Friday, 30 April 2010

We shall move on.

Yesterday, while we were having Intensive (Geo), I was doing it, and thinking, how should I tell them?
And while I was thinking halfway, it happened. Mr. Lok came in to our class and said,"Ketua kelas, pastikan pelajar ini berada di dalam kelas sepanjang masa ah.."
Then everybody started whispering. Macam aliens dari Mars tak pernah tengok human. (haha!)
Lucky for me, I already know one day before so I was in no shock.

During tugas, it was quite full of feelings, Shelley and I.
Cos of what she said :
This year really a lot stuff happened.

"Why say so?"
"Ermm.. I can't believe you told *that human being*...I can't believe I like him... I can't believe that guy's in our class, I can't believe YOU RE-BONDED your hair. I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME YOU KNOW? And we're close to getting pecat.."
"Conclusion, a lot stuff la.."

She's right you know? Shit happens. Or is it just us who still can't adapt the change of life after 4 months. I don't know about the others, but I do think that I'm still living in the past. It's very bad. These days are even worse, I kept talking about the past.
Someone please WAKE me and tell me that it's over. It's in the past. OVER OVER OVER.
The card Wei Li gave me, I read it every day. And always end with a sigh.

我被人去参加书法比赛 D:

Ma de la! I don't shu fa one loh. I SUCK in it.
But then I still went.


And it's unbelievable. Our Lembaga Pengwas Sesi Petang Ketua Pengawas 2009 - Lai Chun Kiat's shu fa very very the nice. Geng.

Tell you, in that classroom just now, all of their reiatsus are CRUSHING me.

I swear, I will never ever ever take part in shu fa bi sai ever again.


Da EdN :)


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

*BANG BANG* die.

吊到. 你这种人都叫朋友啊?这样的话全部去死算了咯. 好心你,要撒你的娇,不要在我面前. 我的眼睛会烂,我没有呕血已经很好了。

Do you have any fucking idea how angry you made me? I mean us. Complained non-stop to each other man just now. Cursed people like heck. (Which is bad, I know. I feel bad too.) But I was SOOOOO DAMN ANGRY ! If I have a gun I think I'll shoot you. (Actually no, I won't). And that mental disordered patient, haiya, let's not talk about that one. Used to her bitchyness.

But then after that still ok. Cos I have Shelley, Hui Chan and Wei Li :D Very fun la they. I like, love, adore them. Laughed like crazy today because of lots of reason. Kept insulting that girl mentioned above and laughed like hell with Wei Li. Actually it was just me insulting, so yea. Then Mr. VJ's class, walao, Wei Li and Hui Chan really made the whole class laugh like SHIT. But still, WEI LI, "PUI" 得好!

Hey hey hey! Yesterday, I was very very very very very VERY happy! Know why? Know why?! Because I passed KUMON L level !
Hahahahhaha!! I was really so so so damn happy man! Though it took me a long time to finish this dreadful level. :D I had never felt this kind of happiness for so long! So so so happy ! :D :D :D

K I should stop now.

These days, really bo mood study. I only like Pn Sujata's class. Chinese also not bad, Sejarah tengok mood punya :P Others are all just CRAP. CRAP, in a very very bad way.

GOOD CRAP = Funny = Gooooooood.
BAD CRAP = Sohai = "GO TO HELL !"

So yea. This is pretty much my school life. Every day play play play play play. PMR worh, come la! We all fail together. My Sejarah really don't know mau macam mana. haihs.

OK! Got to pit.

Da EdN :)

Monday, 26 April 2010

Oh my, I think I'm in love with Soh Wei Li (:

Thanks for your concern. You don't know how much it means to me.

Though we talked about Pokemon a lot last year, but this year, today, we really talk talk talk talk talk about Pokemon until ahh.. Very very the LOL. I miss Pokemon. I used to watch it every single day when I was young. My childhood, it's all about cartoons and games haha (:

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is this:
2A10 was goooooooood, but 3A11 is not bad too :)

Lau Yin Huan asked me to take a picture of myself, cos I told her... I straighten my hair?

Hey! It's Jovynn Yeong's birthday today! :D :D :D

K I pit now. ByebYe!

Da EdN :)

Friday, 23 April 2010

Hey you talking to me?

