Saturday, 29 May 2010

What a family (:

HAHAHA to the most formal introduction I had in my whole entire life. Till now, that is.

I attended a cousin's wedding. In chinese, they really do call it 表表姐. Very complicated. She's my grandmother's (dad's side) family. Which is my dad's 表 family. See! I told you the family of my dad's side is enormous! :P
Anyway, we reached early. And so did some other relatives of my dad. Which are also my relatives. Relatives who I don't know that is.

When we stepped in to the restaurant, some girl who is the bride's sister who I believe is my 表表姐 too, came to my dad and said "I don't know what's your name but I know you're my uncle." Then they laughed and she showed us to our table. Walao. Something like a stranger's wedding and our table is damn forward. Haha.

Then 3 other guys. Who I believe are my 表表哥s, came to my bro and I and introduced. They very old lo, youngest is same year as my bro. And they, were the ones who gave me the most formal introduction ever, in my life. You know, the hand-shaking and the telling-your-name thing. Whao. I almost laughed out loud. Haha.

Hmm, my eldest nephew from Perak came also. With his grandparents who are my dad's bro and sis-in-law who are my uncle and aunty. Then my other uncle, he was damn funny. We laughed like *subject adjective here*.

My nephew is a very naughty 3-year-old. And yesterday he was very quiet. I don't know why. Then my uncle asked him "Eih! 你的名字是 Lanci Tan ah?" Laughed dao me ah... LOL
Then later I dunno what happened, my uncle showed him his stomach and say "我有肚子大大meh?" Then my nephew shook his head. And his grandfather who is my uncle asked "你leh,你有肚子大大吗?" And the funny uncle said "你讲你肚子没有大大,你讲你bird bird 大大."

LOL ! Laugh die me man!

See, so fun. Even a cousin-who-I-don't-know-existed's wedding. Haha! My dad's side of the family, so friendly, so very very very fun (:

I shall end this post saying,

"Some of the relatives, see them also don't know we're related."


Da EdN :)

Monday, 24 May 2010


Like Yin Huan said, everything and everyone is changing.

Most of the people don't like changes.

We refuse to adapt.

Who's to say which change is good or bad?

But all I want to say is,

I hope some people can look back at the past,

And see how nice they are,

How wonderful they made things.

I miss some people.

I don't like their change.

Da EdN.

Sunday, 23 May 2010


I miss my hair mmkayyyyy~
Like Joo Ann said, it makes me more me.

Anyway, yesterday,

Amanda and Justin were playing othello with Man Yi's phone.

"Oh man! I'm gonna lose!" said Amanda.
"What are you a psych?" I said.
"No, she's just dumb." Justin.


Lau Yin Huan, Tan Wen Yee, Ong She Qin, if you're reading this, I miss you D:

Da EdN :)

Friday, 21 May 2010

I miss the past.


Only Yen Lu saw the look on my face.
Apparently, I'm still sensitive towards things related to that human being. Haihs.
Shelley told me not to deny my feelings inside, but actually I don't even know what feeling do I have inside.

Three days ago, that very moment, I was in total shock. Shocked until really shock that kind. Ask Shelley. I recovered only after like more than 5 seconds. Luckily that human being was still there for me to thank. If not I will think a lot again.

The other one. Thanks for NOTHING. I feel that, and fear that, you've changed and become the whole different species. The species that is different from us. The species, that I, sad to say, HATE. I am totally, officially, behsong-ing you. They pissed her off so badly and you're fucking a part of it. Screw gao. (Note: I'm using your freaking language.) Now, I see you also I feel pissed.

Why? I don't get. I don't get YOU. Are you just another fake piece of crap?

That day when I see her so angry, those names that came out of her mouth. Your name was one of it. I kept asking her to repeat. I've been behsonging you for a while now but I DON'T WANT TO HATE YOU!

