Sunday, 31 January 2010

The JAC day ! :D

Today, today today today. We had nothing to do so my dad said he wants to paint my bro's room all of a sudden. And so we did! LOL.

Nah, obviously I drew the cacated smiley face :D



It was year 2003 when we knew each other. Yes, std 2. I remember la. We were so darn dao gei last time. Do all sorts of sampat-sampat things and argue about nothing. LOL. I don't know what to say. I love her lots and she knows that (: And yea it's like she said, BESTIE OF ALL BESTIES :D Hearts hearts hearts. I enjoy all those times we spent together. Hmm.. Std 6 was the year when I gave her the name "Lover Monkey" in sake of teasing her LOL. Then she named me "Evil Monkey" hence, Mojo Jojo. Hahaha! Oh YEAAA! We used to tuition together when we were std 6 too! I remember mann.. One person tells a joke, everybody laugh, we keep quiet, then when everybody stopped laughing, that's when we started laughing like shit. Plus, laugh NON stop :) And then last year when we went to Yuka's birthday party, we laughed and laughed and laughed so hard until everybody beh tahan us and pakat-ed to ditch us LOL ! Thinking it back now makes me laugh like hell. She's a really caring friend... I don't know what I'd do without her, seriously.

Dudette I love you. Happy 15th birthday and may you have a happy year. And and and, score well in all sorts of exams, even those weird weird ones LOL. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACLYN WONG JIA WEN ! :D

Da EdN :)

Fuck life.

The bitch is controlling our lives.

I don't wanna be at home anymore. Wait, I take that back. This, is no longer a home. This is just some place to sleep. WHY THE FUCK you wanna control EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SHIT AROUND HERE?! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! LOCK LOCK LOCK, YOU LOCK YOUR VAGINA LA DIU! You threaten me about my phone also forget it lo, now computer you also wanna take over. Kamu banyak sohai tau? You make me don't wanna be here. I'd rather stay at school for a long long long long time. I don't mind waiting there until 6pm. I JUST DON'T WANNA BE HERE SINCE IS NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE BEING HERE OR SCHOOL. IT MAKES NO SHIT-ASS DIFFERENCE NOW! SAME FUCKING LIFELESS! THANKS TO WHO?! YOU, BITCH !!!! You always blame us for going out. What you say? You'll say :"Always go out, no need to spend time with family one la?" And SHITS like that. DO YOU EVER WONDER WHY? WHO IS THE CAUSE OF ALL THESE HAR?! You scold him for going CC ah? THANKS A LOT LO. I think he'll go there now even more than ever. I really don't like you. In fact, I pretty much hate you. Everything WE can't do, YOU CAN. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? THIS IS ONE HECK OF A BULLSHIT KIND ! It's really unfair, tau? You're not the boss of everything. Why are you always trying to CONTROL everything in this house? Seriously, you really think I will study w/o a computer or tv? I tell you, I only study when I'm in the right mood. And YOU DOING THIS NOW, make studying IMPOSSIBLE now. Thanks a lot, sucker.
Things are getting wrong wrong wrong and WRONG now! If I had a choice, I would wanna leave this place! I don't really like school anymore and I HATE being home with her. I wanna leave this place!!!!! THIS IS A LIVING HELL DAMN IT !

I am waving goodbye to freedom.

Da EdN.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

20th day of school

I just realized that people are sooooooooooo funny. Watch.

"他讲我lanci,这样他就是一蹋 si !"

Joan joan joan.. XD This happened when i was in BP, sitting there with the Form 2s. Then I heard Joan saying that. LMAO mannn...

During BC class, teacher asked HuiChan to read something. Then there was this word :
袅袅. And she didn't know how to read it.


Then I think someone said something which I didn't hear.



Teacher HuiChan

HAHAHAH! Laugh die me I tell you.


Chinese orchestra coach. LOL.

And last year when I was back in Perak, this happened:

(opened fridge and saw eggs)"Ei, 这些什么来的?"

I was like looking at her and laughing.


I was laughing my ass off ald.


