Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Wedding

HELLO PEEPO (I actually have no idea what the heck PEEPO means LOL)

It's FRIDAY! FRIDAY~ Gotta get down on Friday!

After tuition, which was like 4pm, I walked to Yen Lu's house. I was really surprised to see all of her relatives there in her house. There were so many people that there was barely enough space to sit. LOL! She was busy typing the seats list for the wedding dinner the next day.

Around 5pm and 6pm, Man Long and Chi Hoe arrived. Then we were all fighting to hand Yen Lu our phones when she said she wanted to try if she remembered the correct Wifi password. There was a moment where Yen Lu's bro, Man Long, Chi Hoe and I were all sitting in an almost-circle all with our phones in our hands waiting for Yen Lu to come back with the Wifi password XD

We went outside for the buffet dinner, and I couldn't find my slippers!

"是这样的 是这样的,这种场合看到鞋就穿了的。"
"是咯 是咯. HAIH. 我不用穿鞋咯!"

And Marcus will not stop saying. "The Chinese tradition" for almost everything. But it was true. Hahaha!

We had dinner at some "old abandoned house" HAHAHA!

And for everyone who came in with their food, we shouted:" UNCLE SIK FAN!" "AUNTY SIK FAN!" "JIE JIE SIK FAN!" "GOR GOR SIK FAN!" Then when Yen Lu came we also shouted, "YEN LU SIK FAN!" Shelley arrived later, and we shouted, "SHELLEY SIK FAN!" Bryan Kah Kien Jun Wai Soo Ping all came too and we shouted everyone of them LOL!

Then we played the "Guess Yen Lu's Relatives" game. They're pretty pro at this XD

There were too many jokes that require detailed explanation which I am now too lazy to tell you every detail and every conversation. Pardon me. Haha! Of course, we were very very noisy but we were also completely ignored by most people most of the times XD

Had a lot of fun just sitting around with them and talking (really loudly) and laughing (really loudly too) :D But it's a shame that Marcus had to leave early.

Waiting for Soo Ping and Jun Wai to finish dinner :)

Then we went to the basketball court near Four Face Temple to play candle. Hahaha! We did not have lanterns. Candles were our only friends... LOL

We looked down to the basketball court and someone sprayed a huge heart shape on the court I think, so we decided to light up the heart :D

Shelley and I busy lighting it up and Soo Ping just sits in the middle like a lazy ass boss and take picture (Y)


This really gives me the 月亮代表我的心 and BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE feel. Hahaha!




Afternoon, we're to go to Thean Hou temple for rehearsal. Shelley and Chi Hoe were supposed to come to school to wait for me and then we'll go there together after my orchestra practice at 3pm. Speaking of orchestra practice, Bad Romance is.. LOOKIN' GOOD! ;D So cool, so nice and a lil' bit of freaky. Haha!

Anyway, the previous day, Shelley told me she would come to school at 2pm as she would have no transport later. We finished practice early like about 2:45pm or so, and when I get to Block G, neither Shelley nor Chi Hoe arrived. I called them both. Chi Hoe said he was on the way and Shelley COULD NOT BE REACHED!

When Chi Hoe arrived he said he was afraid that I would scold him because he was late because he was worried that he misread my text telling him that he has to arrive by 2pm when I called him. LOL!

Shelley arrived and we headed to Thean Hou temple. Been ages since I've been there! Thinking of those old days when all of my I-forgot-what performance used to be there, and all the I-forgot-what-also dinner used to be there. Such a nice place.

We met up with Man Long when we reached and visited the whole place. Then we saw a KFC dustbin there and we were like ??? LOL. How the heck did a KFC dustbin end up in Thean Hou temple?

A while later Yen Lu and Soo Ping reached. We rehearsed A LOT and stimulated our sweat glands A LOT and so we stink SO BAD. HAHAHA! We had been rehearsing for hours because Yen Lu was stressing out and was not satisfied with nearly everything hahahaha! There was one part where Man Long and Yen Lu were talking to each other very loudly and seriously (not arguing) and beside me Chi Hoe was making "pling pling plang plang" noises and I LOLed. Get it? Cause'.. Man Long and Yen Lu are both 水瓶座. As in.. 水瓶. LOL! Understandable, it's her sister's big day :D

Later, Yen Lu brought us into the makeup room. And my gosh was it like Heaven on earth when we went into the cold room after being out there in the high temperature for so long and almost evaporating. Plus there was a huge mirror in the makeup room and enough space for us to dance. We should have went in there earlier. Hahaha!

We danced and I forgot who forgot some steps and Yen Lu jokingly scolded him/her and Zi Yi jiejie (Yen Lu's sister AKA the main character of the day AKA The Bride) who was sitting there getting her hair done said, "好啦好啦,不用紧啦,放松一点啦." and Yen Lu jokingly shouted to her, "你不要吵! 弄你的头发!" and we saw Zi Yi jiejie cover her mouth with her hand and then we laughed out very very very loud XD Doesn't matter where she is, who she's with, Yen Lu will be Yen Lu. Genuine :)

Then we had some time to chill and rest and so we camwhored :D

Shelley announced that she wanted to pee, and Soo Ping and I followed her into the toilet and locked the door and then we camwhored in there hahahahaha!

