Monday, 27 June 2011

We'll be alright.

Hi :)

I couldn't sleep last night! Hahahaha! It is scientifically proven that human brains are more active at night than they are during daytime. So yea, we're all absolutely normal.

So I thought, I'm so bored with my life. And then I found out why. Too much movies and stories. All those fantasies. I live in a world called reality, like everybody else, but I know too much about fantasies. That's not really a problem. The true problem is, I WANT fantasy. When reading a book, it feels as though I'm living another life. A life full of magnificence, full of beauty, you know? Not that life here is not magnificent or beautiful, but things in fantasies are all so, simple and typical. Reality is just complicated and people get hurt all the time.

I have a few celebrity crushes. Here's the thing, I know celebrities are normal human beings too. I know they eat, they breathe, they sleep, they shit, and some of them are maybe those people I will probably dislike IRL too. But, a celebrity crush is built when I see them act in a film, mostly. In a film they're just a character, and those characters are imagined. So, it just feels as though there's a connection between oneself and the character and thus, a celebrity crush is built. I mean, for me it's like that. At least, something like that. I really don't know how to express these kind of feelings. It's like it's not really a big deal, but when I'm left alone to think about stuff, celebrity crushes ARE in fact, a pretty big ass deal.

Last night I also thought of this, I don't believe in promises. People lie all the time. Promises are made all the time and very often, they're not kept. Promises give people hope, sometimes it just give people TOO MUCH hope, and when the promise is not kept, it's like a glass being smashed down from above. The heart is the glass. I don't believe in promises anymore, mainly because of one person. I don't want to believe in promises anymore. That kind of sadness when a promise people made to you is not kept, it's one of the worst feelings ever, unexplainable. Just leaves us miserable. No more of that.

I really like this part of the song,
"We are young, we run free, stay up late, we don't sleep, got our friends, got the night, we'll be alright."

We're teenagers after all. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

I'll be addicted to this for quite some time now :D

Da EdN :)

Friday, 24 June 2011


For long we have waited, the day is finally here! But then damn it, I was so sick. Hahaha! But I have to go to Hari Sukan, can't miss out on all the awesomeness. So, for the whole of Hari Sukan, I finished up 3 packets of tissues. (3 packets also not mine XD) Damn dead-like mann.

七早八早在那边拍照 XD ^^v

At the car park. The students were suppose to line up there and we're suppose to jaga around. But then NO ONE WAS THERE. So we had time to take photos. XD! Then then then, Derrick gave Shelley and I the name lists of EVERY CLASS OF EVERY FORM. WTHHHHHHHH. Then Shelley said, "You go take attendance la, I jaga class la." Cos the amount of students there really.. The cheerleaders also more than them. LOL! Taking attendance is fun. XD Especially taking the pembarisan people and the cheerleaders and others. We had to IDENTIFY them ourselves. Had fun doing that, tho it's not really easy because they WALK SO FAST and we have like.. 20+ classes' name lists in our hands. Flip one page also need 2 milliseconds la. They all walk 5 seconds ALL GONE liao. WALAO. But then some senior said, "有人会帮他们点的也是.." CAKAP AWAL-AWAL ma. LOL

And then something very funny happened at the car park. Well, to me it's funny. But hor, I won't tell you here, actually, I won't tell you at all. So yea. HAHAHA!

The event started, all the scouts pandus PBSMs blue red green yellow house people came marching out. Then when they were standing there, before the songs and ikrars and stuff, Shelley and I were standing up there, calling people with our brains. LOL. I know right. It was like this.

Shelley went,
"Wah see! Chi Hoe tallest among all blue house people!"

Then I was like,
"WAH yea lo. QUICK! Call him!"

"Can't hear one la!"
"Look, is he looking at us?"
"I don't know..."

*Smiled and waved, HARD.*
Then he laughed XD

Then we saw Amanda, who is also looking at our direction, but we're also unsure if she's looking at us or what. So, WE WAVED AGAIN. Then she smiled also XD (After everything, Amanda told us, "you two very obvious one lo! because only two of you standing up there moving and laughing around.")

Then then then, Deanna's turn.

