Saturday, 30 April 2011

Maroon sexy 5

So it was Maroon 5's concert. My bro went. And I was like, "WHAT?! WHY NEVER ASK ME?" And he was like, "I go with my friends wo, you wanna go meh?" Then fine lo, don't go then don't go lo. I WAS SO SAD MAN! Hahaha! Maroon 5 ah! Maroon 5 is really my first favourite rock band, which is, since.. Standard 5 or something. I have a big fat juicy celebrity crush on Adam Levine.

So yea, I was really disappointed because I didn't get to go. But theeeennnnn....


Kai Hang's mum got free tickets and so he has 3 tickets so he brought Kah Kien and I to da conceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeert! OMG THAAAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU!

They were awesome! The fans are awesome! We were awesome! (Though we didn't do much, too enjoy liao XD) Overall, it was just.. Awesomeness EXPLODING. Everywhere, active girl fans shouting, "ADAM!!!!!!" "WE LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!"oh c'mon, WHO DOESN'T? :D He's ADAM fucking LEVINE!!!!!!!!!

Ok enough with the Adam obsession. This is only the second concert I've been to, and yea, it was freakin awesome. Which is > than good :D Because it's MAROON 5, and I went with him ^^v

Da EdN :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

while they're here :)

Today's a holiday for us sentosarians. Guess people are busy studying since it's REALLY near exams. I know I should be doing something about it, I did. But then, without people around I will feel bored and when I feel bored I just waste my time facebooking or whatsoever. So, I asked Shelley and Wei Li to come, need companion.

I told them to come at 12pm. Shelley was 30 minutes late while Wei Li was 3 hours late. These people are never punctual. NEVAAAA. Used to it already. Haha. They had it easier lo. They had exercises to do, I had to READ because I have none. Sigh, so tiring. XD (OK, SKIP those stuff we studied ok? I couldn't very well explain what I read from Sejarah XD)

Then we were bored, so we played with my pointe shoes XD Too loose for them la, I have pretty big feet.

Look at my neck. lol

Pardon my fat legs, I don't care XD

Then we showed Wei Li the Friday video by Rebecca Black. She never watched it before. Unacceptable, unbelievable XD And I showed them the extremely funny parody and we LOL-ed non-stop. My neighbours might think we're crazy. Well, we kinda are actually :D

Now I'm feeling so fly like a cheesecake :)


Cheeseacke? :)

OK, saya cinta akan mereka banyak-banyak. Super addicted to Friday. I mean, the lyrics are now stuck in my head. Everywhere I go, everyone I see, it's "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday~" in my head. F it. Daaaaaamnnn.

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011


The midnight I had was crazy! I've never sit alone in front of a computer alone until so late before, never mind LAUGHING LIKE CRAP alone at home at midnight when everyone's asleep. Well, actually, my brother was playing Portal 2 beside me, but his headphones were up, so yea, I'm alone. Facebook spamming with Kai Hang Himin and Xiao Fang. OMG, really laugh until cannot stop. (I xiao one ma XD) Himin and Xiao Fang were really funny, spamming each other's wall with lyrics of the song Can't Take My Eyes Off You. Keep telling each other, "I LOVE YOU BABYYY~" I liked every single one of their spams to each other XD

And then before the spams started, I was online chatting with ma cousin Lau Yin Huan. She ahhh, very funny lo!

"Seriously, book ticket, next year come Sandakan again."
"I go for what? See orangutan ah? Or go temple?"
"Hahaha, and church."
"Yea lo. Or go church? You come KL la. But actually KL nothing one, got shopping malls only."
"LOL, you haven't go crocodile farm before also."
"See what?"

"Are you gonna sleep early today?"
"Dunno, see first. I woke up at 12pm today, but slept at 3am."
"Why so early sleep?"
"Dunno, I sampat."

So LOL la she. Awesomeness :D

I've never laughed at so late before. Last time I did was with the awesome gang of friends of mine. When, you ask? Aiya, we everywhere every time one la. Go where also happy, talk about what also can so high. And of course, when I'm back at Perak with my cousins, no need to sleep one. Everyday high until 5 or 6 in the morning :P Ahhh, these people around me. All so hyperactive.

Afternoon, when having lunch in the kitchen with my brother, I repeated the conversation I had with my tuition teacher.

"These two, are sisters, so they're called Sister Chromatids."
"Why can't they be brother chromatids?"
"Why is it motherboard not fatherboard? Why is it mother nature not father nature?"
"Yea lo, I'm wondering also."

