Thursday, 24 November 2011

pretty boy


Holy shit, I could just stare at them all day.

Today at tuition.........

“1/2 +3 -4 等于多少?”
*passes her calculator*
“Oh 对 hor... Hahaha!”
“所以我讲我不明白有钱人 lo....”

me MsTeh Julia

I'm seeing a lot on Twitter. Sometimes I get jealous, must of the times I just don't want to give a fuck. Something needs to happen. HAHA!

Talked on the phone till midnight with Lau Ah Girl again. I'm so glad that she's coming next Tuesday. But then she'll be leaving rather early this year. Such a bummer. I have so much to tell her, I bet she has a lot to tell me too. Though we always talk on the phone till midnight, but our conversations are never ending. Haha! We are girls anyway... And we only talk on the phone like.. Once every 2 or 3 months. Yesterday's (actually, today XD) topic was mostly about 那些年. I really like something she said:


How true is that? Haha.

She's so frustrated that they didn't end up together. Hahaha!

“是啦,她有五个 leh.”


But actually, that one still likes her most I think.

Haih, reality, liddat one laaa.... HAHA!

I really hope you ask me again. I was really about to tell you, but I can't find the right words, and I didn't want to get angry in front of you. Sometimes I really doubt what you said, but I want to believe you SO badly. I will never understand you. Not then, not now.

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Shelley turned 16!

Hello! Someone just turned 16 today! And a surprise party is planned :D A thing that I've been thinking of for months, and it all comes down to this. Haha!

Before I get to the celebration part, let's time travel a bit back to the day we went back to school for the RM 100. We (Shelley, Chi Hoe, Man Long and I) went to Snowflake after that. Then later when Miing Pin arrived, the three of us (obviously CH, ML & I) left. It was going to rain soon and we had to hold down a cab. Thank goodness we got into the cab before it started raining.

We headed to a shop to get some photos printed out. While waiting for that, we not ran, but very quickly walked to Pearl Point for Popular. After some discussion and some knocking things over and causing very loud noises, we got the materials we needed and very quickly walked back to the shop for our photos. Imagine that, if you can. Hahaha.

Then we went back to my place to get the work started. It didn't take us a very long time to think how to design it. But the difficult part was attaching the ribbon to the double-sided tape, and then cutting it to perfect shape.

While doing that, Chi Hoe had some (actually, A LOT) Korean songs playing. Then Man Long was like, "可以不要一直开韩国歌吗?有没有华语歌?" Then he kinda ignored him. HAHAHA!

Then later, Jay Chou's song was playing.

"NAH! 华语歌啊,听到没有?"

HAHAHAHA! 'Bang, apa lu mau, man!

After much sticking and cutting of the ribbon, we finally finished it! Well actually we did laugh at a lot of random things that I don't quite remember, so there goes time. XD. But anyway, TADA!

I am so proud of the outcome :'D HAHAHA

Something very funny happened last night, you're gonna laugh.

I was supposed to go to Deanna's house to make Shelley's birthday cake, but before that, I onlined for a while and Miing Pin came and talk to me.

"How is it?"
"How is what?"
"The card is with Chi Hoe."
"That's a problem.
Cos Dee can't bring cos she has tuition and she'll reach late
Chi Hoe can't bring cos he taking KTM, scared the cake melt
Maybe I can bring, but have to make up some crappy lie like 'Oh my mum asked me to bring this to her friend' LOL. Fail."
"Lol, she'll know one.
Anyone else?"
"Man Long, but he lives in Belakong"
"Triplets, live in Serdang"
"I ask him, later tell you."

A while later...

" 'Marcus, are you going to Shelley's BD party tml? WS says your going' "
"Nvm, I sent another message say 'cos you're going out with your scout friends right, I need you to help me buy something'
Can mou?
Sei lo"
"But you already said 'SHELLEY'S BD PARTY' "
"Nvm, if she replies, just say 'Marcus planning to go surprise you' "

me MP

El, Oh, El.

Then he managed to cover that, thank God. Hahaha!

So, moving on to the cake. We made an Oreo cheesecake! Man, the beauty of it!

Oh yea, there was this part, where Dee told me to chop the cheese into cube size, and then after I've chopped it, she smelled the cheese and said, "This cheese smells different.." She took the packet of the cheese and read it and say, "Oh CRAP, I bought the wrong cheese!" But then, we're at her house, she has everything, including the right cheese, but there were only little left. But still, that will have to do.

Wrong cheese.

Right cheese :D

Before baking it.

"This cake will be very flat.." she said.

Then we melted some chocolate to coat the cake with it, so we can add some decorations on it. And then, we poured the chocolate onto the cheese, and........

Holy craaaap....

