Thursday, 31 December 2009

One Last Thing

Oh yeaa.. One last thing I would like to say in 2009.

I really like it when the boys in my class say the word "WALAN"
(Cos I've never heard girls say it LOL)


Happy 2010 in 1 hour and 20 minutes. :D

P/S: I watched Tropic Thunder & Face/Off today! Super duper duper duper nice! TEEHEE=)

Da EdN :)


Everybody seem so excited for 2010. Well, to me, 2009 is kinda considered long-gone when school stopped. All the happiness my friends brought into my life, stopped. Maybe this is not a sad or bad thing. They made great memories for me to keep. That's good enough to me.

Thinking of it now, my form 1 life is bullcrap. So quiet and dull. Besides the sad case that was caused by somebody. Actually there were two cases. But no, I won't be talking about it. Cos now, everything's great. Ahh.. My form 1 life.. There's when you came along. Walked out somewhere, and into my life. But whatever happened back then stays there. Thanks to you, I kinda grew up. Truly, thank you.
(Don't go guessing whose the "you", if you wanna know, just come ask me ok? :P)
(I also hope the "you" wont read this. Haha!)

2009, what a great and outstanding year. I ended up in 2A10 this year. And this class, mann! It's ONE OF THE HECK ! In a good way. Wait, I stand corrected. It should be, in a GREAT way (: The greatest thing that has ever happened to me this year, is getting to be in 2A10. If it weren't for this class, I wouldn't know how to bully a teacher. Hahaha! And during exam. Sejarah paper. Waliaoooo... Laughed my ass off. "Jangan buka kertas soalan dulu ahh.." then she left us alone. Like heck are we gonna obey. XD Then... ..
Yup. You guys know what happened then. :D

2010 is gonna start in 8 hours and 30 minutes more (I JUST looked at the clock and it's 3:30PM). And I won't be 14 years old anymore. Awwww.... Hahaha. It's ok (:

Well, believe it or not, neh. Better not tell. Maybe it's just hangat-hangat tahi ayam. LOL.

So. PMR aye? I have... no comment. :D Just letting it be.

Back to Perak in 1 month + :D Haha! I know. Why the heck am I counting down right? xD
Oh yea! I ditched YenLu today. Ooops. And cleaning the windows of every classroom of Block E yesterday was FUN! LOL!


Da EdN :)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Worked my ass off 1

(The title, let's hope there won't be a "2" tml)

Anyway, I went to school bright and early today. (Actually not very bright, and not very early, and if too early it wouldn't be bright) 8am la. When I was at the traffic light, I saw an orange car and I thought it was Shelley.

"Hey, I think I saw your car. I'm at the traffic light."

"Lol. I'm still at home and my orange car is not out."

And FYI, this morning she sms-ed me and say she'll be leaving home at 745am. And I was already late. Didn't know that she'll be even latter. LOL.
So. It was 8am+, and she sms-ed me and say:

"I'm leaving from home now."

OH WELL. You know, Ho Shelley is never punctual. Hahaha!

Anyway, met up with YenLu and went to see the class thingy. 11 is the new number.
But I don't think it'll ever replace 2A10/09. Face it. We made history (:

YenLu "walk fire" ald. She brought a 2A10/09 namelist, and wrote down everyone's class next year. Like.. Why the heck are you doing that mannn.. LOL. And my "walk fire" part is, i went COUNTING how many students will there be in 3A11 next year. AND AND AND, I AM REALLY HAPPY THAT AH SHELL ZAI IS GONNA BE IN THE SAME CLASS AS ME NEXT YEAR. BOOOOM!! :D

So, we had to:

-shift the WOODEN tables from one floor to another. (WOODEN, MAN! WOODEN!)
-arrange the tables and chairs in the classrooms
-shift like A LOT of chairs from one BLOCK to another.
-get all the cacated chairs and tables down to somewhere near Block E

Mann! I can't stand the wooden chairs. DAMN heavy. Shift here shift there. Then the teachers talk also dun wanna talk properly. Cannot take then should tell us earlier ma. We already halfway done only she tell us.
It's like this. We went to Block G to get some gray coloured plastic chairs to a class in Block E. We need like 13 more. After that class and we're DONE. But while we were taking them, THIS happened.