LauYinHuan OngSheQin

Oh my gosh I miss them like HECK ! Ong She Qin is at NS now. Wonder how's she doing there. NS got break during CNY rite? I can't wait to see her mann!! And that Lau Yin Huan, I'm flying to Sabah to visit her for the first time in 15 years. LOL ! Looking looking forward forward forward. :D

I know I know. It's not really that funny anyway. XD Just felt like blogging it.

And ah! You ah! Yea la! YOU la. Stop it ok?

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

"Eih, siapa tak bawa buku?"






"Eih! Kenapa 2 orang duduk satu kerusi?"
"Boleh lah cikgu, kami pro ma.."
"Balik tempat kamu la.."
"Tak payah la cikgu, duduk macam ini boleh mewujudkan kemesraan.."

:D !

Holy smokes! I miss 2A10 ! D:

Extra! :


Da EdN :|

Monday, 25 January 2010

16th day of school

It's a picture of a thousand sunsets (:

I re-read ALL of my posts last year. And I just want to say,

I MISS YEAR 2009 !

It was so much fun, so carefree, so absoufuckinglutely RETARDED ! :D Maybe it's because we're seniors for afternoon section. So it's more fun bossing people around? Lol. Neh. It couldn't be. It's just this batch, our batch. So fun. It was like.. HEI BAI LIANG DAO DOU ZAI TONG YI DAO. LOL ! Miss it a lot la.. At least back then, we can do this:

"Wahh.. So bored.."
"Bored ah? Me too oh. Wanna go?"

Then ponteng we go. XD

And I still remember the first dude who made my bottle fall from the table. It was LEE YAO HUA. The first one who made it fall, and also, the SECOND. Of course, there're other people who dropped it too. Mostly 2A10 humans cos they are VIOLENT and HYPERACTIVE and therefore likes to move around like crazy and scary kids. :D
It's good. All those marks left on my bottle, are left by 2A10ers (: I wanna change bottle also tak sampai hati. Lol!

I also miss those crazy times in class when we play childish games like BINGO and JI GU BANG. Especially with the two xiao za bos TanYenLu and SimSooPing and that two who polluted our minds the MOST last year, which is Marcus Lee and Eugene Liew. Eih, until now I still like to scold people like you two did leh. Kena influenced GAO GAO mann! XD I miss those times we spent together retardedly. Everything we ever do together is SWEAR and play dao gei stuff. And also a little gossip. Lol !

And and and, I miss ditching tugas most of the time with AhShell. :D
Especially that day, AJK sedang meeting, we go in nvm, still wanna change baju PJ then go ponteng. SIT THERE and listen summore. Lol ! And then time after time bringing up the chair and say "YOU DON'T SEE ME! YOU CAN JUST HEAR VOICES BUT YOU DON'T SEE ME!" and they were like.. "Er... ok." Hahah!

I really really really really REALLY miss 2009. Haihs. My Form 2 life has been the best yet.

I wanna turn back time !


Da EdN :)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday fever.

I went tuh Kumon this morning! So darn many undone worksheets. Postpone postpone delay delay. I die if I can't finish L before June.. Or other month. But I'm seriously SLOOOOWWWW now. What a slowpoke I am. Because I wasn't in KL for the past month, I'm so stressed out trying to keep up with this repetition thing Mrs Hew set. RAWR!

Anyway, I was doing my work halfway and teacher's phone rang. The music was so nice. So calm, so slow, SO FAMILIAR. When i wanted to continue listening to it and find out wat song that is... OHHHH.. It was Trust You, by Yuna Ito. Or something..

I took this randomly random at Kumon while waiting for my bro to come fetch me. Nothing to do ma.

Afternoon, my bro suddenly wanted to go eat cendol. So my dad brought my bro and I to Sri Petaling to eat. Those road-side stores la. Of course, it's incomparable with Taiping's. So my bro said :"After you tried the BEST stuff you've ever eaten and eat those not-so-good ones, it'll be like.. You're eating rubbish." LOL!

Then after that, went home to change, then go ballet.

We took this because I wanted to. Fun ma. X)

Nicol Lor did this. It's like a face w/o a nose. LOL WTH.

