Friday, 30 September 2011

got it right

I'm having so much fun brewing potions! Getting a hang of it :)
I still can't believe I'm placed in Gryffindor. I am so proud! Even though I wanted to be in Slytherin most, but when I was placed in Gryffindor I was really extremely happy.
I love my wand. Spruce with dragon core, 12 and a half inches, solid. OHDEARME :D
Now this is my escape.

Today, ugh. I don't even want to talk about the teachers in school. People who know will know, people who don't, oh well. Lady, we are not your slaves. One day when we rebel with everyone else, you will be in such deep shit.

So anyway, apart from that, I had the best Maths lesson today. Everything just seemed so easy and simple and clear with her teaching. And after telling them what happened, I can finally make it clear, who's real and who's not. I'm with them. I really like the way he keeps standing up for her :) He told her,"Don't let what she said influence you. See, like Wei Shan, she knows. And all these things, you tell XXX she will believe meh? You tell YYY he will believe meh?"
I really hope she knows that we will be there for her. I really don't believe she'll do all that bullshit she said she did.

We, are not brainless people. Though you may think so, but who cares what you think? I haven't forget you told me to stop dancing. I will never forget that. You will never understand what it means to me, and I don't need you to. And I stopped not because of you. Suck it.

Just feels good to get my mind cleared :)

"Even Heroes have the right to bleed."

-Five For Fighting, Superman.

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

almost fallen..

I, am in total confusion right now. Let me get back to this later, before it ruins my current unstable good mood and I can't talk about the funny things that happened in school yesterday.

Yesterday, we had our English exam. After recess, this teacher, I didn't know her name, came in for relief because our... I forgot what period we were having, BM or Moral.. Anyway, it was during a period where the teacher was on labour leave. So at the beginning, she was like, bitching us around for I don't know what reason. We weren't that noisy. Then suddenly, she called, "Miss Tan Wei Shan." Miss. Miss. So I was like, "Did she just call me?" Then Ah Hui was like, "Yup, she called Miss Tan Wei Shan."

So I walked to her. And then she was like, "Do you have a brother from this school?" Then I said, "Err.. Yeaaaa..." "What's his name?" "Tan Wu Zhen." Then she gave me a very funny look. XD I mean, to me it's very funny. Then she said, "Your brother is Wu Zhen ah? No wonder! I was reading your article, Rain, it was so nice and so good but so familiar! It's so like Wu Zhen's writing!" At this point I was thinking, what an incredible teacher, you can guess who's whose siblings by reading their articles? LOL! So yea. I brought the story back to my brother and they seem to know each other pretty well. Along with some other legendary teachers in school, apparently. I never knew my brother was so famous among the teachers.

So... About my confusion... I really don't know how it ended up like the situation we're all in now. Everyone with the gangs and everything.. That used to be my favourite place to go. My favourite place to pass my time. Though I go there to study but I didn't mind, it was fun. Everybody was so nice to everybody, everybody was so friend with everybody. And then suddenly, all this.. STUFF happened. It's already been over a year now.. Can't everyone just GIVE IT A REST?

Since that incident, I have been crying for 3 days. It was just heartbreaking to watch. And to see everyone blinded with lies... I used to think they were lies, but now I'm not sure. I don't know anymore! What I believed, were they all true? What I've seen, who I've talk to, everything I heard, what's true and what's not? Who are the "good guys" and who are the backstabbers? I am completely lost. She told me that I've heard both sides of the story, so I can be sure who's who, but honestly, I just feel like I can't trust anyone now. Maybe her side of the story is real, or it could be her acting skills, or maybe whatever she said were just stories she made up, but this.. Statement, can be applied to both person! I really want to believe her. I believed her all this time! But how can I be sure? How can I really be sure? I can't remember the last time I let something hurt (Not exactly the word I want to use, or the word I feel, but it's the closest to whatever I'm feeling now) me so bad. I could really see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices... But... HOW? Someone just tell me what I'm suppose to do!
I really want to tell him that day because I think he'd be the only one who will understand. But I will never do that, knowing too much is not a really good thing too. And he might not want to know.

I keep seeing him in advertisements or movie trailers these days.. And can I just say.......


Ugh, so handsome.

I need Felix Felicis.

Da EdN :| (because I'm feeling unknown)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

we'll send you loads of owls


So, I'm back again. Come on, you gotta admit not blogging because exam's coming up is a silly thing to do. Just, so silly. I need my blog, just like we all need someone to talk to. Since we can't rely on people, that's when blogs come to use. At least, that's how I see it. I just really feel the need to talk sometimes.

