Tuesday, 29 March 2011


*Man Long points at Chi Hoe*

“Esmond 讲的。”

And everyone was like,

Walao you all, like this meh? Hahaha

I memorized the whole freakin karangan for ujian lisan. Fuck Yea. :D

He knows I love ballet, so he sent me this picture. But why didn't he send me himself? :P

Da EdN :)

Monday, 28 March 2011


全世界最好牵的 :)

这篇周记有你就很容易写了 hahaha :D

我很random的,还在这边blog in华语. OMG betul XD

OK, Add Maths 不容易了 lol

Da EdN :)

Friday, 25 March 2011

dont judge meeee! lol

I’m single.

I’m talking to somebody.

I’m in a relationship.

I’m divorced.

I’m married.

I’m lonely

I’m hungry.

I’m tired.

I’m happy.

I’m mad.

I feel irritated.

Somebody disappointed me today.

I cried today.

I have had more then five gf/bf.

I’d give a cheater another chance.

I (am) been in a relationship with somebody shorter than me.

I (am) been in a relationship with somebody taller than me.

I’ve liked somebody that didn’t like me back.

I’ve been liked by somebody that I didn’t like back.

I’ve kissed under the rain.

I’ve had a crush on two people at the same time.

I’ve kissed somebody of the same sex as me.

Somebody from the opposite sex has made me cry before.

I’ve been in a physical fight with somebody from the opposite sex.

I’ve been in a relationship that lasted less then a month.

I’ve been in a relationship that lasted over a year.

I have been proposed to more then once.

I need the approval of my friends/family before getting into a relationship.

I have been told that I am funny.

I laughed so hard today.

I know how to drive.

I have a car.

I drive fast when I am mad.

I have crashed a car.

I love to shop.

I own designer clothing.

I don’t like to wear sandals.

I have short hair.

I have medium long hair

I have long hair.

I have blue eyes.

I like to write.

I like to sing.

I like to skateboard.

I like to snowboard.

I like to play basketball.

I like to play tennis.

I like to play hockey.

I’ve been to a club

I’ve been to a museum.

I’ve been to Europe.

I’ve been to Africa.

I’ve been to New York.

I’ve been to Arizona.

I’ve been to Hawaii.

I’ve been to Florida.

I would try almost anything once.

I’ve smoked before.

I’ve drank before.

I am an alcoholic. LAWL.

I have tried drugs.

I want to try drugs.

I’m a current high school student.

I’m a current college student.

I have had a GPA higher then 3.5.

I hug somebody daily.

I kiss somebody daily.

I drive daily.

I say “I love you” daily.

I have written a letter to somebody recently.

I have cried myself to sleep before.

I have stayed up all night because I was worried about something.

I have read the bible more then twice.

I believe in God.

If I could, I would move to a different country.

I would date a guy/girl who has a lower income than me.

I would date a guy/girl who doesn’t go to school because they are lazy.

I would date a guy/girl who doesn’t have a car.

I would date a guy/girl who can’t find a job due to the economy situation.

I would date a guy/girl with a criminal history.

I would date a guy/girl that to my knowledge has cheated before.

I have my own room.

I have a TV in my room.

My room is always messy.

I play video games daily.

I have a diamond ring.

I wear make up every day.

I have more then five piercings.

I buy new clothes every month.

I memorize my parents cell phone number.

It took me a week to memorize my cell phone number.

My favorite color is either yellow, white, purple or black.

I’ve been told that I can sing well.

I’ve been told that I’m crazy.

I’ve been told that I’m a good friend.

Somebody has told me that they loved me before.

Somebody has told me that they hate me before.

Somebody has told me that they would do anything for me.

My best friend has seen me cry.

I have cried in a class room.

I have cried in public.

I have cried at work.

I want something that I can’t have.

I still sleep with stuffed animals.

There are a lot of things under my bed.

I can play a musical instrument.

I miss someone right now.

I wish I could see someone right now

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The ocean has never been more blue;
The sand, was golden.
The sunlight shooting through the clouds, displayed in the sky.
The wind blowing towards us.
The sound of the wave hitting on the beach, over, and over again.
The beauty of the whole scene, breathtaking, mesmerizing. I have never felt so relaxed in my life. The best part, you were there with me. My world has never been more complete. I have never felt so happy. You're to thank for :)

Da EdN :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

21st of March.


I did my oral test today, without memorizing anything, all I did was scribble a few words on the paper and went in front and rock it :D I was very nervous, when I speak it feels like I'm having a stutter, but then when I told Shelley about it she said she didn't realize, so.. Fuck yea, I'm awesome.

Oh gawd, I've become really really really REALLY, vulgar. I don't even know why!

There was this teacher shouting at the girls downstairs, and..

"Chill out, slut."
"LOL you don't call everyone a slut."
"Fine, chill out, bitch."
"You don't call everyone a bitch too."
"Sigh, I tried."