"Ei! Mana kamu mau ambil tu?"
"Block E."
"Tak boleh! Yang kelabu punya jangan ambil."
"Har? Pn Ng kata ambil ini worh.."
"Tak boleh tak boleh. Yang tu untuk pengawas punya, jangan ambil."


"Teacher, the other teacher say the gray coloured chairs cannot take worh."
"oh then don't take lo. move those that you took back down."


Ok la. At least after that we didn't shift them back down. If not, I don't wanna go tomorrow already. :P
And, gossiped so much with YenLu and Shelley. But someone always come to interrupt. BAH !

Hmm.. That's kinda all. I think. Even if there's something else, it's either I DON'T wanna blog abt it, OR, I forgot (: Oh well. Too bad.

Day after day...

OK! BuhBye Now :)

Da EdN :)

Monday, 28 December 2009


My every reason to smile.

But now far away from me.

Came back for like 6 days, and I'm stressed out already. And all I can say is:

"Why like THAT ...???? "

I don't know. I just feel like you're talking about me. I'm sorry if I said something wrong. What I said I was just trying to make you feel better. I am really sorry. I know I said something you don't like somewhere, I don't know where. I just felt like I have to say something quick and I can't think of anything good to say. SORRY SORRY SORRY!


Da EdN :|

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Whheeee~~!! These stuff are gooooooooooooooooooooood :)


My Desktop :D

Hey, I just remembered something I mis-blogged:

“OK 她很美的 etc etc etc



AhWen YinHuan WuZhen Me

Ini continue tat day de.. The post that I posted in Perak. Scroll down until you see blue-ish words. Blogging it back now, hey, it's actually nothing funny right? LOL. Maybe we're just all hyper that day.. Ahh well.

I miss Ong She Qin, Lau Yin Huan and Tan Wen Yee D:
And if I go back on CNY, I won't be able to see Lau Yin Huan DDDD:
AND, next year PMR WTF ? Why so fassssssssssssttt ?? DDDDDD:
ANNNNDD, Lau Yin Huan private skl. Got dunno wat other exam also. WALAU EHH..

BUT, the bright side, everybody will be busy next year:

Lau Yin Huan & I - PMR
Lau Tian Xu & Tan Wen Yee & Tan Xue Ying - SPM
Tan Wu Zhen - STPM

Good loh. All busy together (:

K la k la.


Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Back from NOT kl

Weyheyhey! I am baaaaaack ! And I'm not gonna upload all the photos. Terlalu banyak la. Tangan saya akan CHAO GAN punya. So just look at these photos.

My bro. Wearing my cousin bro's spider man mask. And his weird shades. xD


This baby was born on the 20th of December (:
2012 mann.. Jangan main-main.


We left for Genting at 11pm on 21st of December. About 2am, when everybody was almost fast asleep, the bus stopped and my uncle went like "Come, let's go eat." We thought he was joking but no, he was seriously serious. So we ate at Mr. Sotong. Actually, no sotong de la there...

We reached Genting at 3am sth almost 4am. And slacked around the whole First World thingy. Then go Starbucks to chill. (As if it's not cold enough)
Oh yea, this Genting trip, it's kinda like.. I went there with a bunch of people I don't know. Excluding my cousins of course. But we can get along pretty well.. :D Glad.

Then went back in to slack again. Needa do some walking. Exercise ma.

WTC. Yea I know.

This was at night.
Yeah! I love this pic :)

Time for Ripley's Believe it Or Not.

The luckiest chair in the world (:

What's his name again? A little blue guy. (Which is actually not little at all)

Err... Even I am speechless. xP

23rd of December. We're leaving today! Rawr! Just this midnight, we couldn't sleep and went to Viston City from 12am till 1am. If the people there weren't so punctual, we would've played longer. The more we play, the more energetic we get. Even after we said "Let's play and make ourselves tired so we can sleep." Yea right.

