Saturday, 27 November 2010


You arrogant, ignorant, bratty, selfish BASTARD. You make me so fucking sick. Snap the hell out of yourself! You hate life so much go kill yourself will you? Fuck!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Babe, !

Dear Lau Yin Huan,

Hey babe, if you're wondering what the hell am I doing, I will tell you, this post has one purpose and one purpose only. That is to remind you to bring your card reader, and pendrive me Glee and SDO (: Waiting for your arrival every day until 28th of November! BTW, what time you reach ah? Your mum got call my dad anot? He asked me, and I said I don't know. PM me in MSN :) Or ask your mum to call my dad. Annndd... Nothing already la. FASTER COME!

PS, I asked you to wait and don't offline first, it's all just to do this. Haha! I know I very sweat. Don't laugh :P

Wei Shan

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

^^v , (:

Whoo-hoo! Life's good isn't it?

Just that day I left my pencil case at KUMON, and then I thought I would lose it like.. FOR GOOD, and then I went back for it and it was still there! Owh man I'm just so so so so relieved :D

So today, spent the day with ma' bitch sisters (: Planned a small surprise party for Shelley!

At Dee's, we baked a cake for her. Cinnamon Nutella Cake. =/ We reduced the sugar like.. Half. Haha! Eating healthy ma.. Then I used her mum's iPad. Played those games like there's no tomorrow. So funny! There's one game where you have to pop the balloons and then Amanda was like.. Just wiping the iPad with her fingers to pop 'em all. Then she was like, "this is never gonna end, is it?" LOL

And then,

"Come, try this cake. I made it with my Grandma."
"Cake? It looks like WU TAO GOU.."


Then we went back to my house because Dee's bro gotta study fer SPM.
Watched Zombieland. Nice nice nice nice nice! Got the Left 4 Dead feel..
Then we Wiki-ed Emma Stone from the movie, and apparently she appeared on House Bunny too! And then the four of us went like "OOOOOOOHHHHH!!" and "No wonder she looked sooooo familiar..." She plays Natalie in House Bunny, the SMART one. :)

Oh oh! Amanda pendrived me Glee Season 2's songs. I am currently listening to them, and THEY ROCK TO THE HARD CORE! Super awesome, super nice. SUPER DUPER EXTREMELY.

Anyway, cut and ate the cake and snapped photos in my house (: Mind you, the cake looks super duper nice, tasted nice too. The BEST part, WE MADE IT OURSELVES! Even Shelley said we very got heart. Of course la.. Love you ma.. :D But we really damn perasan, kept looking at the photos of the cake, then say,"tsk.. why so nice one..." :D

*Currently playing Listen by Charice. OH EM GEE, NICE DAAAOOOOO...*

K la. Don't really remember what I wanted to blog.. We just really had fun, and it's just really nice to hang with them again after so long of lifeless holidays. :D

*Currently playing Lucky by Sam and Quinn. AAAHHHH!!! MADNESSSSSS!!*

Ok ok! Before I end this awesome post, yesterday was 4 very awesome people's birthdays :D SO!



23/11 of every year is ALWAYS awesome, I just don't know why :)

Every second, minute, hour of every day, you, are kinda, pretty much, always, on ma' mind.

PS, Glee Season 2 should be super great (:

Da EdN :)

Friday, 19 November 2010

Girls' night IN.

Crazy; Sexy; Bitchy

Friends of Mine (:

Times with them, the awesomeness is simply just..

Great; True; Awesome friends stay,

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

why hello there you awesome place.

So I was AFK for awhile, and here's my report after the few days.

Bukit Mertajam - Awesome food! The Hokkien mee there is so WALAO! I can have it for breakfast lunch and dinner for a week and wouldn't mind.

Penang - Awesome place to go. Like.. FREAKIN' awesome. There you can get cheap stuff with good quality. Take FOOD as a very very very very good example.