This is the part where we danced BIGBANG Lies in the toilet XD Like, really danced to it. LOL!

Then I don't know what hit us and we decided to copy BIGBANG in Fantastic Baby and so we did this. Before you scroll down, this is our first and last attempt and we were happy so we couldn't really hide the smiles on our faces so please don't judge XD

Our legs got blocked by the table XD


Don't think we'll ever have swag like them.

At about 6pm, we all changed to our very-colourful-when-we-all-stand-together T-shirts and get our hairs done. I had trouble tying my hair "high high". However I tie also too low for Yen Lu hahaha! So I had to let someone else do it.

Neh you see! XD

After Soo Ping tied it, Yen Lu still said it's low XD! So Yen Lu came and tie it and she said, "我知道为什么 Soo Ping 绑不到你头发高了,因为你真的是太高了." LOL! After many attempts, they finally managed to get my hair up. I'm telling you, my hair wasn't even tied this high up when I danced cheer on Hari Sukan. But I think I was supposed to. LOL.

I think Yen Lu was really gan jiong. She got her cousins to shoot the confetti thingy when the bride and groom enters the hall, and she briefed them like so seriously I don't even. Haha! And one of her cousins said,"你..你这样我很紧张 leh! 等下我射错怎样?" Hahahaha!

After that we continued with the camwhoring.


With the pretty pretty pretty bride :)

8:15pm: SHOW TIME.

Our performance got support from people! :D

While waiting at the backstage we sang "Count on Me" and "Just the Way You Are" very loudly when the DJ played it. Having so much fun :) 

We had a plan for when we dance to "Marry You" which was to run down from the stage and surround the Bride and Groom's table and dance in a circle for them. It was a surprise for them and heck was it a success. I saw the look on the bride's face, she was so surprise and when we danced she smiled so brightly :D Operation Surprise The Bride: SUCCESS (Y) 

While having dinner, the 6 of us got separated because of reasons. Shelley Chi Hoe Man Long and I were seated with Yen Lu's cousin sisters and family. They were such fun people. The whole table addressed each other as Leng Zai Leng Lui XD

They didn't have karaoke, which was great, but instead they had a magician to perform. Really laughed a lot when he performed. He said, "明白吗? 明白要讲 'OH!' " and immediately the four of us very loudly said, "OHHHHH!!!!!" plus we were seated quite near to the stage so I guess he heard us pretty clearly. After his every performance we just "OHHHH!!!!!" LOL! 

The bride and groom cut the cake and the six of us shouted: "变 UNCLE AUNTY 了!!!!!" HAHAHA!

There was a guy who sang 2 songs for the newlywed couple. The emcee announced "这位是新郎十几年的好朋友,现在为大家献上几首歌.." or something like that, and Chi Hoe told Shelley, "讲明先啊,我不会这样做的啊.." HAHAHA!

I told Shelley, "我结婚的时候我要你唱歌. SOLO 的. Hahaha!" and she said, "不用你讲我都会啦,直接上台抢那个 emcee 的 mic 啊!" HAHAHAHA!

"Eh 以后你们结婚的时候记得请我,我要喊." XD!!

Soon it was time to leave. Yen Lu's cousin bid us farewell before they left.

"以后 Yen Lu 结婚的时候再见!"
"Okay okay!"

Then Yen Lu and Soo Ping from the other table came to join us. OH, and there was coconut jelly which was superb ;D
Later, Yen Lu went off somewhere and her bro came and sit with us for a while. Then we all teased each other XD Yen Lu came back and went, "OI! 你 zomok?" to her bro and her bro said, "Zomok? 欺负你朋友啦!" HAHAHAA! Like bro like sis.

After most people have gone, we went up the stage again to get some pictures taken :D

*Note that Shelley is actually leaning on nothing.* LOL

We shouted and danced Fantastic Baby very loudly and crazily on stage. Then some worker walked by and said to us, "现在要 Gangnam Style 了!" Haha! So we danced Gangnam Style. And because Yen Lu dislike that song, we "EHHHHHHHHHHH SEXY LAYDEH!" around her. Surrounded her and danced circling her HAHAHA! Howyalikemenow. 

We went into the makeup room again to pack our things. Then in there, we turned on Fantastic Baby and danced to it and sang it out very loud hahahaha! Bitches high like F*** LOL!

"朋友的姐姐结婚都这样吵,以后朋友结婚的时候怎样?" Hahahaha!

Such a happy, crazy and memorable night. The first wedding dinner ever attended with friends :D It was very fun. I had a wonderful time. Of course, we hope that the two of them will live happily together forever and ever and ever :)

Da EdN :)

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