Before we leave, we went to Mary Brown to look for Ah Qin and friends. And suddenly we started taking photos there. And I only uploaded this kerana saya malas. Too bad loh.

Yea. This Genting trip was fun. Crazy. All sampat sampat punya. For more photos, please view my facebook. TYVM.
Oh I miss them already. D: Have tuh wait till CNY.

Ahh kayy.. This this that that. Byebye!

Da EdN :)

Monday, 14 December 2009


Nah, SiuLi, I am here updating.

Hello peeps! Saya sekarang di perak :D And Chua Siu Li wanted me to update my not-very-dead blog. WHO CARES mann.. I know nobody reads this blog. Sad. And I guess nobody misses me back in KL. Ahh well.. D:

Weyweywey, next year we form3 ald arhh.. I don't wannnntt!! D: And I'm still Not doing the essays and karangans. But then SiuLi said Miss Ng is teaching morning section next year and what if she's our English teacher?! *Dum Dum Dum*
If really like that then we all die until dunno like wat edi loh.. But still, what can she do? BUT, what can't she do? but i really dun wanna do the homeworks. BEK CHEK !! D: See! Holidays also wanna stress me.

And err, I broke my specs! Kesian arhh! I'm blinded for like.. 2 or 3 days. can't do anything properly. INCHLUDING typing this post. So hard! LOL. My parents are back in KL and I'm still in Perak. Why? I syok ma. :D LauYinHuan is in Penang with her family. So now here in Selinsing, only OngSheQin is here to accompany me. My cousin bro very.. Weird. Hahaha! No la.. He very good de la. LOL.

Oh yea while I'm here I might as well update something I wanna update LOL :D
That day at Bagan Serai, AhWen, YinHuan, TianXu, WuZhen(my bro) and I were talking in the room. Convo:


×Laugh laugh laugh×


“Squeeze face 啊?”

×Laugh laugh laugh×


AhWen YinHuan Me

*Laughs laughs laughs*

Really very omg. We laughed like shit-asses there. All sampat-sampat belaka. :D And AhWen and WuZhen are crazy. Talk about "Saw" also can laugh until so happy. The other 3 of us were like taking it creepily while AhWen, the one talking about it is talking about it so happily. Laugh until sudah mau xiao that kind. My bro, wanted to borrow Saw 2 - Saw 6 from her. D:

And then the next day, AhMin drove YinHuan, TianXu, XinJie,AhWen and I to the groom's house. On the way, talking about Final Destination and Saw again. Neh, Ah Wen lo. She loves these shows. Crazy. Like Ah Min said. WuZhen, WeiKen and Ah Wen. Same type. Next time sure become doctor de.. Haha!

And hor, Ah Min hor.. Drive super duper fast. We left home 20 minutes later than the bride's car and then when we're almost reaching, Ching Yee JieJie(The bride) called Ah Min and said they still got a long way to go. Waahh~ So, Ah Min is now claimed as 女车神 .
Seriously. She drives damn fast. Pro driver LOL.

K lo. Till today that's kinda it loh.. For now. Ei SiuLi, I update because of you leh. LOL. Make sure you read this post. And no photos leh.. cos all the pics not transfered. xD

Till then people! Bye!

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hari yang sangat shuang sekali :D

A day with my retards :D

You have no idea how happy I am to see them again mann! And to hang with them summore. Wheee~!!

We have nothing to do, so we slacked in McD, to accompany Jac to have her lunch, and then we went RedBox. Everything was going well, but then SOMEONE, I dunno whether Jac or Amanda, started SHOUTING the song Crush. Which made everybody shout the other songs after it also. Instead of singing them, we shouted them. Imagine that. Really had a fun time with them. And Amanda got me addicted to the song Uprising and 21 Guns. And and and, I opened something with the help of ManYi.. x) and then I just threw it there in the room. Oops.. And after Jac left with Manyi, Amanda and I continued wandering around. Then I saw Soo Ping and Mun Teng! I was looking at Soo Ping and Soo Ping was looking at Amanda. x)

Ahhh.. I malas to upload photos. What to do? :D Plus, there are more photos in Jac's camera and sadly she's not online now so I can't bug her.

