Tuesday, 30 August 2011

party rock is in the house tonight

Oh hello :)

So I had four hours of addmaths tuition yesterday and it all went pretty well because two months of two-days-a-week tuition on just chapter 9, I'm finally understanding it.

Anyway that's not the point, the point, is that my relatives from Perak came to KL and has invited me to join them in their quest of awesomeness. So after tuition, they had asked me to go to Mid Valley to meet them. My awesome dad, came home to fetch me there. When I reached, they asked me to wait at The Gardens' entrance. So I did. Not long after, I saw Ching Yee at Starbucks so I went to join her.

THEN, here's the funny part. We sat for like, a while, then she got a call from Ah Min, saying that they're coming to fetch us. Means, they're leaving MV. So we got on the car, and I asked, "where are we going?" and they replied, "home." (Home as in my yi po's house)


So I texted my dad, "We're going to yi po's house." and he replied "K." Typical dads, with their "K" reply.

And then when we reached home, my dad was there. LOOOOOOOOOOL.

She was really on the phone, in a call. But we didn't care, still want to take picture together so she cooperated.

Sexy chick ;D

After dinner, they planned to go to some nightclub. Before that, we went to WeiKen's house for... Actually I don't know why we went there. OH YAH, hafta send the kids home first. My three cute ass nephews :D

Apparently the starfish in his house is a REAL starfish. But dead.

While we wait. Nyaha :)

The club, was wicked. That's really all I can say about it here. I don't really feel right to describe it so much about it on the Internet. Paranoid XD

The inside view.

Please forgive me for the not-very-good-quality as I was just using a digital camera to capture this picture.

Then we also saw this:

We got pretty high and a bit drunk and kept taking crazy pictures. But I'm really lazy, so I only uploaded a few here.

Mustache up!

Now this is kinda funny, because they like.. Ran to the uncles and aunts and like, "Take picture take picture!" and they just ignored them and continued talking, but then they posed anyway. So there you have it.

Ling Xiang kept spiking people's drinks! I laughed like heck XD No wonder we were all so drunk.

We sang until about 4am. Then suddenly they were all dancing around in the room to the songs with the ear blasting volume. So we left only at 5am. Imagine that. A bunch of uncles and aunts brought us to a nightclub and we partied till 5am. My dad was there! Hahaha!

So yea. I have a preee-eetty craa-aa-zeh family. Which I so totally love!

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

the last airbender

Ok ok ok. I know this may sound really cliche, but I just have to have this on my blog.

I just watched the Last Airbender on TV, and I very much liked it. I don't find it as bad or horrible or terrible or vegetable as other people say. I like all the moments when people have the "OMGGGG...." expressions on them. Because.. THAT IS WHAT I WAS LIKE WHEN I WATCHED THE CARTOON VERSION OF IT.

Thoughts about the movie: It summarized it pretty much, of course. Like how Aang was supposed to be like, very good at water bending and Katara will be like, "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" instead of Aang being bad at it. And and and! Princess Yue was supposed to be engaged to some other dude, not love at first sight with Sokka. AND, the dude who coached Aang water bending at the Northern Water Tribe was NOT supposed to coach Katara as well, and they're supposed to have this intense duel. AND THEN, that dude was supposed to see Katara's necklace thing and bring up the past that he was in love and was supposed to be married with her grandmother. AND SOKKA IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SO SERIOUS.

But, I do find the bending bending part very cool. And I think I like this movie because of the people they cast. Man, they are mostly damn good looking. THEY JUST.. THEY HAVE TO USE DEV PATEL don't they? Seriously, everytime the movie stops and shows Prince Zuko's forever angry face, I just feel so turned on. (XD) No no, I'm just kidding. But he's seriously damn handsome. Zuko is a sad kid. Even in the cartoon version, he's just a sad kid. With an evil sister. LOL. OH. THE UNCLE. Iroh, he is so uncle! With the peace, and the rest, and the pretty girls, and the TEA. THE TEA.


I know I have weird taste on men, like how I find elder men like Bruce Willis and George Clooney extremely handsome, I find him really handsome too! ZOMG.

This. This is one of the moments when people were like "OMGGGGG..." because he made fire out of nothing. HE MADE FIRE. And the other fire nation dudes were like, "HE MADE FIRE OUT OF NOTHING!" and ran away. Even that Captain Zhao was had a kind of "SHIT OMGOMGOMGOMG" look. I LIKE!

Princess Yue.



I watched Slumdog Millionaire and fell in love with him, I watched The Last Airbender and fell in love with him all over again. HAHAHA!

