Tuesday, 30 August 2011

party rock is in the house tonight

Oh hello :)

So I had four hours of addmaths tuition yesterday and it all went pretty well because two months of two-days-a-week tuition on just chapter 9, I'm finally understanding it.

Anyway that's not the point, the point, is that my relatives from Perak came to KL and has invited me to join them in their quest of awesomeness. So after tuition, they had asked me to go to Mid Valley to meet them. My awesome dad, came home to fetch me there. When I reached, they asked me to wait at The Gardens' entrance. So I did. Not long after, I saw Ching Yee at Starbucks so I went to join her.

THEN, here's the funny part. We sat for like, a while, then she got a call from Ah Min, saying that they're coming to fetch us. Means, they're leaving MV. So we got on the car, and I asked, "where are we going?" and they replied, "home." (Home as in my yi po's house)


So I texted my dad, "We're going to yi po's house." and he replied "K." Typical dads, with their "K" reply.

And then when we reached home, my dad was there. LOOOOOOOOOOL.

She was really on the phone, in a call. But we didn't care, still want to take picture together so she cooperated.

Sexy chick ;D

After dinner, they planned to go to some nightclub. Before that, we went to WeiKen's house for... Actually I don't know why we went there. OH YAH, hafta send the kids home first. My three cute ass nephews :D

Apparently the starfish in his house is a REAL starfish. But dead.

While we wait. Nyaha :)

The club, was wicked. That's really all I can say about it here. I don't really feel right to describe it so much about it on the Internet. Paranoid XD

The inside view.

Please forgive me for the not-very-good-quality as I was just using a digital camera to capture this picture.

Then we also saw this:

We got pretty high and a bit drunk and kept taking crazy pictures. But I'm really lazy, so I only uploaded a few here.

Mustache up!

Now this is kinda funny, because they like.. Ran to the uncles and aunts and like, "Take picture take picture!" and they just ignored them and continued talking, but then they posed anyway. So there you have it.

Ling Xiang kept spiking people's drinks! I laughed like heck XD No wonder we were all so drunk.

We sang until about 4am. Then suddenly they were all dancing around in the room to the songs with the ear blasting volume. So we left only at 5am. Imagine that. A bunch of uncles and aunts brought us to a nightclub and we partied till 5am. My dad was there! Hahaha!

So yea. I have a preee-eetty craa-aa-zeh family. Which I so totally love!

Da EdN :)

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