This photo,
I just have to upload cos Amanda says I look funny :D

Bye people! I'm leaving for Perak tomorrow, like finally! Hahaha!

Till then.


Da EdN :)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Take me somewhere new

Take me by the hand, take me somewhere new.

Hmm.. Days w/o updating. I actually have no idea what are the updates for. Only I read my blog every day. Haha! Anyway, I just found out that many of my friends are going to Thailand and Hong Kong. Err.. Like.. Why so ngam one ah? x) And and and, almost EVERYBODY, who went outings with their friends, went to watch New Moon. Once again, why? Why the obsession for Twiligt man.. Really that good? 0__o

These days at tuition, we crap every single day. Using our lungs to talk is really interesting.(if you understand this sentence, good :D) Watched those 15 Malysia videos. Halal is one of the heck man! The chicken is sooo cute! TEEHEE=) Julia and Sarah was absent today. And today was my last day going to tuition. Until next year :)

Hmm.. My bro went back to Perak today. And LauYinHuan and family went back yesterday D: Ahh well.. Let them miss me x) They're going tuh Thailand tomorrow. And because my parents and I are not going, we're joining them in Perak on Friday. I can't wait ! And tomorrow too! Going to our old place with Jac, Amanda and ManYi. Where's our old place? Where else? Mid Valley loh. Why Mid Valley? Saya pun tak tau :D

Wheeee~!! Thursday and Friday ! :D :D :D But still, I don't know what to do with Kumon D: Sighs. I'll do it larhh.. But very bek chek punya loh sometimes. Haihs! Don't stress on me nowwww, Kumooonnnn...

Till then, people!

Da EdN :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

6th of December


MSN + conference calls = skype
twitter + (quizzes, photos, comments) = facebook
blog + (audio posts, tumblarity, quotes, reblogging, likes) = tumblr
friendster x dead = friendster is dead


Facebook + Twitter = The New Friendster
*It looks creepy.*

And the cartoon on cartoon network, powerpuff girls, wheee! The villains' got nice names :D
The Gang Green Gang, The Amoeba Boys, Him, Mojo Jojo, Sedusa, FUZZY LUMPKINS ! Hahaha! My childhood memories TEEHEE=)

Aiyaiyai. I can't wait for Thursday's outing with Jac, Amanda and Manyi. Primary gang ah LOL LOL LOL. I miss their retardedness and craziness arhhh... And, I also miss school now. Haihs!

What's happening now? I also don't know. F that. =/
(Pardon this line. My personal stuff)

Hari ini leh, saya punya 老兄=abang=brother birthday :D
But I feel that all he ever does is sleep =/ LOL.

KUMON is stressing me out these days. The most stressful thing now is KUMON. Never been so stressed out in my life man! I wanna quuuiiiiiittttt!! D:

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

I just have to ! :D

1. Your Appearance.

I have blonde hair.
I have Brown/Black hair.
I have red hair.
I have a different color of hair.
I have highlights.
They are natural.
I think I’m pretty.
I think I am ugly.
I think I am okay looking or in the middle of pretty and ugly.
I am comfortable with my appearance.
I would change something to do with my appearance.
My teeth are bright white.
I wear lots and lots of make-up.
I wear an average amount of make-up.
I don’t wear make-up.
I am stereotyped.
I hate being stereotyped.
I’m tall.
I’m short.
I’m medium.
I have blue eyes.
I have green eyes.
I have brown eyes.
I have hazel eyes.
My hair is naturally straight.
My hair is naturally wavy.
I like my hair.
I hate my hair.
I have large feet.
My feet are small.
My hands are big.
My hands aren’t big.
I never get pimples.