Then there's this restaurant we go, called Mum's Place. So I asked him, "Why is it MUM's place? What about dad's place?" And he's like, "Cos mothers are usually nice, loving, beautiful, caring, I don't know what that has to do with a chromosome tho, maybe that's why they only call it a sister chromatid but no MOTHER CHROMOSOMES."


"And then there's daughter cell, why no mother cell? only PARENT cells. What is that?"

Pardon us, we sibeh random one :P

So.. Liddat lo. I should so be studying right nao. Form 4 is not play play business maaannnn, but omg, so lack of motivation.

Da EdN :)

Friday, 22 April 2011

fun fun fun~

LOL lotsa relatives at KL nao :D

My 小姑 from Sarawak, who is my dad's younger sister, is the most well-known shopaholic in the family. And on Thursday, her family came living in my house, AND, my parents were out, and my bro was out, leaving me alone at home with them. And they don't know the way around town so I have to guide them. OMGGGGG, they can walk pasar malam like xiao. XD! I'm gonna die there. SO DARN PACKED. I hate that place, I only go there like.. Once a year for food, most times when I want food there just ask people to go there and help me buy, I mean, if they're going. Haha, what am I even saying?

Today, which is Friday, my uncle, which is my dad's elder brother, came to KL from Perak to look for a room for my cousin. She's coming to KL to study! Fun fun fun~ But hor, TARC is at Setapak which is damn far from here. The first two rooms we looked, walao, SMALL LIKE.. I dont even know like what. You know our school's Bilik Pengawas? It's only half the size. Wait wait, SMALLER THAN THAT! My dad even reminded her to not bring a bolster because if she does, then she would be fighting for space with it. LOL?

Then at last, the third one was more livable. Bigger and brighter. So they took it! :D Quite syok one lo that room. The apartment was better also. After everything was done, it was already almost 11pm. And coming home from Setapak is like.. 30 minutes of drive.

So anyway, during the whole room-hunting experience, my cousin and I kept singing, "It's Friday~ Friday~ Gotta get down on Fridaaayy~~" and "Partyin partyin, YEAH!"
OMGGG. Even when it's already 11pm and we were dead tired, we were still like, "faster faster! one more hour only! tomorrow cannot sing liao, 'friday, friday~ gettin down on fridaayy~' "

Then there's school. School is awesome and fun like always. Amanda is awesome for changing the Like A G6 lyrics to Like A Cheesecake. Added actions summore! You know these random and catchy stuff, when showed to Shelley and I, we would imitate it non-stop and then everyone would know and so nao, everyone is singing "Like a cheesecake, like a cheesecake, na na na na, now I'm feeling so fly, like a cheesecake", with action. SIBEH EPIC AND LAUGH DIE. Especially when done in whole group.

Hmmm, I like Chinese teachers who make 三国演义 sounds sooooo damn cool. :D

K that's all buh baii :)

Oh oh! Hari ini Desmond's birthday and I guess the plan of singing birthday song for him every period from different classes kinda failed. XD But anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DESMOND!

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

happy birthday, DEANNA

So it's my awesome bitch sister's birthday today, and the three of us really think until kepala pecah what to do for her on this glorious day. Keep thinking, "what to buy for her?" "what does she lack?" "no lo, she has everything!" At the end, I said, "she needs love, one can never have too much love" :D

So, she have athlete training until 4:30pm, and will be home by 5pm, we pakat-ed with her mum, her bro and her kakak, and we sneaked into her house, trashed her kitchen and made her a cup of cake, and trashed her room. We went to her house from school at 3:30pm. While walking out of school, we saw her, she was like, "去哪里?" and we were like, "回家啦." :P

While making her cake, her kakak was too busy helping us, that she totally forgotten about the water she's filling in the aquarium, then the water overflowed and her kitchen banjir. HAHAHA.

While thinking of how to hide and surprise her and stuff, Deon suddenly announced, "they coming back already." Then we panicked! And things kinda failed, I mean, the surprising her thing. Good thing Amanda succeeded tho :D The surprised look on her cute face. Haha.
PS, the cake we made was delicious. Said everyone including her mum and bro :D Of course ma, it's with love mannnn.

She said, "我知道你们会做东西的。刚才在学校就知道了,可是回家hor,有没有看到鞋子哦,然后我就很sad咯。" (We hid our shoes of course XD) “我妈妈在车上什么都没有讲咯” :D Awesome.

Oh, Deanna said something very cute after she got surprised and finished eating the banana pie her mum bought and the cake we made, she said, "let's go play."

