Sunday, 28 February 2010

Read & Think

I shall say no more.

Da EdN :)

Friday, 26 February 2010


Tch. Thanks for letting me know that I'm such a pathetic failure.
Shut up and don't ask me.
SiuLi, it's not just that. ):

So what if you're like magic? It only works for a second. You don't last long anyway. That day midnight, I have to admit that I was really shocked and somehow happy when I got your freaking message. But now, I DON'T CARE! Go find someone else if you're too bored or if you want to waste your money next time! Go away! And yes! I am still very angry about that day. The stupid TEN and NINE thing. Shelley, you said angry and beh song are different stuff, but WHO CARES now? I just don't wanna have anything to do with that human being anymore. All of them! Stress-causer. Problem-causer.

还是算了吧 ):

YOU! WHY THE FUCK did you say that to her, har? You think I don't talk about it anymore means I don't mind anymore? You think stuff like that can be easily forgiven? Even if it is, even if I had forget about it, why would you wanna make a big fuss about it when I blog about that case anyway? Even if it's in the past that doesn't mean I can't think about it and get pissed off a little. I find stuff to make my mood down sometimes SO WHAT. STOP YOUR STUPIDITY! From that day on you make everything seem like it's all about you and that human, and now you're still like that. Who do you think you are? You want everything to be about you is it? TAKE LA! YOU TAKE EVERYTHING LA. You've been like that since years ago ma! Continue lo! See if I care.

Don't tell me I'm harsh, because you are even harsher!

You! I'm still wondering if you're really befriending me for some purpose. I really hope Shelley is right. But if she's not, there's nothing I can do also. Sorry but I don't know who to trust and who not to anymore.

Da EdN.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

You're like magic :)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

HOW, can what a not-so-random-but-quite-random and a normal-normal friend said let me think of so much stuff today?

Short enough hor? Lots of meaning in there. Shaddup.

A tag

1. Name the most unforgettable events that has ever happened in your life. (as many as possible)
tell you what, my whole 2009 was awesome, fabulous, marvelous, amazing and any other words to describe that it was great, that's the word to describe my 2009 life. As below:
- I am so glad that I was in 2A10
- I ____ ___ ___ ):
- How YenLu and I tried to hide So Lan's present in his plastic bag ==
- "Seniors (Form 2) kumpul SR blok E" (YES!) lol
-spotcheck moments. All happy and pissed ones.
- Final term exam (XDXD!)
- I've met so many wonderful though retarded friends :D They're amazing.
- Genting trip with AhWen, AhQin, YinHuan and AhQin's friends. LOL
- The big fight (==)
- The day I found out that I'm gonna be in 3A11 this year (damn high :D)
- The day I found out that 2A10 is splitting to half (depressed. a little D: )

2010 has just begun:
- The pissed-off-ness today. (The NINE and TEN thing.)
- The day we went to Dewan to sign the Akur janji thing

cant think of anymore else.

2. Ten things you would like to make yourself believe in :
- God
- An angel is always around us
- If you try hard enough you'll succeed
- Everything you said
- Everything she said
- Once you love someone they stay in your heart forever
- Everybody is loved
- Most people can't like their elbow
- Coca-cola is originally GREEN
- I'm growing up

3-. Ten people you will never forget in your life :
- My family for sure
- My friends like duh
- My tuition teachers XD !
- My school teachers (a few)
- Pak Wan
- Cik Tan Kia Sue :P
- My primary school teachers (a few)
- Myself
- {dunno}

4. Ten things you will do before leaving planet Earth :
- dance
- write some stuff
- take more photos of my loved ones
- write more stuff
- find out the truth of some stuff
- watch stuff that I feel like watching
- write
- dance more
- go INTO people's house :P

Alright, now tag ten people :
Deanna, Amanda, Jaclyn, Shelley. No more :)


Da EdN :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Love is in the air,

Eih, saya malas mau upload photos, so these two will just have to do. :D

She is the darling of all darlings. Don't snatch ah! :P

Hmm, we took those photos in her toilet. Cos we went like..

"Eih your toilet is very nice, can I photograph it?"
"Ok la go la."
"Eih I wanna peeeee.."
"I need to pee too, let's pee together!"
"OK !"

Then the bathtub was dry, so we SAT in there and Amanda took photos.

After awhile..

"Go la faster la, I also need to pee!"
"You sure you wanna be here?"

Then... LOL !!

