Friday, 27 April 2012

fingers crossed.

I can't help but feeling that it's really my fault.
Skills not enough then go play. Nothing happened then good la, but now...
I don't even know if you're really okay or just heard my change of tone and say all those things to make me feel better. Please don't do that. I'll feel even worse. I feel terrible now and I can't even do anything about it except hoping and hoping and praying SO HARD, that you will be alright and recover as soon as possible. Please be as okay as you told me you are, and will be.

I don't even dare to tell her the truth. I'm so afraid that she would get angry with me. I really hope she feels fine. Really.

I feel so guilty right now. How come I suck?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My April...?


Since I'm so busy, let's get this post started. Zhan Hang turned 17 not so long ago and we went out to celebrate. They went to Music Zone in the afternoon, I did not follow as I would just be sitting there listening them sing. Probably. And dk who said Shelley Chi Hoe and Pooi Yen aren't going also. So I sat at home with eagerness, waiting for time to pass, to hang out with the friends at night.

The time has finally come and I went to Shapa Shapa Shabu to meet up with them. And then, Shelley and Pooi Yen were already there. (Because right, they're not usually very punctual XD) So I asked Shelley, "Eh, just reached ah?" And she said, "No ah, reached very long liao, go sing K with them ma. High daaaaooooo.." "Not say not going meh?!" "Can go edi ma." "NEVER TELL ME!" "I thought you coming! You didn't ask also." And apparently all those three that I thought weren't going, all went. Such good friends. LOL

So anyway, at the end we changed our dinner spot to 齐齐滚. Okay, eat eat eat, take picture take picture take picture, laugh laugh laugh, cut cake cut cake cut cake, take more more more picture. We even helped Zen Wai celebrate his birthday even though his birthday's in March. But instead of a birthday cake, he got a plate of birthday Tofu. Seriously. Hahaha! Anyway, they arranged the candles on Zhan Hang's cake as a moon shape. He's the moon anyway XD And instead of "Happy Birthday" we sang "月亮代表我的心" XD

Then we went Chatiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmeeeeeeee!

 Idk why 招财猫 XD

 Tribute to Zhan Hang XD

Some old friends I bumped into! :D Such a long time.

 Four of us :)

To celebrate my Internet's recovery after 1 1/2 days, I made this! :

I'm with friends :D

PS, the photos I used above, all ngam ngam hou Jun Wai and Jee Sam and Wai Yuen not inside one. XD Sorrryyyy..

Played with some stunts with Soo Ping, Chee Khan, Jia Shin, Shelley and Man Long today. Li Wei came and played with us for a while also because it was FREE. HAHAHA! Shelley merupakan seorang flier yang sangat berpotensi :) And Man Long got so addicted being base. LOL! And hor, being a flier is really not easy, I realised. Experiencing it myself really changes my point of view. ESPECIALLY WHEN WE'RE DOING IT ON THE THIRD FLOOR! LOL! So dangerous. But we know how to do one laaaa.. :) So the conclusion I can make here is this: Everything is fun and enjoyable when you're doing it with friends.

I have more things to say than this actually, just.. NO TIME! Hahaha! Plus my bro is beside waiting for me to be done thus PRESSURING me! Internet so unstable now, 这次一别,不知道几时才能再见面 :') BYE!

Da EdN :)