeyang was like, "MALAYSIA!" we'll be like, "WOOO!", not "WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" but just a short, "WOO!" Happened quite frequently, they say something, we "WOO!" like this. When Taeyang wanted to pass the talking to Daesung, he said something and laughed, like the kind of, can't-hold-back-any-longer-but-I'm-talking-laugh. Get it? Am I making sense? LOL. Like laugh while talking. Which was funny XD When he introduced GD and TOP, he introduced them as "Korea's two most wanted" HO HO HO!!! So cool :D

Okay if I keep going this post will be endless. Maybe. So I'll just skip to the end.

GD said it was time to say goodbye and the crowd was like, "NO!!!!!!!!!!" But they went back in anyway. I even saw people leaving. Some even left I think. Then after a while, they came back out to give us encores! Taeyang came out and said, "We can't let you go like this." And they performed Bad Boy one more time :D I really love this song. After all, this is the song that got me into BIGBANG :D I thought they were only gonna do one encore, but then Seungri's said, "Do you remember Fantastic Baby dance?" AND THEY PERFORMED AGAIN! :D Then we were still shouting encore, so they gave us more :D

Seungri said, "NO RAIN, CAN STOP US!" (Y) (Y) (Y)
TOP even did a birthday dance for us, with GD and Taeyang's spontaneously harmonized rap of "Birthdaaaayyyy, happy birthdaaaaayyyy" and then Taeyang danced for us with GD and TOP's spontaneously harmonized "TEYDADDY. TEY TEY TEY TEYDADDY." So loved!

After the concert, Shelley and I sat somewhere to wait for my dad to come fetch us. I asked him to come a little bit later since he was out, and there were just too many cars and people. The traffic must've been terrible. So we waited. As we were waiting, we worked on the Thank You speech. BIGBANG will forever be our inspiration because after the concert, we can think of a lot of things to write for the speech. We thought of so many things to say, that we had to cancel some because we only had 3-5 minutes to present the speech. #THANKYOUBIGBANG

We didn't finish the speech, but hey, progress :D LOL

It was a fun and memorable night. Unbelievable, too. They were AH-mazing! They will be back again, I hope they come back again :)

Well, till we meet again. I love those guys. :D


Da EdN :D

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


HI, this is actually a Saturday post that I have only decided to do today, which is Monday.


So today, I went to my primary school for a visit. The new block has finished building and this morning was their opening ceremony.

Before this, I asked my secondary school friends to accompany me to visit, but they all rejected me. LOL! So, I actually decided not to go because I'd be alone. But then this morning I woke up and thought like, "Since when did I need anyone to accompany me to visit my primary school? I went back to visit lots of times alone before this." So I decided to go, pretty last-minute-ly.

My primary school friends, Pei Wen, Sue Ann and Jie Ying went back, too. But they were having a performance.

Later, Jia Wei came. So the two of us just sat there until they finished their performance. We then went down to the basement where the performing friends prepare and stuff. When we went into the classroom, we were all like, "WAH, the tables are so small!" "Were we really that short and small?!"

Look at us! 

Actually, it looks pretty normal from here, but seriously, it was so small. Or should I say we've grown. Hahaha! See the blue table behind? That's the smallest any table can get I think. It's short and small. After we've walked around the school, I've observed that only standard 1 and standard 2 kids use the blue table. Even their chairs were short and small. Everything was.. TINY. Anyway, moving on.

Back in my primary school, when you want get permission to go out of class, there's this tag that you have to wear. Which is this:

I remembered it to be different tho, I remember it to be red and harder plastic. LOL.

Then I wanted to visit the new building, so Himin, Kee Seong and I went.

There came a point where we followed the teacher up the new building because we thought like, oh if you follow teacher, you get some sort of special pass, no need to wait for the VIPs to cut the ribbon and wait for them to go up. Then we went to the new library and omg! So nice in there!

On with the tour!

We went upstairs, and the first thing we saw was the huge dance studio. A DANCE STUDIO! We were so jealous (hahaha! srsly.), to think that back in our time when we danced, we had to use the basement or the stage in the hall. We had to use masking tape to mark the floor to remember our place. We had to soak in sweat every time after practicing and rehearsing. EVERY. TIME. Now look, they've got themselves a nice, huge dance studio with mirrors on both sides and air-conditioner and stuff. I love it. Haha!

Next to the dance studio was the sound proof band's room. They were going to perform to the VIPs. We went into the band room and I saw another door which was closed. Without even thinking, I reached for the doorknob and opened the door. Upon seeing what was in that room, I gasped in amusement. It was a pretty huge room, to store their instruments. And there was even an air-conditioner in there! The cupboards and all were all so new and so nice! Everything was so organized in there, all the shinny instruments laying there being beautiful.

“以前我们的乐器要收在橱下面下面的,全部堆在一起的。现在?! 特地弄一间房间给他们放乐器..”

Himin and Kee Seong talked to their band teacher, from what I heard, the teacher said, "Everything is new, except for the uniform." EVERYTHING IS NEW, she said.

The performance by the band was.. Amazing. AH-MAZING! It was good enough for the audience to call for an encore hahaha! The coach smiled and nodded, so they played us another song :D They were good. Really enjoyed their performance.

Then we went back to the dance studio again because we just love it there so much.

Heck, even the mirror in there was beautiful!

They have 2 music rooms there. And there was someone playing the violin in one room, and in the other, two person were playing the piano. Beautiful :')

This is the I-forgot-what-room. Hahaha!

We continued touring around, and then we discovered a kind of like.. History Room or Room of Fame. I don't know what is that room called XD

Look at this! This is so nice! Lighted badge :D

PS, my picture was in the History Room/Room of Fame. Hahaha! It was a group photo of our performance back in year.. 2006? I think? I liked that performance we did. BUT, in that photo, I'm blocked. -.- Hahaha!

Next to the room, was the meeting room. It didn't actually look any different from the old one, just a bit bigger and of course, newer. 

“要拍照吗?坐在那个 boss 的位子..”


Himin as my.. Right-hand man? Hahaha!

After much wandering and touring around, we reached the old blocks, but this place is still new to us because it didn't exist in our time.

The Laluan Hijau! :D

See the blue stairs behind? It leads directly to the teacher's office. The door wasn't locked, and we wanted to see if there are any teachers in there, so we went in. I don't think we were allowed in there, though. Hahaha! In there, there were two bags of pom-poms. 

Saya rumah biru punye xD



Oh, and because the new library's in the new building, the old library has become the teacher's office, too. Yes yes, they now have two teacher's office. 

Then we found a road back to our standard 6 classrooms. The stairs were really.. Narrow..

“哇,楼梯窄 daaaaaaooooo....”

My seat in my standard 6 class :D Now these chairs and tables are of normal size and height (Y)

Very smaaaaallllllllllll hahahahah!

So errmm.. Yea. My primary school. Changed and improved a lot.. AFTER we graduated from there. How nice. We're considered ancient people there I think, ancient people have no facilities like now. So convenient and high-tech and everything. 

We're really really growing up. Soon we'll be graduating again, only this time, from high school. How time flies, right?

Have great lives, everyone :)

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012