Last night, I went back to Yoke Name for the Mid Autumn festival they were celebrating. Walked around, met u with some friends, chit-chat, played Truth or Dare (dare was the only option because we really had nothing to ask about). We went to Daphne's house after that because not one teacher was found at school. None attended? I don't know, they just weren't there. And also because school was so HOT. For me, that is. Haha.

So when we got there, we continued with the game. Damn they play damn big. At first I was bored because I didn't get the chance to be dared, but then I feel so lucky I didn't, because their Dares were more like Torture. Haha! But the ones that got dared were cool with the dares. They've turned to awesome.

And we also got the chance to hear Jie Ying sing again! Her singing, is still as good as always :) Such beautiful memories.

Group photo!

As you can see, not a lot attended. There were 52 pupils in our class and only.. <20 attended. Oh well, there's that. But we still had fun. Lots of it :) We haven't met for so many years and when we finally did, it's like the bond and relationship between us didn't change, we're still friends. It's not as easy as we think it is to be someone's friend, okaaaay? So it isn't a small word, if that's what you're thinking. Hahaha.

I was reading The Other Boleyn Girl, but then Amanda returned me my Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and I was thinking, "Maybe I'll read a little of it.." And I can't stop now. Have to finish it. But I'm a bit slow in reading now because I get so tired so easily these days, and exam's coming up and form 4 is no joke so I HAVE to study.

But anyway, I only got until the part where Harry rides the Hogwarts Express for the first time. The part where Molly called Fred, George, and Fred tricking her and say he was George, and the "Honestly, woman, call yourself out mother?" And Ginny was just a little girl, and Percy was Prefect. Then they ran into Platform 9 and three quarters. Then before they leave, Ginny began to cry, and Fred said to her, "Don't, Ginny, we'll send you loads of owl." I CRIED at this point. I CRIED. (Well, actually I don't know who said this line, it wasn't mentioned in the book specifically, but I think it's Fred.)

I cried because I remembered.. Fred's gonna die. I am really sad about all the deaths.. I haven't got the guts to start reading the last book, so I haven't actually READ about Fred's, Remus's, Tonk's and Dobby's death, but I watched the movie, but it's not the same as reading it. But I cried really hard when Sirius and Dumbledore died. It really broke my heart. I'm not afraid to admit it.

I live in a magical world where only magical people would understand :)

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

get your ass up and.. idk just get your ass up


So, final exam's coming like, really soon, and I'm still skipping school like nobody's business. Talk about pressure! This year is really the first year I'm starting to WORRY ABOUT EXAMS and results. This is also my first year to really pay attention in class. Well, not really, but better than the past... 9 years, I should say? Jeez, first I was really.. Tired? When I heard that final exam's not until October something. But now they moved it earlier and it's gonna be on the 27th and now I feel pressured and worried. A bit.

I know it's just September, but I already can't wait for holidays! To think of all the wonderful things to do! To think of all the times that I'm gonna spend with my huge family, who are all awesome! Oh gosh, that is the only thing I am looking forward to now. I cannot wait for exams to be over. See, with thoughts like this, how am I to study for exams? And you know what annoys me more than myself? Seeing people on facebook and twitter ALL talking about exams. It's either, "OMG exams coming!" or "Gonna study for final exams!" EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS. Well, maybe not all of them.. But trust me, THEY WILL POST STUFF LIKE THAT. And it's not even motivating. Man I need help, lots of it.


Ah I feel better.

OK, to back that up, I am gonna come up with a few reasons for me to spend LESS time on the computer:

1. Pottermore won't be sending you the mail until the end of September because you registered only on the last day of registration.
2. You are out of PLANS and MUSE and SIMOLEONS to do anything on Sims Social.
3. Sims Social needs refreshing 999 times.
4. No one is gonna write anything awesome on your wall.
5. Facebook statuses annoy the fuck out of you.
6. Twitter needs refreshing 100 times.
7. Save electricity.
8. Your Sims are all awesome enough already in The Sims.
9. Cheryl didn't borrow you The Sims 3.
10. You cannot catch up with Tumblr.
11. Computer makes you fat.
12. No one is gonna talk to you.

Hmm.. There. These are the ones that I can come up with now. I guess that's enough for me to stay away from the computer for a while. Man I sure hope this works. I can't screw any more exams up. SNAP THE FUCK OUT OF IT GIRL! HAVE A LIFE!

OK, before I go, I have to blog about these two things because it's totally blogworthy.

Tuesday in school during BC class, it was Sook Shan's turn for the oral thing.