I also went to the Snake Temple and KEK LOK SI. I like Penang. So glad I'm going again in December. With a BUNCH of crazy cousins of mine! :D

I actually went to Penang with my parents to attend this health talk presented by a doctor. Very funny la that guy. He was talking about visceral fats, and he said,



“不要给老人家骗,讲什么‘buey(肥) si HOK KI (福气) ah..’ 你吃到越来越肥啊,等下HOK(福) 就没有, KI(去) 就有..”

After that, went to eat ice kacang and muar chee. *THUMBS UP*

Pacific (Shopping Mall) - Gosh I love this place! I remember being dragged there by my cousin. But the first time I went, I wanna go there over and over and over and over and over again. Because there, you can really get nice and cheap stuff. And also good quality! You know, with feet like mine, it's extremely hard to buy shoes. Places like Parkson, MidValley, Sunway punya shops, I'll need the largest size you have. And that, it's only NGAM NGAM HO for my feet. But some random shop in Pacific, the shoes' cutting are so big I only need the second largest size. XD ! And this is the very first time my mum bought shoes which fit the both of us. So she bought 3 pairs of shoes there. For only RM139. Then she said,"RM139, not even enough to buy ONE pair of these kind of shoes in KL."

Then, we went to Body Glove. My mum bought me a bag to use as a school bag because the one I'm using is FREE. (My dad got it back from his office) And I've used it for 4 years and now it's SPOILED. Like some rat nibbled it or something. Searching for a bag whole day and then going into Body Glove, all I can say is, "Body Glove.. It never let me down.." and also, my mum wants to start shopping for CNY because of her busy schedule, she's afraid she might not have time to shop. SO, in the awesome Body Glove, she also got me a T-shirt. And also one for my bro. AND THEN, the lady who works there said if buy one more item, we can get membership there. So, my mum got me a pencil case.

Conclusion, I think she was in a really good mood and she was happy and I'm glad because she made me happy. Very. :D

Ipoh Parade - Two words. EYE SORE. Once I stepped in that dreadful place one phrase instantly occurred my mind, "WELCOME TO LALA LAND!" MY GOODNESS! The guys all look like girls and the girls, I don't even know what they look like. Plus, ALL of them were in uniforms. And I do mean ALL OF THEM, ALL! A-L-L!!!! WHAT. A. DISGRACE. Walk there walk until I very damn uncomfortable but there was nowhere else to go so just jalan-jalan there with my mum. Haihs. What a terrible place. I would never ever ever ever EVER in my LIFE, go there again.

That's kinda it I guess. Very syok. But I didn't see ONG SHE QIN and TAN WEN YEE there because of some reasons. Oh well.. There's still NEXT MONTH ! :D

K bai.

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 13 November 2010


WARNING: This post is only to express my inner not-really-beh-song-beh-songness. Do NOT be perasan and think it's you I'm blogging about.

Dear Human Who I've Specially Dedicated This Post To,

You know, we are closer to her than we are with you for a reason. Sure anybody can be friends with everybody, but NOBODY can be really really really extremely friend with EVERYBODY. I am the very paranoid kind but seriously, just like the Chinese said,"One mountain is higher than another mountain." I have yet to see someone who is more paranoid than me but now, I see you. Just because a whole bunch of us always talk secretively, and laugh randomly at random stuff at the most random times, DOES IT MEAN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT YOU? Oh dear me! I know you've been strict and SOMETIMES unreasonable with us all, but we TEENAGERS that you ADULTS constantly discriminate, have a brain, have our own thoughts, and sometimes these thoughts are more mature than yours. Though you are very wise with realistic facts, but it is because of your SOMETIMES over pessimisime that you missed out a little thing called life. Everyone has their own secrets, their own issues, their own problems and it's their choice to choose to tell someone and not tell someone isn't it? Everyone has got something to hide. SHE, really respects you. Of all the unreasonable things you've done to us, when we complain about it to her, SHE, helps you convince us, that you are doing only what's best for us.