"Call her with your brain!"

Then she LOOKED OUR WAY! And then we waved very hard again. XD!


"AIYO Pui Yie so cute!"
"Quick, call her!"

We failed brain-calling Pui Yie. XD

I know I know.. We banyak kacau. They damn cham. Can't move, let us kacau only :D

Chi Hoe kena-ed the most times because we were facing right at rumah biru and rumah kuning. So yea.

Twin sista! :D

We supported yellow house cheer like mad! Most of us aren't from yellow house, but we ALL supported yellow house the most. Why? Because yellow house cheerleaders all our friends maaa.. Hahahaha! But other houses cheer very nice also la. Green house's routine very sexy! Red is a very nice colour so that makes them nice too! And and and, my blue house won second place in cheer! So they're not bad also. Overall, cheerleading is really nice :D The most looked-forward-to during the whole of Hari Sukan. The race was exciting also of course, antara sekolah one. Antara rumah one not so, because hor, normal human compete with athletes leh. HOW CAN WIN? Sri Sentosa punya athletes, TIN HA MOU DIK one leh!

Yellow house won cheerleading competition! We were all so happy for them :D

After that, went to Deanna's house. It's our Gila 4 tradition. We damn what one lo. Go to people's house, in people's room, simply take off clothes, then simply THROW summore. XD! Then we watched I am Number Four. OMG. So BEAUTIFUL. So HOT. So COOL. Oh.My.Gawd. Just.. DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. Here, let me show you.




After the movie we went upstairs to Dee's room, lying around, then suddenly I beat my stomach, then said, "wah my stomach a lot of wind leh." Then Shelley, "A lot of wind sound like that one meh?" then she starting beating hers. Then Dee and Amanda also beat. The four of us were like playing some stomach drum or some sort. WE EVEN RECORDED IT OMG SO SAMPAT. Then we talked about hot guys in school.

"Our school a lot of hot guys one lo actually.."
"Where got?"
"Got la.."
"XXX lo..."
"XXX only ma. Plus he's not really hot also."
"PLEASE LA. He is so hot and so sexy and his hair is so nice."
"Yea lo and he's good looking.."
"EH you cannot talk about him because you're not single anymore it wouldn't be good."
"*LOL* Okaayy.."
"Ok fine. Acceptable. Some more?"
"XXX lo."
"Except athletes la!"

HAHAHAHAHA. Once that was said, there were very few left to say liao. XD

Ahhh, my bitch sisters. I love them so much :D

So, whole day almost like that lo. Except I cut out all the parts where I'm so sick I don't wanna do anything but date tissues.

OH OH. Some more. Happened during meeting yesterday.

The juniors were very noisy because they were all talking at once, then Mandy was like,
"EIH you all know what is QUIET ah?"


"Come, we ask her. Mandy, what is quiet?"


"Derrick, 我们到了要去哪里?"
"Neh... 那个pengawas 的 camp 那边..."
"你走进pintu besar,上那个楼梯, (there were 4)"


K bai.

Da EdN :)

Monday, 13 June 2011


Ok ok, I admit that it's watching X-Men First Class that made me rediscovered how wicked cool X-Men is. It's like those superhero movies, but much much much much MUCH cooler. After watching X-Men First Class that day, I found X2 at home, so I watched that too! OMG the awesomeness, I can't even.

Not really a big fan of Wolverine, but to Shelley I am Wolverine and to me she's Cyclops :D In First Class he's really damn cool, and also LOL. Charles and Erik went finding him for recruits and after introducing themselves he's like,

"Go fuck yourself."

And errrrmmm... I find Michael Fassbender really good looking in this movie XD

And chess.


This, is the Iceman.

This, is Lucas Till.
The one you said looks very dreamy when he freaking SMILES. Remembah? :D

There. He does THIS. Quite cool. XD

Pssssssst, he's not just cute, he's also freaking HOT.

:O (Trololololololol)

4A10's results not bad one lo................................ If don't compare the overall with other classes XD

"Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred has a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves."
-the five people you meet in heaven, Mitch Albom

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

mid valleeeeeeh

7th of June

Mummy's birthday today!

