Wednesday, 30 June 2010



Friday, 25 June 2010

Monopoly, anyone? :D

You people and your FAGGY class!


Monopoly-ed in class with, at first, YenLu and Shelley, and I won twice :D
Then with YenLu Shelley and AnAn. And I won once again! Hahahahah!
It was fun. Crappy and fun and retarded. Noisy like heck la we.

Yesterday's Glee was awesome (:
&& Quinn !

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Look at that title. If it reminds you of Life's Brief Candle, then that's bad. Stop it. Stop that sad thinking of yours.

For me I'm feeling sort of excited. I mean just now. The excitement is gone now. I don't know why. I'm hoping for a new start in school life. Who knows? Maybe that dude same year as me would forget whatever I said and we'll be friends again? Get over it. I know I started it but still, forget it. Please man. The awkwardness must stop at some point. Haihs. I want the retarded moments we had again. But I know it is kind of impossible to get it back, be it me telling you that on that day or not.

Although we came back from this suppose-to-be-inspiring-camp for prefects, but now, I kind of forgot what am I suppose to do as prefect. Ah well.
And I don't wanna go back to school because I really don't wanna do the projects. Damn la! Can I just borrow from people and hand in theirs? I don't mind taking back the report card and stuff, but the projects are just murderous. Can or cannot type also same. :P

But hey, Hari Pameran's coming up real soon right? :D
(Actually there's nothing to :D about. It will just be about lepak-ing and there are certain places that I won't and don't wanna go.)
Life is goooooooD. Know why? KNOW WHY?
Cos I've been arranged to go tuition on Tuesday and Thursday 3pm till 10pm. Which means, I STILL GET TO WATCH GLEE ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT! yeaH !

Kumon ah! One STACK ah! ARGH!


Just... Just..


What's so bad about it anyway, right?

Besides, I believe everybody must have had at least SOME fun during holidays (:

"I don't wanna survive, I wanna

Da EdN :)

Friday, 18 June 2010


I've done this tag before, but then I simply did it, so now I re-do. Due to boredom.

Name: Tan Wei Shan
Birth Date: 16th of May, 1995
Current Location: WPKL, M
Hair Color: Black + White
Righty/Lefty: Righty (:

Your fear: Cockroaches :P
Your dream of the perfect date: nice hair, funny and nice person (:
Goals you’d like to achieve: I'm still thinking

Your thoughts first waking up: Oh that song again.
Your best physical feature: dunno
Your bed time: it's never constant
Your most missed memory: That, that and that.

Pepsi or Coke: What's the diff? I don't like either.
McDonald’s or Burger King: I'm Lovin' It
Single or Group Dates: Single dates
Adidas or Nike: Depends on what I'm buying
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee?

Smoke: No
Cuss: what?
Take showers: oh DUH
Have a crush: nope
Like school: YESSSS
Believe in yourself: sometimes
Believe what goes around comes around: yEs
Believe everything happens for a reason: I want to believe this (: and so I will
Think you’re a health freak: not really but sometimes.

Gone to the mall: Hell yes.
Been on stage: NopE
Eaten sushi: I don't like sushi
Been hurt: I hurt myself easily both mentally and physically. Hahaha
Dyed your hair: My mum wanted to but no

Played a stripping game: I WANT TO !

Kissed the same sex: on the NOT lips, yes.
Gotten beaten up: NopE
Changed who you were to fit in: nope

Age you’re hoping to be married by: errr.. That's a little far.
Number of kids you’re planning on having: See how la. Hahaha

Best eye color: Green (That is why Mark Salling and Dianna Agron are BEYOND perfection)
hair color: as long as they're nice
short or long hair: preferably, short
Fat or fit: Fit.
Looks or personality: Nobody's perfect :D
Fun or serious: Knows when to be which

1 MINUTE AGO: Doing this tag
1 HOUR AGO: reading blogs
1 WEEK AGO: Orchestra-ing like mad
1 YEAR AGO: Enjoying the living heaven. Haha

I FEEL: nothing
I HATE: people who are OVER
I HIDE: my $$ haha
I NEED: leisure
I LOVE: my friends and family :D

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

It feels like home (:

I finished Kumon just now and when I was waiting for my brother, I saw two little kids, actually one of them is a toddler. He and a cute little Indian girl were sharing raisins. Cute. CUTE! The toddler's mother was sitting beside me. She offered me raisins too. Haha.

Her phone rang, and when she started to talk, she spoke Hokkien. I like I like :D

My bro reached. When I stepped out of Kumon, I smell the hometown smell. IDK where it came from but it was goooooooooOD. :D I LIKEEE!!

At night, I chatted with Yin Huan. And our conversations made me feel like home again.

"No dinner summore!" she said.
"Got milo all those anot?" I asked.
"Later la."
"If don't have go borrow from neighbour, then say, 进我爸爸的帐."
"Hahaha! You say that?"
"I don't, but my dad always ask me to say like this."
"My dad too!"


