Saturday, 28 May 2011

very lonely ahhhhh hahaha

Hahahahaha I feel like I have nothing to live for with him gone hahaha. SERIOUSLY MAN. I know it's only been a day or more, but I really beh tahan lo. Am I crazy? I feel like some crazy psychopathic obsessive person hahahahhaha. Yer ): 10 days ahhhhhhh hahahaha. I know I'm being stupid. I mean, I know he'll be back, but still.. HAIHS.

And and and and, that Lau Yin Huan, go camp summore! Cannot online summore! Johor man! That's like.. 4 hours or more liddat from me only, can't go find her also. trolololol. Come find me la Moi! I need yoouuuuuuuu! Hahahahhaha.

I feel really weird. Not lifeless, just weird. Like.. Really weird. I have no homework, I don't need to revise anything because exams are just over. I want to revise stuff! But, WHAT? Lol. And then I just went sticking with The Gift by Cecelia Ahern. Needa finish it fast to start another book. :D And I also started re-playing Go-Go Gourmet again. It's really childish. But it's addictive and I can't stand having nothing to do, so yea. I'm finishing it already. Again. Hahaha.

Everyday at home spam songs. All those songs that reminds me of someone. You know I know la :P Hoooowwwww? I think I'm gonna go mad! I freakin miss that guy! Hahahahahaha

I really wonder what everybody's doing. Holidays man! Ok fine, maybe today isn't counted because it's still Saturday. Maybe Monday only start to count. But where is everybody?! Someone please come online and talk to me! I'm gonna be crazy! Though I may look all calm and normal on the outside...

Saya juga amat rindu akan 3 xiao kia ini :)

Jumpa November nanti!

I spam the CD you gave me every night.

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

oh hot damn!

This post, is just for my eyes only, everyone else, shoo! scoot! XD! (I'm like some sick psychopathy now hahahha) My previous post, I can't take my eyes off Dianna Agron and Hayden Panettiere like seriously. I fear that I might fall in love with them, so to balance it out I made this post. Hahaha!

Adam FUCK YEA SEXY Levine!!!!!!!

Mark HOT AS HELL Salling!!!!!


Adrien Brody



Ahhh, I have such major, big, fat, juicy celebrity crush on them. Especially the first two! :P OH OH OH! One more!

Kobe Bryant !!!!

Issues issues issues. Can't help it. I am obsessed with hot guys. Especially the first two :P No worriessss, I still love my human teddy bear the most :D These people above, they're just celebrity crushes. Especially the first two :D

Faster holiday. I need them.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I have humungus celebrity crush on the first two people in the photos above? :)

Da EdN ^^v

Monday, 23 May 2011

beautiful girls, all over the world,

Yap Man Long! I introduce you leng lui :D Actually I also forgot why want to intro you leng lui already, but I remember I need to. XD Nose don't bleed ah. HAHA.

Dianna Agron

Penelope Cruz

Hayden Panettiere

Emma Stone

Alina Cojacaru

很美是不是?!?!?!?!?! 快点讲是! XD!

改次做个 leng zai 的 :P


Da EdN :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

sum ting wong?

Yer, I very lazy to blog one lo. If it wasn't for the girl by the name of Lau Yin Huan. YOU, YEA YOU. If you're reading this, know that WO HEN BU SHUANG NI. First, you refuse to fly to KL to find me, make me miss you so much, then just now MSN you, you suddenly offline, then still want to ask me my hair cut until how short make me take photo and blog for you to see. GAO LAT AH LU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D

Just now went Tropicana City Mall lepak with family. Then there was this cosplay going on. I really didn't know any characters there. Only later I saw the Final Fantasy guy, Ichimaru, Aizen, Urahara, JACK SPARROW, the green hair Code Gease girl, STAR WARS PEOPLE and DANBO! Then they played the Nyan cat song HAHAHA.

Danbo was so freakin Danbo! CUTENESS! Jack Sparrow was scary. XD The most LOL one were Ichimaru and Aizen. We saw their backs, and they look really alike with the actual characters from the back. Then Aizen, wore the specs so similar summore. Then when they turned around, they were holding hands! My bro and I were like.. "WHAT?" XD

Tomorrow, I think the song "Chemistry, Chemistry, you can't stop teaching Chemistry, Benzine Ring and Hydrocarbon ~~" will be stuck in my head for the whole freakin day. Thanks a lot bro. Trololol.

Today, liddat lo. Nutin much.

