Tuesday, 29 May 2012

time for you to go


You don't have to understand all that above. I'll actually be glad if you don't understand that :D

Errrrrrrrrrr........... Forgot what I want to say XD So that'll do :D

Yes I'm random.

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012



华乐团在礼堂集合。本人到礼堂去check要几点把乐器搬去礼堂,回到食堂准备告诉团员。一回到去,我看到的情况是这样的:打鼓那个在拉二胡;二胡那个在吹笛子;吹笛子那个在弹琵琶;弹琵琶那个在打扬琴;还有一个弹琵琶的在打鼓;打扬琴那个在拉二胡;之后还有一个拉二胡的跑去拉本人的大提琴。所以我讲:“看,我们的世界乱完了。” 他们全部笑笑。过后我就去拉二胡咯。我们也几不错一下的啦,换完乐器还是可以拉出完美的 "Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do" 还有一些简单一点的 D 调歌。全部玩别人的乐器都玩到很爽,我就讲:“等下我们就这样出场啦。” 他们全部笑笑点头,可是,不要傻啦... HAHAHA! 演出不是很好,因为最好的那一次已经在练习的时候用掉了,可是,算了啦,至少majority 都讲很好听或不错。结论:华乐是好玩的咯 :D 以后毕业了都不知道还有没有时间回去练。

今天的练习,出席率少到可怜,可是还是很好玩。Alicia 真的是弄到我们笑到差一点断气。她笑到真的是很夸张,我以为我的笑声已经很夸张了,可是她的真的是很很很很好笑,好像哮喘这样。

“Zomok 你笑到好像哮喘这样的?”


那个Alicia真的是吓死我。她玩着我的cello,然后他要放下的时候弄跌我的弓,发出很夸张的 "WA WA WAA!!" 的声音,我以为她弄跌我的cello,所以我就在旁边 "OI OI OI!!" 那时候我真的是有一点脚软的感觉,心跳也加速到 exceed speed limit 了。结果过后还是一直笑。LOL。金蛇狂舞算过完了,老师讲的 :D 可是要练加快版的,双音很难啦咯,还要快。

练习后还跟Alicia在那边跳Fantastic Baby。真的是神经病。

It's already the end of May now. Half a year more. Actually less than that. I didn't really feel anything about graduating before this, but recently, I don't know what triggered me, but I'm starting to feel something about graduating. Where and when are we ever gonna get to do all these crazy things ever again? The people around us won't be the same anymore. Dk, life goes on. We'll see.

I'm livin' the good life :)

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


“HAR?! 这么多东西怎样搬?等一下,等一下.”


“XXX 去哪里?”



Friday, 18 May 2012

One 圆满结束 leads to another 重新开始 :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

I'm so sorry but I love you I just can't lie?

Hi people! 

Check out what Ah Hui tweeted:

No doubt! :D I love it when my classmates work together to.. Get things done. If you know what I mean. :P

 "Few minutes before sejarah paper 1 start, classmates still singing bad boy by big bang. My la-la-la-la-lady~ 你有看过有人考 sejarah 考到像我们班将轻松的没有?"

I was one of the 'classmates'. *GUILTY* Along with Chi Hoe and Zhan Hang. Then Shelley joined in. But I didn't expect everyone to laugh because.. Well, we do things like that all the time XD

"李老师 : 全校考 sejarah 考到最开心是你们班了!hahaha"

WE KNOW RIGHT? :D I love it when a teacher can play along with us. And I also love it, when the teachers have no idea what we're up to :P WAHAHAHA!

Seriously guys. I love my class very much. My classmates are awesome, my teachers are hilarious, what could possibly beat that? While we're at it, let's me tell you more about my classmates. DID YOU KNO? They are really.. Talented. I didn't know most of them can sing so well. Sometimes they would sing, like, harmonize in class. Sometimes. Just sometimes. But it's so nice. These bunch of people, are also sibeh 搞笑. For example, just the other day, Jee Sam wanted to write something about Harry Potter, so he asked me some stuff about Harry Potter. It went a little something like this:

"You got read the books de ma?"
"No, I only watched the movies."
"HOW CAN?! Must read the books ma!"
"Not the same de meh?"
"BIG DIFFERENCE OKAY? Name TWO spells you know."
*silence* "Mimosa Pudica."


