Friday, 30 December 2011


Hey everyone!

2011, where do I even start..

It's kind of a new start for me since day 1 of Form 4 life. The Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Addmaths really did kinda freaked me out. But then it was like.. "Meehhh.." As I'm not really the kind who cares a lot about results. But next year will be different! Next year's no easy year. More to that later.

New year, new class, new people. We've met some prreeetty INTERESTING teachers this year, no shit. Mr. Chemistry Lim got us laughing our asses off since day 1 of Chemistry class. At the beginning, I liked Chemistry the most out of the 3 Science subjects, until all the calculations came in... I am NOT good at long questions. I get so lost. I'm so lost now. LOL! But anyway, good teacher :)

Then there's this subject called SEJARAH. This was actually the year where I tell myself,"OKAY! YOU'VE BEEN FAILING SEJARAH LONG ENOUGH! TIME TO CONCENTRATE IN CLASS AND LEARN SOMETHING!" And so I did. But turns out, our teacher was like.. 8 months pregnant. She talks SO soft. SO soft. Even when I'm sitting like.. RIGHT in front of her, I still can't really hear what she was saying! I got fed up. LOL. Then she went into labor. THEN, there came a new replacement teacher... WHO WAS ALSO 8 MONTHS PREGNANT FTW. She didn't stay long though, didn't even teach us anything because it was exam season. And THEN, finally, after so long, a teacher who speaks loud enough and WASN'T 8 months pregnant, actually, wasn't even pregnant, came to teach us Sejarah. But she is the kind of teacher who teaches the whole freaking chapter in like.. 5 minutes. Skipping every detail and claiming she taught us everything and blames us, for not paying attention in class, when she asked questions and we did not know how to answer her. Or gave her the wrong answer. Like... WHAAAAAAAAAT?

And every other teacher of every other subject were very nice and funny too. Pn. English Sujata with her sarcasm and straightforwardness; Pn. Maths Che with her small rewards like "chocolate from London" or 20 cents to you if you answers a question correctly and others who I can't really remember right at this moment.

Some new friends were made too :) These amazing little kids. Haha!

Some memories and fragments of some moments in life are really worth reminiscing. Those moment that you'll remember forever, because it changed you forever; because it touched you somewhere in your deep heart core; because it made you look at the world, the people differently... Or even just random funny as heck moments that got you rolling on floor laughing your freakin ass off every time you think of it!

(Photos not in order)

When we had our CNY 义卖会 thing...

When we had an online webcam session with our far away cousin during CNY...
(They even online-gamble)

This year,

I dissected my first rat! And also frog.. It was totally team effort.

I cheered so hard for yellow house cheer on Sport's Day! Even though I'm in blue house..


I went to support my school's cheerleading team on their Silky Girl competition,
and be amazed by them. And also by Charm. And Cyrens. And Rayvens. And Calyx.

I got named "Mountain", along with my other Friends of Nature!

Sun, Moon, Star, Tree, River, Rain, Wind, Flower, Cloud, Thunder, AND EVEN MOTHER NATURE!

I celebrated 中秋节 with my cousins :) And also went 提灯笼 after SO many years.
Having the lantern light the way was like Lumos.

Went to uncle's night club with my dad, aunt, uncles and cousins.

PARTIED UNTIL 5 IN THE MORNING! We even had parents' guidance. So.. No complains!

I specifically remembered, there was a Ferrari parked right in front of me outside the club, and I didn't even know it was a Ferrari. LOL fail.

We had our class party, which was SO fun. We all got SO wet and so high running around, splashing water at each other, kicking and pulling people into the pool and get complained by the residents of the condo, worrying we can't get our RM100 deposit back, pouring water on each other, played with toothpaste...

I went to Phuket with my family!

I went to my dear Jaclyn's ballet concert!

Honestly, it was the first time I ever saw her do ballet. I've seen her dance and all, but not ballet. She's awesome. SO good. Can't describe how beautiful it was when they did "Nothing".

I found out how delicious this popcorn is!

We confessed our love to Tan Wen Yee :)

We had our 2nd major family gathering at Pangkor Island :)

All my lovely cousins :)

I ran on the beach at night! We were playing "don't let the water touch you!"