Hmmm, I slept for 13 hours today. I slept at 9:30pm, and I woke up at 10:30am. Damn I'm such a pig. Hahaha! But some good did come, I woke up to his message! He's home! He's back! Woohoo! I'm so happy just knowing that he's so much closer to me now.

Afternoon, went Hilton hotel to have lunch with my parents. Then went to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab for fixing. Noob one. Buy one week dah rosak. Wut? Hahaha. Then went Mid Valley with mum to shop. She's in such a good mood today! I'm so glad! I'm so happy today (:

Today's a good day, I'm so loved.

Now, I have to say something. That day I went to Mid Valley with my bro. On the way, he sang this part of a song:

And I was just sitting there, looking at him and, whao. Don't you think that the lyrics are just so.. STRONG? The song is called 拱手让他 by 张宇. He sings with such, DEEP and strong emotion. His songs really help when you're feeling down. And even when you're not sad, listening to his songs, you can just FEEL it. His talent, I just can't even. I just have to blog about him.

The Captain grinned. "The way I see it, that's what we're getting here, soldier. That's what heaven is. You get to make sense of your yesterdays."
-the five people you meet in heaven, Mitch Albom

8th of June

"So, double dating aye? How does that work? I don't know how to double date, I don't even know how to date!"
"I know right!"
*laughs* "You know I've been practicing that line to tell it to you?"

Oh my husband/wife/son/daughter/pet/best friend, what would I ever do without you? I love you so much. Hahaha :)

So yea we went on a double date. It was fun. I'm so happy to see him again! It's been so long! Missed him a lot, and to finally see him again just really made me very very very happy :)

Glee is really very nice. It speaks for a lot of people I guess. All the sweet things they say, be it boyfriend girlfriend, best friends or family or anything.. It's just so nice..

Santana was so nice to Quinn :)

"How can you possibly be so calm?"
"I don't know, I hated losing just as much as anyone but this year wasn't about winning for me."
"Clearly. Cause we got our asses kicked."
"Sorry. What was it about?"
"Acceptance. I know that all the kids in the Glee club, they fight, and they steal each others' boyfriends and girlfriends, and they threaten to quit like every other week but stuff like that happens in families."
"Yeah well, this is a club, this is not a family."
"Okay, well, family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what, and they accept you for who you are."

I don't know, maybe it's because some friends of mine are having some friendship problems too? I really hope they can get over it. Think about all the times we had mann, we've all been through thick and thin and everything! Remember last year when we laughed so hard from morning till midnight together? And then we got angry together, and we tried to comfort and calm each other down? And for 9 days straight we kept hanging out together, watching comedies, horror movies together? We had so much great times together, now you're just gonna throw it all away? We had so much togetherness. It's not that easy to find you know? We loved us. So, much. What happened now?

9th of June

Went to Mid Valley. AGAIN. Three days in a row. That's just freakish. Went tuh play Galactic Laser. Oh damn I really feel so old in there. Played before, but that was like.. So long ago. The last time I played was last year's Christmas Eve. Retired lo. xD

Had lunch at Zouk after that. The milkshake is to die for. HAHAHA. Talked about our lives when in primary school, Dee laughed at us a lot XD We were so stupid! Hahaha! Actually, should say, we were so little! :P So cute la all of us last time. Watched X-Men first class. GOLD CLASS MAN. OMG. It was good. Magneto was so cool in so many ways I can't even. OH OH! SHELLEY!!! LUCAS TILL WAS IN THE MOVIE!! HAHAHA! Sue Ann and I were both like, "OH LOOK IT'S LUCAS TILL!!!" XD

Damn it I want to be spoiler!!! But, neeehhh.. The movie was good. Magneto is so cool. Even in other X-Men movies, him, old, but still awesome. He stopped the bullets no need to think no need to look, like no need strength one. And he always SINGLE HANDEDLY stop everything in his way. Here, he struggle so much, BUT, still so fucking cool. Ahh! Obsessed :D The movie was great. Leave it like this. Hahaha.

