Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Here you go,

This feeling. This very feeling I'm having at this very moment. It's truly indescribable. Part of me feel incredibly happy because I had the GREATEST 4 days of my life with a bunch of friends I love so dearly. Some other part of me was worrying about school starting but now it's not, so it's like.. just recovered. And then, one other part of me, that feeling, can NEVER, be express in words. Even if it can, it may hurt people, in some way, it may cause lots and lots and lots of misunderstanding. Feelings like this, can ONLY be kept to oneself. But however, I still have to say this to two certain human being in this very world. Just be happy, if doing that can make both of you happy, DO IT. Not that you're both not happy now, but if can make you.. Happier, why not? That decision before didn't exactly made sense anyway.

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

PURE awesomeness

Today's awesomeness, need I say more? :P

They watched Paranormal Activity again. But I was sleeping. Damn tired. WHY? Because I slept at 4:30am. WHY? Because I couldn't sleep. WHY? BECAUSE THEY WATCHED PARANORMAL ACTIVITY THAT DAY. I slept with my mum, she didn't turn on the air-cond, only the fan. So the curtain beside me was moving and making noises so HOW I SLEEP? D:

ANYWAY, we trashed Yen Lu's place for 4 days CONTINUOUSLY. :) And also the basketball court near her place. Photos kat Facebook.

Shelley, now you know why I love them so much right? :P Hahaha.

Da EdN :))

Monday, 27 December 2010

All the poeple in the clubbbbbbb

Currently, I REALLY miss...





And them. (I'm actually trying to say my 损友s. We had a major outing on Christmas Eve, you know, the one which we laughed non-stop, and were too tired to take a picture which everyone's in it.) Tho I was just with some of them just now. :P

I miss all of them la seriously.. Time this year flies by so fast! Really, in-a-blink-of-an-eye-ish. Had a LOT of fun these few days. Kept crashing Yen Lu's house :)

Watched Ju-On there, then after that Paranormal Activity. I CANNOT BELIEVE I WATCHED THESE TWO MOVIES. I WAS SO SCARED. I mean, when watching, it was scary, after that, not so, but then THINKING back of it again, TORTURING. So when we went home, that two SEI JIN GAK Tan Yen Lu and Liew Chi Hoe said, “小心冲凉”. _|_ HAHAHA!

I'm tired, so I'll just say these now.

Dear phone, PLEASE recover :(


Da EdN :)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas :)

I woke up at 10am and then went breakfast with dad and bro and then went to Yen Lu's house again. :) My dear friends all there ma, although it's only been a day, but I miss them de lo.. :P

Had fun, but didn't laugh as crazily as yesterday. Still tired from laughing so hard yesterday. Hahaha. Played Monopoly. First time! And we played the board one, not the card one which Shelley introduced. Really fun! At first Kah Kien was like winning, and Bryan kept getting into the jail. AND THEN, I stepped in my own land, so I build 4 houses for $600 (Monopoly money) or some price like that, which made me had little left. AND THEN, I stepped into Kah Kien (I think)'s land, and there were four houses there which made the rent damn high, which made me have to give him all my money. I had nothing left. T_T Need to borrow $100 from Bryan summore.

THEN, this funny thing happened. JUST RIGHT AFTER THAT, Jun Wai stepped into my land with the four houses! HAHAHAHAHA! Then he had to pay me $700. Which left him with nothing, cos before that he kept buying lands also. So, I'm back on track. BUAHAHAHA! Damn funny, that left Jun Wai with only $4. LAUGH DIE.

And then I don't really remember what happened. Just that, Kah Kien was leading at first, but then he stepped into my land with a HOTEL, and then he had to pay me $900, then he bankrupted and lost. Then Jun Wai dunno how, also bankrupted and lost. Then when it was the two of us left, Bryan kept buying all those lands they left over and kept building houses and then I kept stepping into them, then I bankrupted. So yea. That's the end of the game. HAHAHA!

After that, we watched "Where Got Ghost". Actually they watched, I played O2 Mania. I suck. Because not used to using Yen Lu's keyboard. XD ! Kept hearing them laugh a lot when they watch even though they watched it before. They're only watching it because Yen Lu never watch before and she wanna watch but never dared. HAHAHA!

Then Soo Ping came back with breads! XD! Eat eat eat, played the I-don't-know-what-it's-called game, then watched Kung Fu Panda. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Then went to the basketball court with Ping, Bryan, Chi Hoe and Man Long while Yen Lu stayed at home and helped her mum with the party they (Yen Lu and family) are going tonight. Really fun :)

Joined my family for dinner. Kept talking non-stop with Ah Huan Huan. Because I haven't laugh finish from yesterday, so I must talk and laugh again. HAHAHA.

So yea, that's it. Probably going to Yen Lu's house again tomorrow. XD!

Alright! Toodles!


Da EdN :)

Christmas Eve :)

In Border's with Shelley the Cyclops :)
Us with our awesomeness and our failed prank to fool Wei Li and the rest :P

I shall just summarize this awesome day.

- Watched the sibeh (thanks a lot Shelley) yeng TRON, with the freaking nice Daft Punk songs.
* Yen Lu, Shelley and I were the noisiest bitches in the whole cinema when it showed the ads.
* Kept talking :P

- Played a mission of Galactic Laser (AGAIN. I know right)
* The first timers among us were like us when we first played la, sure wanna play second time
* Play until sibeh tired
* The two little boys damn hard to shoot

- Played ANOTHER mission of Galactic Laser
* I went to the higher ground and it's FILLED with my team mates.
* The two little boys easier to shoot d :)

- Had dinner at Popeye's.
* Laughed like there's no tomorrow on the way
* Laughed like there's no tomorrow when we reached!
* Talked and laaaaaaaaaaauggggghed like XIAO again there.
* Sat there and talk and laugh for quite a while.

- On the way to take the bus home to Yen Lu's house.
* Laughed at Yen Lu for no good reason.
* Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh

- Bus stop.
* I'm serious when I say this, we laughed aaaaaaaallllllllllll the way to the bus stop OUTSIDE MV (quite a distance)
* While we were waiting, laaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh until cannot stop I'm gonna collapse.

- In bus.
* Some baby kept crying and we assumed it was because of Shelley's "hat"
* Cannot stand still in bus, kept falling around knocking people. :P
* First time to take the bus home. HAHAHA

- Yen Lu's house
* We were so noisy we had to move our conversation into the kitchen.
* The laughing DID NOT stop.
* Played "Truth or Dare" which "truth" was the ONLY choice. HAHAHA (Because we laugh until very very very very tired, no strength to play dare. XD
* Talked crap and laughed laughed laughed laughed laughed.

- Mamak.
* Walked there.
* Too tired. The laughing faded a little. Bo Lat laugh! HAHAHA
* Kept "giving out cards" LOOOOOOOL !
* Kah Kien ate damn fast it made us all O.O
* Walked back. Laugh again. (really wanna collapse.)

All of these happened between 11:30am to 1am :) And no we did not countdown for Christmas. It's a really really really fun day. I'm really glad I have this bunch of friends, I don't think anyone's ever made me laugh so hard this holiday. THESE FRIENDS ARE THE BEST I COULD EVER ASK FOR ! We're all really happy today :) Joyous Christmas Eve. Today we really got high together; laughed together; collapsed together; played together; and EVERYTHING together :D

Da EdN :DD

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Result Day.