We were hunting for crabs on the beach at night. We went burying our feet in the sand because it was so fun and it felt good. Haha! Er gu zhang caught a crab so big it scared all of us :D

& also, I've found out how ADORABLE my cousins can be!

No matter infant, child, teenager, or MARRIED AND HAVE KIDS! Haha!

So many more to say! So many more pictures to post! Which makes it kinda impossible to say it all right here right now. Hahaha!

Remember the time when we also had a FRUIT PARTY in Bio lab? When we did the DCPIP experiment thing. Haha! Man Ni was like, "Come eat lemon! You will get fairer!" And Shu Qi and Yen Chen were so in love with grapefruits, while I loved the grapefruit juice. Haha! Speaking of Bio lab, there was this time Shelley and I teamed up and fooled Shu Qi and Yen Chen into thinking that I live UNDER our school. UNDER it. LOL! And also there was a time where I tricked Shu Qi into thinking I licked the Benedict solution off the dropper. So funny!

Ah Si, Ah Hua, Ah En, Shelley, Vickki and I also got SO obsessed with 柯震东 after watching the movie, and Shelley even said, "那些年,我们一起暗恋的男孩". HAHAHA!

Those 212 nights playing "Killer" with my cousins are by far the craziest memory. It went like,


And we BURST out with laughter! And I forgot who went, “我到底是被杀还是被救?!?!” Then we laughed even harder. XD

And seriously, every year balik kampung, at least ONE crazy thing is bound to happen. All I can say is, 我二姑一家人驾车都很厉害. LOL! And I really treasure the times I get to spend with my cousins because.. We only meet once a year. ONCE A YEAR. So.. I don't really regret anything :)

One midnight at Pangkor, at about 2am, Ah Qin, Yin Huan and I went out to the lobby to find FOOD. There wasn't any, obviously, because it was.. Well.. 2 IN THE MORNING. So we walked back to our room. Halfway there, we saw a sky full of stars. As they haven't seen this scenario in a long time and I've NEVER seen this scenario EVER, the three of us laid on the ground beside the swimming pool and watched the stars. We saw a freakin SMILEY FACE up there! They sang to me :) haha.

There was one day back at Selinsing, when all the adults went to a wedding dinner, leaving us young adults at home with one little cousin of ours. And when Ah Qin went showering, he told Yin Huan and I, “我要大便..” which made us PANICKED like heck! Because we have no idea what to do because kids don't sit on a toilet bowl to do their business! So we got him the kids' pot thing.. For business doing.. He took off his pants and sat on the pot. AND THEN, HE STOOD UP AGAIN! We were freaking out like, “你做什么?!” and he walked calmly to a dead dragonfly, pointed at it and asked, “这个什么来的?” HAHAHAHAHA! We were so afraid he would shit everywhere. XD!

And then it got funnier when Ah Qin came out from the shower, and we realized that he doesn't want anyone to SEE him take a shit, so we got him into the toilet with the pot. AND THEN HE LOCKED THE DOOR HIMSELF. And Ah Qin was like,“大好来啊,你大在那个桶知道吗?” and when he gave no response, we FREAKED out AGAIN. She was knocking and banging the door asking him to open up because she was afraid he might shit everywhere. LOOOOL!!! The whole thing was just hilarious. So damn funny to watch. But all was good, nothing went wrong. Hahaha!

Ahh, there's just so much more to say. But I think I'll stop here. I just feel so blessed to have such great friends, and such an amazing, ginormous family. I heard from the radio that a happy life is measured by the quality of your relationships, at this point, I am such a happy girl.

2011 has been such a wonderful year. I regret nothing. Seriously. Haha!

Da EdN :)

Monday, 26 December 2011

9 days

Hey all!

I've been away for so long! And I'm so happy that I've been away for so long because I spent lots of time back at hometown with my cousins and other relatives. And ate really good food every day! I am a happy kid back there. So stress free and carefree. And surrounded by such humorous people 24/7.

SO, as I did last year, I'm gonna blog about "The Things I Learned" and other very random things that happened those days with my relatives.