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 21 May 2011





Friday, 20 May 2011

Exam Week.


I can't even describe how awesome these people are. Watching How I Met Your Mother can always make my day. I am so glad I discovered this show. Thank yoooooooouuuuu Star World!

Speaking of Star World, I watched American Idol, and found out that Scott, is freakin 16 years old! That's like, OUR AGE! We're here complaining about how difficult Addmaths or Physics or Maths or any other subjects were, and he's up there, singing like a freakin 40 year old! LOL! His voice................ HOW CAN. OMG LOL!

NE wayyyyyyyyyyyyy, this really feels like the longest week because we have to sit for exam and I have NEVER, felt so stressed and worried about any exams before in my life. UPSR? What's that? PMR? Aiya suan la. Even my ballet exams before, all NO FEEL before the actual exam date one. This time, form 4 studies really scares me.

I did not know how to do Physics paper 2. That experiment, I have never seen it before in my life, and I really have no idea why mercury is used in thermometers. SHIT I am dumb. I remember primary school we learned that in Science, but I can't remember why is it. Hahaha! Today Addmaths 2. OH.MY.GOD. While doing the questions, the phrase "wtf am I doing" keeps occurring in my mind. I feel so doomed. OH WELL. Papers are handed in, what can I do?

3 days more to go. I need to go out and play. Lol. Like, seriously. I don't know why. I don't want to go anywhere that reminds me of studies at all. I don't want to stay at home. I don't really know what I want right now actually. Haha! I need my cousin here. I feel so easily irritated and annoyed these days. I get so angry all the time because of the randomest and smallest matters. And most of all, I, CANNOT, STOP, THINKING. Which is bad at this rate because I think negative thoughts.

Oh well, time will heal I guess. We'll see :)

My life with all the ups and downs begun 3 years ago today.
Shelley, if you're reading this, it's not that I feel sad or anything la ok? I'm goooood. I'm actually glad that happened. v^________________^v

*insert chicken GIF from tumblr here* (I REGRET NOTHING!)

Da EdN :)

Monday, 16 May 2011

burfdaaeee :)

TODAY IS EXAM DAY. Nevermind. MORAL TODAY. Nevermind. SEJARAH TODAY. Nevermind. SEJARAH PAPER 2! MIND! LOL! But it was okaaaaayy, I did study :P I've said this once and I'll say it again, Form 4 life is no play play. Haha.

So yesterday at 8pm, Marcus texted me with this,"Is it wrong to wish someone 4 hours before their birthday? :)"

And while I was sleeping, my phone was vibrating non-stop. CAN'T EVEN SLEEP. Haha! But all the wishes very got heart, well appreciated, :D

In school, I received lotsa weird weird and nice nice gifts, xD.

Xiao Fang wrote this. BORSE summore! Haha! :D
It's an Angry Bird. I see it also angry liao >< HAHAHA just kidding :P

Went home after school, while unpacking my bad, I found this:

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG I have a secret admirer :O

This secret admirer drew me summore :O



omg omg omg omg. some crazy psychopath has a crush on me! Crazy girl, if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU BANYAK-BANYAK! I was surprised to find that envelope in my bag, really :P You couldn't have just gave it to me. Haha! Thank you la :) BTW, you're not a secret anymore XD *my love for you here*

This is from Soo Ping. She wrote me love letter. Gave it to me arching her back 90 degrees summore XD Haha! Juuuuuust kiddingggg. It's not a love letter. It's just a letter :P *contents shall not be shown here* problem? :)

This is from Lulu Tan :) You see, she sibeh free. Sejarah don't know got do anot one. XD Xiao xiao one she, made this out of smiles. So nice! So got heart. I like I like! :)

Da Angry Bird from Xiao Fang :D
(I very angry)

Amanda hand writes names the best :D

LOL she is God XD


She awesomized Domokun :D *love from me to you here, amanda*

Lotsa people wished me in school and also on facebook. Classmates wished the most of course. I'm happy :) Facebook seem so flooded wish wishes. Maybe it's because I decided to go on to their walls and thank them one by one, so it feels like a lot. Haha! But I really do appreciate each and every one of their wishes. It's nice. Even people I thought wouldn't wish me, wished me. I'm glad. :)

At night, went to have dinner with my dad. We date :P After that, we walked back to the car, in the rain. It rained! Not very heavily, so walking in it was enjoying. I like walking in the rain :)
Hopped into the car, it was raining right, and was playing this part of the song, "Is there anyone out there cos it's getting harder and harder to breathe~" it copes well with the rain for some reason :D

When we reached home, some plastic bag was hanging on my gate. My dad went to bring it in. I opened it, revealing this:

It's from Deanna! :) She sent the gift to my house! This is just so LOL. And this afternoon I was threatening to delete her from my facebook friend because she didn't wish me. Hahaha! I LOVE YOU DEANNA! :D *my love for you here*

My mum bought me Tiramisu cake from Hilton Hotel.