"Aiya, PMR no need care one la. Care SPM enough"

"SPM then jump to the top only pro one ma!"

" 'Nvm, A for Alamak, B for Best.' "

"Not bad already la, don't think so much."

"Not teruk, well done :)"

"At least we tried :D "



I have such supportive family and friends it makes me wanna cry. Thanks a WHOLE lot! :)

Suddenly I don't really give a damn about my results, it's all down to what my dad's gonna continue saying later. He must be more disappointed than me because when I showed him my results he said, "我以为你扫到完". LOL. But he'll be ok. Let him nag, this time never mind, cos I really did NOT well.

我SPM才扫完给你啦 :)

BTW, it seems that I made a bunch of 损友s, but these 损友s are SMART friends :) They did awesome! Totally kicked PMR in the ass! Congrats everyone! I'm so happy for all of you! Seriously! :)

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Penang penang


1. “你找你爸爸妈妈zomok? 要他们喂你喝奶和擦屁股啊?”
2. “要到了,要到了”
3. “你再这样,我开窗丢你下去啊!”
4. “我跟你讲啊,你没有喝完这整罐水你不用下来啊!”
5. “拍照.......”
6. “我冲先!”
7. “你讲你不懂啦!然后后面加一句,‘你都知道啦,大人做事从来都不跟我们这些小孩子交代的..”
8. “ ‘小叔抱抱...’ ”
9. “我要睡觉了...”
10. “喂!我 sit on you 啊!”
11. “不要 sit on me 啦!”
12. “哇,他的眼睛真的是够力 innocent 啊...”
13. “你想酱多zomok?SPM 都不懂有没有得考啊...”

1. 半夜场不是人看的
2. 不要冲动!!!!
3. 不要相信陈静仪的 ‘要到了’
4. 走沙滩不用清理鞋,因为清理了一定又会走多几次
5. 不要看小风扇
6. 要迟醒电话不要放 silent,不然别人没有门进

And then honestly I don't really remember any others. :P

够力爽啦 :) 拍照那一刻真是有够 heart warming.


I already miss them now D: We grew up soooooooo fast.

OK! That's all nao.

Buh Bye.

Da EdN :)

Friday, 17 December 2010


My dad, my bro and I went for dinner @ Sunway just now and my bro suggested a restaurant he went with my uncle and cousin in Mont Kiara. I will blog about it, IF I ever go eat there the second time :)

I'm off tuh Penang tomorrow. Peace out.

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

the sack, hit it.

When I'm bored, I sleep.

When I'm mad, I sleep.

When I'm excited, I sleep.

When I'm lazy, I sleep.


When I'm sad,

I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

And THEN, I sleep.

Good Night :)

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

brief update :)


I watched Rapunzel THRICE in the cinema! And when I watched the third time I can still laugh like a mad lady. I want a frying pan. :)

This pic is so LOL I just had to upload it. Note: My dad is wearing my mum's necklace, and he took a photo of himself. :D

According to my dad who just came back from Perak yesterday, there are 2 very playful and playful little dudes in my ER GU's place; and 3 very noisy dudes in BS. I cannot wait to go to Penang this Friday to reunite with my almost-long-lost (long time no see) cousins :D Then maybe we can watch Rapunzel again? XD !

Dear Ho Shelley, saya amat rindu akan you D:

Da EdN :)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Coincidences ! I LIKE I LIKE!

SO, that day we went to Jaclyn Wong's house and PARTIED ALL NIGHT like awesome bitches. Not like, we ARE awesome bitches :P Pardon my perasan-ness.

It's almost 2am now and I'm still so energetic. WHY? Because my LAU YIN HUAN wouldn't let me sleep. WHY? Simple, because she sampat. :)

So anyway, that day at Jaclyn's house, we chose a CD and watched, which was "TAKEN". You know, the one about the daughter being kidnapped and the "chun" dad TRACKED HER DOWN and SAVED HER. What a dad. So awesome :)

And then days after, I was watching Astro, and guess what? TAKEN's on! LOL! So I watched. So nice! I mean, we didn't finish the movie at her house so I watched that day it was on TV :)

Then the day when we celebrated Shelley's birthday, we watched ZOMBIELAND and searched about Emma Stone, and apparently she starred in The House Bunny. We all watched House Bunny, it's funny! And then the same night, I was watching TV, and The House Bunny was on! So I watched again! WHEEEEEE!!!

AND THEN, on my bro's birthday, which was the 6th of December, which was like, 4 days ago, we went to Galactic Laser right? And today, I was using the computer and my bro's signed in in MSN, and his friend sent him a link, you know the MSN chat box will like.. FLASH and FLASH and FLASH, and I beh tahan, so I opened his convo. And I saw the link, (something like that la)

ALL OF THESE, AND I WAS LIKE, OMG!!!!! This world is full of coincidences! WHAT A SMALL WORLD. And I always "waaahhhh" at these stuff. Very syok one. I dunnno why. :D

ADUI! My dad's going back to PERAK tomorrow!!! RAWR! If it weren't for KUMON, I'll sure as heck follow my dad back. Even though it's just for a few days. But NOOOOOO, Kumon Kumon Kumon, HAIHS! Sien.


Ok that's all for now.

Bai Bai ! :)

Da EdN :)

Monday, 6 December 2010

6th of December :)

SO. Wei Li planned an outing for the ex-2A10ers but then only 7 person showed up. But still, it was fun. And not to mention, super funny. As always. Hysterical seems to be their middle name.

It all started with the DA GEI CHEONG. So mou liu, don't know apa buat there. Then Soo Ping said to go Centre Court to snap pictures because the decorations are nice. "Soo Ping 不拍照不爽的", said everybody. It's very true tho. It's always her who wants to take photos first. It's a good thing actually, somebody start, everybody will follow and hence, more photos. :) HAHA.

After that, Wai Yuen suggested to go MEGAKIDZ be sohai. And they all followed and I was like, asking Marcus, "Are they serious?" And he was like, "Yes they are."

But then, they weren't serious. RM28 per person. Banyak wtf. LOL. So, next to MEGAKIDZ, there's this Galactic Laser, so we went inside to check it out. It's something like paintball, only you won't get hurt because you only shoot the armor with "laser" (light). LOL. Once you get shot, your suit will deactivate for 10 seconds, means you cannot shoot, so you must hide. Then after that when it activates back, you're back on track :)

So we went in and go watch a gang of people play. And Wei Li was like, "很恐怖,zomok 全部人喊的?" And then Bryan said, "因为隔壁是 MEGAKIDZ ma.." And then we LOL-ed.

So when we decided to play, there were another gang of people waiting, so we asked them if they wanna play with us, cos they have 7 person and we have 7 person. Just nice :) They agreed at first, but then later... They claim to be waiting for other friends. Which made us PRETTY pissed. LOL.

So we were split into 2 groups. 4 versus 3.

Green - Marcus, Wei Li, Chi Hoe, me
Red - Soo Ping, Bryan, Wai Yuen

Very funny la. Wei Li and I kept running around hiding and NOT shooting. And then one part when we ran down, she accidentally pushed me and I fell down and twisted my ankle. LOL! And I shot Soo Ping most I think, others are unshootable. I noob ma. Haha.