Ahhhh (:

I just remembered. Last Saturday:

"You're not suppose to wear undies to class... Period also not an excuse actually.." said Aunty Merle.
"Then how? Use tampons?" I asked.
"Tampons you're not the right age to use.. VERY SUFFERING.. VERY VERY..." she said.
and continued :"Last time Aunty Luisa taught me how to use. I thought put half way can.. But it's really suffering. But that time it's easy for her. Cos she's married ma.."
"Har? Why? Why married can use not married cannot use?" I asked.

Then, there was sort of like a sudden silence and everybody was looking at me with the "whhhaattttt?? You seriously don't know??" face. And hey, I seriously didn't know la ok.

"Aiyyooo... You are sooooo clean today.." Himin said.
"Yea loo.. Why are you so clean today?" Nicol said.
"Whatt..?? Why married easier one meh? Ada lalang one meh..?" I asked once more.

Aunty Merle was looking at me.

"Whyy..?? Married... OOOHHHH!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"
"You really want me to say it out so straight forwardly..??"

Today, we were doing some Allegro exercise. Then everybody different leg. It was damn funny looking from da mirror. After the music stopped, Himin asked :"Actually what are we doing?" Tamiko went like.. "OH MY GOODNESS..." Then she taught and we did it again. Half way jumping, Esther said :"We look like frogs." Then everybody laughed and messed the whole exercise up again. LOOOL !

Today's technique class was pointe shoes day. So sudden. Goodbye skin! Again. LOL.

That's all fer' todaeeee. ByebyE !

Da EdN :)

Friday, 22 January 2010

15th day of school

So it has come to this.

Something went wrong with our friendship. You have no idea how much I HATE you. In a very weird way. I don't know how to describe. It's just really weird. And DO NOT ask me who am I talking about. TYVM (:

BI paper 1 exam today. Cik Kal in the class. We all finished the paper pretty fast and I my bladder was FULL. Can LEAK! (LOL, WTH!) For dunno how many minutes I was tahan-ing it. DAMN IT LOL! Shelley kept asking me to go ask teacher. Then, I waved at Cik Kal and showed her that. And finally I went to RELEASE.

When I came back, AnAn's turn. HAHAHA! So conclusion, people DRINK lots of water when they have nothing to do after exam? What KIND of philosophy is this? X)

After recess, Geo. Shell and I was cutting our exam papers with nail clipeprs. LOL. AnAn was stacking her stuff up. And everybody was watching, even sir. LOL. Then I took my nail clippers and threw it at her masterpiece. I don't know what came over me. I just felt like doing it a lot. XD ma' badddd...

Hmm.. I'm pretty darn pissed with some people alright. Such FAKE human beings. Only LauYinHuan knows it all. TEEHEE=) Waliiaaaoooo.. My hatred for that human being mann.. Increasing day by day. Such a DICK HEAD! VERY ANGRY AH WEIH !!!!

Anyway, nothing I can do. LET IT BE LO. But thinking this way doesn't help on decreasing my hatred for that particular human being. MOTHER'S EGGCAKE !

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

14th day of school

Sejarah exam today! LAUUGH MY FREAKING ASS OFF ! *contents MUST NOT be shown* :D
What happened in 3A11 STAYS in 3A11. (:
Anyway, just know that it's a good thing. Cos my class is finally voicing UP. HAHAHAHA! :D

What a fun day in class today LOL.

Nilam after that. WHOLE form 3 in Dewan Block G. XIAO. My leg cramped like dunno wat. And it's really no use for the guru disiplins to scold us. AS IF we'll keep quiet DOING NILAM. What a bloody waste of time. But if it weren't for Nilam, I would have to wait 1 hour 20 minutes lifelessly in school. So.. yea. It's a good-bad thing (:

OK ! That's all. Saya RINGKASKAN post ini. byeByeeEee.

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

13th day of school

The Science Lab Gang XD

I have nothing to say. Those saddening things keep happening. AND HOR, WHERE IN THE WORLD OF BARNACLES HEAD ARE YOU ?!!?!?!
So NOT nice! I don't see the one I don't wanna see, which is good, but I too, DON'T see the one that I WANT to see! RAWR ! :(
And this really bothers me, a lot, I can say.