Big 1 & 6 ! I'm sixteen! LOL!

I'm happy today :)
And I have all these awesome people around me to thank for.

My sweetest darling,
Your hugs are the best.
I love it.
I love you :)

Da EdN :D

Saturday, 14 May 2011

gettin down on friday

BC EXAM WAS TROLOLOLOL IN YESTERDAY TODAY! I have never cheated on a test like this before. This is just.. Kinda out of line. Well, not really. Just that we sit too far away from each other. XD So after yesterday day I will forever remember 苏轼 wrote 但愿人长久,千里共婵娟 and also this: 树欲静而风不止,子欲养而亲不待. I will remember these. FOR SURE. LOL

Then, my xiao kia cousin came. She's actually studying at TARC, Saturday Sunday come visit me :P
Dad brought us out tuh eat. Talked non-stop with her. College life is so funny. I mean, at least she made it sound like it. The lecturers are LOL and many interesting people from all around can be seen there. Really laughed my freakin ass off listening to her. Then she laughed her freakin ass off listening to what I have to say about my teachers and my friends too. XD

Then when we reached home, still didn't stop talking. Talked about how we cheat in exams during high school. MANNN WE ARE GOOD! HAHAHA. Really canNOT stop laughing. High school's exams are just for us to have fun. XD


We laughed WHOLE night about this thing. LOOK AT IT! IT'S FREAKIN ADORABLE!


Today, times passes by pretty fast today. LOL. Usual Saturday stuff. Morning stuff, afternoon stuff, then tuition from 4pm till 7pm with the bunch. It was gooooooooooooood :))

K Da EdN :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

LG, Life's Good,

Today, I played volleyball with classmates after so long! Brings back lotsa memories from Form 2. Tho we're all not really good at it except Hiau Yun and Yen Chen, but we had fuuuuuunnn :) Keep hitting the ball to the roof x) But we awesome, can get back by ourselves. XD

And today, I've made an amazing discovery, that is:

春 = Spring
夏 = Summer
秋 = Autumn
冬 = Winter

DAMN IT! I've always thought chun was summer, xia was autumn and qiu was spring. If we hadn't talked about the weather in class today I still wouldn't know! Got a lecture in class by Shelley, Chi Hoe and Man Long in class today about the Four Seasons. Really fail.

That day, Tuesday I think, my seat in class, there were ants. Red, freaking, ants. And then, one of them little guys, BIT ME. IT BIT ME! LOL! This is the first time I got bitten by an ant. AND IT HURTS! For awhile, then it just got swollen like a tumor and red like tomato, and really really really really really really really ITCHY. I've been leaving it like that and not bothering it till today, just kept scratching it. Well, it didn't get better of course. It worsened. Then today in school, Shelley and Kai Hang have to keep stopping me from scratching myself. Especially Shelley because she's in the same class with me, sit beside me summore. Hahaha.

Shelley adjusted her position between Miing Pin and I, and announced, "I am standing in between best friend and boyfriend."
She cute sangat ;D


I guess I'm still really happy since Maroon 5 last Friday and Hypering with Himin and Shelley since Monday. Like, really really really really really happy. Yesterday, I was suddenly very hyper in Chemistry lab. Just suddenly sitting there, laughing like a motherfucker. And since Zhan Hang was sitting beside me, he had to cope with my hyperness. I was damn scary. Talking shit, asking shit like, "Zomok 你叫你的狗 'Fluffy'? 明明就不 fluffy." And he said, "要后面那个音maa.." And I said, "Zomok 不要叫 Goofy? 也是 'fy' maa." And that left him in -.- while I :O (trolollollololol) XD

Hmm, what else? I'm still spamming Maroon 5 songs like crazy. I can't help it! I'm super addicted to them! I tried listening to other songs, but I just keep craving for Maroon 5. I keep remembering my bro telling me that Slash's concert was better than Maroon 5's, but when I listen to Slash songs, I want more Maroon 5! LOL! Kena poison.
Oh oh, and I'm listening to PCD again. I used to listen to PCD songs quite frequently last time. But then they're slowly forgotten by me, don't know why. But then thanks to Himin, they're back to me again! Hahaha. Nicole Scherzinger has ABS! That's fucking HOT!