I finally watched the famous Rebecca Black Friday video, and can I just say this, it's not that bad. But it's damn catchy, and now it's freaking stuck in my head. People, get ready to be annoyed by me! :D

Fuck yea I'm freakin' cold-blooded. My body temperature changes according to surrounding :)

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

not again...

Seriously? Another great one gone? Why? What did they do? Why them? Life is a really scary ride isn't it? This happening is just reminding us, that we're really growing up. Everyone's growing up and growing older. People are.. Leaving. One by one. Anything can happen. This might be the scariest sentence ever. Why are people still wasting their time worrying about, the world's gonna end in 2012, facebook is closing down, pimples, gaining weight, bad results. Come one. Live well, live right. Why are some people still mean to other people? Anything can happen, you wouldn't wanna go shouting mean and hurtful things to other people, that might be the last thing you'll ever be able to say to them. If that really happens, you will never be able to forgive yourself. Ever. We're all still here for a reason, we're given chances to make things right. If things are bound to happen, it will happen, right? But we're all here now so aren't we suppose to cherish the life given to us and spend it well? Doing the right things, being with our loved ones. Times we spend with our loved ones are never enough. Don't make them worry about you, make them happy, make every moment, every second worth while. That's the least we can do. Leave them something worth remembering, always.



MONDAY, addmaths, form 4, chapter 7.

TUESDAY, addmaths, form 4, chapter 7, STILL.

WEDNESDAY, addmaths, form 4, chapter 6. Yea, I gostan balik one. Problem? :D

, online tutoring Amanda maths. She gets stuff I say.

And also, when my bro asked me a question..........

And also this:


FRIDAY, spent whole day on the Internet. And finally discovered what is this beautiful scene called.

Also, 张宇 sings freakishly awesome. :D




Hey babe :D


Da EdN :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Cannot wait for:

Hari Sukan
& Hari Pameran :DDDD

Don't even know why :D

Da EdN.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

OK, I know everybody hate her and stuff like that. It's really none of my business. People can hate her all they like, saying she this this this that that that, I ain't even mad. BUT, BUT. After hearing stories after stories, if you ever wgouhfjdasnfvksh him, first time, I will stare at you so hard you couldn't fall asleep at night because even just by remembering that stare, you will be so scared you want to sleep with your mum.

LOL I actually don't know why am I saying all these things. I think I think too much. HAHA! I very random one la don't mind me :D

A bitch just got on my nerves, for the third time.

Addmaths Form 4 Chapter 7, _|_

PS, I FUCKING LOVE YOU :) You can really make everything better.

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

jingle bells.

Ok, so this happened like earlier this year. Like January, we went to Lulu's house for tuition for the three Science subjects. That was the first time, and I went with the freaking stomachache. I don't even know what I ate or whatever. Anyway, during tuition, I still feel like there's something inside me twisting and crushing me from the inside. You know when you twist a wet cloth dry? The action you do? Yea, that. Only this time, my stomach! LOL. So I was dying there, and I cant really concentrate on what the teacher said, and when she asked, "ok? can continue summore?" they were all like, "yeessss.." and inside I was thinking, "OH COME ON!" HAHAHAHA.

After that, they wanted to go eat. So I just follow. Yes, with that troublesome stomach of mine. We went D'Rich. Then they were like,

“你随便 order,吃了你肚子痛的话就是不可以吃;不痛的话就可以吃咯.”

= ="

损友s will forever be 损友s. Awesome daaaaooooo :)

I suddenly remembered this, so I blogged :D

Major plan for Hari Pameran, please happen and be awesome!

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 5 March 2011




Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I write a lot. I mean, I used to write a lot. To myself, about everything and anything at all. But these days, something has changed and I just, can't write anymore. The reason, simple. Those stuff I wrote to myself, for my eyes only, man you have no idea how emo those contents are. Every time I read those stuff, I think back of stuff, and it just brings my mood down. No, it's not a good thing, but there it is. I always make myself sad. All those inspirations when you're sad, you know? Those inspirational quotes you read when you're feeling blue and the feeling you get, like someone is there to help you stand up again. All that inspiration, where do they go? Sometimes, people write what they can't say. But my situation now, it's like, not that I don't feel inspired and all, but it's that, life is just so beautiful to me right now. All thanks to you. The addition of you in my life, this feeling, it's like a mixture of many positive feelings. I can't even describe how happy and lucky I am, I just am. All the things that I can't say before, I still can't say them now, because you're just so wonderful. Sometimes, I really want to shout to the world how amazing you are; but sometimes I hush, afraid that the world might snatch you away from me. (Errr, I really forgot where I read this from, but this just says all of how I feel) Stop doubting yourself, you're really the best I could ever ask for, I just can't explain it in words how great you are. Awesome? I think you're beyond that. The best experience of life happened to me, I'll just cherish every living second of my life. And the best part, you're more in it now :)

Da EdN :)


"Do you all like KFC?"
"Mc Donald's?"
"Carl's Juniors?"
"Burger King's?"
"Pizza Hut?"

Fuck Yea. (with the hands)

Da EdN :D