Friday, 31 August 2012


Wahai, kawan-kawan!

It's TUESDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! And I get to stay home today! Because today's exam is.. Idk what, I forgot. Obviously it doesn't involve me because, well, I'm here, and I don't know what exam's going on now. LOL. Okay what am I saying.

最近真的很有 balik kampung 的 feel。不是要balik kampung,是那种已经在 kampung 了的那种 feel。 Hahaha! Probably because it was holiday last week and I get to visit some relatives with my dad, and I went tuition and stayed there for almost one whole day. And then, it rained, a lot. I don't know where am I going with this now, LOL! All in all, I think it's the (as weird as it may sound) smell that reminded me so much of my hometown. It's the smell that triggered me. I get this a lot, but now it's acting up again, I really miss those days I spent at my hometown with my family and relatives and cousins. Even if all we do are random things like lay in bed and talk, changing diaper for my little nephew, eat a lot, or even A TRIP TO THE ZOO. LOL. But anyway, it's the people that matters, right? :)

I had this post in draft and almost forgotten about it. Hahaha! I stopped blogging the other day because I suddenly forgot all the things I wanted to blog about. Short term memory lost. LOL. Anyway, today is MERDEKA day! :D #gloriousday #MalaysianPride
So we have holiday today. LOL

Continuing Tuesday:

At night, I had Sejarah class with Hui Chi and Julia. We were all freaked out by a gigantic fly that will not fly away even if you chase it away. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I killed it.

Then as I was explaining the text, Julia kept highlighting the "important parts".

"Zomok 你全部画到完? 你画完整本书算了咯..."
*laughs* "我要画这样读的时候比较快 ma..."

Continue explaining,

"你看! 又画!"
*laughs* "读的时候比较快,省时间.." *laughs*
"我觉得你读那些你没有画的比较快 lo.."

Seriously, this is her:

Yesterday, we had our English exam. It was the first time I wrote my essay until almost lack of time. I had so much to write about, inspirations, ya know? LOL. So I wrote and wrote and wrote then suddenly I thought, "I think I used a lot of time thinking..." Then I asked Chi Hoe, "What's the time now?" and he showed me his watch which displayed 1:24pm. We exam ends at 1:45pm you see, and I seriously still had so much more to write, so I was shocked and I said "SHIT." don't know how loudly. Then I just speed-wrote everything. But even with speed-writing, when teacher announced, "5 more minutes." I still wasn't done. So that pretty much scared me. Actually, it SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! Because I still have a pretty long way to go! And it was during exam, it was so quiet and I was so concentrated in writing that when she spoke so loudly, it scared me! HAHA. But I still managed to get everything done of course :D

I always exceed the "about 350 words" thing by... A lot, and I will still have enough time to count my words. But this time, this is the first time I wrote till I have no time left to count my words. Hahaha! Dangerous......
After exam, even Shelley asked me, "Zomok 你写这样久的这次?" Hahaha!
But I think... Probably... This story I wrote this time is pretty... Or could be... Very touching. If I just had more time to correct it and stuff! Ugh! It's okay, it's okay :D

I woke up at 7am to wash my hair because I was like suffering too damn much from the itch on my head. LOL!
Then tuition at 9am till 11am. Bio and Chemistry are fun to learn I tell you :D And I think we talked a lot today, including teacher. Well, not exactly talk, more like discussing, but always go out of topic XD Like, "Salmon have very sad story." Then later, "So... Chicken have very sad story also." "Yea, sadder than salmon." LOL

Around 1:30pm, I went to De Tropicana Condo hall with 3 bags of JUNK, a bag of water colours and crayons and brushes, and a bag to put my bottle and medicines. OH speaking of medicines, here's the story of how I got them. That day while I was showering, I found out that my left armpit was very.. Swollen. So I was like, "WOW, why so swollen ah here?" Then I even wondered, "Is it both sides also like this just that I never noticed?" Then I also touched my armpit on my right, and NO, they're not supposed to be swollen. AND THE SWOLLEN PART HURT! Even touching it hurt. When I told my mother about it and showed her, she said, "Pimple coming out is it?" LOL! We went to the doctor the next day, and he said that my lymph node is swollen. LYMPH NODE. It's due to the heat in my body and later I found out that it's actually pretty common. But he gave me meds anyways. LOL

Okay anyway, I brought so many bags there because we're suppose to make 2 flags out of stuff that can be recycled, so I actually took the chance to clear the junk in my room XD But we ended up only doing one, and it didn't require a lot of my things, so all the junk goes back to where they originally came from in my room HAHAHA! We worked together and took turns accomplishing the task, so it was awesome :)

We sambil memotong sambil mencari sambil melekat sambil bercakap sambil ketawa sambil mengoyak sambil ketawa. Lebih banyak ketawa la, saya rasa. Sangat seronok, sangat gembira, tapi sangat letih kerana duduk atas lantai sangat lama. Asyik menukar tempat juga kerana bergilir-gilir buat ni buat tu.

We laughed a lot, but I don't really remember what we were laughing about. LOL! 我们讲太多废话了 XD

We spent Merdeka day making a flag :D
& also, I love it when we work together.

OH YA! I also feel grateful that Zhan Hang 是都要载 Shelley 来. Hahaha! Because I think we would be pretty lost without Shelley there XD I strongly feel that way. I called Shelley and asked her what time she was going and she said, "我没有去." And I still asked, "要我载你吗?" Then she 考虑很久 then I was a bit pissed. But then when I reached Ah Si and Ah Hui said she'll be coming then when she reached I said, "骗我." She said, "Zhan Hang la, 是都要载我来." HAHAHA! #grateful

咱们的精心杰作 :D #collage

It's been fun. The day, the week. Yea, this week has been pretty fine :) 

Okay! I'm off now! Goodbye, have a nice life :D

Da EdN :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

and then I LOL-ed

Hello! People are making me laugh so hard again! :D

Today at tuition:

"Okay la, 看你trial要到了,我给你一个幸福啦.." *SIGHS*


HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hui Chi was being so precious :)

Saturday night at dad's friend's house:

"Wah, 你女儿跟你老婆很像样leh!"

Aunty 1 Dad

"Ohh.. 我儿子打 computer."

Uncle 1 Dad

"Sorry 啊."
"Huh? Zomok?"

Aunty 2 Uncle 2 Dad Me

I sometimes envy my dad, because he has a gang of best friends of 40 over years and still counting. I love being around those friendly uncles and aunties, and I really hope we can be like them in 40 years time :)

"Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end." Right? I really hope so. :)

Da EdN :)