Exam tomorrow. MY ASS !

Da EdN :|

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

12th day of school

16th President of The United States: Abraham Lincoln.

We did him for the Famous Personalities thing (: It's kinda last minute, and therefore kinda cacated. And because it was recess time, we got quite a lot of audience. LOL.

Ahh. Things are changing. I think they have to, somehow. You and you have a new favourite, and so I see. Good luck with that. YOU and you, you both have each other ok ald lo hor? No need to care for us lo right? Ok lo. These things will happen sooner or later after all. You, you're changing every since that happened. In AND out. And you, no changes. Only that...

你 不知足.


Anyway, anything, just.. Let it be.
And I'm glad that I don't see YOU anymore :D


Da EdN.

Monday, 18 January 2010

YOU (:

We <3 you, Doraemon (:
Missing and thinking of you always.
Just like Cik Kal said.
No Katy Perry ahh~ XD




ohhhh, dude. So sad to say that ________ :)

Bye !

Da EdN :)

Friday, 15 January 2010


Wanna lean then lean la. Excrete what? :P

LOL. As if people understand. XD

Thursday, 14 January 2010

9th day of school

"AIYO! That teacher ah! People using Bluetooth ald he still using Infrared..."
"Noo... no no.. People using bluetooth he still WRITING LETTER.."
"And he write one sentence rub, then write again.."
" 'Dear..' then rub.."
"'Beloved..'.. rub. 'Dearly..' rub again.. 'Dearly beloved..'. AHH!"
"OK! Team Fortress."

Bro Me

Oh Em Gee betul ah that teacher.

Meeting is a __________ing bloody time waster.

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

8th day of school

Don't be ridiculous. I won't blog EVERY DAY. X)

Anyway, these days, I just realized HOW FREAKING MUCH. (:
Mr. Wee is hysterical, Sir is hard-to-get. First S 11, then control book then Kopi-O. The BC teacher is likable. She is funneh! Pn Sujata also la... BUT, I still like 2A10 more. Really irreplaceable.

LRS (Latihan Rumah Sukan) is such a bloody waste of time for me. Cos I do absolutely nothing there. Everything is ter-forced only. Kokurikulum today is like some pasar. Everybody walking around the school, heading to diff destination, macam SHOPPING. LOL. And after that, I walked to ESSO solo. Then talked with Dee Dee outside the bridal shop thing. Then she went home and I saw MeiXi so talked to her also. And then something was not right. Cos my bro's not this late usually. So, I walked back to school to look for him. Cos ah, if he's waiting for me in the school and I'm waiting for him outside then very funny lo. MANA TAU?! Form 6 very special punya, their KK ends at 345pm. So, I lepaked in school for like.. Quite very long.

BP. Leong Kah Yee spoiled the door's handle. LOL! Actually it's already spoiled before this, and was fixed just YESTERDAY. Then today rosak lagi. So, I asked YingLee to fix it with me. Then Lai Chung Shern helped also. He's more pro in the door fixing thing LOL. But the screw was loose. So we have to treat the door gentle. Like REALLY REALLY gentle. But I didn't, and pulled, rosak again. Then I fixed it solo cos the Form 2s are done ponteng-ing and all went back to class. Saya very LOL punya. CACAT door fixing skills.

Then stuff and stuff lo. Lepak so long. I'm a pro time waster. Which is bad. Like.. VERY BAD. TEEHEE=)

Oh yea. I was asked to write something for don't-know-what. Didn't hear the senior say it clearly. Ooops. The hasil under construction la. DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE. CANNOT CONTINUE. C-A-C-A-T ! ARGH!

AND! I AM SO ADDICTED TO __________, movies and SONGS. My cousin said, girls who are born in 1995, will be like.. WU XIN XIANG XUE this year. AWWW MAAANNNN. I wanna XIANG XUE la. LOL.