Eih Yin Huan, actually our dad very alike punya. I remember there was once hor, you DA JIE was here, then I didn't wanna eat something, then this happened:

"不要吃啊?" My dad asked me.
"可以不要吗?" I asked back. (I always do this XD !)

Then we laughed laughed laughed.

"跟我爸爸一样的." Xing Jie said.

Then we laugh again.



Ah. The prefect family for me (:

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010







The only word to describe you and all your bloody heck words.

ANYWAY, I went tuh school for two days for my Chinese Orchestra practice and G-A-W-D! My fingers are dying. So, RAWR.

And they updated the blogger layout thing so I don't really know how it works and I changed it and it looked so screwed up and so I changed it back. But still, RAWR you, you make-me-seem-so-noob design thing!

And I'm still having this headache since the day before yesterday when I came back from Sunway. RAWR that too!

OMG I still have those effin' projects that I have to effin' do which are effin' annoying cos I have this effin' tuition which I have to effin' go from 10am till 3pm which my teacher informed me that I have to effin' go there from Tuesday till Thursday from 3pm till 10pm when school effin' starts which is EFFIN' ! RRAAAAWWWRRR!!!

I seriously want that PMR thing to come and go. Fast. FAST. GO.

But I'm still lovin' life because all my friends are effin' awesome :D
And people say RAWR means "I love you" in dinosaur (I find it weird.), so,
RAWR all of you!

Da EdN (:

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Motherfucka I'm awesooommeee.
No you're not, dude, don't lie.


She's pretty. Yea I know :D
But DAMN she was sampat and crazy! {Hearts!}

You see, you see.

OK no more :D



Da EdN :)

Friday, 11 June 2010


I had a bottle. A garbage-green colored bottle. You know, that bottle, I used it almost throughout form 2. And my ex-classmates kept making it fall from my table cos I dunno why, but my table always kena bang punya. And it's got "scars" all over the metal part of it left by the 2A10ers. And time after time I wanted to change bottle cos I think that bottle is a bit too small, I did not because Yen Lu said "2A10 留下来的回忆啊!"

And now, I just realised that...

I left that bottle at KKB when I went for pengawas kursus.


Mark Salling ! *FAINT*

Oh gosh I watched the Glee episode where he shaved his awesome looking hair. I LOVE that episode cos it's got lots of Puck and he looks freaking good with or without his hair mmkay. OMG he's super hot and super handsome and he sings pretty good too.


Da EdN :)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

I have reasons to laugh!

OH LOL! I just remembered something and I feel like I HAVE to blog about it.

"You know ah, actually D cub very dangerous one lo.."
"D for Dangerous ma.."

Human 1 Human 2 Human 3

Laugh --- Laugh Die --- Revive --- Die again :P


Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My way of life?

"Of all organs, the tongue is the most remarkable. For we use it to both taste our sweet wine and bitter poison, thus also do we also utter words sweet and sour with the same tongue."
-The Graveyard Book

"We remember what we want to forget and we forget what we want to remember."
-The Road

For your information, I've been a bit of a bookaholic lately and those are the quotes I found touched me. And the next one, it's a short one. But somehow, that day when I read it, I felt so... Indescribable.. And after I read that, I said it to Shelley and she gave me the look.

Scroll, will you kindly please?

" If only my heart were stone."

-The Road

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Kursus kursus kursus !

Man I can't believe 3 days 2 nights end so fast! Though I sort of can. And sort of see it go by. If you get what I mean. But most probably you wont. Ok. Anyway. This post ah, cos both days also sleep after 12am, so after one sleep only considered as one day la ha in this post. Get? Ok... XD

*Deanna, sorry this wouldn't be a short post like I said it would be :P

Day 1

Shelley came to fetch me from home and we went to school. When we reached, everybody was coming out and we were going in and it was sort of weird. And then blah blah blah. You know la. This and that la.
So when we reached, we were briefed and shown to our dorms. Wah, man is this the first time I see PILLOWS kena conteng. After that we went to play the obstacle course. Our group did good I think. They were so good! Friendly and spirited. Tau tak? XD And some climbing things, the guys kept hurting their dicks. And announce it summore one. LAUGH DIE me man!

And as you know obstacle courses, there's one thing, I dunno what it's called. You know, the water below, then got one rope then you swing to the other end? Yea that. I fell in to the water 3 freaking times! And I feel so GOOD ! HAHAHAHA. 1st time, swing halfway, fall. 2nd time, same. 3rd time haven't even swing then fall d. And Guy to Guy :"EIH WHY YOU GO PUSH HER DOWN?" Walao, that funny face! LAUGH DIE! Overall obstacles course was really fantastic for me :D

And at night, after dinner, the 3 awesome bitches and I were walking back to our dorm (we're in the same dorm! Yaay-ness! :D !), I somehow kicked Amanda's leg and injured my toe. Ok I dunno where they took the camera so no gambar ok? Ok... The injury was serious. Sort of. I can't walk man! Pain dao! It was swollen like... Very swollen and so I didn't go jungle trekking at night. WHAT IS THIS MAN! I play obstacle course run here run there climb climb fall fall jump jump also nothing happened, at night WALK only also can injure until macam ini. Beh understand betul.
So, first day was fun. Just fun. No exaggerations. (:

Day 2
We were all busy preparing for the creative drilling competition, beauty pageant, and human percussion. Walao my group really. Voice loud only. Actually inside our idea all kosong punya. Took us quite some time to even come up with something, and don't even know is it acceptable. And they actually argued a lot. Lol. So yea..