Her toilet was really nice, big, and DRY. So yea. We spent our night sitting in the bathtub, SHOUTING songs and gossiping about random stuff. SHOUTED the songs like mad. It all started with Hot N Cold, then Gives You Hell then Tik Tok. Hahahha!! I really love times spending with them. And I miss those old times with Jac.

And I've learned that, we were really childish when we were standard 2. Kept talking about it with Jac and LAUUUUGHED the FAECES out of us. Cute la weih!

It's really funny cos her room was huge, but we chose to sit in the TOILET to chill :D How nice is that? But there's someone missing. Without her, something is still missing and it just doesn't feel right. LEW MAN YI, YOU HEARD ME?! Oh, sorry. YOU READ ME?! I know you larh.. "Err.. why don't you guys come my house instead?" Oh believe me we WILL go trash your house someday. That's your punishment for not being at Jac's place yesterday.


Today's a school day. And midnight, the fireworks can't stop going off. Damn pissed off. And parents are weird. It's ok to stay up late watching TV, but it's not ok to stay up late online. Why the hell? Beats me~

In school,

“你猜这个怎样弄到的” I told Shell, showing her some scratch on my finger.

And she replied:

“你 teddy bear 割你 !”

:D !

All for now.

Da EdN :D

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Reunion :D

Around 4 something, finished watching Night at the Museum 2, I went to YenLu's house. Talk talk talk lo. Then went to the condo place to get WeiLi and MeiXi. They very cute, both wear shirts with "NEW YORK". Wonder if they're really Malaysians. Disloyal people. LOL

These people, cannot LIVE without gambling. They have no life :D HUAT AH !

This is all they know how tuh do. HUAT AH!

Kai Loon's. HUAT AH !

I'm taking a picture of Shelley taking a picture of Kai Loon's shirt :D HUAT AH!

JUST REACHED only, the Low Class Genting starts. HUAT HUAT HUAT !
All their dirnks, Carlsberg Carlsberg Carlsberg Heineken. Wanna get drunk or high so fast mehh. xD

We were guessing which shoe is whose. XD! HUAT !

Slacked around awhile while YenLu and some others were outside preparing the stuff. And when it's done, we just went out to EAT ! :D

We find this funny. Once again, so much for "I am PURE. Do not pollute me". :D


1,2,3," HUAT AH!!!"

Damn high, this part :D

Semua ini sampat-sampat belaka :D


The people and the food :D


“我放你的 ‘hotdog’ 下去看你会不会叫!”

XD !

Ohhhh, the sun's gone so fast 0_0

Shelley and Mei Xi grilling stuff. HUAT AH !

We (YenLu, MeiXi, WeiLi, Shelley and I) are the NIGHT person. After everybody's done eating and stuff, went in and gamble, we are the last few standing (actually sitting) outside grilling and eating. With YenLu's bro and GF and parents.

MeiXi very cold. Telling all sorts of cold cold de jokes. Her jokes ah, LAUGH properly also cannot. Dunno wanna laugh or cry. LOL. We grill until very syok. All wanna grill, but don't wanna eat. And then time for my beer :D HUAT HUAT! For me, I drink to get high. But WeiLi took one and say :"Healthy." Hahahaha!

YenLu & I.




Think too much la.

Then the 5 of us outside unleashing our sampatness. All laughing like crap and saying crap. We even took some crap photos and talked about crap about them. LOL ! HUAT LA HUAT LA! :D The photos are with YenLu. She slowpoke punya la, guessing she won't upload them so soon :D
Everytime talked about school, everybody DOWN. Haihs!

Went in the house awhile to prepare the birthday stuff.


Happy birthday happy birthday! :D :D

Kok Bond, Hiau Yun & Marcus.

See they so young. 10 Y.O each only. (Bullshit ! :D)

The huge card for Marcus (:

We were high. And MeiXi and I did something very "nice" and SICK. LOL! HUAT AH! Everybody who went know can ald la. Others no needa know :D HUAT!

We watched ____ in SooPing's phone. LOL. HUAT!

Then after some of them left, YenLu suddenly go open the Sorry Sorry video. And Chi Hoe was dancing LOL ! HUAT! Kai Loon playing the KNS SDO. HUAT!

Oh yea! We took a group photo! Yaay !

That's all for today. I laughed a lot. Really enjoyed myself with these 2A10 people (:
Admit it. A class like 2A10/09 is hard to find. We made history and we rock. Shaddup :D HUAT AH!