So overall, I conclude that I like this movie, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I'm looking forward for the second part. YES THERE WILL BE A SECOND PART I AM SURE OF IT. BECAUSE THEY CAN'T LET THE CARTOON DOWN! But still, the cartoon version is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. But this is good. Enough.



"Whatever does it mean? We write poems about it all day and sing songs about it all night but if there is such a thing in real life I'm damned if I know."
-George Boleyn; The Other Boleyn Girl

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

while I wait for the video,

Hi. I would just like to make one thing clear: When people tell you stuff and you find it awesome or true or whatsoever, it doesn't mean that you can set it as your fucking facebook status or tweet it or whatever and in a way making it yours. It's just as bad as stealing, even worse. And if anyone does it to me, it means that they have crossed my line. And no good ever comes to people who crosses other people's lines. Just thought I'd make things clear before it happens again. Though this is not the first time, of course.


I am so in love with the Harry Potter series. I admit, I didn't have such passion for it before this year, and after rereading the books and watching the movies and all the catching up, I can't help having this thought, "ALL THOSE WASTED YEARS." Really. It's simply splendid! It brings you away from all this reality shit, to a wonderful, magical place. As people on the internet says, "Words cannot describe how much I wished Hogwarts was real."

I miss Glee. How long more till season 3?! I am so re-watching which ever episodes of season 1 or 2 that my cousin or I have. She's coming to KL in November so that'll be the time when there'll be very little sleep. I know it's bad for our health and all, but, teenagers.. Ya know? And we only meet like.. Once a year. So, it's pretty worth it, I'd say.

Anyway, Glee.

I like how Quinn and Santana can have like, a major MAJOR bitch fight, and then still be there for each other when they're in their times of need. It's just.. Really nice. People can also really relate to Glee. Like, really, really relate to it. Good friends, right? They fight and stuff like that, even though over some really stupid matter, but in the end, they will always be there for each other, loving each other.

Before I end this post, I would just like to say that I find Mila Kunis very beautiful when she smiles :)

"Aahh, George, look at this. They're using knives and everything. Bless them."

-Fred Weasley, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

the coach.

It hadn't been long since you took over. But I think I like your classes more. You teach, like, rally teach. You said you wouldn't "waste" time teaching me what the others already know, but then today, you still did, with total patience and with such kind tone. When I couldn't do it, you didn't grow mad, you just said, "不用紧,再来一次..."
When I finally got it right, you said, "对了! 就是这样!" as though you were going to jump off your seat and fly up to the sky.

There was once when you said, "教她啊,我相信你的啊.." Hearing the way you say it to me, you didn't just say it because it would be something to say at that moment, you said it like you mean it. It was then when I thought, how can anyone have so much faith in someone they just met? And you're a teacher! You're letting me, a student, teach another student, without even hearing me play!

I really have no idea how to describe my gratitude for you. Of course there were people who were nice to me, but when you say those words, I can actually feel it in my heart of hearts. Especially when you said, "我对你是很有信心的,所以你也要对你自己很有信心."

It's these kind of teachers that I wouldn't want to let down. It's these kind of teachers that I completely respect.

Thank you.

You're a fine coach. I really do hope that you stay.

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

wicked childhood

OK, so I've selected to participate in this Chinese Poem Resiting competition, which is happening tomorrow. I have never took part in poem resiting competitions EVER, in my 16 years and a few months of life. NEVER. We started practicing only on Tuesday. ONCE. And a few times today. AND, the competition's tomorrow. Whao. See, I so admire us teenagers. Though we procrastinate, we still get the job done.

Today in class, we had time to practice, but Woi Chen was absent. So we had Forest to read her lines. Then after seeing her do it, people came flooding wanting to "play". And mind you, they were GOOD! Haha! Kok Bond and Zen Wai were good, while The Moon............. We just laughed hearing him. XD!

And my brother said, "I don't really get 诗歌朗诵, it's just like, saying everything very dramatically." I couldn't agree more. But it's undeniably fun XD So if you really like drama, join the competition!


We had a small test in school. My test results, sucks. Like, really. Except maybe some, but some, omg. Like, what the heck are you doing, girl?! I can't even.

I watched a few Kingsley and Jenna Marbles videos. Oh my gosh. Is it possible to LAUGH to death? Because I literally cannot stop laughing after watching their videos. The laugh lasted for a few days. They, are BEYOND awesome. Just.. WAY beyond it. I can't get enough of them.

I've been really annoying this days. No, not annoyed. Annoying, yes. Because I keep complaining about absolutely everything I can, and I use a looot, of cuss word. I even annoy the heck out of myself (see, I avoided using f***, just, used it too freakin much). I just don't understand how people stand me. ACTUALLY, I can't understand how people stand people! LOL!