P/S: My dad turned 48 Y.O. yesterday :D

P/S/S: I Miss Doraemon! D:

Friday, 8 January 2010

5th day of school

See. Morning section teachers are really interesting. Today I tell you about Pn. Carol. (:

So. She was teaching the ketinggian thing. Then latihan, she let us do the Rujukan Grid thing. I heard it very clear. She said "Peta ini tak payah lukis, buat ini shj, tulia jawapan. 5cm 5cm jangan buat sempit-sempit". The minute she said "Boleh buat sekarang", YenLu turned to me and asked "Need to draw this peta anot?" WTH mann! Then YenLu, Edward, AnAn, Shell and I were like fighting over that. I told them no need they say need. Ask me for what? LOL !

"Need two draw this one anot?" YenLu.
"No need. Write that one only. Each row 5cm." Me.
"Each row meh? Not all together 5 cm meh?" Edward.
"All together 5 cm you write bird ah?" Me.

"Ei the peta need to draw anot?" Edward.
"NO NEED!" YenLu + AnAn
"No need meh? Not 5 cm meh?" Edward.
"NO NEED TO DRAW PETA. This one (pointing at the tables) 5 cm.." Me.
"Sure no need to draw ah?" Edward.
"NO AHH!!" YenLu, AnAn, Shell & I.


"Soalan yang sangat bagus. 'Perlu lukis peta tak?'." Teacher.

Then we all stopped and listen.

"Kalau kamu mau lukis boleh juga."

Ha! In all of your faces! LOL !

Then when some guy, (I dunno who) asked teacher again about the need to draw anot thing, Pn Carol said "You must draw. Because you asked a lot of times ald, I bu shuang you." *It was in BC, so it's funnier* Then Himin asked again and she said "Ah, you must draw also, cos you asked 4 times already." *It was in BC also, so it's funnier*

And, because I borrowed YenChen's book and have to return it to her, I did the work like fast. Like really really fast. Then after finishing, kept annoying Shell. Then she write very fast also. Then both of us finished it very fast. Suddenly,

"Whao, your handwriting is horrible."

Then we sampat-ed again.

"Yea loh! So hollible, tellible and veggietebel."

Then keep repeating and repeating. Then annoyed YenLu and AnAn. So free man! LOL!

Then the bell rang and we went home. LOL !


Da EdN :)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

4th day of school

Today ah. 2 periods of being annoyed by PuiSan and MeiXi with their toe-may-toe thing LOL! WeiLi really beh beh beh BEH tahan them. She said "Whole day ald ahh!". Hahaha! In science lab, the cacated school go arrange the lab 2's table like don't-know-how. Even sir beh tahan it. So he asked the girls to go sit at Makmal Bio, while the boys arrange the table to NORMAL mode. Came back, our table - 1 Pengawas Sukan (PuiSan), 2 Pengawas (Shell & I), 3 PPS/PAK (WeiLi, Himin & MeiXi). Very nice la...

Then comes the sampat moments. While sir was teaching, Shell and I wrote lots of notes on our books. Then Himin realized it and said "Why they two write so much stuff one?" then WeiLi realized that the other 4 of their books are not even opened. Then we laughed laughed laughed laughed. LOL.

"Ahh.. You see this one. This is the bronchi (bronkai). Bronchi (bronkai) is the singular, plural is bronchus. Bronchi.. Not bronchi (bronkee) ahh! *sth sth sth*"
"I know not bronchi (bronkee).. Cannot bronchi (bronchee) one meh?"

*Laugh laugh laugh laugh*

You know, when you read it here it's not funny at all. But we were laughing like xiao in the lab LOL.

Ei ei ei, guess what?


Really really miss it a lot lohh.. :(
Last year, everyday I wish to go to school only. To PLAY. LOL.
But now hor, I want the holidays to come faster. I am in need of them now. I now know that we do not have school on the 30th of January and the 1st of Feb. I think. CNY holidays 14th till 22nd. I think. I know it's just the 4th day of school, but, I CAN'T WAIT FOR PMR TO BE OVER. Hahaha! Seriously.

Ok la. Itu macam sahaja la. ByebyE!

