Friday, 29 May 2009

29th of May


And of course, I don't really mean that :) I'm just kinda high today and I'm guessing everybody is today. Judging by today's Hari Guru and we have time to slack and most of all, it's the last day of school ! I am overjoyed ! (not really :D)

Gosh. There waaayyyy too much to be talked about. So why don't I just give you a tour with the photos we got? I assume you'll understand :) Well, I hope you'll.

Here goes ! ::

Amanda took this photo and I do not know when. Wenxi's NOT crying.
This I know :) me handing RM10 to Liying
Shift A. Benteng 8. Shelley me and Deanna.

While at Benteng 8, I crapped with Deanna and both of my juniors. I really had no idea they were also kinda retarded. XD No offense juniors ! :D And wenghong, OF COURSE my juniors better la. Haha !

And then, the senior took Deanna and one of my juniors to depan bilik guru. But it's ok cause not long after, Amanda and Shelley came. Teehee=) Chingyuan, Junweng and Wenli came and talked to Shelley at first. Then don't know how, somehow, Amanda and Shelley managed to threaten Chingyuan to admit he likes _____ ! And he admitted it. WTH? I don't know if it's true or not. XD

On the way back to Deanna's house :)


All busy doing their own stuff.


Muffins we baked :)
Watching movie. Deanna's eating muffin ! :D:D:D Shelley just looks innocent. haha !

Amanda's concentrating on da piano while we disturb her. Obviously she's ignoring us. haha.

And this is taken just because.....
We saw a CAT!

Shelley left.
Amanda left.
I left.

Giant VS Dwarft
Look at this photo and see what I mean on the top of this post.


I'm gonna conclude this day with KUMON. Well, I have to cause I have classes tomorrow and I've done none. So goodbye for now!

Happy reading!

P/S: SHELLEY, this is from us to you:

Why did you leave us Shelley ?


Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tuesday Crew :)

Tuesday Tuition Crew :)

Da Teacha !

Tan Chuan Yew.
Tung Li Yin.
Julia Yam.

Ini random post sahaja. =D

Friday, 22 May 2009


And it took me 36 minutes to draw this !
Haha !

And something I found from the emails my mum sent me:

90 people get Swine Flu and everybody wants to wear a mask,
A MILLION people get AIDS and nobody wants to wear a condom.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pressies from Dearies !

Look! Janice made me this !
It's FILLED with love !
Muacks you Jan ! :D:D

How can I ever use this man..
It's so cute! XD
I even found this.. :)

And look what Huichan, Limling, Choiryin and Meixi got me !
I'm lovin it ! :D:D

This from Cheryl ! :)

Now I have the captain and vice captain.

*Renji from Adeline and Byakuya from Cheryl :)

I love you guys !
Thanks alot !

I'm glad that I can trust you :)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

16th of May

I went back to yoke nam today :)
My bro fetched me there.
Slacked there for quite a while.
Dunno what to say la.

Walked to KUMON then walked back to YN.

Piccas of YN !
Manyi !

Haha !Our 6S :)
The tables seem smaller.
Or is it us that's grown bigger.

Da Duddetes that i hang with :)

330pm, i went ballet class.
I was so sick man!
My nose keeps trying to run away from me which made me so damn frustrated!
Thankfully I got better after quite a while.
And today, the whole roll of toilet paper is MY PROPERTY!

Camwhored with Jovynn.
Inspiration:"Hey, why so serious?"

At night, went dinner with ma family and my beloved aunty amy (ex-babysitter)!

My Dar :)

And that concludes the day !

I thank:
Jaclyn, Amanda, Deanna, Shelley, Man Yi, Sue Ann, Carine, Cui Teng, Vivian C, Pui Yie,
Yin Huan, She Qin, Ah Min, Wen Xi, Adeline, Li Ying, Wei Li,Mei Xi, Choir Yin, Lim Ling, Pui San, Hui Chan, Soo Ping, Darren,Yue Sam, Jye Shin, W.Yen Theng, T.Yen Theng Aunty Luisa, Nicol, Siu Li, Himin, Jovynn, Eunee, Jing Wen, Yi Lin, Jun Yi, Yao Hua, Cui Mun, Xin Wei, Yann Ying, Eshen, Boon Zhao, Chian Yi, Dave, Shenni, Ian, Vickki, Jia Liang, Ah Wen and [[...]] (nobody shall know who this is :D)

For a great birthday :)

Note: I got manyi's sms at 2359, Vivian's at 0002, Puiyie's at 0004, Jaclyn's at 0005 and Ah Min's at 0006. :D



NI !

Because of you... =D