Then there was one part, I saw this deactivated person running to hide, I thought it was Soo Ping, so I wanted to go scare her. MANA TAU, when I reached there, Wai Yuen jumped out and shot me. Then while I was deactivated, Marcus came, pushed Wai Yuen to the corner, then while they were both WRESTLING there, I was activated back, so I shot Wai Yuen. LoL.

The game lasts for 20 minutes, so, I got the craziest 20 minutes of my life. Running around, hiding, shooting, shouting. And DO NOT discriminate this game, after 20 minutes we went out, all SWEATING like pigs. Hahaha!

Had lunch at Spaghetti Farm, (where they grow spaghetti hahaha!) man the Chicken Bolognese sucks on ice. Tsk tsk tsk. Talked talked talked, crap crap crap.

Then went to watch Rapunzel. For me, Sooping and Bryan, it's our 2nd time. So we were pretty annoying in there. LoL. The most annoying part of us being annoying is the ending part, I shall be no spoiler and tell it here. We sendiri laughed can d :)

Then after that, went to North Court to take pictures, talked talked talked, played played played. And then there was this magician who came performing a few tricks for us. We were all like.. "Whhaaaooo..." But in my brain, I'm actually saying, "No fcking way." HAHAHA. I was seriously amused. But then we were like, "Chi Hoe, challenge him la." Hahaha.

Pretty much it for the day. It's been fun. Very happy la, it's like so long since I saw my friends. So yea :)

Pssssssssst, today's my brother's birthday :) Wheeeeeepeeeee!

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

gleam and glow :)

Rapunzel was awesome, Glee Season 2 is WICKED awesome! I am so addicted to the songs from both of these awesome shows.

I was humming Rapunzel's healing song, and my cousin was like,

"Don't sing that song, later you'll turn blond and have extremely long hair and then you'll have to buy GREEN contact lenses !"

I was like LOL.

But seriously, for a 40 second song, it's really a good song. I just love songs with these kind of melodies. Who doesn't, right? :)

Happy December :)

"When a baby comes into the world, it hands are clenched, right? Like this?"

He made a fist.

"Why? Because a baby, not knowing any better, wants to grab everything, to say, 'The whole world is mine.' But when an old person dies, how does he do so? With his hands open. Why? Because he has learned a lesson."

"What lesson?"

He stretched open his empty fingers.

"We can take nothing with us."

Have a Little Faith. -Mitch Albom

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 27 November 2010


You arrogant, ignorant, bratty, selfish BASTARD. You make me so fucking sick. Snap the hell out of yourself! You hate life so much go kill yourself will you? Fuck!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Babe, !

Dear Lau Yin Huan,

Hey babe, if you're wondering what the hell am I doing, I will tell you, this post has one purpose and one purpose only. That is to remind you to bring your card reader, and pendrive me Glee and SDO (: Waiting for your arrival every day until 28th of November! BTW, what time you reach ah? Your mum got call my dad anot? He asked me, and I said I don't know. PM me in MSN :) Or ask your mum to call my dad. Annndd... Nothing already la. FASTER COME!

PS, I asked you to wait and don't offline first, it's all just to do this. Haha! I know I very sweat. Don't laugh :P

Wei Shan

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

^^v , (:

Whoo-hoo! Life's good isn't it?

Just that day I left my pencil case at KUMON, and then I thought I would lose it like.. FOR GOOD, and then I went back for it and it was still there! Owh man I'm just so so so so relieved :D

So today, spent the day with ma' bitch sisters (: Planned a small surprise party for Shelley!

At Dee's, we baked a cake for her. Cinnamon Nutella Cake. =/ We reduced the sugar like.. Half. Haha! Eating healthy ma.. Then I used her mum's iPad. Played those games like there's no tomorrow. So funny! There's one game where you have to pop the balloons and then Amanda was like.. Just wiping the iPad with her fingers to pop 'em all. Then she was like, "this is never gonna end, is it?" LOL

And then,

"Come, try this cake. I made it with my Grandma."
"Cake? It looks like WU TAO GOU.."


Then we went back to my house because Dee's bro gotta study fer SPM.
Watched Zombieland. Nice nice nice nice nice! Got the Left 4 Dead feel..
Then we Wiki-ed Emma Stone from the movie, and apparently she appeared on House Bunny too! And then the four of us went like "OOOOOOOHHHHH!!" and "No wonder she looked sooooo familiar..." She plays Natalie in House Bunny, the SMART one. :)

Oh oh! Amanda pendrived me Glee Season 2's songs. I am currently listening to them, and THEY ROCK TO THE HARD CORE! Super awesome, super nice. SUPER DUPER EXTREMELY.

Anyway, cut and ate the cake and snapped photos in my house (: Mind you, the cake looks super duper nice, tasted nice too. The BEST part, WE MADE IT OURSELVES! Even Shelley said we very got heart. Of course la.. Love you ma.. :D But we really damn perasan, kept looking at the photos of the cake, then say,"tsk.. why so nice one..." :D

*Currently playing Listen by Charice. OH EM GEE, NICE DAAAOOOOO...*

K la. Don't really remember what I wanted to blog.. We just really had fun, and it's just really nice to hang with them again after so long of lifeless holidays. :D

*Currently playing Lucky by Sam and Quinn. AAAHHHH!!! MADNESSSSSS!!*

Ok ok! Before I end this awesome post, yesterday was 4 very awesome people's birthdays :D SO!



23/11 of every year is ALWAYS awesome, I just don't know why :)

Every second, minute, hour of every day, you, are kinda, pretty much, always, on ma' mind.

PS, Glee Season 2 should be super great (:

Da EdN :)

Friday, 19 November 2010

Girls' night IN.

Crazy; Sexy; Bitchy

Friends of Mine (:

Times with them, the awesomeness is simply just..

Great; True; Awesome friends stay,

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

why hello there you awesome place.

So I was AFK for awhile, and here's my report after the few days.

Bukit Mertajam - Awesome food! The Hokkien mee there is so WALAO! I can have it for breakfast lunch and dinner for a week and wouldn't mind.

Penang - Awesome place to go. Like.. FREAKIN' awesome. There you can get cheap stuff with good quality. Take FOOD as a very very very very good example.

I also went to the Snake Temple and KEK LOK SI. I like Penang. So glad I'm going again in December. With a BUNCH of crazy cousins of mine! :D

I actually went to Penang with my parents to attend this health talk presented by a doctor. Very funny la that guy. He was talking about visceral fats, and he said,



“不要给老人家骗,讲什么‘buey(肥) si HOK KI (福气) ah..’ 你吃到越来越肥啊,等下HOK(福) 就没有, KI(去) 就有..”

After that, went to eat ice kacang and muar chee. *THUMBS UP*

Pacific (Shopping Mall) - Gosh I love this place! I remember being dragged there by my cousin. But the first time I went, I wanna go there over and over and over and over and over again. Because there, you can really get nice and cheap stuff. And also good quality! You know, with feet like mine, it's extremely hard to buy shoes. Places like Parkson, MidValley, Sunway punya shops, I'll need the largest size you have. And that, it's only NGAM NGAM HO for my feet. But some random shop in Pacific, the shoes' cutting are so big I only need the second largest size. XD ! And this is the very first time my mum bought shoes which fit the both of us. So she bought 3 pairs of shoes there. For only RM139. Then she said,"RM139, not even enough to buy ONE pair of these kind of shoes in KL."