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

3rd day of school

What did we do today again? I can't really recall. Short term memory lost. Let's seeeeeeee...

YenLu and AnAn are calling me NIAO REN and BIRD BIRD cos of my answer yesterday.

SooPing said she miss me saying the F word. I say F word very special meh? XP

We gathered at Dewan Block G. Some orientasi for the club stuff. Honestly, I can't really hear MOST things that they said, and I wasn't really paying much attention. But still, we (Amanda, LiYing, WenXi, Shelley and I) sampat people, clapped after they talk. Keep starting the crowd. LOL And when it was the Interact Club's turn, a senior from that club clapped solo. Of everybody in Dewan Block G, he clapped and everybody remained silence and he said "Oi, clap la." LOOOOOOOOOOL !

Errmm... Oh. Our BM teacher came into class today. Still, I think so far, all the teachers in my class talks really soft. Ei, don't you know ah? You talk louder can remember that stuff that you're saying better. In short, louder=better. LOL! And you adults keep saying we only remember useless stuff. Cos useless stuff we say very loud ma. XD Sense, this makes none. I know (: Anyway, this teacher is not bad. I think. And I do find most morning section teachers interesting. So far, I think my English teacher is the scariest. :P

After BC class, we went down to take photo. Again, we were like sampat-sampat-ing there again. Talk about random craps and laugh about random stuff. And that just reminds me of this convo. But once again, I have to type HAN YU PIN YIN.

"Ling ning leh? Ta mei you du zhe li liao meh?"
"Ta zhuan xiao le.. Zai xing jia po.."
"HA? Shi ah? Zhe yang wei qi leh?"
"Wei Qi? Bu ren shi.."
"Wei Qi shi VICKKI lah!"
"OH!! Ta you ah.. 3A12.."

Just in case my han yu pin yin is cacated.

"Lim Ling leh? She's not studying here anymore?"
"She transferred. Studying in Singapore now."
"HAR? Really ah? Then WEI QI leh?"
"Wei Qi? I don't know her.."
"OH!! She got.. She's in 3A12.."

LOL! Sorry Ah Vick! XD

Back to class after photographing, all of us almost laughed it out. For some reason. We were so bad! Laughing at other people. Aiyoyo. Balik kelas (I'm still not used to going into the second door, so used to being a 10 student) first thing YenLu said to me was "NO TEACHER ALSO SO QUIET AH." LOL! But it was true. But then when we get back, we (YenLu, Shelley, AnAn and I) were kinda noisy. And the boys were noisier than us. Like that only good ma.. :P

We were talking talking, I think everyone is waiting for time to pass to go home only. Then I saw Dee and Amanda and I stood up, pointed at them and said "ZOU LIAO!" then everybody started standing up, leaving. I was SHOCKED. Hahaha! I swear. It wasn't that loud.

Today arhh.. Almost like that lo.. Enjoyable la. Not as stress.

OK! Till tomorrow! Byebye!


Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2nd day of school

BETTER THAN YESTERDAY LOH ! LOL. Actually yesterday at school not bad. Just that when I went home. Stuff and stuff. So now, I think my BC and BI teachers are scary. In a way. I don't know what way. Just a way. LOL. And my Seni and Moral teacher, which is the same teacher, she's kinda like Cik Indduk. We were wondering if they're sisters LOL. She's the most you-know-what teacher so far. Science's sir, Himin very sampat during his period. Kept asking all sorts of weird weird questions. What lah you, Himin! 2nd day only weih.. WANT LIKE THIS MEH.. Hahaha!

So, today AnAn came to join Shell, YenLu and I. She asked me some "XIN LI CHE YAN" thing. My answers are crappish. Which made us laughed like mad. Then I said, that's not a XIN LI CHE YAN, just some self-created-random-not-a-quiz quiz (: One answer I find it the most funny:

Q: What will you see when you first went in the jungle? (Ni jin dao sen lin hui kan dao shen me?)
A: BIRDS. (Niao)
A': Your attitude very bird. (Ni de xing ge hen niao)

Sorry la. New CPU. Tak boleh type Chinese words. And pardon my cacated HAN YU PIN YIN. Cos I'm not sure. And that just reminds me, I still have a BC homework undone. Hantar esok man. Later la :P And SiuLi is right. "You cant go into the canteen one.. You go in, will kena push back out." She is right. WHAT a canteen.