K I guess Deanna won't be uploading the photos at the moment so I'm just gonna publish this post without the photos today :)


Very tired liao! BAI BAI!

Da EdN :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

fun fun fun fun

During tuition, I was doing addmaths, Hui Chi and Julia were doing Sejarah. And then we heard this little girl from the other group saying, “我等下要回家洗澡。”

We all stunned. Stopped what we're doing.

*chuckles* “洗澡...”
“很久没有用这个字了 lo...”

We're Malaysian Chinese after all :P

Got a message from Ah Qin this morning! Only then I know it's Dumpling Day today. (I know 端午节 is not really called Dumpling Day, I just don't know what is it called. xD) My dad came home from Perak today, nobody bungkus BA ZHANG this year ))))))))))))))))))))): Bu shuang liao lo.

I cannot wait for the family gathering at Pangkor this December. Seriously damn excited now! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! (chill it's only June)

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

where the heart is

Think. One day when we get together and talk about our pasts, I want to say this, "Last time my class, dominated by mostly Hakka Yis, Hokkien Langs, and Guongdong Yans" Hakka really sounds like foul language when spoken. But it's pretty cool too. But I'm really proud to be Hokkien Lang. Every time I go back to Perak to reunite with my dad's side of the family, I get really excited. I always feel really at home there. Tho they talk really LOUD, and can't talk without shouting most of the times, but I like hearing them talk. Their presence makes me feel like I'm home. It's really enjoyable with them. I'm happy to be in this family. :)

"No matter how much you think you hate school, you'll always miss it when you leave."

How much more true can this be? When we leave high school, we'll be facing the world. We'll be facing REALITY. No more fantasy, no more carefree life. If we didn't do our homework, maybe we'll get some nagging from teachers, then they'll be like, "jumpa pengetua!", then we'll get some nagging from her, then she'll call our parents, and we'll get nagging from them, and after all that happened, admit it we don't really care. Just copy some homework next time or whatever. But in reality, say in a job, we got something wrong, we get FIRED. What happens next? Get a new job. And it's not gonna be easy. I mean... I don't know...

"I will never forget my high school friends."

Leaving school, some will go overseas, some will stay here, and it wouldn't be that easy to keep in touch anymore. As much as we want to, life just doesn't always go our way. It really saddens me to think that all of us might part one day. When we were young, and tell our parents about friendship problems, they'll say, "It's ok, you'll make new friends." What about now? The world is different. Not even sure if friends as awesome as the ones now can be found. The world has become more materialistic, scarier. People are complicated beings. We always have to be careful everywhere. I'm suddenly having the feeling that.. It's so untrustworthy.

I really don't know why am I suddenly saying all these. I know worrying gets us nowhere, so for now, I'll just learn to love more, have a little more faith, enjoy all the little things. Before time is up.

"Strangers," the Blue Man said, "are just family you have yet to come to know."
-the five people you meet in heaven, Mitch Albom

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Miss miss miss!

I really fucking miss you. 10 days' a really long time apparently. I'll hang in there. Haha.

Spoke on the phone with my dearest cousin. I really LMFAO-ed. Out loud. Alone. In my house. Talked damn loud too. Hope my neighbours won't think I'm insane. Damn I miss her too. She was here with me last year end, with her elder sister. Maaann we really had fun every day at various shopping malls. Wandering around everywhere, not even buying stuff, just go in, ask to try a few things on and say, "doesn't fit." and walked away :D And at night, it will just be me and her, till midnight. Talking about our lives, telling each other stories, be it sad funny happy angry or whatever, watching Glee till very late every day, or should I say, very early, watched Despicable Me and laughed like crap that evening, watched Rapunzel in the cinema, insulting and teasing each other, laughing at each other, giving each other advices, most importantly, listening. I really miss having her around. She even watched and listened as I cried and telling her stuff that midnight. I still remember. And then my elder cousin was sleep talking, and we were there asking questions to her, hoping she'll reply us so that we can laugh at her in the morning. We are so crazy. She's the one I turn to when I don't feel like talking to anyone else. She's the best cousin eva.

My fingers are numbed ! Hahaha !

Happy June!

Da EdN :)