First of all, to start this post, the first thing I want to say after these days is this:


OK. I'm done. (Shut up, people! You don't know what's going on! Don't guess me! I am unpredictable. Only my dog *haha* Shelley knows about this XD !)

Today damn high during Geography. Pn Carol very funny la! Like like like! :D

Shelley sampat de! I kept messing with her and she said :"不要 daogei 啦你!" and I replied:"喜欢daogei你." and she said:" 我要成熟你". HAHAHA! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? I really laughed die just now.

"Let me see your answer."
"Ha! See! Your book noob! No answer de." (cover my answer)
"yerrr... An Annnnnn.." (whining)
"An An, 你的狗叫你."

Shelley Me

I went to the Chinese essay competition which I knew LAST-MINUTE about.
1st of all, I didn't know it was today. And most importantly, I didn't know I was taking part in the competition. 瓦特发?Nevermind. Simple draw draw a bit and I'm the first who finished it again :D
Actually there is no need for competitions for essays. Everybody so geng write blog, you wanna find a winner just go click around people's blog and read lo :D

Waliao eh. These days money really use damn fast :D Koperasi la! Go koperasi more. Late early bankrupt I tell you. And I have to stay at school so long summore. Every time go out lepak see someone, they'll say "ei, I wanna eat, teman me." then go with them, will stand outside koperasi and I'll buy a jelly at least. Cos it's cold :) Aiya nevermind la. I koperasi-supporter ma.

Seriously now, intensive is just giving us more time to play :)

Hmm, I don't know what else to say. I don't remember. Oh yea. This:

"SOHAI! 我从来不讲粗口的."


"OK 今天不可以再讲粗口了."


You see la. WHHHAAAAT is this mann.

Ok. I pit now. ByeBye.

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

OK I miss my cousins, mmkay.
(Hey look! We're all in white that day! *please exclude her jacket :P* )

I feel so bored of life. Not sick of it, but bored. For now, it's like nothing interesting is happening. Isn't life suppose to have ups and downs? Why is it down all the time now? It's like.. It's either down, or nothing happen. WTF. Come on LIFE! LIVE!

And excluding this, I still miss my cousins. We can say that we're tired at 11pm and wanted to go to sleep, and ended up sleeping at 5++ am. The more we talk the more energetic we get. Don't talk ah? You know it's impossible (:
I really love them la. We can talk about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING at all.

That day at Genting ah. Lau Ah Girl and I sampat sampat, go think about THOSE things then don't dare sleep. Then Ah Qin falling asleep and Ah Wen wanted to sleep edi, we go pull them up and we went to the Viston City and played until 1am +. If it wasn't for the "oh, we have to close now" thing, we would've continued playing. MAD! Hahah!
Then how? We're so filled with energy. Walk around lo. Sit there and talk and crap. It was so cold and we still go sit OUTSIDE. Syok sendiri betul.

I miss you guys !

RAWR! Fast fast December la adui! :D


P/S: (It was Deanna's birthday yesterday!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEANNNNNNNA !

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

SHimi mi Gia laiiii?


其实我给我自己炸到有点扁了,讲什么放回一边啦,其实我有一只去想的咯。想到,除了“谢谢”以外我真的没有东西跟那个人讲了。我真的很想念啊!可以给我一个 Time Machine 吗?唉。Sad 到。那天那个 Tan Yen Lu 还跟我讲:“已经过去了,你想念也没有用。” 哇劳!算了咯,你给我记住。 XD !

哇,我 type 华语的速度实在是慢到没有人有。还有我汉语拼音差到好像海这样。三个字,毛前途。

很奇怪啊这些傻海,又要用这种奇奇怪怪的名字,又不要放自己的照片,放自己的照片又要放到人不像人,鬼不像鬼那种连自己妈妈都认不出的照片。鬼都给你吓走咯!又要 add 我哦!Ignore 了还要 add,好像很 desperate 这样。放个正常一点的照片和名字我再应酬你吧 :D

跳舞和补习的时间是最爽了的咯。整天在玩罢了。学校啊?哪里爽?太多马特发克的老师了。一直针对我们。很够不爽。不要怪我们咯,你们自己弄到这样的。唉,现在在学校我很难觉得安心又开心又 relax 的啦。一踏出课室就觉得很不安全,整个人失去安全感。唉!在班上,除非老师不上课又没有给功课啦 :D 总之是很难的啦 XD

黑鸡,本人得撇了。忙着发呆 (: 有缘再见。

Da EdN :)

Friday, 16 April 2010

What was, what is, what will never...