I miss dancing. (For the 74352630471937483705th time) Haha!

Hari ini Himin Ng's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIN MIN :) Don't CHA!


I upload this photo because I think my blog is too wordy. LoL.

"I always wonder what life would be without you,
But thank God I only have to wonder."

Da EdN ^^v

Monday, 2 May 2011

Don't CHA


Went to Kai Hang's house for group studying today. There were quite a lot of us. Shelley, Himin, Wei Li, Chi Hoe, Marcus, Bryan, Xiao Fang, Man Long, himself, and of course me. And our Sejarah teacher - Weng Key. LOL.

We were quite successful. Finished Bab 1 and Bab 4 in.. 2 or 3 hours? Of course, we had our own sweet time chitting and chatting, backstabbing and front-stabbing and stuff like that. With them ah, make Ribena also so happy. XD And Weng Key being with us this bunch of crazy monkeys, really triggers his sampat-ness I guess. I mean, before this when he teach us Sejarah, he still answers seriously even after we ask stupid questions. Today, he really zat us gao gao. Haha! Xiao Fang kena most I think, thumbs up! :D

While having lunch, kept laughing and backstabbing people. We are so evil. Shelley is so YAM feeling so fly like a cheesecake. After crapping, we continued with Chapter 4. Really laugh die us. So many funny names and stuff like that. Then the studying stopped when Marcus Bryan Kai Hang started watching some video they claimed to be FOOD PORN, Wei Li and Man Long started playing with highlighters, and well, Shelley and I just slacked there. Then I announced, "我不想读了咯", then everyone was like closing their books and say, "不想读不要读了啦". LOL! 损友s will forever be 损友s. Forever loved (: Haha.

Then we all went playing around. Himin and I were suddenly high, and I asked her, "要跳舞吗" and she's like, "走啦." Then we went dancing around. It started with ballet. Because I really miss ballet, doing pirouettes and grande battements and grande jettes and stuff like that, it was all in normal mood. Then suddenly, I asked her about the Mask Party Danceworld had before, and she taught me a sexy dance with the song Don't Cha by pussycat dolls. Then we kept playing playing, then Shelley joined us, then we go kacau Wei Li and the rest.


It was really fun today. I miss it already. Haha.

Lau Yin Huan's heart ada dengan saya ! YEAH! ^^v


School starts again tomorrow. Why? WHY????? LoL.

Da EdN with awesomeness :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

simply random,

"Hey hey, guess who I saw during the concert yesterday night."
*guess random names*
*random name*
"Tsk. Tell me. Who?"
"I saw Adam Levine.."
"James Valentine.."
"Jesse Carmichael.."
"Wh- OH..ohhhh.. daaaamnnn.."


"我们这里很严的,抽烟的,头发染到 fi li fa lok 的,我们都不会租给他们的.."


"You know they always make weird body gestures when they sing?"
"Sissy body gestures.."
"What sissy? It's called SEXY ok?"


Watched a video of the Royal Wedding. One word, SWAG.

I watched CDs of performance of us when we were just primary school kids. Damn we were short, cute, but sexy. XD I can't stop laughing at some performance and I kinda admire the us back then, so flexible, so active in participating in activities, SO CUTE, SO YOUNG. Hahaha! I sound so old here, when I'm really still young.

I'm bored, I don't feel like doing anything, I miss him, I miss my Ah Lau Yin Huan, I wanna sleep but it's almost dinner time. WHAT TO DO. Only thing to do nao is youtubing Maroon 5 songs non-stop. Bo bian, using my bro's laptop. The songs are in the other comp. LOL.

Damn I feel so lifeless today. Probably because I'm in the slacky mood, but exams are really near and I don't feel like studying today and I feel guilty for slacking without studying which leaves me half-hanging and it's not a bloody good feeling. Shit. Can we just freakin get on with the exams already? LOL. Tho I haven't studied much and I know I'd probably die if I get bad results.

I am so vulgar. I really am. The way I talk makes myself omg when I think it back. Now even my bro says I'm vulgar. I can't help it, first problem, myself of course, second, TOO MANY @!##$@#%^ IDIOTS.


Da EdN :)