The day has arrived.

Shelley arrived at my house first and we're to go to Mid Valley together. I told her several times before her birthday that I will date her on her birthday, just the two of us, so she won't suspect anything XD

The plan was to delay her as Deanna can't reach early enough and there will be no cake. So, this morning I woke up, and played The Sims, and start thinking what excuse I can make to delay her. I could be playing The Sims and be all like, "OH CRAP, I played until forgot the time already.." when she reaches, or, "Mind if I take a shower?", or, "My bro haven't wake up leh..", or, "OMG what should I wear?". But instead, we sat at home and watched yesterday's episode of Beyond the Realm of Conscience :D

Here's the trouble, Flower and Rain kept calling me and ask questions like, "Where are you?" and "What time are you coming?" which I can't answer because Shelley was with me. So I'm just all like, "Haaaar?" "Whaaaaat?" "Huuuuh?" or hang up the phone, and said, "Some dude. Wrong number." LOL!

But then, they KEPT calling, so I had to hang up the phone a few times, I AM SO SORRY! HAhaha!

When we reached, I dragged her to random places like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Centre, Sony Ericsson and places like that. Delay ma... XD

When it's finally time, I dragged her to Garden. You know? The very gardenish restaurant with a white piano in a huge cage? Yea that. As we were walking towards the restaurant, she said, "eih, wanna go try Garden anot?" and I'm like, "Okay, let's go." While we're walking closer and closer, she saw Chi Hoe sitting there and said, "Eih, Chi Hoe wo.."

When we reached, everyone JUMPED out and surprised her :D
She was all like, "What?" "Eih? Why you here one?" "Eih?" "Eih?" LOL!

It didn't went as smoothly as I imagined it will be, but she did get surprised, so it's a success, I guess.

Then we told her about how we were planning this all along without her knowing, and all the funny things we've went through while planning this party. So funny.

And then at 2pm, we went to watch the famous You Are the Apple of My Eye, AKA, 那些年,我们一起追的女孩. The guy was so freakin MAN. The movie was good, but not as great as people describe it when they say, "OH MY GOSH, IT'S SO FREAKIN GOOD!" Damn exaggerated. XD

This is eeerrrrmm.......... XD Moisturizer.

Went home like about 7pm. Everyone else went home early though. Triplets, Man Long and I went home latest. The triplets had dinner there with family.

23/11 is a very special day :)

Da EdN :D

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

for your entertainment :)


I remember saying that if more funny stuff happens I'll blog about the conversations, so here it is!
"Have you seen Miley's brother before?"
"Miley has a brother?"
"Yeaaa.. But he's this guy, with a lot of tattoo and a lot of piercings, totally unlike his sister and father, who are very country-ish.."
"That's why they had to hire a Jackson."

me bro

We were talking about phones...

"Maybe buy Strawberry, Strawberry not bad."
"Eih wait, Blueberry, not Strawberry."
"Blackberry is it?"
"OH ya ya ya! Blackberry!"
me dad

I was talking to my cousin sis via facebook chat...

"Mama ask you Samsung got which model newer than S Plus.."
"Galaxy W, RM950+, Galaxy Y, RM499+"
"Which one better?"
"W lah!"

It's funny because.. Look back at it, see the price also know which one better la... XD

me AhYun

There you have it!
See, I'm such a dedicated blogger. I still have tonnes of stuff to do. But I can't tell you now, because I GTG! Kthxbai!

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I'm not that kind of girl

I'm not pretty; I'm not skinny; I'm not hot; I'm not sexy; I'm not cute; I'm not feminine; I don't have nice hair; I don't have big eyes; I don't have skinny legs; I don't have skinny arms; I wear glasses; I don't have neat teeth.

But her...

She's all the opposite of me.

I have long accepted the fact that in this world, this, complicated world with complicated people, looks matter.

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

butterfly fly away

Hey there, beautiful!

So today we got our cash! After all the queuing, and squeezing, and the sweating, we finally got our cash. Hahaha! Thanks, kerajaan!

After that, went to Snowflake with Shelley, Chi Hoe and Man Long. It was so hot at first, but then, SO.... COLD..... But so tasty! Totally worth the goosebumps HAHAHA!

I watched Hannah Montana The Movie that day. Don't judge me! It's a good movie okaaay? Funny and nice, and Lucas Till was so freakin gorgeous. And there was also Taylor Swift and Tyra Banks! Hahaha! So anyway, I find this song really nice. Though, I think, Billy Ray Cyrus sings so much better than Miley... But this is a really good song!

Mmm hmmm. It's a bit soft tho, you might wanna turn the volume up. Like a lot. LOL

I actually have a lot to say. About.. Someone.. Something.. I might never get the chance to say it. Yup.

