Monday, 14 November 2011

party like a rockstar

Hello! We had our class party at De Tropicana Condo!

Okay you know what, I'm super lazy to write stuff so this may be another super ringkas-ed post :)

Went up to Shu Qi's house when we reached. Helped them to prepare the food, and eat up all the not nice ones. LOL. Mostly eggs. Her sister was so cute man! And she can do lots of scary yet awesome things with her tongue.

Then before we (Ah Si, Ah Hui, Shelley and I) went down to get Chi Hoe, we went up to a senior's house because Ah Hui wanted to return the charger to him. While we're approaching his house, Hui and Si are having this argument:


Then when we reached the door,

Because there's like.. This.. Gate thing before the door. And the space between the gate and door is very far. And then we laughed like mad outside, then he came out.


Then we went down to the guard house, and didn't see Chi Hoe. We stood there for a while, then turned back and look, and he was standing there looking at us! Wtf man. XD

Before we got so soaking wet.

We ate and talked and crapped and played and laughed and every other actions you can think of. LOL. Not all la XD

Then after that we played games that some of them organized, but it was total chaos because, come on, trying to separate a bunch of 16 year olds into groups and play games, it won't work. Get real. Hahaha! So we just played whatever we want. And the boys jumped into the pool, so the rest of us just sat there and eat and talk. Suddenly, Shelley came to sit beside me. A brief silence later, she said, "Very boring ah, water guns leh?" (I bought 6 water guns) And we jumped off our seats and ran to my bag to get the guns. And she damn sampat one, she said, "No! Don't let the others see!"

Then we started shooting people with the water guns. So... We kinda started the war. LOL! Soon, they used Pooi Yen's bucket to fill water and pour it on people, or, trying to push and pull people into the pool and all kinds of WET games. HAHAHA! Oh oh! I high 5-ed Zhan Hang with our feet, and I kicked him into the pool. LOL!

I think Pooi Yen and Jia Shin got me the wettest because they kept using BUCKET on me! And Weng Key's and Shu Qi's sisters were there to play with us also. Hahaha! I used the bucket on people too, it was so fun. Haha! And I kept knocking Zhan Hang's head accidentally when I used the bucket on him. The disadvantage of being tall. TROLOLOL!

There's this strict rule at the condo that says only swimsuits are allowed in the pool, no T-shirts, no pants. And we rented the place for RM100 deposit, if any rule breaking we can't get the money back. So when people tried to push people into the pool, we kept shouting, "OI OI! 100 BUCKS AH!"

And did I mention that we also played with toothpastes? :D

Overall, we ALL got wet.

Then it started raining and we moved the party into the hall. We all surrounded the fan to dry ourselves. XD

I cannot find words to describe their tahap kesohaian. XD

This is a 全家福 XD (Ms Tan as the mother and Zhan Hang as the father LOL)

Almost liddat la. So tired. Arms all pain now. Hahaha! But it was worth it because we had super fun! :D

About 10 something, we all helped DA BAO the leftovers. The drinks! Oh gosh, we had to drink it all. HAHAHA.

Tonight was good night :)


Da EdN :)

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