She said she likes it there with you all. In the world so lack of humanisme now, at least she, well, actually, we, can be comfortable there, in, well, sort of, EVERY way. Do you really wanna make your place just like the rest of the world?

One more thing, suspicion really can tear bonds aparts. She is HER sister, don't tear them apart.


Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Strange and weird enough I went to school again today. Well, maybe not that strange or that weird. I was just simply too bored. Sitting home every single freaking day playing Plants VS Zombies just won't do. Plus facebook and blogs and stuff are super boring because it's like everybody died and therefore there are no updates from anywhere. I really think everyone's dead. Then when I went to school today I thought,"alright, maybe everyone's not really dead." lol (not.)

Currently reading Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. Super addictive. Super cute. Super funny. Super romantic. Super heard-breaking, too, at times. Ever since I randomly picked a book and bought it, (the book happens to be If You Could See Me Now) I've been so in love with the work of this fabulous author. I picked that book because I saw this line,"Bestselling author of PS. I Love You". Awesome mind of hers! Reading is fun because it brings you to a whole new different world. A world without any stress.

So this Saturday seven-early-eight-early I'm going back to Perak. For how long? I would like to say forever. I'm seriously kinda sick here already. Too much stuff bothering me, abusing me mentally. What can one do? I'll tell you what, NOTHING. Which is rather saddening to hear, isn't it? Well, this is life. Never feel sorry for yourself. Man I need songs to travel. But since everybody's dead and I can't get any songs from anybody, OH WELL. At least I have Cecelia Ahern's company on my way.

Today, I realized stuff. I don't know, people are just such inspiration. And I'm not even sure what I learned but I'm sure there's something. I just think.. Although sometimes it's not easy to ignore people's action and what they say, don't let it out. Swallow your words. Sometimes we just have to keep our mouth SHUT and things will be really, really, really different. Like what Amanda said yesterday, "price to pay."

Alright, and I've also realized that.. Sad enough to say, it's really gone. Really, really gone.

That's all bye.

PS: When I say people are dead here, I just mean that they seldom online, not really dying..

Da EdN.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


It's a date with Deanna Nicole Lee Nyuk Mei today. And we watched....

It was awesome... Very funny, very stupid, very niceeeeee :D

I went to buy my cello polish and she was damn perasan.

"I primary school that time play drum one ahh.. So yeng mann.. They bought this new white drum, ONE only, and they gave it to me ahhhh.."


Usually we would gossip about stuff, but life after PMR, SO, DEAD, BORING! If you read my blog much enough, you would know that I am the ponteng type after PMR. NOTHING IS TO DO! SO, today, she and I talked about how boring life is after PMR. MY GAWD! BOREDOM ATE US ALL ALIVE! Seriously! The conversation of ours,

"Anything to tell me?"
*thinks for awhile* "No.."

"How's life?"
"Very sien.."

ADDDUUUIIIIIII... I HAVE NEVER FELT SO LIFELESS BEFORE. NEVER. WHERE THE HECK DID I PUT THAT LIFE OF MINE? Ask me what do I do every day, come on, ask me. I'll tell you what I do every day, NOTHING! Watch movies every day only. I'm even sick of Plants VS Zombies. And facebook, is SO, BORDICTIVE !

But I must say, there are benefits of the boredom. I had a lot, A LOT, of time to think. You must know, I AM the type who thinks a lot when I'm free. Even Russell Peters said so right? Women, they're ALWAYS thinking. That's very true. And those times for me to think, well, it got me out of the deep shit that I put myself in! I saved me from myself. Thanks to the time for me to think (:

Come on kawan-kawan sekalian, rajin sikit, plan some stuff for all of us to do. No one likes slacking. I mean, everyone LOVES slacking but not everyday la~! I mean, who the hell does that? =/

K I chao nao. Bai bai.

Oh and PS, we were at Mid Valley like almost the whole day today, and we didn't even see ONE person who we know. What are people doing these days? Hahaha.

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Deadly Boredom.

WARNING: This post is just due to boredom. It may contain some boring shit that you might not be interested.