(What's with the randomness =/)

2. Relationships.

I have a boyfriend.
I am single.
I like being single.
I hate being single.
It is hard for me not to flirt.
I have never cheated on a guy before.
I have cheated on a guy 1+ times.
I would take a bullet for my boyfriend.
My boyfriend would take a bullet for me.
My boyfriend is hot.
I see my boyfriend at least once a day.
If I had a boyfriend I would be much happier.
I like being known as “His Girlfriend.” (People, we have names tyvm)
I would pick a guy/my boyfriend over all of my friends…

3. Friends.

I have more than 1 best friend.
If I had to choose my very very best friend, I couldn’t do it.
If I had to choose my very very best friend, I could do it, but it would be very very hard.
I have one good friend I can tell everything to.
Sometimes my friends make me feel left out.
I like being around new people.
My best friend lives close to me.
I hate it when my best friend and I get in a big fight over the stupidest things. (We do it all the time and somehow our friendship increase after we get over it :D)
I believe that all true friends must have fights in order to make it work.
My friends are not stuck up and open to new people.
My friends are known as the popular or preppy group.
I think they are just ordinary people.
I would take a bullet for my friends.
I love partying with my friends.
My house is the place to be.
My friends and I always hang out. (In school LOL)
I would never pick a guy over my friends.
My friends sometimes make fun of me but they are just joking. (All the time :D)
My friends are good at sports. (Jac, Dee, Amanda LOL)
My friends and I are pretty close.

4. Family.

I have a brother.
I have a sister.
I have no brothers or sisters.
I have 2+ brothers.
I have 2+ sisters.
My parents are not divorced
My parents are divorced
My parents fight a lot/used to fight a lot.
I’m kind of happy my parents are divorced because now i don’t have to hear them fight.
I hate the fact my parents are divorced.
I have clothes at my mom’s and my dad’s house.
I live with my mom.
I live with my dad.
I live with both my parents.
All of my siblings live with me.
I am the oldest child in my household.
I am the middle child in my household.
I am the youngest child in my household.
I have stepbrothers.
I have stepsisters.
I have living grandparents.
I have living great-grandparents.
I have more than 2 aunts and 2 uncles.
I have A LOT of cousins. (Hell yea.)

5. Make-up, Clothes, Shoes.


*I do not MAKEUP, tyvm*


baggy jeans.
tight jeans.
in-the-middle jeans.
designer jeans.
mini skirts.
mini shorts.
sweat pants.
flannel/pajama pants.
blue jean shorts.
khaki shorts.
soft/loose shorts.
Tank tops.
loose tee shirts.
tight tee shirts.
big tee shirts.
band tee shirts.
Two piece swim suits.
1 piece swim suits.

*I don't know what most things are above =/*


tennis shoes.
air jordans.
adidas shox.
high top running/basketball shoes
other types of running/basketball shoes.
track spikes.
flip flops.
high heels.

I tweet, She tweet, We all tweet :D

Da EdN :)

Friday, 4 December 2009

Why, I don't know what to say :D

Oh my, my, my. Something happened to my toe! Look!

Yea it's coming off. But it didn't come off yet. I shall wait for that day to come and I shall take a photo of that particular nail. Haha! Don't worry it's feeling-less. And no, I don't know what happened to it, I don't even know what I did to it. I only found out that it's coming off today when I was cutting my toe nail. Who knows how long has it been like that? :P

And look! I like the way Amanda edit photos :) So niceeee.

Out to MV that day. I forgot which day XP

Science and Maths trip to Petrosains.

Where did this picture come from...

"I want a picture of the four of us.."
"But which one? No evil or shit, crap, dung and poo?"
"No evil"
"How bout both?"
"Yea! But how do we do that?"
"I'll do it"

And so she came out with this :D At first something went wrong and the No Evil one was on top and the other one was at the bottom. It was ok to me but Amanda said it looks like we're stepping on ourselves. Haha!

And and and! I got myself another family! TEEHEE=)

My one and only Husband :)
(Others are wives, so yea.)

My Dar !

Our daughta ! :D

& My Dar !

*Sorry, tak ada Family Photo. LOL!*

So yea. Jac and I aren't kid-less anymore. Wheee~ x)

Happy to see you happy ;)
And FYI, people above, I Love Them ;D

And I'm spending the whole morning and maybe half the afternoon at Kumon tomorrow. Killing my brain cells >_<

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

A dream of yesterday..
All alone in the dark,
People laughed;
People talked;
No one cared.
But someone reached out for me, and pulled me in..