1. I've learned that my family is really ginormous.
2. I've learned that kids are very annoying. But at the same time irresistibly ADORABLE ;D
3. I've learned that you really can't do anything about it if you have an urgent need to go to the bathroom in the bus.
4. I've learned that kids pee in empty bottles in the bus.
5. I've learned not to wear contact lens if one wants to swim in the ocean.
6. I've learned that we can really camwhore A LOT.
7. I've learned to love hotel buffet BREAKFASTS more than DINNERS.
8. I've learned that the night time till midnight gatherings in room 212 with my cousins was the most fun of the day.
9. I've learned that "Killer" is a really fun game.
10. I've learned that all my cousins of almost my age are C-R-A-Z-Y and ABNORMAL. HAHAHA!
11. I've learned that I really love my ginormous family.
12. I've learned to put my family as my first priority.
13. I've learned that my family can really EAT. HAHA!
14. I've learned that teaching my cousins "Speed" is a good thing!
15. I've learned that it takes GREAT skills to deceive a kid.
16. I've learned to love Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner!
17. I've learned to hold my bladder.
18. I've learned that the three of us (Ah Qin, Yin Huan and I) really know how to travel. Even if it's just around Taiping.
19. I've learned that Keluarga Ong's driving skills are really CRAZY. Better than a roller coaster ride.
20. I've learned that squeezing lemons is not an easy task.
21. I've learned to shower REALLY fast. Faster than my usual fastness.
22. I've learned to love the sky full of stars!

I have to love that midnight when Ah Qin, Yin Huan and I went laying beside the swimming pool and watching the stars in the sky, while they sing to me. Haha. Sweetest thing :)

Errmm.. That's about all that I can think of right now. BTW, I went to a zoo on Christmas! And I saw an elephant pee like a waterfall.

Talked about the course that I'm hoping to MASTER in the future with cousins Ah Yan and Ah B. Hearing Ah B talk about his friend who's taking medical course scared me. And I thought spending a night with a corpse would be the scariest part. Ugh. The future is confusing and scaring me. But then lighten up a little when we started gossiping! HAHA!

Reached home almost an hour earlier than my dad expected. This proves how fast he drives. Keluarga Ong............. LOL!

The Kedai Ah Liat family gathering was really a blast. So fun! But I think we all agreed that 3 days 2 nights is too short. HAHA! But we all did enjoy ourselves. I miss those 212 nights! And also breakfast lunch and dinner.. Because we all sat together most of the times :) Ah! I'm gonna say it again! I LOVE MY GINORMOUS FAMILY!

4 of A LOT MORE :)

All of us kids are so sad to part. We all have our own lives ahead of us, school, work, SPM for Lau Ah Girl and I.. Even my little cousin who's 7 years old this year worries that he can't get good results next year and that we'd be disappointed. Of course we won't... We're all worried about the future, us still studying that I know of.. I don't know what the elder cousins who are working think, though.

We're growing up. And we SEE ourselves growing up. It's a pretty scary sight, but the journey's great. Especially when we have every year end of cousins meeting to look forward to. Be it major family gathering or just balik kampung for fun :)

We'll be alright.

Until next time when we all get together again!

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

challenge accepted!

Hey guys!
(I watched a lot of Niga Higa videos last night and more than half of the videos he starts with "Hey guys!" so I thought, why not.)

So, after sooooooooo long. After all the exams and Saturday tuitions and activities and trainings out of nowhere and bad planning and wrong timing and all that crap, my three bitch sisters and I finally got an outing together!

But we all reached late, and all we did was watch a movie, have lunch at road side Sushi Tei and chose a watch.

We watched The Adventures of Tin Tin at The Gardens. DAMN that cinema was ice cold. Dead cold. Shit cold. Just. OMG cold. The movie was pree-ee-tty interesting. Let's be no spoiler here, but I will say this, it makes me wanna have a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon because it reminded me of how cool the pirates there are. How hot. How charming. How beautiful. EVEN THE SHIPS' NAMES OMG.


After the movie ended, the four of us hurried out of the cinema. Our legs were so numb. We went into the toilet and Deanna discovered something very WARM and so we just stood there and do it because we were SO cold. Okay, so what we did was, we stood under the hand dryer to warm ourselves.