Da EdN :D

Friday, 19 February 2010

Things to smile about

I was texting Siu Li (:

“我懂... 哈哈!”

LOL! I don't know how is this funny but I laughed when she replied the last message.

Jaclyn called just now.

First call, bro picked up and said I was in the toilet. Actually I'm not. I'm lying on the bed, WANTING to go shower.

Second call, bro called me. And I said I'm showering. Ok this time I really AM in the toilet.

Third call, I picked up. But I JUST came out from the showers.

Then I called back, her mum picked up. "Oh she's at the swimming pool can you call back latter?"

Then I went out to dinner.

Came back, called again. Her mum picked up. "Oh she went to tuition."

LOL ! Ini dipanggil MOU YUN FAN. XD !

Jaclyn Wong! I wait for you. Haha!

Saya bosan and found this in Amanda's tagspot.

things done in '09

1. Dyed your hair an odd color.
2. Went skinny dipping.
3. Bought something you didn’t need.
4. Snuck out of your house.
5. Became obsessed with a song no one knew.
6. Learned a song on your phone with your keypad.
7. Knitted something.
8. Ran a mile.

9. Fell in love.
10. Said, “like yeahh” too many times.
11. Lost your closest friends.
12. Got into a fight with someone you loved.
13. Climbed a tree. (I wish!)
14. Did something you said you wouldn’t.
15. Figured out who your real friends were.
16. Graduated High School.
17. Shopped online.
18. Created a tumblr.

19. Got addicted to tumblr.
20. Realized who you truly are.
21. Sang karaoke.

22. Flew across the world.
23. Performed in front of a large audience.
24. Met someone you found online.
25. Found a new band you now love.
26. Realized that Kanye West essentially sucked.
27. Got drunk.
28. Got high.
29. Spoke to a police officer.
30. Realized everyone is a hypocrite just fucking sucks.
31. Panicked over something stupid.
32. Failed a class.
33. Fell out of love.
34. Played a video game for hours straight.

35. Spent time with your family.
36. Ate dinner alone.
37. Cried in the shower.
38. Gained a new family member.
39. Shot off your own fireworks.
40. Made a snowman. ( =D !)
41. Got yelled at for no reason.
42. Waved at people you didn’t know in passing cars. (Hahahaha!! That kid was cute ok.)
43. Sat on tumblr all day.
44. Changed your entire look.

45. Had sex.
46. Ran outside naked when it was freezing out.
47. Made your own fire.
48. Laughed at something that made no sense.
49. Fell asleep on the phone.
50. Told someone you loved them.

Da EdN :)


Yes yes yes. My blog was never deleted. You were all pranked. :D
But 'how', 'why', you may ask. That is very simple. It is because I am PRO. But some of you all didn't even know my blog was gone for a few days, I know.
Sorry for that. But I've got my own reasons and please do not ask me why :) Thank you very much.

CNY this year is kinda bored. There's not much CNY spirit this year. In fact, everybody was kinda moody everyday. WHAAAAT is this mann. But it's still ok la. CNY Eve, steambot night :D Cousin kept randomly shouting "HUAT AH!!" really loudly. Kept scaring us but made us laugh like shit. I spent almost the whole first day of CNY SLEEPING. I was sleeping upstairs and I heard loud laughs from downstairs and I wanted to wake up and go down, but hor, laziness invaded my mind, so.. Too bad! :D

And this little dude ah, I cannot tahan his cuteness mann!

Love Love Love !

Second day of CNY, I spent the whole day eating, watching TV and using the comp at my dad's fren's house. These adults still ok. They understand our needs. LOL! Watched all sorts of stupid stupid retarded videos with my bro and read Bleach over again. Actually just looked for those nice fights to read. Oh yea. Bleach's on TV now right? I watch it like.. Almost every day and it reminded me why I love Bleach so much. VERY NICE LA! And Glee is one nice show too (:

I came back on the 3rd day of CNY. And err, I steambot-ed for 3 days. Hmm, bro's friends came over on the 4th day of CNY, so did my grandma and uncle. Come for what? STEAMBOT LO! LOL! The dudes TF-ed 2. I watched. LOL. Funny way of using soldier.

Today, went out with some people. Saw lots of sentosarians at Mids. LOW PUI YIE was one of 'em. :D <3
And this is the last time I'll ever go to Karaokes with people I'm not that close with or if not much people are going. It was a bloody waste of MONEY, time and energy D: See, I wasted my whole day yesterday. But at least we had beer :D xD
Wait, it's illegal for them to sell beer for kids under 18 right? OH WELL ! I wish I care :D
They lagi pro drinkers la. All with their BOTTOMS-UP ! thing.