Then, we went to Body Glove. My mum bought me a bag to use as a school bag because the one I'm using is FREE. (My dad got it back from his office) And I've used it for 4 years and now it's SPOILED. Like some rat nibbled it or something. Searching for a bag whole day and then going into Body Glove, all I can say is, "Body Glove.. It never let me down.." and also, my mum wants to start shopping for CNY because of her busy schedule, she's afraid she might not have time to shop. SO, in the awesome Body Glove, she also got me a T-shirt. And also one for my bro. AND THEN, the lady who works there said if buy one more item, we can get membership there. So, my mum got me a pencil case.

Conclusion, I think she was in a really good mood and she was happy and I'm glad because she made me happy. Very. :D

Ipoh Parade - Two words. EYE SORE. Once I stepped in that dreadful place one phrase instantly occurred my mind, "WELCOME TO LALA LAND!" MY GOODNESS! The guys all look like girls and the girls, I don't even know what they look like. Plus, ALL of them were in uniforms. And I do mean ALL OF THEM, ALL! A-L-L!!!! WHAT. A. DISGRACE. Walk there walk until I very damn uncomfortable but there was nowhere else to go so just jalan-jalan there with my mum. Haihs. What a terrible place. I would never ever ever ever EVER in my LIFE, go there again.

That's kinda it I guess. Very syok. But I didn't see ONG SHE QIN and TAN WEN YEE there because of some reasons. Oh well.. There's still NEXT MONTH ! :D

K bai.

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 13 November 2010


WARNING: This post is only to express my inner not-really-beh-song-beh-songness. Do NOT be perasan and think it's you I'm blogging about.

Dear Human Who I've Specially Dedicated This Post To,

You know, we are closer to her than we are with you for a reason. Sure anybody can be friends with everybody, but NOBODY can be really really really extremely friend with EVERYBODY. I am the very paranoid kind but seriously, just like the Chinese said,"One mountain is higher than another mountain." I have yet to see someone who is more paranoid than me but now, I see you. Just because a whole bunch of us always talk secretively, and laugh randomly at random stuff at the most random times, DOES IT MEAN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT YOU? Oh dear me! I know you've been strict and SOMETIMES unreasonable with us all, but we TEENAGERS that you ADULTS constantly discriminate, have a brain, have our own thoughts, and sometimes these thoughts are more mature than yours. Though you are very wise with realistic facts, but it is because of your SOMETIMES over pessimisime that you missed out a little thing called life. Everyone has their own secrets, their own issues, their own problems and it's their choice to choose to tell someone and not tell someone isn't it? Everyone has got something to hide. SHE, really respects you. Of all the unreasonable things you've done to us, when we complain about it to her, SHE, helps you convince us, that you are doing only what's best for us.

She said she likes it there with you all. In the world so lack of humanisme now, at least she, well, actually, we, can be comfortable there, in, well, sort of, EVERY way. Do you really wanna make your place just like the rest of the world?

One more thing, suspicion really can tear bonds aparts. She is HER sister, don't tear them apart.


Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Strange and weird enough I went to school again today. Well, maybe not that strange or that weird. I was just simply too bored. Sitting home every single freaking day playing Plants VS Zombies just won't do. Plus facebook and blogs and stuff are super boring because it's like everybody died and therefore there are no updates from anywhere. I really think everyone's dead. Then when I went to school today I thought,"alright, maybe everyone's not really dead." lol (not.)

Currently reading Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. Super addictive. Super cute. Super funny. Super romantic. Super heard-breaking, too, at times. Ever since I randomly picked a book and bought it, (the book happens to be If You Could See Me Now) I've been so in love with the work of this fabulous author. I picked that book because I saw this line,"Bestselling author of PS. I Love You". Awesome mind of hers! Reading is fun because it brings you to a whole new different world. A world without any stress.

So this Saturday seven-early-eight-early I'm going back to Perak. For how long? I would like to say forever. I'm seriously kinda sick here already. Too much stuff bothering me, abusing me mentally. What can one do? I'll tell you what, NOTHING. Which is rather saddening to hear, isn't it? Well, this is life. Never feel sorry for yourself. Man I need songs to travel. But since everybody's dead and I can't get any songs from anybody, OH WELL. At least I have Cecelia Ahern's company on my way.

Today, I realized stuff. I don't know, people are just such inspiration. And I'm not even sure what I learned but I'm sure there's something. I just think.. Although sometimes it's not easy to ignore people's action and what they say, don't let it out. Swallow your words. Sometimes we just have to keep our mouth SHUT and things will be really, really, really different. Like what Amanda said yesterday, "price to pay."

Alright, and I've also realized that.. Sad enough to say, it's really gone. Really, really gone.

That's all bye.

PS: When I say people are dead here, I just mean that they seldom online, not really dying..

Da EdN.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


It's a date with Deanna Nicole Lee Nyuk Mei today. And we watched....

It was awesome... Very funny, very stupid, very niceeeeee :D

I went to buy my cello polish and she was damn perasan.

"I primary school that time play drum one ahh.. So yeng mann.. They bought this new white drum, ONE only, and they gave it to me ahhhh.."


Usually we would gossip about stuff, but life after PMR, SO, DEAD, BORING! If you read my blog much enough, you would know that I am the ponteng type after PMR. NOTHING IS TO DO! SO, today, she and I talked about how boring life is after PMR. MY GAWD! BOREDOM ATE US ALL ALIVE! Seriously! The conversation of ours,

"Anything to tell me?"
*thinks for awhile* "No.."

"How's life?"
"Very sien.."

ADDDUUUIIIIIII... I HAVE NEVER FELT SO LIFELESS BEFORE. NEVER. WHERE THE HECK DID I PUT THAT LIFE OF MINE? Ask me what do I do every day, come on, ask me. I'll tell you what I do every day, NOTHING! Watch movies every day only. I'm even sick of Plants VS Zombies. And facebook, is SO, BORDICTIVE !

But I must say, there are benefits of the boredom. I had a lot, A LOT, of time to think. You must know, I AM the type who thinks a lot when I'm free. Even Russell Peters said so right? Women, they're ALWAYS thinking. That's very true. And those times for me to think, well, it got me out of the deep shit that I put myself in! I saved me from myself. Thanks to the time for me to think (:

Come on kawan-kawan sekalian, rajin sikit, plan some stuff for all of us to do. No one likes slacking. I mean, everyone LOVES slacking but not everyday la~! I mean, who the hell does that? =/

K I chao nao. Bai bai.

Oh and PS, we were at Mid Valley like almost the whole day today, and we didn't even see ONE person who we know. What are people doing these days? Hahaha.

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Deadly Boredom.

WARNING: This post is just due to boredom. It may contain some boring shit that you might not be interested.

I feel like I've been abused. Mentally. By? BOREDOM.
LIKE OMFG!! EVERY, SINGLE DAY. SIT AT HOME, WATCHING MY BROTHER PLAY GAMES. I told him, "You ah, I exam, you play; you exam, you play; we both exam, you play; we both not having exam, also you play!"

But it's not like I have anything to do. I finished Plants VS Zombies adventure the second time and I'm kinda bored of it. Stupid Crazy Dave, keep picking useless plants for me. Wasted 3 of my slots. Pfffffffft. I really don't know how people can finish the adventure so many times.