The new bus pisses me off. DON'T ASK. Just damn pissed.

I have tuition tonight! CAN'T WAIT! LOL!

Even though today is better than yesterday, but I still like my form 2 life better. Like, MUCH better. Even Shell misses her 2A12 mann! And it's funny when Dee and Amanda kept asking her "Ei, later we what period ah?" then 5-10 seconds later, "Oh yea! We're not in the same class anymore." Lemao. Oh yes, I almost forgot, Cik Kalpana is teaching 3A12 and 3A11 girls PENDIDIKAN JASMANI. So so so so very very unexpected. Cos.. She teach PJ one mehhhh?? I'd rather have her as my English teacher tyvm. At least someone we're familiar with.

OK! I'm gonna go... Do some other stuff. And I'm guessing Lau Yin Huan has already started studying for her coming PMR and UEC. Pity. I mean the UEC part.


Da EdN :)

Monday, 4 January 2010


First day of school is NOTHING. Stood there FOREVER FTW! Of course, I am not going to like morning section school as much as afternoon section. I FUCKING miss 2A10/09. So not used to it. (Of course, this is the first day, BUT STILL) I sure hope this Form 3 life of mine won't be as shitty as my Form 1 life. THAT WAS BULL CRAP! Arrhh! Don't know what to say la. I was ok at school but when I came home I felt shitty. Maybe it's you. LOL. I am bad for I am now blaming others for this. XD But seriously, if I think more and more each day, one day I will break down. Mentally AND physically. SiuLi told me some (actually quite a lot) of stuff of what actually happened back then. THANK GOODNESS lohh! Haha. And SiuLi, I GET what you're trying to say.. The rather and rather not thing. And my answer is I don't know (: I don't know anything. KUMON is still a stress causer. Even THINKING that I have class later makes me feel so you-know-how. I seriously wanna quit it loh.. If not one day I really break down cos of it then not good lo hor? First freaking day of school and I am looking for holidays ALREADY. Unless I can get my Form 2 life back, if not, I think I wont be excited about anything for a long time. I think. Lau Yin Huan, I miss you la. WHY ARE YOU NOT ONLINE? Sad ah! I wanna get out of here. I don't know where. I just wanna get out of this place! Haiz. A lot to say. But don't know how to say. And hor, I purposely type everything in one paragraph so that people will be lazy to read this post. So, if you managed to read till here and NOT get me, you are wasting all your bloody time. If you are reading this post for entertainment, why didn't you get another post at the first place? I believe this post is not gettable by just ANYBODY. And then, maybe nobody gets this. OH WELL. Anyway, in short, I just don't like life. For now. Da EdN.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 1st outing?

I love this dudette :D

&&, We watch this movie.

This, is one good show.

Malas mau blog. Bye.

Da EdN :)

Friday, 1 January 2010

BS & NC <3

Whooo! Check these two movies out.

Tropic Thunder

Waliaaaoooo.. I love this movie mannn! Funny, yes. The first thing. But also, the "bad guys" very nice la. The kids' expressions. Laughed like crap. Hahaha! And the speak-chinese-part. WTH mann! So darn nice! Love love love love! AND, all funny dudes starred in this movie. HOW, can it be not good mann! Hearts! :D


Although I didn't catch the front part, but man I like this movie too! Very nice la. Hmm.. Maybe I'll talk about this movie more when I actually watch the whole show. *THUMBS UP!*

I know these two movies are like.. Kinda long-time-ago, but who cares? Hahaha! WATCH IT. Because of these two movies, I like Ben Stiller now; and like Nicolas Cage even MORE than before. Haha! Unexpected aye? LOL

ANYWAY, happy 2010. Mann! The human in MV, AIYO! (If you know wat I mean)

OK! ByebyE !

Da EdN :)