Thursday, 26 July 2012

a dream is a wish your heart makes?


While in the showers just now, I suddenly had the urge to blog. Now, I have exactly 17 minutes until tuition time, which means I have enough time to tell you about another weird dream I had yesterday.

This dream is about a trip to a very very very very VERY high-tech airport, starring one of my very-close-friend, one of my kinda-close-friend and one of my.. Friend, who which if you knew who, you would think that it's extremely random that this person appeared in my dream.

So anyway, we were at some dance studio kinda place, then suddenly I said, "It's time, I have to go." Then everyone bid farewell to me like I was gonna leave for a long time, all saying things like, "Take care of yourself when you get there." "Keep in touch." "Call often." Then, the 3 of my friends mentioned above didn't bid me farewell, they just went.. Somewhere. Apparently, the studio belonged to a cafe, the cafe was like this beautiful wooden cabin surrounded by greenery. Flowers, trees and other.. Green things. LOL

Dream Analysis: To see or dream that you are in a wood cabin indicates that you will succeed via your own means. It suggests that you are self-reliant and independent, yet still remain humble. You prefer the simpler things in life.

Then, I walked to a car. I think it was my car. When I got into the car, my 3 friends were already seated inside. My very-close-friend was at the front passenger seat, my kinda-close-friend was at the driver's seat (I gotta wonder, why is this person driving my car? LOL), and my a-bit-weird-that-this-person-appeared-in-my-dream-friend was seated beside me, with one of his legs up. I can still remember how were the four of us dressed. WE WERE SOOOOOO COOL, I TELL YOU!

So there we were, in MY car, with my kinda-close-friend driving ME to the airport.

Dream Analysis: To see a busy airport in your dream signifies the desire for freedom, high ideals, ambition, and hopes. It is an indication that you are approaching a new departure in your life. Some new idea is taking off or is ready to take off. You may be experiencing a new relationship, new career path or new adventure. To dream of a deserted airport indicates that your plans or goals will be changed or delayed. You are having to put some aspect of your life on hold.

We were talking talking talking about I don't know what. Then, we reached the superbly high tech airport, where you can drive your car INTO the building, not car park, but into the lifts and everything. The lift is huge enough to fit your car. In the dream, my very-close-friend and my a-bit-weird-that-this-person-appeared-in-my-dream-friendhad no idea where we were and where we were going from there, but my kinda-close-friend was driving like yes asking us for our trust to get us to the right place.

THAT AIRPORT, I'm telling you. It was like, the walls were all plain white. They were just all plain white walls with nothing on them, but as my kinda-close-friend drove the car and touched the wall at some part, it's like my kinda-close-friend knew where the freakin sensor was! And I was wondering, HOW? They're all just white walls! Anyway, as the car touched the wall, the doors of the lift OPENED. AND MY KINDA-CLOSE-FRIEND DROVE THE CAR INTO THE LIFT. IT WAS FREAKIN AMAZING I'M TELLING YOU. EVEN THE LIFT WAS SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL.

After many lift riding and amused by the beautiful lift and how the ceilings OPENING UP, they got me to the entrance place thingy. Oh ya, I was going to Japan. ALONE. SO COOL! AND FUN! HAHAHA! So we reached, and the 3 of them were like, "Okay, goodbye! Take good care and be careful!" And my very-close-friend said,"Don't want to accompany her until she board the plane?" and my kinda-close-friend said,"Can't la, I didn't park the car, the parking fees here too expensive." LOL! And then they left. Then I remembered, I don't have any money (Yen) with me. I panicked. Then this really charming and good looking guy (I have never seen this guy in real life before) came and helped me. He borrowed me a phone. I called my mum and asked, "你有帮我换钱吗?" She said,"没有啊." I was like, "没有?!" She replied,"傻的meh,当然是有啦!你给那个人看你的sticker,他每个星期会给你钱的." Then that charming guy took me to lunch.

AND THEN, I WOKE UP. I looked at my phone and it was only 5:11am. My whole reaction was like, "WHAAT?"

It felt weird after waking up and remembering the whole dream. But when I think about it, it was pretty cool. My 3 friends and I were all so nicely and coolly dressed. We were so cool! LOL! And I was going to Japan, ALONE (Possibly with the charming guy I've never met, idk.), and my parents sponsored me the whole trip, and my friends sent me to the airport. And I witnessed such a cool, high tech airport! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when I woke up and found out all of it wasn't real. And here's the weird part: My friends drove off with my car. LOL

So yea. That's kinda it.

Felt really angry and disappointed the other day. Felt a bit angry yesterday. Today, still a bit can't get over it. I'm disappointed. But I'll learn to get over it :) ASAP.