Then, we went to Sushi Tei because Amanda said the food there is good. And yea, they are. LOL! She also made a chocolate moose for Shelley as a late birthday present. It was SO chocolaty! So delicious. And the carrot cakes she made for us are just TO DIE FOR!

Anyway, back to the Sushi Tei place. The softshell crab was good. LOL. And the garlic rice. And pretty much everything. Haha!

And then we saw some girls courting this guy. Which was LOL!

Look what Amanda got us!

Hers is Ravenclaw and mine is Gryffindor. See what she did there?

Tuesday during tuition, Ms Teh gave me a challenge. Which was to finish this 3D puzzle thing. And I'm like,

They were like,

"I finished it in 45 minutes or so.." *showing off.* pfft. HAHA!
"I think you'll take one hour or more. EVEN A DAY, maybe." *discriminate* pfft. LOL!
"This is to test your patience. Which you lack. Or have none at all." TRUE. In some ways. But Tauruses are actually the most patient of all horoscopes.

*Italic are jokes. They're not that mean.* XD

So when I reached home, I got to work. I didn't time myself because.. What's the point? LOL. But anyway, I completed it!!!!


And I also took this picture below as a tribute to the Tumblr post comparing how males and females take a picture of something they want to show people. Which I find very true. So this is how girls take a picture of something they want to show you:

They just never forget to include themselves in the picture. I took this picture because I was bored waiting for the Niga Higa videos to buff. And if you look at the star again, it looks a lot like a perfume bottle don't cha think?

Today, the 3D puzzle that has to be completed is a rose. It's very beautiful. Looking at the cover and all.. And I've seen the one Man Long completed. I just didn't think it would be.. Big. Pretty big. LOL.

And again, they're all like,

"This one is very hard!"
"Harder than the star a lot!"
"I think you'll need two days!"

So I sat down and got started. Yes it is harder than the star. LOL! More pieces maa.. And then more or less than an hour later.....................

Ain't she a beauty?

I even texted Hui Chi saying,"I finished the rose already lo..." And her reply "Really ah?" just makes me feel so good because it left her in disbelief. HAHAHA! Two days wa.. Cheh. LOL!

The rose turned out so beautiful that I just had to play with it and snap pictures with it.

Just because I miss them so much :)

Ya know, even though it's holidays now, but I never get the chance to sleep in. Every morning no matter weekdays or weekends I have to wake up before 10am. Or at 10am latest. Ugh. Bummer. Take this week for instance. Okay fine, I woke up at 11am on Monday. Tuesday I woke up at 8am because I have tuition at 10am and hafta get ready. Wednesday I woke up at 8am or earlier than that, idk, because my mum woke me.. Unintentionally. Today, I woke up at 8am because of tuition. Tomorrow I have to wake up EARLIER because tuition starts at 9AM! Oh you think that's bad, SATURDAY, I have orchestra practice at 8AM!!!!! The time that I usually wake up! Oh. Shit. But then again.....

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

happy days are here again :)


It's been pretty long since I've updated my blog mann. Well, for me, it's a long time. Honestly, I don't know what to talk about, or I should put it as, so much had happened I don't know where to begin!

I went back to Perak for a few days. My 3 nephews back there has grown so much! They're adorable. Naughty, crazy at times, but adorable. Beh tahan.

Oh yeah, we stopped by at Selinsing before we headed to BS.

This girl ah, very geng one. She's having STPM now, which I have no doubt that she will totally kick it hard in the ass and make the whole family proud, but when I asked her, "你不用读书的meh?" She replied me, "不用啦." LOL!

AND OMG LEE YI BIN IS SO ADORABLE! Kept making funny faces when we asked him to take pictures. And and and! His face's shape is SQUARE. SQUARE! DO YOU KNOW, HOW MUCH CHUBBIER IT IS?! I can't even.

Did you know? That every year every time I go back to BS, Tan Wen Yee is either EATING, WATCHING TV, or SLEEPING. But mostly sleeping. If she's eating or watching TV, after like, 10-15 minutes, she'll go to sleep. Haihs, Y U NO STAY AWAKE?

Back to Perak means.....