And and and, all the usually sure-will-online people all dunno DIE TO WHERE already. XD !
People holiday already la.. You see me. Sitting home every day. Rotting. Keep on canceling plans due to lotsa reasons. Sien!

So actually, I've watched quite a lot of movies these days. Almost like.. One day one movie. After watching I would take a nap and then I cannot sleep at night. And therefore I sleep earliest at 12:00AM EVERY day.

Anyway, MOVIES.

8 Mile!

Ok I don't even know how to describe how awesome this is.


Ini new movie. It's an action movie with good looking guys. Need I say more? :P

Breakfast at Tiffany's.

"Cross my heart and kiss my elbow!"


Johnny Depp is dead gorgeous in here :D

Brokeback Mountain.

I guess everybody knows what this movie is about. I mean, most people knows what is it about but never watched it. So yea.. I actually watch it just to see them make out. XD !

Yup. So I passed my time watching all those movies. What else to do? Today I watched JUST FOLLOW LAW again. You know? Itu Singapore movie? The funny one with Phua Chu Kang one? Yea that. Haha. Laugh die me.

And speaking of movies, I want to watch:


Someone please bring me F-U-N !! D:

I've been going through some of my own shit these days which I didn't know what to do, what to think. And then I saw something, which.. EVEN DESTROYED ME MORE! And then, I saw another thing, which made me.. Alright now (: It's all good if they are all really happy. That matters the most.

My body is killing me. Suddenly aches everywhere and always stomachache. WHAT DID I DO? I don't know. Haha.

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I went to school, Lol?

After days of not going to school, I suddenly had the urge to go to school. So today, I did.

I called Wei Li to ask her if she's going too, but then I thought, aiya whatever la go alone also nevermind. And that's when Siu Li facebook chatted me and told me there's this Sex Education talk and I jokingly said "OH LET'S GO!" XD

Hmm, I thought I'm that kind who get's bored of stuff very very easily. I mean, I know I am that type who get's bored easily. But I thought wrong I guess. Because everybody claimed that school was boring today while I pretty much enjoyed today. Maybe these people are just too hard to please. Or is it just the others who are trying too hard to please them. Over thinking it. Lol. But seriously, people ought to be thankful.

The Sex Education talk was not bad la actually. Just that I got pissed off by the teacher. Haha. COME ON! They gave us a sex toy! What more do you want? Haha, of course they didn't give us a sex toy, what are you MAD? They gave us this string handcuff thing which I kept jokingly said was a sex toy because it is an unknown object given during a SEX Education talk. XD

Anyway, because of being pissed off by the teacher, Yen Lu An An and I went ponteng-ing away. Like most other people HAHA. We sat at Jalan Utama and talked and crapped. Then later joined by Himin and Siu Li. And then changed place to canteen and gossiped about people again. Haha!

Today at school, like that lo. Not bad ma! What's so bored about it? It's only boring because everybody kept thinking it's boring and kept spreading the words, "aiyo sien ah.." "aiyo wanna die d la.." Pffffffffffft. Try staying at home everyday doing NOTHING. Not one single shit.
(Of course, those who goes to school everyday have the rights to say it's boring at school.. I think.. Haha)

Hmmm.. You.. Are.. Somehow.. Pretty much.. ALWAYS.. Never there.

Having.. A lot.. In mind.. Cannot believe.. Emotional.. Because of.. You.

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

lol my 400th post

"Sometimes I want to shout to the world how lucky I am to have you as a friend, but sometimes, I want to hush... Afraid that someone might take you away from me."

"You stole a french horn for me."
"I would steal the whole orchestra for you."
-How I Met Your Mother

"What about me?"
"You're funny."
"You're beautiful."
-If You Could See Me Now
(Book lol)

"How do you know, when you.. FEEL love?"
"I think when you feel love, you don't need to ask that question."
-Meet Dave

Yesterday at tuition, my teacher asked me, "You don't go to school anymore? What do you do at home?"

1) Watch movies and shows and stuff like that
2) Play Plants VS Zombies
4) Watch MORE movies.
5) WAIT. FOR. LAU. YIN. HUAN. (I'll be counting the moments!)

Oh there's just so much to.. WATCH! I'm so glad we humans are made this way :D

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

PvZ !

It's been quite some day since I last went to school. My original plan was to go to school everyday after PMR but the school's after PMR activities, some are not bad, but most of them are just pure CRAP. Take FORCING us to watch Mr.Bean as a very good example. Those activities made almost 3/4 of the form threes absent for school like everyday.

I like having no school. It's great! Ahaha (:
Every day's home-slacking is kinda fulfilling for me.

So this morning I played Plants VS Zombies. Like, for the 9462719833929 times. LOL
Most people around me who play this game finished the whole thing. All the mini games and the survivals and stuff like that. But me leh, I just finished all the mini games yesterday and my FOG and ROOF survival are still not done and my SURVIVAL ENDLESS is still locked. HAHA!

Today I spent my money to buy the winter-melon. Because it was very nice looking, so I bought it. And then I played survival. The roof one. And check this out:

I've become obsessed with the winter-melon and the pumpkins. LOL

If you play this game, let me tell you this, BUY THE WINTER-MELON. IT'S NICE AND IT'S GENG. My game above, the zombies can't even reach my tall nuts. :D
But of course, the player must be just as geng also la~ XD

These days, LIFE'S GOOD (:

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

We will, we will, ROCK YOU..UR HOUSE.

Amanda Seng Lyn Jiun, Lew Man Yi, Jaclyn Wong Jia Wen, Chen Sue Ann and yours truly will be featuring in this awesome post.

Special feature: Michelle Wong Pei Wen

This afternoon, I feel both surprised and funny to get Mich's call. 3 years I didn't see her, and when she called me she was like "Hello wehsan ah pehwen ah." LOL! The tune and the voice, it's like exactly the same when we last met. I'm so glad she called! Because if she didn't, I wouldn't have went to the gathering and meet up with my seriously awesome primary school classmates!

Like about 6:30pm, I went to Mich's house. Shockingly my bro knows the way the her house. Which was weird because.. Neither of us remembers him coming to her house. Haha! Her house. Her dog.. Walaaaoooooo... LOL. In her room, I saw a violin, and then,

"Hey you play violin one meh?"
"Yea la.."
"I play cello one leh."
"OMG are you serious? I never knew a person who plays cello and be so close with them."

Her reaction was HUGE. Not big. HUGE. Especially the OMG part. Haha!

"You play tennis one ah?"
"Why cannot?"
"Same reaction when I heard you play cello."
"No, when you heard I play cello, you were like 'OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS', when I heard you play tennis, I was just 'oooo'.."

We are so lame.

"So do you have a boyfriend?"
"Same. We're awesome singles."

Apparently she watches a lot of How I Met Your Mother too! HAHAHA!

Like about 7:00pm something, Sue Ann came and fetch us from Michelle's house. On the way in the car, the three of us were like total.. GIRLS. Gossiped so darn much about people. HAHAHA!

"Did you see ________'s boyfriend?"
"Gosh yes."
"I was like.. oh my god this is her boyfriend ah?"
"YEA! I was like ohhhhhh myyyyy gooooooood."
"You know ah when I saw the pic I immediately save it and send to Sarah and say 'LOOK AT YOUR FRIEND MANN! "

OMG really laughed die.

