Friday, 20 January 2012

Early CNY with the friends :)

Ola Amigos!

So today we celebrated CNY. Morning in school, at night with classmates. Reunion dinner. Haha!

Five years I spent in Chinese Orchestra of my school, today was the FIRST time EVER, I performed for an event. hahaha! It was pretty good I guess. At least, that's what the teachers and my friends said. At least we didn't play it out of tune. It was all in tune, but our beat was kinda off. XD But overall it's still okay, no one can tell that we got some notes wrong. Until they read this. Haha!

Back to class, they played with my cello for so long. They were like.. So amazed by this instrument. Playing with it, it even got Ah En and Zhan Hang thinking of joining Chinese Orchestra. JUST to learn cello. Haha! I don't think they're serious tho, even though they said they were XD Yen Lu said I improved a lot, playing cello, since the first time she heard me play when all I could play was Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. And that was like.. When we were form 1. We're form 5 now. LOL!

We partied and talked all day in class today. No one wants to study XD OH BTW, we saw two really good looking guys in school from the lion dance performance. *Drools* HAHA! Girls will be girls.

12:30pm. I was waiting for my bro to come fetch me, along with Wei Li. My cello was placed in front of me. And then this girl came walking by, and KNOCKED MY CELLO OVER! I was so out of words. Wei Li was so shocked and the girl kept apologizing. I checked out my cello and the bridge was knocked out. It was okay, I thought, because it can be easily placed back. But when I got home and wanted to put it back, I found out that my bridge, has been broken. RM80+, gone, just like that. I was so sad and angry and frustrated and ANGRY and SAD. Because I really wanted to play with it these days.. But I dont blame the girl, it was an accident. And who knew the bridge would be SO fragile? LOL.

About 5:30pm, I went to Chi Hoe's. Man Long was already there. The 3 of us were so crazy and laughed like mad there. For all those silly silly little things.

"Eh 开 Mr.Simple 给我听."
*Turns on Mr. Simple*

After the song was over,

"Eh 开 lonely lo.."
"换人了,Man Long forever alone,不是子豪了.."
"他还要开 'Lonely' 那首歌 oh!"

Me Chi Hoe Man Long


Then Man Long saw the necklace he bought for Chi Hoe as a souvenir from Malacca..

"YER zomok 你没有拿来带的?"


Then we went out to get Shelley.

"Zomok Shelley 傻傻站在那边等?"

Chi Hoe's MUM XD

The four of us were the first to arrive. And then more people showed up than expected. So we changed to TWO bigger tables. And then we started to eat. We had two tables, and our table ate SO FAST and SO MUCH and SO MESSY, while the other table is the complete opposite. XD

We also found out that our classmates are really loving of each other. So sweet and funny to watch. XD

Yao Hua was getting food for Zen Wai and Zen Wai was like, "可以不要吃菜吗?" and Yao Hua replied, "不可以." And then we laughed die XD SO SWEET! HAHAHA! Bromance. Or is it....

A lot happened which I can't really remember right now...

After steambot we went to Chatime. On our way there, Pooi Yen and Ah Hui saw a cockroach and they screamed, which made Ah En and I screamed. THEN, Yao Hua saw another one and was like, "SHIT 这个会飞的!" and then Ah En and I freaked out again. THEN, Jun Wai said,"WALAO 那个老鼠大到!!" Then we JUMPED and RAN. HAHAHAHAHA!

Reached Chatime. Chi Hoe ordered for us. Jun Wai and I ordered Roasted Milk Tea, and then when we saw the receipt, there was no PEARL added to our drink.

"你没有帮我们加 pearl 啊.."

Luckily they haven't made our drink so we told them to add for us. And after a while Chi Hoe was like, "我要出去了,我不属于这边." And Jun Wai asked, "Zomok 你?" And he replied, "我没有加 pearl 啊...." HAHAHAHAHA!

And then we chitted and chatted outside Chatime and took pictures and everything. Then some of us went home.

It's been a great day. The whole day. Really really fun. I just love spending time with these friends of mine :)
My Chinese New Year mood is so turned on! Hahaha! 


Da EdN :D

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wahai, kawan-kawan :)

Yesterday, we had so much homework we almost did until we lost track of time and do not know which year we're in now. I was home doing homework, when suddenly my brother went, "Hey, wanna hear a joke?" So I was like, "Sure. Why not." And it goes like this:

"What did Batman say to Robin before they get into the car?"
"I don't know. What?"
"Robin, get into the car."


Oh, and that night at Pangkor when we were crab hunting on the beach at night, this happened:

"Zomok 这样难找的...?"
"你用 GPS 找看 la."

ZZZZZ!!! My 表姐夫 and his humor, deserves more than two thumbs up I guess. XD!

And I couldn't help but reminiscing those times.. So.. Here's one more. Before that, let me just say this, we slept in the room upstairs, but we usually use the toilet downstairs because of some reason which I'm not quite sure why. LOL. So to get out of bed and go to the toilet downstairs is kinda troublesome, so we just hold our bladder most times. So we'll be saying and hearing a lot of, "Wah, 我很尿急 leh.."

So, it was the day before I leave for KL. We were talking about how fast time goes by, and that we'll be facing form 5, sitting for SPM, blah blah blah, and how Ah Qin will be going to college soon, since she finished form 6.. And my dear Yin Huan went..


And then we burst into laughter. Lost control kind. XD

And just when we've finally calmed down, she came up with this:



And then later, Ah Qin said,



Wo de biao mui :)

Today was such a shock. Totally unexpected.. But I am grateful. Really really grateful. And for the conclusion, I'm the awkward one.

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The journey begins.

So, my first day went a little like this!

PS, the one voted for Liew Zhan Hang was Liew Zhan Hang himself. *insert laughs here*

We really did nothing on the first day of school. Everyone's still the same. We talked so loud in class. We have to. The Block E classrooms are much bigger than Block A's. And there aren't many of us in a class, so.. More space, thus we have to talk louder. LOL

Also, there's a new student in our class today! Mr. Lim brought him into our class and we applauded so loudly before he even said anything, and applauded even more loudly after he introduced himself, haha. He also said he was from Penang. Then later, Ah Si was like, "Are you from Yoke Name?" And we all were like, "HE SAID HE'S FROM PENANG! AIYO!" Hahaha.

It actually does feel good to be back in school again. For now at least. LOL! The one thing I hate most about this school is that they chopped down all the trees. Remember our Jalan Utama? It was such a nice walk from pintu besar to dewan because of the trees. Made it so nice.. BUT NO, they HAVE to chop them down. But they did that because they have to build some new classrooms for us so.. Fine.

But then the new pintu besar, they chopped down the trees there too! Why? WHY? WHY? The weather is already ten thousand degrees and you're still chopping down trees. Great job. *sarcasm*


Got our textbooks today! No, I'm not actually that excited.

We played "The Shadow Game" today. HAHA! They are so crazy.. And it was so hot!

During Physics class, I said,
And Ah Hui replied,


School kinda just started, so there's really nothing much to say.

Oh and err.. We're getting our juniors tomorrow! No, I'm not actually that excited about this also.

Da EdN :)