I just realized, I'd rather watch TV than online-ing every day. But the problem is, there's not really a movie that I wanna watch on TV. Awww... I wanna watch Bleach.. And Avatar: The Legend of Aang :D I'm not interested in the BLUE Avatar at all. Seriously. I'm still a kid after all. Watching cartoons ;D What to do? I dao gei ma (: Anyway, that two series, they're in my old CPU. And I don't like to DEAL with the old CPU because it's very very very cacated. Do my stuff halfway the arrow gone and all the windows suddenly close and then cannot even click "START". (But it won't automatically shut down like Shelley's xD) WEIRD.

Anyway, the event I look forward to most is yet to come. (It's on Saturday XD)

Till then, fellow readers.

Da EdN :D

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

2 is LONGER than 1


Today, I shall only talk about stuff that happened in Pusat Sumber. First, there was YaoHua, Shell, Himin, SiuLi and I. I arrived late with Shell. I dunno why, they were talking about DKL. Then Shell shared her experience with us. Hahaha. Then, there was this PPS senior who kept coming and say :" Ei, BM BI.." We asked Shell :"Where did you do it?" *chuckles* replied:"EVERYWHERE."


Maybe we were too noisy, we were shooed to the last table. Then Jee Sam joined us and then Marcus. I don't know what is with us. We talked about all sorts of crap. From DKL to "touch here touch there" to make love to TFK. And, it's kinda like the MOMENT OF TRUTH. Everything was revealed. I have to admit that I was shocked when I heard certain stuff. Then when we said "作爱", the senior came again and said:"BM BI. 'make love', 'buat seks', no '作爱'.." LMAO mann!

And then it was 3pm and Shell, Marcus, Jee Sam and I walked to pintu besar and then we talked about TFK. LOL !

Conclusion: Today DAMN syok !


What a crazy day! Although I spent most of my time sneezing like a SNEEZER and asking MeiXi for tissue.

First, in class, Mama kept drawing weird and funny faces on pieces of papers that made us laugh like crap. We were all so high! (Not sohai ah.)

Tugas, I was standing there then Marcus came to talk to me about YenLu's birthday present. Halfway, I saw Eugene and Wei Yuan coming from the back (keep quiet la of course XD) Then, Eugene wanted to squeeze the juice on Marcus. He was pretending to do so, and Wei Yuan really go squeeze. I was looking at them doing that while talking to Marcus. Laugh my shit off. Then crapped with them a little. What crappers! Very fun :D

Then off to dewan we go. They wanted us to sign some Akur Janji thing which Edward said:"Aku berjanji tidak akan meniru". Haha! Finish tugas-ing and sat down, Eugene said:"This one you sure get A." pointing at "Pen.Islam". "What A? A + ah." I said.

So weird mann. They gave us a paper and wanted us to write down our targets for the subjects. Dee pro. All write A except BC. Forgiven la. It's only BC. Joey lagi pro. All put B. She said:"A very easy to get one.. Study can edi. Fail lagi easy, leave the paper blank can d. But B hor, study cannot study too much, but cannot don't study worh. So must do CAREFULLY only can get B.. You think it's easy?" What crap! LOL

Then time to take the oath. We're suppose to repeat what the dude, which is Ching Yuan said. But cannot hear. Too bad. Then Marcus and Eugene crapping there. One say what "I promise to DA FEI GEI everyday for many hours. Go chowkit sth sth for RM20 per hour." While the other say what "Saya berjanji akan belajar baik-baik, dapat 7A dalam UPSR, Dota setiap hari.. Sth sth sth." I laughed non-stop there.

On the Akur Janji piece of shit (XD!), there was this "3 ways to achieve your target" thing. Crap like:

"TFK everyday." said Marcus.
"Main Dota setiap hari, facebook setiap hari." said Eugene.
"Main computer setiap hari, watch tv everyday, sms all the time." said YenLu.
"Sleep, sleep more, sleep most." I said.