Of all the crap, shit, awesome, retarded, memorable, fantastic, fun and funny moments and people, I miss 2A10/09 the most. Your argument is invalid.

That day, one big bunch of people in ma class, sharing cold jokes. Laugh shit man ! See la, cold jokes also laugh so geng. GENG jokes dunno how leh hor?

I "argued" with Shelley today. LOL. Everything shout shout bang bang.
So angry mann! We were arguing and the others kept disturbing us. Oi, wan disturb also find the correct moment lo can bo? :P
Well, Shelley, you know everything now. I really spitted every shit out though I said I wasn't going to talk about it again. Blame me la (: But it's STILL not completely my fault. We're just different.

These days tugas, with that little girl leh :D so ngam right? Fun fun fun. Every day tugas FUN (: Accompanied by Mrs. Mar almost every day XD ! Mr. Mar go scout. That little girl, every day annoy me with this :"Hey, hey apple!" Laugh like crap! Today lagi sei. She hyper whole day. Though I played with her too, but she's scary. Kept making those scary scary and funny funny noises.

Also, we kept playing pictionary in class. When Shelley was choosing the word for me tuh draw, she flipped the dictionary and asked me:"Yerr. Why no condom one?" Laugh die. Then An An, she drew a dog. And I was saying "DOG ! Guard dog! Fierce dog! Your dog!" Then Yen Lu said "Bitch." Very fun in class la. I know we're pissing most of the teachers off. Which made them all wanna say "Pengawas di belakang sangat bising ah.."
Yea yea. 你讲是就是啦,你爽就好.

Ahhh.. I forgot apa saya mau blog. Old already la. Cannot blame me.

让它这样平静地结束, ok? (:

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Woot wooooootT ~ :D

"哇!你踢到我的dick 啊!"

LOL ! Beware of me. This is what happens if you keep saying things I don't wanna hear. :D

That day, pissed off like shit. Those buns-holes teachers. WALIIAOOOO eh.
WHAAAAAAT also "the two prefects at the back ahh.. nag nag nag bitch bitch bitch."
Oi buns-holes, just because Shelley and I are both prefects and we sit together in class and are best friends doesn't mean we're as bad as you say we are ok? Use your brain, OPEN YOUR EARS. As if we're the only two who're talking in the whole class. You're in 3A11 mannn! You expect total silence? In your DREAMS pal ! Just because every time when you see us and so NGAM saw us talking, you say we ALWAYS talk in class. Eih, I pass your subject very good ald loh. You also don't think a bit. WHY are we so noisy?

a) Your class is boring mmkay
b) You only talk to people in front and act like the others are invisible and yet you blame us when we're noisy
c) You talk lots of crap which are boring
e) You're just annoying

Shut up. Your argument is invalid.

I hope the other good teacher will knock some sense out of you as that ADULTS ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, mmkay. EEEEESSSSHHHHH !!!!

You suck.

Your argument is invalid.

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I want to read minds.

“你晚上在棺材里面跟 Fazilah 看 porn.”

WUT The HECK mann !

See, 3A11/10 likes to play kid stuff. Stuff even kiddier than what 2A10/09 used to play. Dou Gei 到没有人有 lo really. Every day laugh die people. Got people like these in class really won't sien.

KH period, Amanda started playing pictionary with Shelley and YenLu. And after that, we continued. (Shell, YL , An An and I)

Our oh-so-awesome drawings :D

Waliaaooo eh. I really don't feel safe anywhere in school =/
EVERY TIME see that living organism ah, my heartbeat really fast until ah, macam mau lompat keluar. I AM SO SCARED ! XD !

I played JGB (Dunno la. Ji Gu Ba or Bang? :P) with Li Ying, Math and Tamil during KH just now.
I played 10 x 10 Bingo with Yen Lu yesterday.
And all I can say is,

HOU MAI GAWD I MISS 2A10/09 mmkaay !

