Friday, 2 March 2012

But I think I'll be alright

 Hey there!

I watched Glee that day. Season 3, episode 14. It's getting more and more touching, at least, for me it is. Maybe it's just me, feeling so much, being so sensitive these days. Anyway, the ending was so sad. I WAS SO SAD! WHY DID THAT HAPPEN? WHY? She deserves the new life she was about to start. It's just so unfair. I know it's just a show and all, but still! I am seriously sad.

So anyway, our first term exam is starting tomorrow. For some reason, this exam seem so unimportant. As in, less people are putting LOTS of effort in it. Maybe it's because each paper is just an hour. Which is like a small test, not even a real exam. But then, our results for this test/exam will be going into our report cards. So, it's actually very important. And I really can't wait for it to start! I can explain. Everything will come to an end, right? So the starting of this test/exam means the ending of it and after this it will be our holidays! It's just a week tho, and I probably have tuition classes and everything. But I'm still happy! Because because because, I get to see this lady:

No, you may not see her face. :D haha!

Just know that I miss her like a lot a lot a lot a lot it's been so long since I last saw her so I'm really really really really looking forward to seeing her and catching up with each other and telling her about absolutely everything :D

Every day's a new day. Every day, we learn something new. Be it from teachers or friends or some random stranger or from an article from the magazine newspaper or Internet or whatsoever (Okay where am I going with this?) So today, we learned this pose from Zhan Hang:

So hey! Today's two of my friends' birthday! Both their names are "JS" and they're both in the same class. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Haha! So anyway, we took a picture with the both of them, and it went a little like this:

 TADA! Happy birthday Jia Shin and Jee Sam! :D

And I think this is a pretty good picture. LOL!

I don't know how to say this. Fine, maybe I don't want to. No one will understand. Don't tell me you understand unless you have been through it or you are going through it now. Otherwise, you will never understand. Maybe that's my problem you know? Self-pity is such a pathetic thing to do. I'm more than okay now, of course. It's hard not to be with all the amazing people around me :) Love them all to bits. 

Da EdN :)