Spent two days in Ipoh at Pei Pei gugu's house. Xiao Qing is ADORABLE! & Sa Zim Po's cooking is absolutely delicious. Talking in the room produces very very very LOUD echo. HAHA!

At night, as we have nothing to do, dad, uncle and I watched a movie. 我知女人心 by Lau Tak Wah and Gong Li. 美和帅. What more can I say? The movie was good. :D

Slept in the same room with dad and did not get disturbed by the sound of his snores! *proud*

The day we left Ipoh and back to KL is also the day Lau Yin Huan and Lau Xin Jie arrives at KL. But as we will reach KL late, they spent the night at Lau Zhi Yan's. And then the next day, we met up at Mid Valley.

"Where are you? I reaching liao."

"Lower ground floor. Opposite KFC there.."

And I was thinking, "shit, where the heck is KFC again?" and quickly replied,

"Don't move. I come now."

I was so excited man! Walked so super fast, thinking, "where is KFC where is KFC.."

As I was looking around looking for KFC, Lau Yin Huan was standing there looking at me, laughing. "I looking at you you still looking around.." she said. XD

Had brunch at Chilli's! OMG I loooooooooooooove foooooooooood. And I wanted them to try the molten larva cake, so we ordered one and we shared because if we each ordered one our stomach will freakin explode. You know, we finished the whole thing less than 5 minutes. Like, seriously. I am not joking. Not this time.

Pictures !


Oh! And I also saw this pretty young thang ! :D

They shopped like mad, the two of them. I was just standing around giving comments and opinions most of the times. But I also ended up spending RM93 on pretty useless things and I felt so guilty and heartbroken! And then Lau Yin Huan said Tauruses are very giam siap. XD!

Had a GREAT dinner with the Lau Sisters at 龙的传人. The lauk-pauk.... OMGGGGGG... ALL THOSE WASTED YEARS JUST EATING XIAO LONG BAO THEREEEE....

"Sunway 的小笼包没有这样好吃,这里的好吃一点."
"Zomok leh?"


Showed Lau Xin Jie Kingsley videos.

Watched Gong Sum Gai at night :)

The next day, we went to Sunway. Slept early the previous night too because we were so darn tired. Broke our rule la. What maniac forces one self to stay up to 4am then only sleep and wake up at 8am the next morning. LOL

Just because we love him so much he's so darn good looking :)

We had Chatime. And Lau Yin Huan was amazed by the taste :) Asian Avenue sells cheap and nice things suitable for us. And Lau Yin Huan bought me this really beautiful necklace of a ballerina. I have been looking for this kind of pendant for so long! :')

There was this shop which sells idk what it's called. But there was this charm bracelet on display, the first charm was a idk what, the second was a ballerina and the third one was a cello. I wanted to shoplift it man! Just snatch it and run. Two of the things I love so much. Aww damn. Haha!

Had Moo Cow when Lau Yin Huan went to find her friend. Sat and chit-chat with Lau Xin Jie :)

BBQ Plaza for dinner.

Went home earlier.

Watched Gong Sum Gai at midnight.

Laughed like crap with Lau Yin Huan till midnight.

Laughed so loud that Lau Xin Jie "Oi"-ed us.

I said she wasn't cute, so we went to sleep.

Then we woke up again. (Not because I said she was cute)

Wanted to calm down for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, we fell asleep.

The third day, stayed home and grow fat. Ordered Domino's as brunch and played The Sims all day with Lau Yin Huan. That ass, really once sit on the chair, 5 hours gone. She was so determined not to use cheat to increase the family's cash. But she used the cheat where she can delete water and used plates and garbage XD She even deleted her Sim and clicked for him to be back so that his mood will be perfect HAHAHAHAHA!

After dinner, had Secret Recipe as pencuci mulut while waiting for Lau Zhi Yan to come.

Laughed so hard that I'm gonna have ABS hearing the Lau Sisters talk about their childhood.

Showed Lau Zhi Yan Kingsley videos.

And then, they left ):

I am now looking forward to the family gathering at Pangkor, which slideshow I haven't make. And also the Christmas Eve party at triplet's house. I even purposely go buy a purple shirt just for this event. LOL!

Bro's building a house in The Sims! :D

Da EdN :)