Saturday, 23 June 2012

I love the colour pink ;D

Howdie folks!

So today I left orchestra practice early because I had a mini 5A10 affair to attend to at Padi House. Know what day it is? It's Shu Qi's birthdaaaaaaay!! YAAAAAAAAAY! But actually it's tomorrow, not today. Hahaha!

I left early, but I still reached late. They were already eating when I reached. Before I reach I still called Ah Hui to ask her are they upstairs or downstairs. I really didn't have to ask because they were SO PINK! Very striking and appealing hahaha!

Apparently Jia Shin was late too. And because we were late, no one came to serve us. LOL! So I self-serviced, walking around getting menus and pencils like I work there. Seriously! I ordered cake and it didn't come so I went to the front counter and asked and then they only take for me, and since I was standing there, I just served it to our table myself. It was really as though I work there hahahaha! But the cake was good hahaha!

Ah Hui Pooi Yen and Zhan Hang then went to buy Shu Qi's cake. Then idk how Ah En and I ended up out there with them before they get the cake in. We were lighting up the candles and stuff. The waiters there said they have no lighter, so I suggested to go borrow from Paparich. Mana tau, tak ada juga. WALAO. Then Zhan Hang go borrow from a man sitting at Paparich. *Saviour* hahaha! We lighted a few candles then use the flame of those candles to light the other candles so Zhan Hang can return the lighter to the man.

THEN, the wind was blowing quite strongly, so as we were lighting the candles, it's like, 我们一边点,它一边熄. LOL! Then when the last candle blew out, Zhan Hang said, "我不要跟那个人借了,他样子很凶." LOL! So we were like, "我们这样子进去啦!" I was holding the cake, so I said, "这样我不要拿着这个cake!" HAHAHA!

Then Pooi Yen borrowed a lighter from the counter inside. All was weeeeelllllll :)

 Group photo of the day! :D


Then everyone just started taking pictures with everyone. LOL! Running and jumping around saying, "我要跟XXX拍!"  XXX帮我跟YYY拍!" "YER! Zomok 你拍到这样丑的?" "EH 不美!拍过!" HAHAHAHA! 

We even considered leaving a space for Shelley XD Chi Hoe even did the hand thing. If you know what I mean. HAHAHAHA!


Later, we moved the party to Chatime.  Chi Hoe didn't order for us this time! Hahaha! Anyway, while waiting,


 They even took some pictures with Polaroid. And then we said, "We forever take Polaroid pictures at Chatime." :D It's becoming our thing. Hahaha!

With Pooi Yen and Shu Qi the birthday girl :D

<3 Ah Hui is cute :)

Yes, I love my classmates a whole damn lot ;)))))

 Hope there comes a day when the WHOLE class can go out together :D AHA.

Because I was wearing my class T, so I felt like doing this:

Ta-da! LOL, ain't even good.

Cherishing every moment I get to spend with them, before our high school life comes to an end. Now's not the time to be sad, that can wait :)

The greatest two years of my high school life, story of my life, starring: 4A10/2011, 5A10/2012 and Low Yi En (hahaha!). My forever love :)

Da EdN :D
One BM class:

"Cara-cara mengatasi masalah kesukaran tidur."

Teacher: Mendengar muzik klasik..

Me to Shelley: LOL, I listen to "HIGH HIGH"..
Shelley to me: And you still fell asleep right?
Me to Shelley: Yes.
Shelley to me: Me too.

One BC class:

Teacher: 为什么我一直听到有人讲话?!
Chi Hoe, very softly whispered: 因为你有耳朵?

The random things we say in class.

Monday, 18 June 2012

don't let it end here


 B-L-U-E :D

Had a mini celebration with this team just now :) Laughed a lot like always, had a lot of fun with them like seriously :D But something still didn't feel right, standing there just now felt weird and unnatural. Usually everyone would put their bags down and start warming up, practicing our dance or stunts and stuff, but just now, everyone was just... Standing there talking and laughing. Not that I'm not happy, of course I'm happy. But it's still weird because I didn't hear Mun Fei say,"快点,去跳舞了" "练你们的 stunt" "LOCK 着!!"; I didn't hear Xin Hui say,"我觉得 liberty 还是不够稳"; I didn't hear Poh Yee say,"来啦,练stunt啦";I didn't ask Hui Pei,"要玩 shoulder sit 吗?"; I didn't hear anyone counting, "5,6,7,8. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8".

Facebook statuses of some of them even made me feel sadder and made my heart sink deeper:

“我们都自由了 但却有点不习惯”

“曾经让我讨厌的,现在竟让我那么的不舍得.. :(”

必经之路?Probably. But this also got me thinking, I'm already feeling this way after spending just 6 months with them, so what happens when I leave this bunch? :

Da EdN.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hari Sukan 2012

今天的感觉已经非笔墨所能形容了 :)


I took this picture from ahHui's Instagram, 

And this from Pooi Yen's Instagram :D

There are some moments that I can't forget from today, and it would be great if I never ever ever ever forget today. It is said that "Taurus can forgive but they will never forget." It's pretty true, but I really don't want the memories of these two years to fade :)

That moment when they cheered for us while we're performing,
That moment when they told me we did great,
That moment when they announced that we got 2nd place,
That moment when she ran back to us with that little envelope,
That moment when we cheered so loud together for everything and nothing at all (hahaha),
That moment when your friends all congratulate you and some even hugged you SO TIGHT,
That moment when you realize you friends will always be there to support you :')

I'm feeling the things they felt. It's true when they say, "you'll never truly understand it until you experience it yourself." I'm so gonna miss this new bunch of crazy people. Those lame jokes we shared together but can still make each other laugh like cra-aaaa-zy!



有你们真好 :D


虽然不是我,可是,也可以很好。 :)

I'm livin' that, I'm livin' that good life.

Da EdN :)