Monday, 26 December 2011

9 days

Hey all!

I've been away for so long! And I'm so happy that I've been away for so long because I spent lots of time back at hometown with my cousins and other relatives. And ate really good food every day! I am a happy kid back there. So stress free and carefree. And surrounded by such humorous people 24/7.

SO, as I did last year, I'm gonna blog about "The Things I Learned" and other very random things that happened those days with my relatives.

1. I've learned that my family is really ginormous.
2. I've learned that kids are very annoying. But at the same time irresistibly ADORABLE ;D
3. I've learned that you really can't do anything about it if you have an urgent need to go to the bathroom in the bus.
4. I've learned that kids pee in empty bottles in the bus.
5. I've learned not to wear contact lens if one wants to swim in the ocean.
6. I've learned that we can really camwhore A LOT.
7. I've learned to love hotel buffet BREAKFASTS more than DINNERS.
8. I've learned that the night time till midnight gatherings in room 212 with my cousins was the most fun of the day.
9. I've learned that "Killer" is a really fun game.
10. I've learned that all my cousins of almost my age are C-R-A-Z-Y and ABNORMAL. HAHAHA!
11. I've learned that I really love my ginormous family.
12. I've learned to put my family as my first priority.
13. I've learned that my family can really EAT. HAHA!
14. I've learned that teaching my cousins "Speed" is a good thing!
15. I've learned that it takes GREAT skills to deceive a kid.
16. I've learned to love Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner!
17. I've learned to hold my bladder.
18. I've learned that the three of us (Ah Qin, Yin Huan and I) really know how to travel. Even if it's just around Taiping.
19. I've learned that Keluarga Ong's driving skills are really CRAZY. Better than a roller coaster ride.
20. I've learned that squeezing lemons is not an easy task.
21. I've learned to shower REALLY fast. Faster than my usual fastness.
22. I've learned to love the sky full of stars!

I have to love that midnight when Ah Qin, Yin Huan and I went laying beside the swimming pool and watching the stars in the sky, while they sing to me. Haha. Sweetest thing :)

Errmm.. That's about all that I can think of right now. BTW, I went to a zoo on Christmas! And I saw an elephant pee like a waterfall.

Talked about the course that I'm hoping to MASTER in the future with cousins Ah Yan and Ah B. Hearing Ah B talk about his friend who's taking medical course scared me. And I thought spending a night with a corpse would be the scariest part. Ugh. The future is confusing and scaring me. But then lighten up a little when we started gossiping! HAHA!

Reached home almost an hour earlier than my dad expected. This proves how fast he drives. Keluarga Ong............. LOL!

The Kedai Ah Liat family gathering was really a blast. So fun! But I think we all agreed that 3 days 2 nights is too short. HAHA! But we all did enjoy ourselves. I miss those 212 nights! And also breakfast lunch and dinner.. Because we all sat together most of the times :) Ah! I'm gonna say it again! I LOVE MY GINORMOUS FAMILY!

4 of A LOT MORE :)

All of us kids are so sad to part. We all have our own lives ahead of us, school, work, SPM for Lau Ah Girl and I.. Even my little cousin who's 7 years old this year worries that he can't get good results next year and that we'd be disappointed. Of course we won't... We're all worried about the future, us still studying that I know of.. I don't know what the elder cousins who are working think, though.

We're growing up. And we SEE ourselves growing up. It's a pretty scary sight, but the journey's great. Especially when we have every year end of cousins meeting to look forward to. Be it major family gathering or just balik kampung for fun :)

We'll be alright.

Until next time when we all get together again!

Da EdN :)

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