Need more proof of us being a funny class? Refer to the second tweet of Ah Hui's XD

Hmmm, what else what else? Aiya, they damn cool one la. Apa macam punye SI KIU they also can think of one XD Just like today............. 5A10, you know I know la... HAHAHA!

I can't believe I actually asked teacher to change class for me when I was Form 4. Thank goodness it didn't happen, otherwise I wouldn't meet this bunch of silly, funny, friendly, lovely and just simply adorable bunch of human beings. (Feels weird describing them like that.)

Exam weeks now, actually feels pretty stressful. Thank God for Big Bang :D No Big Bang I also won't have mood to study. No motivation whatsoever HAHA! I love fangirling over them, especially with ma' best friend :D You know it's you if you're reading this XD

Okay! My bro suddenly came back early so I guess I gtg now k bye.

Da EdN :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

B to the I to the G, BANG


Before, during, after exam:

(with Shelley)


WAH! I don't remember when was the last time I got so crazy and in love with a band. And by that I mean those bands that had me liking ALL of the members, not just the hot and sexy ones. Actually I do, it's Maroon 5. AHAHA! The thing that got me so in love with Big Bang, is that.. THEY ARE ALL REALLY CUTE! Not just the looks, the things they say, the things they do, SO FUNNY and all! Got me laughing just by THINKING about it. Story of the moment during my BM exam paper today: I kept thinking about the part Daesung, TOP and Taeyang went into the haunted house together and TOP and Taeyang weren't really scared but Daesung's screams kept scaring them. It was one of those moments, when you want to laugh out really hard and loud, but you can't. And you know, from all those talk shows and interviews I've watched of them, they're all genuinely nice people. Like, NICE people. So, they're not only beautiful on the outside, they're beautiful on the inside too :D I know I'm not the kind of person that would go for Kpop stuff, but this that I'm about to say, is really how I feel, and dear friends who have known me for a long time, please don't be startled: It's not Kpop, it's BIGBANG. #dontjudgeme! 




seriously tho.


BIGBANG is how I found this long lost friend of mine! :D

Meet the Big Bang MANIAC Mrs. G-Dragon HAHAHAHA!

K my bro is looking at me weirdly because of the Korean songs I'm blasting now k bye k bye.

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Lollery!

HI !! :D

I have something to blog about again! I am such a lucky person to be in a class filled with hilarious friends and even teachers :D

Today during Chinese class, some form 4 boy brought another form 4 boy to our class.


And then, someone, I don't know who, but someone in class, said,


And then we all LOLed!

Hmm.. It really SEEMED that I had more to blog than this. I guess I've just forgotten everything. LOL! OH YA, we had no Physics today and because of that, the atmosphere felt more relaxed today during Addmaths. I guess everyone's happy just by thinking we get to go home early today :D

K I'm done. Bye.

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wow, fantastic baby.


Believe me when I say I am not a Kpop fan. I'm not. I mean, I wouldn't consider myself as one, compared to all the other REAL Kpop fans. But the little girl Ho Shelley fell in love with T.O.P so deeply and madly and since we spend so much time together I got to know who this T.O.P guy is, and MAN, is he good looking! Honestly, when I first heard of T.O.P, I thought it was another group of Kpop singers. Oops.

Anyway, so there we were, posting tweets and posts about Big Bang, mostly of TOP. And then talked about the other 4 members as well. We talked about how GD used to be cute but not so with the new hair but still is; how hot Taeyang is; hot Seungri isn't bad looking too; how good Daesung can sing.

Today, Pooi Yen came and ask us (Shelley, Man Long and I. Dk where Chi Hoe went) why suddenly so crazy over TOP and we both pointed at Shelley at the same time and said," 她罢了." LOL!

“我妈妈也是很喜欢 TOP 的..”

“我现在电脑wallpaper是TOP,电话wallpaper是TOP,twitter background 也是 TOP 的..”

“你看我们一直讲他们几lengzai,zomok 没有人讲 Daesung 的?”
“是咯! 最值得称赞的都没有人讲..”

Shelley ManLong PooiYen ME

K I'm done byebye :)

Da EdN :)