Hmm, due to my injured TOE, I can't do the rope course thing. Thank goodness. I'm so friggin' afraid of heights. See them from down there also leg soft, especially when the wind blows, watching them walk on the rope was like... Speechless.

Errmm, day 2 middle I got sad due to some reasons and so it made me lose my mood and stuff like that and I cried so I'll skip till the activities part ok? Ok...

So, creative drilling competition. Once again, due to my injured toe, I did not participate. Instead, I helped my group with the music thing. They songs they use are from the phones so I had to turn their phones to max volume and place the mic in front of the speaker and know when to stop and change the song. (Eih, you think very easy ah? I panicked man! XD!) Anyway my teammates did great yeaH.
Human percussion I took part. This is actually a competition that we use our body parts to make beats. So yea. As long as I stomp only my right foot I'm safe (:
We were the 4th to perform and only when the 1st 2nd and 3rd team were performing only we came up with what to do. Last-minute much right? I know I know. But we're just too freakin' awesome. Swee Gee damn cute I tell yoU! :D

Beauty pageant, I personally think my team's pageant did a marvelous performance for the talent show and the dance. But.........
Anyway. Moving on. (I did the mic thing for their music again, but this is better, they used radio)
I liked beauty pageant. It made me laugh so much. And shout too. Shouted like heck with Amanda and Deanna. CRAZY punya. What also clap and shout. But nevermind right? That's the whole point of it. :) But then actually we shout until very tired. I see why they don't do this in school. We're too noisy. And AWESOME :D
And after everything, there was suppose to be a fellowship thing for us. But then everyone was so tired we all went back to the dorm. And we planned to go to the mamak INSIDE the camp for the fellowship. (Think nobody go ma, all looked so tired) After changing pants, we went to the mamak, and turns out, it was kinda full-house. LOL. You know la. All the HYPERACTIVE awesome people.

We hang there until we were tired enough to YAT GAO FAN TIN GUONG. Then we went to sleep.
Today good ah, before they turn off the lights I was already asleep. :D

Day 3
I don't know why these days, I kept waking up halfway when I sleep. I always wake up between 3am till 4am. Then today, I woke up at 3am. I know because I woke up, and saw my phone. And when I woke up, I see that there's no bekalan elektrik. HAihS! Banyak apa punya. Then I hear a bunch of people hee-hee haa-haa ing outside. After hearing them, I tried to sleep. Roll here roll there, feel like very long d, then I see my phone again : 3:04AM WAHLAO!!
Then I woke Shelley and we went out lepaking.

We went mamak. Wanted to sit there. And then turns out there's quite a lot of people SLEEPING there. And trying to sleep there. And then when we were about the leave, I told Shelley "Let's call Adeline, she said she won't be sleeping." then I turned to my left and the 3 of us went like "HEEEEEYYY!!" Adeline was right there. LOL.

But then hor, after that DAMN sampat. Imagine seeing four shadows sitting in the dark on and off the torch-light, macam hantu punya. XD ! Scared the other school's girls. We chit-chit-chat-chat about some stuff and some other stuff and talk to random strangers from other schools and when the electricity is back on, we were too energetic to sleep so we lepaked around the camp for 3 hours and 40 minutes + and then at precisely 6:42am, we said GOODNIGHT to each other and went to sleep. And our morning call is at 7:30am.
We're not crazy, we're just awesome. :D

When I woke up at the time that I'm suppose to wake up at, I woke up to a beautiful day, feeling GREAT. Maybe it's because midnight play and laugh until too mad d and today it's also the day we're leaving for home. I really felt great and fantastic.

And as for the four of us, FUNNY lo! In canteen, body contacting and stuff, for people who laugh as mad and as non-stop-ish as me, I really almost laughed myself to death. HAHA! Laugh a lot in my INSIDE when I heard "You see! Your bottle still there!"
And then after eating, Deanna stood up and walk towards the door and beside her I saw something again and I started laughing like mad again. And then I told Shell, and then we laughed like crazy together. DIE MAN! Can DIE. ROFLMAO!

Kay, then after the group photo thing we went home, and on the bus I slept the whole journey home.

Conclusion, SYOK!

And I just don't like the feeling of coming back home.

Nah, my awesome injury.

Da EdN :D :D :D

Thursday, 3 June 2010


K I'm leaving for kursus tomorrow and I'm leaving now to PREPARE to watch my Glee (:

But before I leave would I shall share this post with you:


Go Go ! :D

K byebye!
I piT naO.

Remember to miss me, people! Especially you, LAU YIN HUAN :D

BTW today DAMN hyper in class with my girlsssss (:

Da EdN :)