Da EdN :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

party like a rockstar

Hello! We had our class party at De Tropicana Condo!

Okay you know what, I'm super lazy to write stuff so this may be another super ringkas-ed post :)

Went up to Shu Qi's house when we reached. Helped them to prepare the food, and eat up all the not nice ones. LOL. Mostly eggs. Her sister was so cute man! And she can do lots of scary yet awesome things with her tongue.

Then before we (Ah Si, Ah Hui, Shelley and I) went down to get Chi Hoe, we went up to a senior's house because Ah Hui wanted to return the charger to him. While we're approaching his house, Hui and Si are having this argument:


Then when we reached the door,

Because there's like.. This.. Gate thing before the door. And the space between the gate and door is very far. And then we laughed like mad outside, then he came out.


Then we went down to the guard house, and didn't see Chi Hoe. We stood there for a while, then turned back and look, and he was standing there looking at us! Wtf man. XD

Before we got so soaking wet.

We ate and talked and crapped and played and laughed and every other actions you can think of. LOL. Not all la XD

Then after that we played games that some of them organized, but it was total chaos because, come on, trying to separate a bunch of 16 year olds into groups and play games, it won't work. Get real. Hahaha! So we just played whatever we want. And the boys jumped into the pool, so the rest of us just sat there and eat and talk. Suddenly, Shelley came to sit beside me. A brief silence later, she said, "Very boring ah, water guns leh?" (I bought 6 water guns) And we jumped off our seats and ran to my bag to get the guns. And she damn sampat one, she said, "No! Don't let the others see!"

Then we started shooting people with the water guns. So... We kinda started the war. LOL! Soon, they used Pooi Yen's bucket to fill water and pour it on people, or, trying to push and pull people into the pool and all kinds of WET games. HAHAHA! Oh oh! I high 5-ed Zhan Hang with our feet, and I kicked him into the pool. LOL!

I think Pooi Yen and Jia Shin got me the wettest because they kept using BUCKET on me! And Weng Key's and Shu Qi's sisters were there to play with us also. Hahaha! I used the bucket on people too, it was so fun. Haha! And I kept knocking Zhan Hang's head accidentally when I used the bucket on him. The disadvantage of being tall. TROLOLOL!

There's this strict rule at the condo that says only swimsuits are allowed in the pool, no T-shirts, no pants. And we rented the place for RM100 deposit, if any rule breaking we can't get the money back. So when people tried to push people into the pool, we kept shouting, "OI OI! 100 BUCKS AH!"

And did I mention that we also played with toothpastes? :D

Overall, we ALL got wet.

Then it started raining and we moved the party into the hall. We all surrounded the fan to dry ourselves. XD

I cannot find words to describe their tahap kesohaian. XD

This is a 全家福 XD (Ms Tan as the mother and Zhan Hang as the father LOL)

Almost liddat la. So tired. Arms all pain now. Hahaha! But it was worth it because we had super fun! :D

About 10 something, we all helped DA BAO the leftovers. The drinks! Oh gosh, we had to drink it all. HAHAHA.

Tonight was good night :)


Da EdN :)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Sparkling Diamond

Hey hey, look what I found,

"Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend. Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what
is right in the face of adversity."-Stephen King.

Well said, Mr. King, well said. Which brings us to this,

I'd say today's a pretty emotional day for most people. I seriously think we have the best seniors thus far. They'd all kick SPM hard in the ass :D

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Possibly the 2nd last day of school/2011

Hi !

I went to school today without the gang. Triplets were absent, Shelley was absent, Man Long was absent, yea. I actually went today to hand in my homework. See! So good of a student, go where find, I ask you? XD But still okay la, at least the performances for the Deepavali and Christmas celebration were pretty good. Remember the part where all the Indian teachers dance? It was great. Even the construction workers came out to enjoy the performance. Haha!

Okay I'm just here blogging now so that I can throw a bunch of random pictures here with very few words because I have tuition at 5pm and I've been walking around the school for quite long today climbing stairs and stuff like that and I'm very tired now :D

Himin Ng tying her hair XD

For almost 2 periods, I've been running around with her all over the school to do her PPS stuff. No wonder she's so fit. Hahaha!

Oh look, she's floating!

I'm doing crenation; she's doing turgid. XD!

Nah, normal one. Hahaha!

We are 深情对望-ing. HAHAHA

And then we went to find this guy : !

He kept taking photos of her,

And she of him. I don't know why. It was funny to watch. Hahaha!

I sip-ed wai. XD

Spot him at the back, so scary looking. Lol.

I love my royal dog XD

They were kinda fighting over the lollipop. Such little kids la. Hahaha! Even though we were in a library, the two of them were still very noisy. Talk to each other macam mau cari gaduh liddat. SO FUNNEH.