I kept smiling when I played Bingo with Yen Lu. Even Shelley saw. Why? Cos I kept remembering all those fun and retarded moments I had back then. And now I thought to myself : I really made the wrong decision this time. I screwed it.

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 10 April 2010


I feel so funny!

What is this mann. Of all feelings this is the weirdest feeling ever. After THOSE things LOL!
I have you to thank for. I almost Laughed out LOUD.

All I have to say is,

OK! DONE! Enough! Everything I can and should do has been done.

End of the chapter :D

Da EdN :)

Friday, 9 April 2010



It was 10pm something on a school night and we did THESE. Enjoy :)

Stealing is a crime :D

"她是 Puan 还是 Cik?"
"Cik 啦. 她嫁得出 meh?"

We LOAO-ed :D

Shelley told me Kai Hang told her that Hao Jin told him that Ichimaru Gin's bankai is OPENING HIS EYES. I laughed my ass off when she told me. And I just read it, and he's right OMG LOL ! :D

老师,我不爽你 :)
老师,我的教练不爽你 :D

Da EdN :D

Thursday, 8 April 2010

DJ blow my speakers up.

Your argument is invalid.

That day, before recess we had Geografi. After recess Pn Carol came in.

"老师!考卷考卷!" Hui Chan.
And then teacher responded "神仙 meh?"


These 3 days, exam. (Yea la. Belum habis punya. You think wat?) Guess what? We retested maths. And this paper is so DARN easy. At least, a lot easier than the previous one. But actually the previous one is not that difficult, it was just us who were all expecting it to be so easy that can be finished in 30 minutes. LOL. But anyway, this maths is easy :D

Moral, we have cacat ways of tiru-ing. LOL. Then that Tan Yen Lu keep cabut-ing my hair. Macam apes searching for kutus from the other's head. XD ! Kept crapping and playing and talking with them that day. Our seats according to angka giliran very nice lo. Hui Chan, Wei Li, Himin, Shelley, Pui San, Yen Lu, An An and I all sit near each other. Then Shannen also crap crap and play play with us ald hahaha (: And who cares when Mei Xi sits far? They can still communicate from that distance. :D

Very very fun.

GAWD. Wei Li, An An, Amanda, Wei Jie and Ching Yue are GODS of Seni. If I possess their drawing I would frame them and hang them on my wall :D LENG BAO GENG mann! Amanda's Alice is super beautiful :)

(I got to update Siu Li. Somehow it's always different talking to her comparing to others. If I tell others but don't tell her what happened, I feel that that thing has not been told. See, Siu Li, you're THAT important :D)

It was a fun day in class. Played truth or dare with those people during Seni. An An very funny. Laughed the crap outta all of us.
We dared her to go tell a guy "你很美,你深深地吸引了我". And they chose Hao Jin for her. Then when she went in front of him, she laughed like shit. Then idk was is Chi Hoe or Kai Hang, go grab his face and turned it to An An and she responded:" YERRR."
And then we all laughed like hell.

Shelley's. Dared her to go ask a guy to scold he "diu" and after they did, respond:"erh."
Then they chose Aaron for her. She "erh" very funny LOL.

(This I forgotten when it happened. So I just simply slip it here la ok? :P)

They were all gathering at the back. And I do mean ALL. And Shell and I were sitting in front, dying of boredom. Then when we saw, we wondered, handphone got what so interesting to see oh? Why everybody gather there? And I was thinking to myself : Why watch HAM YEH so quiet one?

Then when we got there. CHEH! Teaching maths. LOL.

From last year till now still like that. Gather one HUGE bunch, high possibility of TEACHING MATHS. No others XD

Siviks, someone scolded "DIU!", and it's obvious it's from our class.

"Who said that?" said the teacher.

No one responded.

"Outside.." I said.
"Har?" Teacher.
"That guy outside.." Hui Chan.
"Oh not from this class la?" teacher.
"Ah. Not from our class.." I said.

*Continue doing her stuff*


Nilam is just as crap as any other times.

"What happened to your skin?!" teacher asked Hui Chan (she applied tanning lotion)

Mind you, that teacher asked very loudly. Very, very loudly.