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

"Have you watched Katy Perry's new video Wide Awake? She's damn pretty in there."
"She's damn pretty in all her music videos."

-10 seconds of silence-

"Except Last Friday Night."


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

oops I did it again.


I'M SO TIRED RIGHT NOW! But I feel like blogging so yea.

Hari Pameran was not as boring as I expected, but IT'S STILL BORING! Except the part where we were doing aerobic in dewan #bitcheshighlikefuck, when some of my orchestra members and I were playing percussion due to boredom #talentedandawesome, when we got special pass from Zen Wai to go into the haunted house and then later *content must not be shown*

The fun thing about this year's pameran is that we get to go back to school the previous night to get the decorations done. How often do you get a chance to go back to school AT NIGHT and hang around in school AT NIGHT? It was pretty fun. WALAO I TELL YOU! Makmal 3 都不知道有多少年的历史了,都不知道是不是一建起来了,SINCE THEN, 就没有抹过没有扫过没有清理过了。那个灰尘啊!厚 daaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooo!!! Wipe three times also like never wipe before liddat! The cellophane tape cannot even stick because the dust is as thick as school's CAHAYA. WALAO!

Next, displaying my cello for the club, and letting soooooooooooo many people touch and play with it, was not a pretty sight. My heart was bleeding. HAHAHAHA! No la I'm just kidding. But seriously, some people just can't handle things with care. This is why they don't get nice things. HAHAHA. My old juniors in orchestra are awesome. I was standing there in boredom caring for my cello while other people were PLAYING with it (not properly), and all of a sudden I hear these awesome beats, and there they were, doing percussion and all so happily XD What a fun thing to do with friends.

Walked around with Shelley and Man Long, SKUAD members were watching BIGBANG's episode of RUNNING MAN! HAHAHA!

We went into the haunted house. A FEW THINGS HAPPENED IN THAT SHORT FEW HOURS. ALL VERY FUNNY. ALSO DON'T KNOW IS IT BECAUSE OF MY EXTREMELY LOW LAUGHING POINT. OKAY. SO, we were queuing up outside (Yea we got "special passes" but still have to wait for the people who were already inside to come out if not the "ghosts" will be very busy XD) and we were ALREADY pretty hyped all going like, "WAH! 五年了都没有进过鬼屋!" "WAH! 很兴奋啊!" "WAH! 很怕啊!" HAHAHA! Then when they let us in, I was the first to go in, I've never been into the Hari Pameran haunted house before, so, I know it will be dark, but omg! It was SO dark! Then there was a figure on our left, it was a bit scary because the "ghost" was sweating and it looks like his face was melting, with the make up and all. But then , I saw that it was Chun Kiat, so I didn't get scared. LOL! But Jia Shin was behind me, when she saw Chun Kiat she was like, "好笑吗?!!好笑吗?!!?!" Then the guy who let us in, I forgot who, had to be all protective over Chun Kiat and ask us to keep walking. HAHAHA!

Very dark lo inside! I knocked my head while walking. AND THEN HOR, 撞到东西的时候都不知道是撞到人还是撞到鬼 lo XD 我们竟然还在里面讲 "Excuse me, 我要过." HAHAHA! There was a guy/girl with a green mask and green hair, that was the one that scared me most, because he/she kept suddenly appearing in front of me. LOL. And then there was a guy, with a I-forgot-how-does-it-look-like mask, and some.. I-dont-know-what on his body, AND I TRIED TO TOUCH IT! LOL! WHAT WAS I DOING? I kinda like, CHASED and FOLLOWED him to touch the thingy on his body. What was I thinking? LOL! OH YA! I fell down on Sunday, and my knees hurt, when I went into the second room, a "ghost" tried to scare us by grabbing and touching and slapping our legs, and he/she SLAPPED MY KNEE! WALAAAOO! Pain! HAHAHA!

Towards the end, Zhan Hang was standing there. 我们对“鬼”真是热情, once see him, we were all shouting, "EH! ZHAN HANG!" "WAH! ZHAN HANG! 做鬼很辛苦hor? 谢谢你啊~" and other random shit XD Then Chi Hoe still hugged him hahahah!

We shouted a lot of random shit inside like, "WOW! FANTASTIC BABY! DANCE! WoOoOoOoOooOoo~~" "I LOVE YOU! BABY I'M NOT A MONSTER!" "我知道你做鬼很辛苦的" "这样暗!被吓到都不知道啦!" XD And there was this girl "ghost" who said, "带我回家.." And I replied, "走啦." XDXD

Reaction after coming out from the Haunted House: What just happened? (XD)

But I do apologize for all the random screaming and shouting, dear "ghosts" XD

Had a short Duet session with Mei Xi with her violin and me with my cello. She is sibeh geng :D

It was still a pretty fun day :)

Dear friends,

Anyone realize....