Sometimes, I just want to stay home all day, reading Harry Potter, or some other books. But mostly Harry Potter. It's so awesome! Currently working on Order of the Phoenix, still. Finishing, actually. Fred and George are so totally... TWO THUMBS UP! I can't believe Fred is going to die. Ahh! Tom Felton is such a sweetheart, but Draco Malfoy is pretty much an ass! XD!

Rah, I sleep a lot these days, and I'm still very tired. Fuck addmaths. Why is it always addmaths when we have homework? This-is-so-ANNOYING! I want to finish my book!

But then this is teenage life I guess. Procrastinate, homework, drama. Haha! Still hanging on! We'll always have holidays to look forward to :D

Before I end this post, I'll just leave this gorgeous picture of this gorgeous dude heeerreeee, so I can drool everytime I come to my own blog XD

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

not so ordinary after all.

OK, so my blog has been pretty dead because I have absolutely no idea what is there to be told. But then again, there's actually a lot to tell.

I've been pretty obsessed with Harry Potter recently. It's so cool! Though some may think it's a kid's story or whatever, it's still awesome to me and other more crazy and loyal Potterheads.

So just the other day I went watching The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Mind you, I didn't even watch Part 1 before watching Part 2. My bro said,"It'll be like watching Star Wars (Not that I watched), we watch it backwards."

While in the cinema, my bro and I kept making lame jokes about every scene of it. Mainly because of all the funny funny funny GIFs I saw on Tumblr. Spoilers, they are, though. To be honest I'm pretty disappointed by the movie. There wasn't really any fighting, just a LOT, of running around. But maybe it's because I didn't watch part 1 before it. But seeing Fred and Remus dead really makes me sad.

Oh yea, and the movie night just so happened to be on the same day our pengawas jamuan's being held.

The farewell party was pretty good. Despite it was a total BAD SHOE DAY for us. Long story short, Shelley, Mandy and myself all got our shoes... Pretty much dead. Mine's still good, at least I can still walk in them, Shelley had to walk around Mid Valley BAREFOOTED while we went cheap shoe hunting. And OH MAN this girl buy shoe damn picky. Haha!

The day before the movie and the party, we dissected a rat during Biology in school. Each group got a rat. I was pretty excited because I was about to do it for the first time.

I feel pretty DOKTA!

Yeaa... I'M SORRY, RAT! It was nothing personal! I didn't hate you or anything! I'm sorrryyyy!

Then it was only yesterday my mum rented The Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was nice! Haha! And then linking it together with Part 2, my life seemed to make more sense then.

Fleur Delacour!

I was pretty surprised when I see her with Bill. I was like, "FLEUR!" Ok, I didn't really watch or read The Half Blood Prince, so it might've been mentioned there, but I don't know. I'm reading The Order of The Phoenix currently. Just finished Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire like, last week or so. Reading the fifth book now, I just can't help thinking, "Really, Ministry of Magic? Really?"

Luna Lovegood

Another splendid character. She's so... Her. Way to not give a damn about what other people think about you! :D
In the movie she was like, "Come on, Father. Harry doesn't want to talk to us right now, he's just too polite to say it." And drags her dad away, while Harry looked back at her with a grateful smile.

Draco Malfoy {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

I took a test from Tumblr on which house we belong to, and the result was Slytherin. I can't help thinking, HOW TRUE.

And then, I've rediscovered Pet Society. A very random facebook game. I know it's, like my bro said, "a gigantic waste of time", but, where else can you do shopping like mad? I can't possibly do it in real life, buying furniture and unnecessary stuff. So I'm doing it here. It's just like fantasizing. Only weirder.

And look! Apparently, they've themed Harry Potter! They have, of course, the outfits like these. There are also Dumbledore's, Voldermort's, Draco's, Harry's... The robes of all fall houses of Hogwarts, THEY EVEN SELL THE BASIN TO THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS AND MOANING MYRTLE! OH MAI GAAAAAAAAD. Not just that, when I visit the MAYOR's house, they also have Buckbeak and Nagini. BUT TOO FREAKIN BAD, IT'S LIKE ALL HOGWARTS STUFF NEED TO BE BOUGHT WITH REAL MONEY. *Sigh*

BUT, the brightest side of todaayyy:


Haha! Okay okay. I'm pretty tired now. My bed awaits me! Adios!

PS, you're awesome for reading this, I'm giving you a BIG FAT THANKS for giving a damn :D

Da EdN :)