That day's feeling. Disappointed. Very. Super. Extreme. No other things can make me so disappointed. Of things that can make me so sad, so disappointed, 2A10/09 is one of it. And that day, 2A10 it was. Shelley is right. We take you people too seriously (in a way). To us it's a heaven, to you all, it may be just another class.

Conclusion of this post: I miss the past. If I can't turn back time, at least make some new memorable memories for me to remember.

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Oh Hot DAMN !

I just realised that he's not worth ONE BIT! Haha (:

I'm super happy today! I haven't been dancing for two freaking weeks and I went back today! So happy. I feel so alive! And then I saw Catherine doing her cheer routine. I wouldn't say the song is nice and all, but the moves were super HOT! And that reminded me of learning modern dance when I was younger. I danced with Yen Lu before one leh! And man, we were SO awesome back then.

Splits and bridge, simply do also can do like very geng. Hand-stand whole class can do. Now see people do, I'm so amazed but actually years ago I can do that too. Haihs. Come to think of it, I shouldn't have took on ballet. It's not really a thing for hyper people like me. I can't JUMP around in ballet. Things I enjoy doing in ballet are pointe shoe and turns only. Haha.

Hmm, I'm planning this. If ma' teacher says I need to hold back and do this grade I'm doing in ballet now for another year, OR, if I fail this grade, I may switch and take other dances. Change of environment ma. :P I remember, I did Jazz before this year. I like it damn much. That's all I can say. So... See how la.
Conclusion: Ballet is not really my thing.

I'm going to watch Ip Man 2 tomorrow! OMG I just love watching Donnie Yen. After watching Bodyguards and Assassins, this:

And re-watching Ip Man. He's yeng. I like I like.

And I wanna watch Iron Man 2 even though people say it sucks. According to my uncle, it involves a lot of conversation which teenagers are too dao gei to enjoy. So yea. This is what I think. I will always discriminate people :D THOSE people, that is.

OK. I'm sort of enjoying my life without my phone. It helps a lot in my techno-free life which I want to start. I only use the comp on Fri, Sat and Suns. :D

OK! I piT naO! ByebyE

Da EdN :)

Friday, 14 May 2010

You no understand kah?

Saya tau semua ada tuition. But tuition is tuition, in school you have to learn.
LADY, you think we don't want to learn meh? You ajar baik-baik then we learn baik-baik lo!

Tengok kamu semua, compare dengan kelas Khai Yang SAMA SAHAJA!

Lady, EVERY class is the same.

Stop it with your oh-so-traditional thoughts, lady!

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 8 May 2010

8th of May

Went to the competition thing in SMK Taman Connaught. Laughed like shit especially during the prize giving ceremony. Played like crazy, hyper like xiao. Malas mau blog. View FB for photos.



Da EdN :)

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Birthday ones (:

Nah nah nah (:

Himin Ng, The 5th of May :D
Saya less-than-three you dear!

Lee Pui San, The 6th of May :D
My Lui Lui. {Hearts}


Hmm, I've actually been watching movies. At home. Cinemas are just so packed! If it weren't for my oh-so-follow-the-rules-ish parents, we would've watched Ip Man 2. What's up with the 18 thing anyway? The world is changing people!


These 2 are War movies and therefore makes me dislike them. Though I love Saw, (as below):

1st episode.
Watched, Addicted :D

2nd episode.
Watched halfway. (Stupid pirated DVD)


Saw VI

No la, I haven't watch this one yet. But Deanna borrowed it to me. And I wanted to watch it now, but hafta wait for my bro. He's out now, to watch Ip Man 2. FFFUUU !

Anyway, I enjoy SAW, which is full of violence, but I don't enjoy those War movies though they're violence also. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the fact that the War movies are REAL. Those things there, really did happen. Those people are ANIMALS. Senseless ANIMALS!
So yea.

But hey, I found myself a favourite.
Something I watched TOO many times which made my bro sick of (XD):






Da EdN :)

double kill ! xD

All those fun and retarded times with you,
I really enjoyed a lot.
You always have a sense of humor,
You are always loved by others.
You care for us, you helped us through our hard times.