When we reached, the houses all around were like huge. Then the three of us went into a house.

"I will laugh die if you walk into the wrong house."
"I don't care I'm walking into this house."

Then there were a lot of shoes at the door.

"So how much do you wanna bet this is the wrong house?"
"50 cents."

Because obviously, seeing there's so many shoes at the door, it's definitely the right house.

So we walked in, looked around, all the aunties uncles. All of them, ALL of them, adults.

"I think we got the wrong house."


Then we ran upstairs. Cos we saw Man Yi's mum and she told us they were upstairs. Yea, we didn't get the wrong house. Haha. First person I saw, LEW MAN YI! Then we ran up to the third floor, into the karaoke room, and saw EVERYBODY!

"Where's Jaclyn?"
"She'll be late."

Went into Man Yi's room, and there's this red carpet there.

I stepped on it and say, "Eih why so syok to step on one this carpet?"
"Yea her dog pee on it almost every day you don't step until so syok."


"Eih where is that Jaclyn Wong?"
"She's not coming, she's a bitch."
"See weisan it's your fault because you told her you're not coming."
"I'm calling her."

And after much negotiating and persuading, Jaclyn Wong is coming!

When Jac arrived, we were in Man Yi's room watching a stupid video of a murderer who murders with a spoon. It was damn disturbing la the video, but still funny in some way. LOL.

"Why can't you come at first?"
"My house got function.."
"What you do there?"
"Entertaining my dad's friends all the OLD PEOPLE."
"Now aren't you glad you're here?"

Haha! Why yes, yes she is.

Jac laid on the carpet.

"This is so nice!"
"No, don't!"
"Her dog pee on it every day."


They hired a manicurist. And Mich and Jac wanna get their nails done but there's this girl in line. The two planned to use the power stare. My gosh laugh shit me. Obviously the stare failed. HOW to succeed you tell me. LOL.

"Clearly that failed. We need another strategy." snapping her fingers.
"Did you see what she's painting on her nail? _____ EEWWW!"
"Please, you two are acting like total bitches."


Then we went to play the football table thing which I have no idea what it's called. Sue Ann and Jac a team and Mich and I a team. Sue Ann and Jac kept scoring because we sucked.

"Hey so who's the bitch in your school?"


"OKAY! I'm gonna get you back."

"So weisan who's the bitch in your school?"


So funny!

Another round,

"Don't ask 'who's the bitch in your school'. Even if someone asks, don't answer 'me'."

Then before going downstairs to play TWISTER, the favourite game when we were std 6, we went into the karaoke room to check things out. There was a magic show going on. But when we went in there they were asking questions and those who get the right answer gets a prize.

Wen Zhe was standing at the door and Jac went like,
"Aiyo! You stand here so long edi what also didn't win ah? SO STUPID ONE!"

HAHAHA! That mean bitch. Haiya she was joking around la. These people, friends for so long d. (:

Before going home, we hugged one another. And all were hugging and saying goodbye dramatically. And Jac and Sue Ann were hugging and saying goodbye, and Wen Zhe was like, "What the heck you two." And Zhi Xuan was like "YEA LO! SAME SCHOOL MAN! Scare what?" Hahahah!

Then we continued biding farewell and then,

"Eih what the heck la we're going out on the 3rd of November."
"OH yea lo hor!"


It was a great partay. Super fun. No photos because all on facebook. And it's not even up yet. Not everybody is awesome like me. HAHAHA (:

Until 3rd of November my fellow oh-so-superbly-awesome-long-lost-friends :D

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Today we form 3s went on trips. At first, our class were suppose to go tuh Aquaria KLCC. But then, don't know why, don't know what happened, we suspect the teacher, but can't be sure. Anyway, they changed our place to RTM and 3A12 went Aquaria instead. I didn't even know this place existed. Hahaha.

So here's the disappointing part of the trip:
1) I've never in my life sat so in front-ish on a bus. Haha!
2) We expected it to be a long way to our destination, the best part of a trip is in the bus anyway. But then, we reached our destination in a blink of an eye.
3) We reached RTM like 9 something, and we went back to school at 11 something and reached at 11:30am. What. The. Heck.

But of course, there are fun things to do there too. I mean, going to these places with friends, there sure is the presence of fun. As usual, laughed at everything and even nothing. And and and, I think we had great photos there. Heeheeeheeeeeee =) All in An An's camera. Blame her for not being efficient. XD!

The main disappointment of this trip is going back to school so darn early lo.

"So fast over already ah this trip? Just a blink of an eye."
"I also haven't blink."

Mei Xi Himin

But then,


(first to reach back school)

And Pn. Hasfinaz damn.... Well, you tell me.

"Haiyo cikgu! Balik sekolah buat apa? Bosan laaaa.."
"Eih kamu pergi RTM pun bosan sekarang balik sekolah pun bosan.."
"Aquaria tak bosan punya."

Then she nothing to say. And then suddenly she spoke. And said,

"Hari ini ikan sakit."

Me Cik.Nor Aine Pn.Hasfinaz

More like you don't wanna pay for your own entrance. = =

BUT, when waiting to go home at Esso with some of the girls, Siu Li came. And apparently, Aquaria opens at 11am, but they already reached there at 9am. And according to Siu Li, Aquaria was packed with almost students from SIX schools. So, secretly, I'm kinda glad we didn't go to Aquaria.

I had a lot of time to talk to Shelley.
Friends like Shelley, they understand you more than yourself (:

OK. That's all for today. These days are kinda fun. Great days.

Gotta go watch some TV. I am after all dating my television~ :D


Da EdN :)

Monday, 18 October 2010


Today's Amazing race turned out to be quite amazing but not very amazing :D But we so totally rocked it, with our formation shirts (: We were group number 4. Group 1 starts first and five minutes later group 2 and so on. We were the first to finish, awesome right?

During the race, we kept running around of course, then Xue Zheng saw us running away and asked "Found ald ah?" and I replied "Of course! We so awesome!" and Shelley said "YA LOH!" Hahaha! We're so, like almost all our form 4 friends say, LIKE YES.

Results out and we came in, SECOND place! *Applause for self-satisfaction*

With cooperation and awesomeness from my awesome bitch sisters, how can we not rock this race to the core? :D

This awesome piece of photograph is captured at Dee's place (:

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Heart & Brain

Dear Heart,

This is what you get for making decisions on your own.


But sometimes when the heart wants to talk, the brain is too softhearted to stop it.
Sometimes the heart is just too desperate.
Sometimes, the pain the heart cause is worth it.
Sometimes the heart and the brain will agree on the same things.
Sometimes, the heart really, really, really likes you.
Sometimes, the brain thinks that you're really, really, really awesome to like.

Just.. Sometimes.

Of all the good and bad things that happened this year, the heart and the brain both agrees that that bunch of 损友s of mine are the BEST thing (:

And also this:

The BEST TV show EVER.

Like Barney said, it will be LEGEND,
wait for it,



Da EdN :)

Saturday, 16 October 2010


(Do spare a moment and wait for the videos to load and spare another moment to watch the videos.)

After KUMON, my bro came and fetch me home, on the way,

"I'm going to Ms Teh's later."
"Oh. What time?"
"1 something.. You wanna go anot?"
"For what?"
"Kill chicken."