Eugene snatched my paper to see. YenLu and I were looking at him looking at my paper. Suddenly, he FAKE-dropped it. And we both fell for it and wanted to grab hold on it. "Fuckeerrrr..." I said. He deserved it. XD

Back to class. The teacher was nowhere to be found. Then Chi Hoe was doing some magic tricks. And, he's pro. XD WeiJie and KahKien kept zat-ing him. "Wah! You very yeng oh!" "Ya loh! When i'm closing my eyes you very yeng." and "Wah! Chi Hoe, you wear mask very lengzai oh!" Hahahah! And dunno who said "Why you do magic here? Kao lui ah?" And when he ended his trick successfully, YenLu and I said :"Diiiiiiuuuuuu..." Mama said:"You wanna kao lui dun kao them, only know how to say 'diu' only.." Hahahahaha!!


"这位小姐,ei,先生. Goh Kai Hang.." teacher said.

Whole class laughed.

"Haha,小姐啊?" Shelley said.
Then I said to Shelley about KaiHang.
"LengLui, sao kao mou?"


Mama drew this crap.

Very hyper today! And I don't know why this post so long. Sorry la. All convos only XD And maybe I was kinda very sick, I said a lot of random stuff that annoyed Shelley like:

a) 我要吹喇叭
b) 我要玩saxaphone
c) Yerrr, junior, go tegur the teacher. Ask her senyap.
d) Yeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr...
e) Diiiiiiiuuuuuuuuu...

A very fun day indeed.

Conclusion: syok-er than yesterday. :D

I don't like outsiders.. I want my old friends with me but I don't like their new friends.. Is that bad? RAWR!

CNY is coming & I can't wait for 20th of Feb. Haha!
Ok. TTFN! :D

Da EdN :D

Sunday, 7 February 2010


I got a CNY message from Lau Yin Huan this morning, and I laughed quite badly. Dunno why. Then I forwarded it to Tan Yen Lu and she sent another one to me and I laughed even worst. There's nothing funny about those msgs actually. I just wanna laugh.

This morning. I was watching Double Shot on channel 714. And I heard the song Fifteen by Taylor Swift. And it gave me all sorts of thoughts. And most of them is about ONE HUMAN BEING x)

And and and, I miss that human being so much. (Only Lau Yin Huan knows, BUAHAHAH!) I kept thinking back. And back, and back, and back. I enjoy all those time spent talking to you and stuff like that. It's just extraordinary. All those happy, sad, funny stuff. But the bright side of thinking of you now is, you don't hurt anymore. TEEHEE=) And I'm glad to see that you're happy and enjoying life too. All the best, human! :D

I thought of this sentence when I'm IN THE CAR:

"It was the weirdest and silliest thing I've ever done, but I regret, Not."

I'm still glad that I met you.

I don't know why we have school tomorrow. And I dunno where did everyone go today. Hmm.. The whole day, I've been blur-ing around. :D So yea, I'm gonna hit the sack. Tas, people!

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

It's saturday againnn !

I had fun during ballet. That's all I can say (:

For dinner, went out with parents and friends.

Adults like to LOU SANG.

One of the dish: PIIIIIGGGG..

"Ei, eat la." Uncle to me.
"Yer I dun wan." Me.
"Why? Pig don't eat pig ah?" Mum to me.
"Yea la.. My FRIEND ahh.. Cannot eat one.." Me.
"Like me, scared of snakes." Mum.
"Har? You scared of snakes ah?" Uncle.
"Aiyooo.. Why are you scared of your own friendsss...??" Me.


So, Chinese like to make fun of zodiacs.

Brandy :P

And hor, the uncles added it in to the shark fin soup. 0_0

This is a Tuesday photo. I just couldn't upload it cos of some reason. I think you all know. Sad case.. ANYWAY,

Chuan Yew said:
"Wei Shan plus Li Yin equals Julia."


Red + White = Red AND White. :P

Da EdN :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

25th day of school

WHAT A HIGH AND CRAZY DAY in science lab today. X)
Science lab gang. Got them = No study. TEEHEE=) If we do this every science period, sure fail science hahahahahha. <3 them lots.

Seriously la. 3A11 is getting noisier and noisier every day. And yes, it's a very good thing.

So many days bo online. I also forgot what I wanted to blog about. So yea. That's it for today.


P/S: This is weird, but I'm watching the "Sorry sorry" video.

Da EdN :)

Monday, 1 February 2010



A day out with those three assholes again (: Enjoyed, even though we slacked most of the time. Camped at Borders and Starbucks da most.

Awww... I really hope tomorrow's not a school day mannn... D:

Bright side: CNY's finally coming ! :D One or two more weeks. I can bare with that. (:

Da EdN :)