Awwwwww hugs :)
*Note that she finished our cup of love*

My bitch sisters, they are very very very very very very very very LOVED :)

So we went out to "play" lo. 我背着Deanna跑 while Amanda 背着Shelley跑. Deanna was like, "faster faster! 比赛比赛!" hahahaha! Very hard la aunty! Both of us so sweaty and sticky which makes us SLIPPERY XD! Then we went sitting at the playground, shouting songs. Who needs Red Box? With the three of them, it can be a karaoke ANYWHERE.

OK I really enjoyed today with them. They so awesome :D

I tak kenal mereka punye. :P


Da EdN :)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

First of all, it wasn't me who decides my freaking tuition's time. If I were the one who arranged my tuition, THINK, would I be stupid enough to purposely put it at the same time the other activity I have to attend? "You paid fees already one wo, why you arrange your tuition on Saturday leh?" HELLO. My tuition also paid fees already one la. Ask until liddat, then why must you arrange the class on Saturday leh? FUCK. Both of it are with TEAMS ok? Fucking us your brain before you fucking talk.

Secondly, no one fucking asked you all to wait for me to finish tuition to eat. You don't volunteer to wait, and then complain and blame me and my tuition for it. Like I use gun force you to wait like that = =


Thursday, 14 April 2011





Soon, it will be tonight and I will do Sejarah nota, and then it will be tomorrow, and I'll be looking forward to it because there's no BC class. And soon it will be Saturday, and it will pass by very fast because I have 4 hours tuition with my awesome friends. And I'll be looking forward to Shelley's return. And then it'll be Sunday and I'll call her because I have no idea if she's coming back on Friday or Saturday or morning afternoon or night, and I'll tell her stuff Pn Sujata and Pn Tan said. And soon it will be back to weeks in school, with all my friends I love so much. They make time fly by, and then soon it will be exam week. Exam week ma, pass by very fast one. And then holidays will come, and I'll probably go for addmaths tuition, or maybe if people organize outings and invite me. Then after holidays, school will start again, and it will be June, and soon it will be HARI SUKAN! Then then, it will be July, then soon it'll be HARI PAMERAN!

Ok I can only think of as far as July. I don't even know what event we'll have after Hari Pameran. Make more events! They're fun! Haha. Soooooooo much to be looking forward to! I can't wait! Have a great feeling this year will be great! Though I sometimes really miss 2010.


难 爱与不爱都很难 怕只剩一种感觉叫遗憾
乱 怎么整理还是乱 你给的是不确定的答案
换 我的真心谁肯换 让彼此爱得有点安全感
缠 放开手一样纠缠 你眼里已经泄漏了不安

很美 :)







所以明天很早就可以回家了,happy WS is happy :D

亲爱的邻居们 4A11,我们明天没有上华语,你们可以放心地 "HOU!" 到乱 :D

OK buh baaaaaaiiiiiiii.

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

it goes on,

So I guess everyone knows where Shelley is now, that day, this conversation between Pn Sujata and I happened:

"Where the heck is Shelley?"
"She went to Korea."
"And I'm here thinking that she's sick!"
"Teacher I told you yesterday when you asked, you didn't hear.."
"What is she doing there?"
"Holiday. She said her mum wanna see flowers."
"If she calls you or if you call her or when she's back, tell her to write a poem about flowers, in Korea!"

Pn Tan,

"Where's your friend?"
"Holiday ah?"
"When she come back remember to ask for souvenir from her. We're here working and she go holiday.."

Pn Zahidah,

"Eih mana Ho Shelley? Tak datang lagi ah?"
"Dia pergi Koreaaaa.."
"Ohh pergi Koreeaaa.."

LOL. OMG I MISS HER LO. One week only leh, I already kinda beh tahan liao. Now I understand why high school is so hard to leave. Think about it, I miss my best friend because she went to Korea for holiday for A WEEK. When I leave high school, I won't just be parting from my best friend, I'll be parting from ALL of my wicked awesome best friendSSSSS. ):
We only live once, but now I kinda don't know what I wanna do with this life now. Haha.

I think you really should talk to him.
If she does, I hope you don't hide anything, give her a chance to be there for you, again.

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Shelleeeeeeey :)

"omg I feel like crying."
"You're making me wanna cry."
"What? WHY?"
"Cos I'm trying to help you but you don't wanna tell me. Will affect me one you know?"
"Because you're my best friend! We're on soul in two bodies! I feel what you feel."

"I don't feel so good."
"That's because you're not crying, you need to cry, COOMMEE ONN, let it aaaallll outtt.."