Bro Me

So we did went there and kill a chicken. Along with a few form 5 people.

"Experimenting is it?"
"No la. For fun only."


They TONG GAI damn laugh die. All so scared of the live chicken.

First, they wanna drunk the chicken. By making it drink alcohol. 2 holding the chicken while 1 pump alcohol into it's mouth by a syringe.

As you can see, they're rather forceful. Making the chicken drink alcohol, and still scared it'll suddenly wake up, so they make it drink more.

Note that Brandon said:"鸡你的 bai la!" when the chicken doesn't wanna drink the alcohol.
Laugh die.

And then, the chicken died.

Here lies Mrs. Chicken.

They purposely nail like this cos they want Jesus style. =/

Then, they wanna pluck off the feathers. So they boiled water. And while waiting, one of the guys called his cousin to ask for instructions on how to pluck a chicken's feather.

And while waiting, they cannot wait edi, so they started skinning the chicken. (I had a video, but it's too crappy and too long, so I deleted it.) And then my Ms Teh says she wants the blood. So they cut off the head and let the blood come streaming down like waterfall. At least, that's what they expected.

At first, they used a scissors to cut. Then cut wrong part, so no blood came out. Then they switched to a knife and started chopping like mad. And the blood didn't come streaming down like waterfall, the only thing came streaming down like waterfall was Shek Chen's SWEAT! HAHA!


Da Blooooooooood.

Da chicken head.

The blood clotted.

1) Chicken will die if consume alcohol.
2) Before a chicken die, it either lay an egg, or shit. Or maybe both.
3) The blood won't come streaming down like waterfall.


Da EdN :)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Madafaka we're AWESOME!

Haihs. Apa hal oh cikgu? PMS is it? Why so stressed out every day? Scold scold scold, you tak tired kah? Tsk tsk. Form 3s, know la, Pn. Muthu today, scold this scold that. STRESS AH! PLEASE LA, PMR over already, even though you think we still have a long way to go, that PMR is just the beginning, what's wrong with us wanting to relax now? And you know what's the ironic part? At the end you said "It's not easy to come up here and talk in front of all the people". Then why the heck you wanna force Amanda and Deanna up? Along with Pn. Sujata, INSISTING that I go up, but then I ignored, and then insisted Shelley to go up. Why is this so important? And please, this has nothing to do with us knowing or not knowing how to have fun. Fun have different definitions to everybody, you may think it's fun, we may not. Even though you're a teacher and an adult, doesn't make you right all the time. We, teenagers have feelings too.

Ignoring that, today I brought this hand-clapping thing to school. I think lazy people use that even to CLAP. Plus, the hand-clapping thing claps damn loudly when you shake them. So we used them to cheer for people during their matches. At first cheered damn syok-ly for Marcus, until their match is over. And then! We watched Bola Jaring played by 3A12 girls and some Malay girls. WALAO! Not that we're racists, but they're really unreasonable lo! Deanna was center for their team, and the center for another team, which are the Malays, kept scolding and scolding and shouting at people for no reason. Oh wait, maybe there is a reason, reason is that Cynthea goal-ed, and she beh song. = =

Then later, they continued playing, and when Cynthea was about the goal the ball again, we, Shelley, Amanda, Xue Zheng and I ALL 8 eyes saw one of the Malay girls PUSH THE GOAL POST AWAY. So of course we'll be like "WAH! WHERE CAN LIKE THAT." And Xue Zheng even go ask teacher,"Cikgu, mana boleh macam ini? Dia tolak oh.." And they said,"Dia tak tolak, ia jatuh." JATUH AH?! HOW TO JATUH? ANGIN TIUP MEH. And in additional the teacher even scolded us and say,"You tak main you jangan bising." Fine. Justice always wins. According to Deanna later on, 3A12 won :D

And luckily Shelley, Amanda and I went up to pusat sumber. The other form 3s were down at Dewan block G, being FORCED to watch the stupid Mr.Bean live action. = = Walao.

OK, the most awesome part of the whole day was when me and my awesome bitches all went to Deanna's house and awesomed around. Supah dupah fun! Watched Tropic Thunder, the movie that I laughed like shit when I watched the first time. Shelley and Amanda didn't seem to like it. Too bad lo. Not their kind of movie. Oh well. And then we went out to the playground, played around like retarded little kids. We even recorded some mindless videos thought up on the spot. How awesome is that? :D

Then we went back to Dee's house and played Uno outside, like bosses.

That's all I have to say now. Tired ahhhh...

Ok, bai bai nao.

Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


This morning I woke up, and the first thing in my mind was "Exam.. OH WAIT. I FINISHED IT YESTERDAY :D" and then I ninjaed out of my bed cos I had this feeling that it was gonna be an awesome day in school.

We returned our text books in dewan. That teacher, pissed the hell out of all of us. Kept shouting at us for nothing and annoy the crap out of us. Shouting random stuff like a chihuahua. GOSH! First she shouted:"Pelajar 3A6! Jangan jalan dulu! Kutip sampah kamu dulu!" and then they all walked away, so she changed and say "3A12! Who asked you all to go?!" "Prefects at the back! Stop standing there like rocks! Pick up the garbage!"

= ="

Eih. The garbage were like so far away from us. What you think? We purposely throw the rubbish so far meh? Damn. Really made us cursed like mad dogs. I mean, you want us to HELP you pick up the rubbish we wouldn't mind. Use a nicer and more polite tone please. We're not your dogs.

And then, we went to dewan block G, being briefed about next years classes. Mai gawd! Sitting there, we the gang, played really random stuff, but was really fun, and laughed the crap out of all of us. What did we play? Pull shoe laces. Ha-Ha-Ha. (Seriously, it was really HAHAHAHHA!!!)
Really like having WAR. Pull here pull there. Like that also fun. But it was fun. Heee heeee :D

12:40pm, we were suppose to go kokurikulum, but then, we sat there and play the Wiss Toy of Yen Lu's. Funny.. When we tried to get it back into the box. All was like:"HOW?!" "I DON'T KNOW! I NEVER WEAR CONDOM BEFORE!" HAHAHAHA. Even though it has nothing to do with a condom, but still, condom. Then after that we played Shelley's monopoly deal. So the funny mannn! Today's like a laugh die day.

Waseh. The song Dynamite is stuck in my head since yesterday. It's like.. The song's not really that nice, but it's still nice. :/ IT MAKES SENSE IN MY HEAD OK?

Anyway, today is GOOD DAY :D

It kills me to see her cry ):
I can't believe it either...

Bai Bai nao!

Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The 5 days of PMR

BM 1 and BM 2.

I woke up at 7AM and reached school like usual time. I AM SO AWESOME.

Today ah, BEH SONG, SUPER DUPER. But at the same time, SONG, EXTREMELY.

Sampat-ed with Yen Lu and Shelley like a lot a lot.

One day of PMR has gone by, THAT WASN'T SO BAD!


BI 1 & 2, Geografi.

BI has got nothing to worry about. :D
I think everybody's first reaction is the same when the get the BI paper 2. That is to see what's on for novel. And then the second reaction is, screw the so called tips.
But it was easy. So.. Yea. *SHOW FACE*

Yesterday, not a single person went out of class early. Today, Shannen was the first to ask to leave early. Followed by EVERYONE.
Thank yooooooouuuuuu Shannen! :D

2 hours plus of break between BI paper 2 and Geografi and Shelley, Wei Li, An An, Marcus, and I went to Yen Lu's house. As we walked there, I had the crappiest HIKING (cos her house is like.. very high) journey with Shelley. So fun. And the funny part is, Wei Li and Yen Lu were fetched home by Wei Li's mum, but the house key is with me. Ha-ha-ha. But then it was no fun because Yen Lu had an extra key. Lol.