She began with,"在我还没有开始评述之前,我想问大家,出门之前是不是会化妆?"
And the whole class was like, "不会..."
And she sighed a little and said, "配合我一下..."
So we all went, "会..."


And then yesterday night, Zhi Yan, my cousin, was sleeping over at my house. So at night, we called Lau Ah Girl, and halfway talking on the phone, SHE FELL ASLEEP.

OK that's all. Hopefully this will be my last post until.. After exams? OMGGGGGG I AM SO HUNGRY FOR CHOCOLAAAAAATE.

I saved a few pictures from the internet and when I was looking them all through again I saw this and it broke my heart and I just have to have it on my blog,

One day Molly accidentally called George, Fred. She started crying and he looked at her smiling and said, "Honestly woman, you call yourself our mother?"

Da EdN :)

Monday, 12 September 2011

telling me it's beautiful


Christina Aguilera,


freakin BEAUTIFUL.

I just came back from Phuket. It was fun. It involved a heck lot of sitting, but it was still fun. At least I didn't have to go to school and face all the bullshit out of class. And the best part for me in Phuket was the Simon Cabaret show and at night when in the hotel room. Ugh, I'm never gonna leaveee this beeeed! Anyway, the Simon Cabaret casts were all....... SO BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY. ALL OF THEM. And it was this time when I was in Phuket that I know the true meaning of "洁白的沙滩" and "清澈见底的海水", not those essay bullshits. Hahaha!

It was Soo Ping's 16th birthday!

I bought her some Phuket stuff, with, apparently, the same CR paper bag when I gave her her present when we were form 2. I had two of the exact same paper bag ok? Not that I asked it back from her and then, you know...
We played Heart Attack (or as some people like to call "Snap" or are these two different games IDKIDC we had fun) like crazy and we were very, very, very, VERY noisy! I believe the restaurant received several complaints about us being too freakin unbearably loud.

Anyway, HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY, SIM SOO PING AKA XIAO ZA BO! I love you a lot! Have a hundred thousand million billion trillion^infinity nice days! MUUUUUUUUUACKS!

It was Mid Autumn festival and we celebrated. I don't know about them but it's been ages since I've lit a lantern and walk the streets with it. It's so beautiful! Holding a stick of light, it's like Lumos. We played at the playground like little kids. It was really fun. See, nothing beats the moments with my cousins, who are all so awesome!

The Jerk Theory

I've watched this movie on TV for 9371638410247 times and I don't think I would ever get bored with movies like this :)

Today Physics,


Da EdN :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Hello :)

My oh my oh my.. School's reopening tomorrow and all I remember doing the whole week of holiday was tuition and being sick.

My family and I were supposed to go to my aunt's house at Sungai Long yesterday night for dinner but I was really sick and I didn't feel like going anywhere so I stayed at home, sleeping. I slept for the whole day yesterday, really. I slept at 10pm the night before, woke up at 10 something, had breakfast, slept again at 11am. So I missed tuition, and a few missed calls from Lulu. Pray that she don't kill me! Hahaha! Then woke up again at 4pm. So I missed orchestra. Pray that my coach don't kill me! omg.. Then slept again at 5pm, and woke up at 6.40pm.

And let me just say this because it is true, "I sleep until very tired aaaahhh..."
Hold your angry mog! This kind of sick-sleep doesn't feel very good after you wake up and still feel sick..

At night, I watched Spider-Man. And my gosh, I have always liked this movie! Hahaha! Since young!

And then after that I went back to sleep until the next morning and I'm still not feeling quite well. Ugh. I'm so sick of being sick.

On facebook, my classmates are all fussing and whining about all the unfinished homework. Well thank goodness I'm not the only one. But at least I still got SOME homework done, tho not all. I was really sick okaaay? And tuition really sucked up a lot of my time.

But I still feel so doomed because I have a lot of undone homework. What the fuck have I been doing all this while? Shit la, I hate being sick, did nothing but sleep, didn't do anything productive and now I feel guilty. Ugh. Please let us have a lot of relief periods............... I so desperately need them........

K i better stop blogging and go to sleep and go to school earlier tomorrow and do my homework and noimightnotwanttogotugasandyoucantmakemeevenifyoudragmethere.

"The great thing about MJ is, when you look in her eyes and she's looking back in yours, everything... feels... not quite normal. Because you feel stronger and weaker at the same time. You feel excited and at the same time, terrified. The truth is... you don't know what you feel except you know what kind of man you want to be. It's as if you've reached the unreachable and you weren't ready for it."
-Peter Parker, Spider-Man.

Da EdN :)