You are crazy. It was 3 or 4 am at Genting and it was freezing outside, and yet you still ordered ICE-BLENDED drink. But you won't die of the temperature for we have the warmth of cousin around you (: haha. And also, I remember watching Miss Swan together there. Laughed our ass off like xiao together.


Also, you're my taking-picture-with-horror-stuff mate :D

That day you talked to all of us about SAW and only you and my brother laughed. All of us seemed terrified. But after yours and my brother's influential, I finally understand both of your joys at that moment. SAW, is truly enjoyable.

We got a free ice-cream after that, remember? :D

I know I know. Your BAK CHI-ness cannot be shown in PUBLIC.

You're the one and only, my dear cousin (:

See, BAK CHI-ness! :D

This, everybody, is one of my most beloved cousins,

Although it's been said,
Many times,
Many ways,

And Ah Wen, I have a friend whose birthday's on the same day with you too,

Have a blast. The both of you :D

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Laugh laugh die die

As always, tuition nights always make me laugh my freaking ass off. OMG those people. Sampat DAO! Retarded man! In a good way.

Good retard = Lame = Funny
Bad retard = STUPID = (You know)

XD !

Anyway, yesterday, 5th of May, it was HIMIN NG's birthday !
Owh I love this girl. We've been through more than you think. Though it's not really a good memory, but.. It's still something we will remember. Something that help us GROW UP. And I'm proud to say that we're still good friends today (:

And today, 6th of May, it's LEE PUI SAN's birthday!
I knew her since std 2 man! :D This damn cute girl haha.
Sampat most of the time LOL. Me love you lah Ah San.

Today during Nilam, played till damn retard and damn hyper and also damn bird with SiuLi, Shelley, Vickki and Deanna. Xiao punya orang. So damn noisy. Shout shout shout beat beat beat. Haha! Anyway SiuLi and I divorced. I wanted to take photos of our deed but my camera's on my dad's car and my dad's not home so yea. You get it. So wait ba (:

For some reason, I feel very happy and hyper these days. But sadly Shelley is just not in the mood these few days. Something bothering you arh dear? :/
And hor, I always ZAT people these days. Very teruk la me! Sorry folks! I'm OVER d.

I still think Justin Bieber's gay D:

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Labour day?

Muaha! Wei Li and Shelley came over today. We actually have geografi project to do, but then this happened, continue reading will you? :)

Shelley reached at 11am. And I was watching Glee. Awesome, awesome Glee. And because Wei Li told me she was coming over at 12pm, I suggested that we wait for her.
It was 12:30pm and Wei Li's still not here.

"Wanna do ald anot?"
"Do la do la.."
"Wait for Wei Li la.."
"Oh ok lo.."

The above conversation happened more than 5 times I think. LOL.


So Wei Li came and we got started with the project. For some reasons we just can't stop the laughing. Laughed so badly! Like what Shelley said, in school so noisy, at home also SO noisy.
Yea loh. What to do jiiieekkk? Haha (:

We took lots of photos. Lots of crappy and random photos. I so totally LOVE ! :D

Then talked about Glee with the two cute ones :)
Gosh. I am so obsessed.

(Err, please view FB for photos. Obviously we're lazy to upload photos. I don't know about Shelley but I sure am :D )

Itu Soh Wei Li, no cure already. Use ma' phone to *erhem *erhem* !
Go sweet la go sweet la (:

Actually hor, we only hafta do 3 papers. Penghargaan, Pendahuluan and Objektif Kajian.

"Har? 3 papers only ah?"
"Yea lo.."
"Still got one map to draw."
"Oh then draw la.."
"You also don't have map, draw what?"

In other words, coming to my house to "do project" is completely unnecessary.

Conclusion, I really had a great time playing and camwhoring with Wei Li and Shell (:

And to end this post, please listen to zis' song!

OK! ByebyEe!

Da EdN :)