"You have good friends."
*stares at her*
"Know why?"
*shakes head*
"Because I have good friends."


I have the best bestfriend. No shit :)
She's in Korea now. I miss her already. Next school week how to live? XD

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sodium goes KA-BOOM

Monday during add maths:

"When is our next class?"
"Tomorrow I'm not here, you all very happy, clap."

Today during English, we were asked to write a four-liner. So we wrote, and Shelley went presenting it. It went like this when Pn. Sujata looked at our work,

' "colour of butter, shape of cups", awesome.
"like the stars in the open sky", awesome.
"mesmerizing me", awesome.
"leaving me in awe", awesome.

So conclusion, her comment on our masterpiece is: AWESOME. True story.

We had four periods of relief today, so we did this:

Diagram 1

It's actually what happened that day when they all came to my house for Moral project. We had to run to some basketball court down my house to get Chi Hoe because I gave the wrong direction, and also because Yen Lu told him the wrong info about where my house is.

Diagram 1 shows that Chi Hoe is saying WTF because we were nowhere to be seen and I told him we're going to get him. I am running very fast and talking on the phone with him. Man Long had a miss call from Shelley. Shelley and Zhan Hang were on the phone, Shelley asking him where are we going and Zhan Hang telling her we're going to get Chi Hoe. Yen Lu, Xiao Fang, Aaron and Hao Jin are waiting at my house. While Kai Hang was at home sleeping. XD!

During Chemistry, Mr. Lim showed us the experiment involving throwing Sodium into the water to watch it catch fire and explode :D

"If you want more, you must clap ahh.."

That day, when 4A12 did this experiment, we were in Physics lab and 4A11 were in Biology lab. Today we do this experiment, 4A11 were in Bio lab again XD

The thing about us, we like clapping and shouting "HOU!" a lot. So just nao when the Sodium was threw into the water, we two classes clapped and shouted "HOU!". Want more ma. :D

Then I heard someone asking, "why dont throw Francium?" Then I asked Shelley, "yea lo, why dont throw Francium?" And she was like, "ARE YOU CRAZY? LATER WHOLE BLOCK GONE!" HAHAHA

Spent kokurikulum time with Cyclops, and also my dear Kai Ma :D

Diagram 2


Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ching Ming :D

Back then when we exaggerate about the weather being hot, it'll be like,

"It's so hot I'm gonna melt!"

Well, these days, we should say,

"It's so fucking hot I'm gonna fucking evaporate!"

Seriously! I think I might! You can just stand there and do nothing and still feel the heat.

So, ching ming was gooooood. It was kinda sad though, life is pretty unfair isn't it? Always taking the good people away too early. In the car, on the way to the grave, I listen to three of my cousins talk about our dearest grandfather. I never knew him though, don't even remember seeing him. In my mind, the first time I saw him, he's already lying in the coffin. I was 3. I really would like to meet him.

We took photos like crazy, yes, at the graves. We went to my great-grandparents' graves, my grand-uncle's grave and we spent time longest at my grandfather's grave. It was fun actually. Sitting there talking casually like he's really with us. In a way he is right? LOL. Ah Wen even told me when he passed away, we took a photo with the coffin. Everyone were like sad, crying. While the two of us took the photo like v^^v. HAHAHA. I laughed like crap, while she said, "I HAVE THE PHOTO TO PROVE IT!" So after that we took one with the v^^v at the grave :D

Went eating at Tambun, then went to Penang, Gurney Plaza. AND WHAT COINCIDENCE! I saw JACLYN WONG there! I SAW JACLYN WONG AT PENANG! I've never ran into her in KL before. Not even once. And then I saw her there, IN PENANG! My day made just like that :D

Watched World Invasion. OMG IT'S SO FREAKIN AWESOME! Went back to Perak at about 1:10am, reached about 2:30am, then, I GO BATH. XD Then I fell sick the next day. Noob. Summore it was like I had a hangover. I woke up and I cant find my money. Rupa-rupanya I threw into the dustbin. HAHAHA. NOOB!

Jammed in class with Cyclops awesomely :D
BC class is forever fun. Unless she brings out the terror of 文言文.

Earlier today in class, I was like dicekik hantu. I drank water and then suddenly SPAT it out. Like a FOUNTAIN. XD! Shelley was like, "OI NI ZOMOK?!" and Chi Hoe was SLOOOOOWWW, like after 10 seconds Shelley said that, then only he turned to me, and say, "喷到我哦..." LOL! And everyone around was just like O.O HAHAHAHA

So.. Liddat looooo.. x)

Da EdN :)