Tuesday, 14 February 2012

14th of February

Hey there!

You can't expect a normal until cannot normal anymore 17 year old's Valentines Day to be, well, unexpected. I mean.. Ugh, you know what I mean. I'm the kind of the day that thought,"What day's today? Oh right, it's Tuesday." Yea. That kind. You get it. K good.

I forgot which happened first, Shelley coming into class with a HUGE paper bag, or did we went down for kumpul first.. Anyway, during our kumpul, Jia Shin wished me happy Valentine's day and presented me with a chocolate.It was so nice! Haha! Then back to class, classmates were giving out free watermelon and orange scented chocolates.

Anyway, Shelley came in with a huge paper bag. I WAS wondering what she brought, but then I forgot to ask because I was talking. Then, she handed us each a packet of little heart shape brownies! Every packet is so so so special because she wrote our names on a piece of paper so nicely :D So got heart. I believe most who got it were touched :') HAHA!

And then came Amanda, with a handful of coupons. "Pick one", she said. And so I did, and THIS is what I got:

"Use it well", she said. But the problem is, USE IT WHERE? HAHA!

This is the gift we got from Shelley. SO NICE RIGHT? SAY YES! Hahaha! But seriously. SO MUCH LOVE! She made this for so may people that she didn't finish her homework and stayed up till 2am, man!

Ah Huaaaaaa :D

I love this girl :)

I really forgotten what I wanted to say about today. I had it for awhile, but then I forgot because my bro came and like, "Go away I wanna play Dota.". I am such a nice sister. HAHA!

Anyway, such a lovely 14th of February. Saya cinta akan rakan-rakan saya :)

Da EdN :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

it takes time

Some time has passed. Many things happened in a short period of time. A lot can change in a day, a minute, even a second, never mind one whole month. One short month and I've already learned a lot. The most important one that I learned, is this,


Making the best out of this life, starring:

These friends of mine.

7 of many more people I love :)

Da EdN :)