I feel like I've been abused. Mentally. By? BOREDOM.
LIKE OMFG!! EVERY, SINGLE DAY. SIT AT HOME, WATCHING MY BROTHER PLAY GAMES. I told him, "You ah, I exam, you play; you exam, you play; we both exam, you play; we both not having exam, also you play!"

But it's not like I have anything to do. I finished Plants VS Zombies adventure the second time and I'm kinda bored of it. Stupid Crazy Dave, keep picking useless plants for me. Wasted 3 of my slots. Pfffffffft. I really don't know how people can finish the adventure so many times.

And and and, all the usually sure-will-online people all dunno DIE TO WHERE already. XD !
People holiday already la.. You see me. Sitting home every day. Rotting. Keep on canceling plans due to lotsa reasons. Sien!

So actually, I've watched quite a lot of movies these days. Almost like.. One day one movie. After watching I would take a nap and then I cannot sleep at night. And therefore I sleep earliest at 12:00AM EVERY day.

Anyway, MOVIES.

8 Mile!

Ok I don't even know how to describe how awesome this is.


Ini new movie. It's an action movie with good looking guys. Need I say more? :P

Breakfast at Tiffany's.

"Cross my heart and kiss my elbow!"


Johnny Depp is dead gorgeous in here :D

Brokeback Mountain.

I guess everybody knows what this movie is about. I mean, most people knows what is it about but never watched it. So yea.. I actually watch it just to see them make out. XD !

Yup. So I passed my time watching all those movies. What else to do? Today I watched JUST FOLLOW LAW again. You know? Itu Singapore movie? The funny one with Phua Chu Kang one? Yea that. Haha. Laugh die me.

And speaking of movies, I want to watch:


Someone please bring me F-U-N !! D:

I've been going through some of my own shit these days which I didn't know what to do, what to think. And then I saw something, which.. EVEN DESTROYED ME MORE! And then, I saw another thing, which made me.. Alright now (: It's all good if they are all really happy. That matters the most.

My body is killing me. Suddenly aches everywhere and always stomachache. WHAT DID I DO? I don't know. Haha.

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I went to school, Lol?

After days of not going to school, I suddenly had the urge to go to school. So today, I did.

I called Wei Li to ask her if she's going too, but then I thought, aiya whatever la go alone also nevermind. And that's when Siu Li facebook chatted me and told me there's this Sex Education talk and I jokingly said "OH LET'S GO!" XD

Hmm, I thought I'm that kind who get's bored of stuff very very easily. I mean, I know I am that type who get's bored easily. But I thought wrong I guess. Because everybody claimed that school was boring today while I pretty much enjoyed today. Maybe these people are just too hard to please. Or is it just the others who are trying too hard to please them. Over thinking it. Lol. But seriously, people ought to be thankful.

The Sex Education talk was not bad la actually. Just that I got pissed off by the teacher. Haha. COME ON! They gave us a sex toy! What more do you want? Haha, of course they didn't give us a sex toy, what are you MAD? They gave us this string handcuff thing which I kept jokingly said was a sex toy because it is an unknown object given during a SEX Education talk. XD

Anyway, because of being pissed off by the teacher, Yen Lu An An and I went ponteng-ing away. Like most other people HAHA. We sat at Jalan Utama and talked and crapped. Then later joined by Himin and Siu Li. And then changed place to canteen and gossiped about people again. Haha!

Today at school, like that lo. Not bad ma! What's so bored about it? It's only boring because everybody kept thinking it's boring and kept spreading the words, "aiyo sien ah.." "aiyo wanna die d la.." Pffffffffffft. Try staying at home everyday doing NOTHING. Not one single shit.
(Of course, those who goes to school everyday have the rights to say it's boring at school.. I think.. Haha)

Hmmm.. You.. Are.. Somehow.. Pretty much.. ALWAYS.. Never there.

Having.. A lot.. In mind.. Cannot believe.. Emotional.. Because of.. You.

Da EdN :)