Had food there and laughed a lot. Studied Geografi and laughed a lot :D

It's just so fun to hang out with friends.

So, Geografi. It was okay I guess. Sure won't fail this time. And I'm pretty sure I won't get a D for it anymore. Yaay!

Another day passed by and nope, I still don't feel anything. And I've learned that leaving early feels great :D


Science 1&2, Sejarah.

My gosh! When I was doing science paper 1, my right eye lit kept jumping non-stop. It feels kinda good though, but I can't concentrate! LOL!

Today, I was da first to leave classroom early. For every paper. Haha. Science paper one was easy. Paper two was.. "Errr... What is this again ah?" So... Yea.

Today's journey back to Yen Lu's house was.. Complicated. As usual I walked back with Shelley. Very fun with her la! Love Love Love :D

In Yen Lu's house, talked and played a lot. Watched as Marcus played Plants VS Zombies. LAUGH DIE. His arrangement of the plants.. TERUK! HAHAHA! And summore he kept planting sunflowers. Funneh!

So, studying sejarah? Most of the time Yen Lu, An An, Shelley, Eugene and I just talked and laugh at Wei Li and Marcus while the two love birds study and explain sejarah to each other. I don't get what's so funny, but it was funny.

There was one time, there was a long silence, and then I suddenly laughed and everybody got distracted. I laughed because I dunno if Marcus was trying to whisper to Wei Li, cos it's like.. He's trying to keep it down, but every word was crystal clearly heard. LOL.

Then we talked talked talked talked, about stuff. Very random stuff. And none studied. Hahaha.

Then at 1 something almost 2, went back to school for SEJARAH. See, at Yen Lu's house play play play talk talk talk. Reach school hear everybody talking about Sejarah only "Eih this one do what one ah? Eih who is this ah?" HAIHS. Really MM SANG SENG one.

" 'Friends play with each others' hands ALL THE TIME.' I do that a lot."
"Hey me too!"

:D My Wei Li (:

So, Sejarah. I was the first one who left my classroom also. Not that it's so easy I finished it fast, but the ones I know, I know, if I don't, I don't. There's not really much checking to do.

Third day, IT WASN'T SO BAD !

P/S: About the eye lit thing, 左凶右吉 right? Because I had a great day :D

Maths 1&2, Kemahiran Hidup.

Maths. Aiya don't say la. Later you all say I show off. (I kinda already am right now LOL)
But seriously. It was easy.. As always.

After Maths 2, there's like a few hours until the KH paper.
We sat at Dewan Block G. Everybody there was studying, reading KH like they'll die if they didn't get an A, while I sat there and gaze into nothingness and thinking about everything and nothing.
Then, Shelley talked about Maple with Min Jun and Jee Sam. Then I just listen. Those games, like Ragnarok and Runescape. I wonder what happened to them. These games are fun okkaaayy?? :D

Soo Ping's phone have lots of awesome songs. Even songs that I didn't think would appear in other people's phone. Her phone has everything. And I DO mean EVERYTHING. LOL.

Second last day of PMR... Like that lo...


Bahasa Cina 1 & 2

Chinese ahh.. Like that lo. It's never easy. But not to say hard also.
I seriously have no comment about BC.

Anyway, PMR's over now. Like.. Whao. Since day one I don't have the exam mood.

Everybody studying, and I watch them study. And then distract them. HAHA!


1) Tan Wen Yee and Tan Xue Ying in SPM
2) Lau Yin Huan in UEC
3) Tan Wu Zhen in STPM


Da EdN :)

Monday, 11 October 2010

I Was Here.

Hey, I found a song that pretty much speaks.. For me.

I wanna do something that matters,
Say something different, something that sets the world on its ear,
I wanna do something better, with the time I've been given,
And I want to try to touch a few hearts in this life.

They forget. They always forget.

Da EdN.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Oh whaaaaat?

The not-so-personal personal tag :D

This is going to be majorly personal, you ready? Heck to the yes.

Promise to take this without deleting any questions? Sure. Why not.

Are you happier now than you were five months ago? Yes.

Have you ever slept in the same bed with anyone? Yes.

How many people do you trust with everything? 6 (:

What was the last thing you drank? Coke. Or was it Pepsi. Can't tell.

Is there anyone you want to come see you? My cousins!

Name one thing you love about winter? The cold?

Name something you dislike about the day you’re having? The boredom this morning.

What’s the first thing you did when you opened your eyes today? Asked my dad "Whaaaaatt?"

Have you ever kissed the last person you sent a text message to? Nope.

Is there anybody that you wish you could fix things with? omg yes.

Could you go out in public, looking like you do now? No.

Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to? Yea.

Are you good at hiding your feelings? Depends on what I'm feeling.

Are you listening to music right now? Why yes, yes I am.

Who was the last person you talked to on facebook chat? Shelley (:

Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do? Oh yea...

Have you laughed today? Yea, duh.

Would you rather not eat or not sleep? Not sleep. Haha

What do you normally drink in the morning? H2o.

Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? No..

Do you believe that all boys are the same? Nope.

Did you drink any alcohol this week? I've not consumed alcohol for months. Lol

Do you like to cuddle? Yea sure why not.

Would you ever try being a vegetarian? I could.

Do you like your bed? Love it. Hahaha

Are you busy tomorrow? gosh no. tomorrow I'm gonna be so bored that I'm so bored.

If YOU (not your parents) won a million dollars, what would be your first thought? Probably this tag.

Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence? A stranger.

Is it cute when boys kiss you on your forehead? LOL.

Would you prefer a small, intimate wedding proposal, or a big-scale, over-the-top proposal? Whichever I guess.

What’s bothering you right now? The thought that I've got nothing to do tomorrow.

What were you doing at 12 am last night? Reading a book. Awesome right?

Do you drink more apple or orange juice? Orange juice. Haha

You kissed someone today, didn’t you? Nope.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? No. What a sad case right?

Who is the first person you texted this morning? I didn't text anyone this morning.

Is it more common for you to follow your heart or your mind? It kinda depends on the situation.

When was the last time you gave your number to someone? I don't remember. Last year? People nowadays don't ask for your number, they get it from someone else.

Have you ever wanted to tell someone something, but didn’t? Tonnes of times. I guess somethings are just better left untold.

What’s something you really want right now? Honestly, I want yesterday.

Are you a mean person? Sometimes, but I'm just playing around.

Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with? No, he's too awesome to be hated. Haha

What’s your wallpaper on your phone? A black figured guy showing his middle finger. :D Hey Deanna sent me that theme and it's called "Fuck yah" and it's awesome.

What do you hear right now? Michael Buble singing

"Get that out of my face."
"It's not in your face, it's in my hand."
"Get what's in your hand out of my face."

The awesome Robert Downey Jr. and the awesome Jude Law in the awesomely directed super cool film Sherlock Holmes.

Another 2 more days of PMR and I. AM. OUTTA HERE!!! :D

Da EdN :)