"Err.. It's tanning lotion.." Hui Chan.
"You have skin problem ah?!" teacher.
"Nooo.." Hui Chan.
"Then what is it?"
"Tanning lotion. Cos I have to go dancing later.."
"Oh so you applied something on your skin la?"
"Teacher you want ah?" I asked.
"Yea lo teacher you want ah?" Hui Chan asked.
"Eih she wants to be tan, I'm already BURNT." Teacher.

She's an Indian teacher.


It's been fun these days. Though you still sort of can influence me and it's undeniable that I still sort of miss you, but I still think it's better off without you here. We are, after all, different kinds of people now.

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Everything changed. And I do mean everything. Stop telling me they didn't, people! Stop comforting me. I appreciate it but enough with the lies! :D
Who knows? Maybe it's not such a bad thing that these stuff change. Change is nature (:

Yesterday.. It was a really WEIRD night. Shelley, I'm still sorry. Though it didn't bother you but I don't know WHAT THE HECK came over me. Anyway it's over. Anything other people want to do is totally beyond my control and I therefore will not give much of a damn about things they do. As long as they don't bother me or pass my line, that is :D

Everybody seem to be very happy now. So why do I care so much that things changed? Change change la it's ok right? (:

I shall resist caring about these stuff.

And I really think it's unbelievable. I still do now XD ! It's very nice to see that happen but it's unbelievable! Hahaha!
You know you know, you don't, you just won't! :D XD

Lucks to all on everything.

Buh bye naO.

Da EdN :)

P/S: I NEED to watch SAW! And I want to watch The Godfather and V for Vendetta again! D:

Friday, 2 April 2010

Oh you think I care? :D

I watched The Godfather last Saturday. I watched it before but I was still a KID to enjoy it, and that day when I watched it I don't wanna go ballet! (The show ends at 3:45pm and I have class at 3:30pm)
Very nice la that show! Saya mau watch!

Exam ah? Ok la. Very funny punya la exam with these people around me :D

I was sick on Science and Sejarah day. I think it's because of my lack of sleep cos I studied these 2 subjects till midnight TEEHEE=) FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I ACTUALLY STUDIED, AND TILL MIDNIGHT SUMMORE. Then the day after S&S is Geo & KH (which is today) and I didn't get to study cos I spent the whole of yesterday SLEEPING. I was sick, not lazy. Your argument is invalid :D

Oh LOL! That day my bro showed me 4chan stuff and I laughed like faeces!

Apparently I've been tagged.

幸福 热气球:第一阶段

1. 绰号:Bird Bird XD

2. 星座:Taurus

3. 生日: 30th of Feb (winks)

4. 兴趣:stuff

5. 血型:stuff

6. 最宝贵的东西:everything?

7. 最讨厌的东西:stuff


1.有喜欢的人吗: 多的是

2.有交往吗: 我已婚

3.幸福吗: 非常


幸福热 气球:第三阶段

1. 你被谁点:My Xiao Za Bo :D

2. 他是你的谁:My Xiao Za Bo?

3. 他的个性是:Sampat :D

4. 他长得怎样:pretty :D

5. 跟他认 识多久:since std 1 :D

6. 你想跟他说什么:SOO PING !

7. 如果他变成你的情人:What the hell? :D 我已婚

幸福热气球: 第四阶段

1. 最爱的音乐:多的是

2. 最爱的季节:我活在马来西亚

3. 最爱的卡通:多的是

4. 最爱的颜色:Transparent

5. 最想去的国家:马来西亚

6. 最爱的水果:errrr

7. 最爱的饮料:“天汁”

幸福热气 球:第五阶段

1. 你很爱哭吗:差不多啦

2. 你很爱笑吗:非常

3. 你是很有信心的人吗:depends

4. 你想要怎样的生活:我的

5. 你喜欢自己吗: 爱

7. 你喜欢睡觉吗:爱

8. 你喜欢唱歌吗:看咯

超爱 幸福热气 球:第六阶段

点名啊 :Shelley, Deanna, SiuLi, Yin Huan, Jaclyn

[[As if they'll do LOL!]]

What happened in the past stays in the past. Do whatever shit you want. It's beyond my control. 你爽就好. 奇怪的人. :P


This is how one of my cousins and I sms XD ! Only pros understand it XD. BU HAO YI SI :D

OK! I mau PIT liao. ByebyE

Da EdN :)

P/S: Today's Eddie Murphy's birthday LOL ! (Random much?)