I failed to see who that someone is. It was really dark... Those hands, were really warm.

Yesterday during tuition, we debated with the "kids". Because Sarah's in her school's debating team, Chuan Yew and I kept asking her for stuff to say. And her Mandrin ahh.. WAHHHH.. LOL

BTW, we're the pembangkangs.

They're the penyokongs.

The topic? “小时了了,大未必佳”. At the end only Chee Yin and Sarah were debating. The rest of us just sat there and looking and listening. We are seriously lost. They were talking so damn fast in such difficult-to-be-understood Mandrin. All we could really do is look and listen and ACT like we know. :P

Today, it's kinda considered that we played almost the whole day. The "find words in a word" thing. The first word was "Matematik Tambahan", and the second word was "Format Peperiksaan". We, are really *insert some words here*. "Tambahan", split into "tambah" and "bahan". Then next, add imbuhan, then become "menambah". Haiyo. LOL.

Then later, AhTeacher asked us to play a game. It's a game among 2. Both keep talking and talking and don't stop. Whoever talks the longest wins. So you can't get disturbed by others, just say your thing. (What the heck is this game man..) All of us played and Sarah and I were the finalists. We talked non-stop for 2 minutes ++. Julia even recorded it. It's in her phone. And WEIRD. iPhone tak ada bluetooth punya meh? Or is it just her? xD terlalu noob untuk guna iPhone. Such a waste. Hahaha! That's why not uploaded here, if not you can watch Sarah and I crap for 2 minutes NON-STOP. And oh ya! We found out the use of "Divert Calls" in our phones. Played with it like crazy people. Hahaha! Yea I know. We're noobs :D

Enlarged with Julia's iPhone. (Cos it's fun to enlarge stuff in iPhones. XD) Then took this pic. It's a baby's eyeeeeee (:

These days, had "conference" with The Jac-ster, AhSeiLanJiao and Manyi The Cute at night (:
Planned to go out next Thursday. Just hope the plan works :D

And and and and and AND ! Gotta balik kampung next Fridayy!! =D

Ok ! ByeBye!

Da EdN :)

Monday, 30 November 2009

In the world ?!

One Heck of The Tuition Kind.

大便书 = Shit Book ?

I went tuition and my teacher intro-ed us this book.
And for 1 hour +, we've been discussing about it.
And FYI, this is one good book (:

Tomorrow's December ! :D :D :D


Before I end this random post, a tag by Shenni and PuiYie (:

A. You prefer :

1.Alcohol or Mineral Water : Alcohol x)
2.Blue or Pink : Blue
3.Hot Guys or Cool Guys : Hot guys
4.Good Looks or Brains : half-half xD

5.Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner : Who?
6.Friends or Loved Ones : Friends ARE loved ones (:
7."Baby" or "Honey" : Honey

B. Your/You kind of guy :

1.Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic : occasionally alcoholic xD
2.Good or Bad : half-half

3.Brave or Cute : brave?
4.Tall or Short : Tall
5.T-Shirt or Suite : T-shirt.
6.Coat or Leather Jacket: whichever
7.Sunnies or Spectacles : whichever
8.Caring or Rich : Caring
9.Kisses or Hugs : Both
10.Romantic ?: Romantic?

C.Your/You kind of girl :

1.Cute or Pretty : You tell me
2.Sweet or Caring: You tell me

3.Sports or "Princess Candle" : 40-60
4.Surprises? : Surprises?