Yea, that's the summary of what I did today.

The Form 5s are graduating this year! Can you believe how fast time shunpo-ed by this year? Well, it just proves how happy we were throughout the whole year. I'm gonna miss my seniors, honestly. They're such nice seniors and I will miss having them around because who's gonna help us with stuff next time around when they're gone? Next year we'll be the seniors, I don't want to be the senior. Anyway, I'll miss The Seniors. (I call them "The Seniors" mentally since form 1 because it sound cool. XD)

K I'll go sleep now thxbai.

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

I have GUNS.

Hi. I wanted to blog about something just now, but I accidentally deleted all the pictures. I have no idea what I was thinking! LOL. So.. See when will I feel it again la. XD

So anyway, I came across this, and I think it's worth sharing. Not all of it makes sense to me, but some are true and some are worth learning. At least, that's what I think.

1. 看一個男人的品位,要看他的鞋子。
























There we go.

Anyway, I am bored as fuck at home, I'll tell you that. So I'll just be typing a bunch of random stuff today, ya.

Kingsley and Jenna Marbles are so awesome I just want to quote them all the time but then idk what's the right way to credit them so I've decided not to.

Went to VIVA just now, that place sells lotsa furniture! Which, my bro thinks only extremely rich people buy. There's also this Chinese section, selling antique and weird stuff which I've never seen before in my life and still don't know what it is when I see it. Yea. I WANT TO EAT ICE-CREAM AND CHOCOLATE AND CAKE. I NEED SUGAR! LOL. I feel so trapped here at home. With my parents watching Three Kingdom from 4-6pm every Saturday and Sunday and my bro playing TF2 or Evil Genius, what am I suppose to do, hmmm? I can't practice my cello because they'll complain about the noise, I can't read books because there are noises from the TV and the comp and I can't concentrate and will probably have to read one line 4-5 times and STILL NOT GET IT. I don't have any homework anymore. Ugh. I want to go ooooooouuuuuuuutt!

Hey hey hey hey HEEEEEEEY! Guess what, GUESS WHAT! Our class party's happening this coming Sunday! I'm looking forward to it, but not many people responded to the event on facebook HAHA! But anyway, I bought water guns. Damn cheap stuff I should say. I tried playing with it and it was AWESOME! My childhood memory! Makes me miss Bukit Merah :D
My dad also bought two more toy guns today for photographing purpose, and my bro and I played with it at home just now. FUN FUN FUN ~

Okay I'm out of stuff to say. I'm just bored and out came this post. But you're still AWESOME because you've made it all the way here! Though maybe you've skipped like, a paragraph or two.

Okay that's all dinner should be ready anytime soon! And I think they're reaching Aberforth! Can't wait! :D

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

the ups and downs


Hey guess what. I've finished reading half of Deathly Hallows. On one hand I don't really want to finish reading it so fast, on the other, I want to finish reading it as soon as possible because I want to start reading other books. And no, I can't read both at the same time or leave Deathly Hallows aside and start the other one first. I want the magic to last longer la... #FRUSTRATION
I am so, SO happy that Ron came back :)

So anyway, we got our results back. Not all, but most. Honestly, most were below my expectations, but actually I don't really know what I expected. Not bad one la my results, but then they raised the bar and so it's harder to get an A or even an A-. And because I'm Asian, As are pree-eetty important to me. (Hahaha, joke.) I only got an A- for Biology. I did a HELL lot of stupid mistakes in Physics. Ugh, all the marks I lost. #sad
And seriously, I have very smart friends. Or very lucky friends. I don't know. I think I'll go with smart. Or maybe little bit of both. Whichever la.

I'm pretty disappointed, to be honest, because I didn't get a lot of As! I know! That's a terrible reason! But really, my results are very unstable, some times I get very good results, some times I get very bad ones, and I always get bad results at the wrong time which is for the last term exams. But I'll be positive and say this, most of my subjects improved! Be it a little or a lot la it's still improvement :D So I'll try to stick with this thought.

Today during Bio class, Ms. Lee was discussing the exam paper with us and Mr. Lim came in and ask, "What period is it now? Still Biology? Or Chemistry already?" And we remained silent. Then there was a part, I think someone said it's supposed to be Chemistry now, and Mr. Lim jokingly said, "Oh I see, you all like Biology more, still want to study Biology even though it's Chemistry class now." And we were like, "Nooo.. Noo.." and Ms. Lee was like, "NO AH?!" So we quickly changed to, "YES YES!"

Oh come on teachers of 4A10, aren't we adorable? XD

I feel that I'm growing up. I hate this feeling.

Da EdN :)