That this is our last Hari Pameran?

And that....

There's still school tomorrow?

#emo (LOL!)

While coming down from class, I was seriously tired, physically, and I was holding my cello which at that moment felt heavy, and 3 guys (I forgot who, Zen Wai was there) were sitting at the concrete stairs there beside the scouts room, I was talking to Zen Wai, thus, not concentrating while walking, therefore, it was completely reasonable that I fell down, again. All I could think of at that moment was,"SHIT! My cello!"

And they were like, "你要坐下来是吗?"

Sorry, bo lat cheoh at that moment XD And I do appreciate that one of them (I seriously forgot who) wanted to make way for me to pass, I didn't see that he made way, wasn't paying attention XD

And then when I stood back up and walk, damn, my ankle hurts. Hahaha!

Took me exactly an hour to complete this post of complete randomness. Hahaha!

I'm tired and I have tuition later. I'm tired and I have addmaths tuition later. I'm tired and I have school tomorrow. I'm so tired. LOL!

Da EdN :)

Friday, 6 July 2012

have a good laugh :)

Today in school during Addmaths class, Pn. Tan started off chapter 8, which led to her asking us about "Mean". So she asked, "What's the symbol for 'mean'?" Then Shelley started chuckling a bit beside me, then she drew the >:( emoticon, and said to me, "Symbol for 'mean'." Which made me laugh real hard, but we were having lessons, so I had to laugh in silence, AGAIN. I always laugh in silence everywhere. I have to XD Then she asked for the formula for variance. So the whole class answered "Blah blah blah... minus 'mean' squared." THEN SHE GO DRAW A BOX AROUND THE >:( THEN I LAUGHED LIKE "HAHAHAHAHAHA". And then teacher also said "mean number", then she go draw a number, with the >:( face. HAHAHAHA!

Halfway through Addmaths, Pn. Che came from next door and looked for Pn. Tan, so she went out, leaving us the whole class alone. Then I turned to Ah Si and Ah Hui that direction and said, "Wanna hear a scary story?" Even though Ah Si shook her head, I told them anyways,"XXX miss called me yesterday..." Then they LOLed and Ah Si said,"VERY SCARY LO!" Hahaha!

Oh man, the random things we do and say in class.

Today during Moral class, choir 的去 choir, 回家的回家, 去kursus的去kursus, therefore, very few people were left. Then Chi Hoe very randomly said, "Eh? 镇炜去choir啊?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Then there was also this:


“Eh Zhan Hang,你觉不觉得我很粗鲁?”

“Jia Shin,你觉得我粗鲁吗?”
“Har 不会啊, okay啊.”

“喂!你要讲我 'lengzai 到不明显' ...”

 Me JiaShin ChiHoe ZhanHang

I'm telling you, I could have 笑到断气 XD

I love those relaxing days in school :)

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012



(The title of this blog post is the combination of "Blue" and "Yellow". In case you're wonderin')

Gosh where do I even start? I've been looking forward to this day a lot actually :) Even though at the end it didn't exactly went the way I expected and wanted, but I really had a lot a lot a lot a lot of fun, thanks to my Blue girls :D

I am claimed "Happy Fruit Boss" by these two. Hahaha! :)

Biang the sexy :)

The really really really funny, happy, touching moment of ours :) These little girls really very very got heart and very sweet, seriously made us very happy and touched. Words cannot describe the feelings. I will surely miss these girls after leaving high school. One bunch of crazy little girls, and 2 same aged girls, who gave me so much to remember in 6 months, (and counting) :)

With the yellow house girls :D (And Xun Ling XD) 

Yesterday night was really a crazy night. Played, laughed, shouted, and even screamed all I liked. LOL! I hope no one got annoyed or frightened by all the noise I made tho. Hahaha! Playing with Xun Ling is really very very very tiring! And very fun, too! :D I can't tell you what we did, it's too crazy, and too childish XD I think it's the sort of things that we played while we're in.... Standard 2 or 3, maybe? Hahaha! Reliving the childhood :) Then played in the pool with le blue girls, splashing water at each other like 6 year olds. Hahaha!

I have to admit this tho, I was feeling a bit sad in the middle.. I felt like, I really don't know what I'd do after I graduate. What happens next? We'd all surely go our separate ways.. And then I was constantly reminded of all those graduation stuff we talked about, one of it was something Ah Si told me. But then I thought, "I will try to do whatever I can to not let that happen."

And at the end of the whole party, I was a bit sad too, thinking, "When will we ever have chances to play like this again?" But then, positivity: There'll be chances, this is not the end :)

It's like I said before, the crying and sad stuff can wait, cherish NOW :)

Da EdN :)