5.Smile or Frown : =)
6.Love Quotes or Love Poems : Quotes
7.Computer Geek or Study Nerd : Computer geek

8.SMS or MSN : Depends
9.Forever or Just For Fun : I dunno
10.Hangouts with Friends or Couple Date : Hangouts with Friends

D.Your Daily Activities :

1.After Breakfast : watch TV
2.Before School: computer
3.During School : Slack, crap.
4.After School : tuition
5.Night : computer, tv, tuition, sleep
6.Midnight : asleep
7.Holidays : slack

E. Tag 10 people :

7)Ah Doraemon

1.What if 9 confesses that he/she likes you ? ( Himin )
- Yea she likes me. Like a lot (: & yea I like her too.
2.Will you go out for a couple date with 3 if he/she asks to ? ( DNL )
- Absofuckinglutely!
3.Is 7 single ? ( Doraemon )
- Who knows? :P
4.Describe 1 : ( ASLJ )
- Bitch :D
5.Will you date 8 ? ( Siuli )
- Yea we plan to. But I'm sooo busy.
6.What is 2's nickname ? ( HS )
- Hai So loh! xD
7.What do you wish to tell 10 right now ? ( Yenlu )
- Xiao za bo! I want my notes! xP
8.What is 5 good in ? ( Manyi )
- Crap
9.If you were to do one thing to 4, what would it be? ( Jaclyn )
- Hug her. hahaha
10.Have you seen 1 cried ? ( ASLJ )
- yea
11.Is 2 crazy or geeky ? ( HS )
- CraaaaaaAaAaAaazzzyyYy!! AND geeky (:
12.Will you hold 7's hand and walk around ? ( Doraemon )
- I want she also dun wan la. xD
13.What do you think of 6 ? ( Justin )
- Tall ! XP
14.Will you kiss 3 when there is only both of you in the park ? ( DNL )
15.Is 8 sweet ? ( Siuli )
- of course! xD
16.What is 9's hobby ? ( Himin )
17.Will you date 10 to a high class restaurant ? ( Yenlu )
- need high class meh? mamak stall can ald. xD
18.Is 5 fitted to be a maid ? ( Manyi )
- NO
19.When it started raining, who will you seek for an unbrella ?
- DNL (:
20. Where would you go with 1 on a date ? ( ASLJ)
- My house. xD

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Oh my gosh.. I just read Yen Lu's blog.. And believe it or not, I nearly cried ! D:
You may go read it too. 2009, November 27th post. YenLu's blog.

She really reminded me how much I loved my classmates. I've never been in such a fabulous class. In her blog, she said:

" 不管我在班外发生了不如意的事,

This part is really true. When tugas-ing or whatever-ing out of class, and no matter how effin' pissed I got, how effin' mad I was; no matter how much I made myself believe that I was too angry to talk to anyone, but when I got back to class, and seeing everybody so happy playing and talking, I don't know why, I just feel.. Happy.. Why happy? I don't know. I really don't. I just feel nice and happy to be back. 2A10 feels like home. In fact, Block C feels like home =)

Oh yes. Encik Shahril. Mann! How much I miss his shouting and his talking and his teaching. He used to scare us so much. We were sitting at the table by the door behind. When he suddenly comes and hit the table with his long long cane.. Everybody shock and jump up. (Everytime when people got shocked, YenLu will say "Ei, why Marcus din scream one?") Haha. I remember one day, KH class. 2A9 and 2A10 boys in 9 and 2A9 and 2A10 girls in 10. Encik Shahril was giving homework and said "Mastery Exercise" while SooPing and I heard him say "Masturbate Exercise". Laughed the crap out of us that moment (:

Cik Kalpana always say "Mammals, are you with me?". And WaiYuen will ask "Isn't she a mammal too?" Haha. Aiyoo.. I miss everything. I MISS SCHOOL ! D:

Pn Chan ! :D We all know she loves 2A10 too (: Just as much as we do, I pressume.

Our game: JI GU BANG and BINGO ! Every time I play these two games, I will remember every shit-ass funny and memorable moments in 2A10. This class indeed, gave us lots and lots and lots of great moments. "THE ROCK !" *DUM DUM DUM DUM* "THE SCISSORS!" *CHENG CHENG CHENG CHENG* "THE CLOTH" *BLEP BLEP BLEP BLEP* and the SEX BINGO. LOL ! Funny dudes and dudettes.

You funny people.. I will never never forget you guys :)
Just like SweeGee said.. "2A10, KENANGAN TERINDAH"

Well I don't know about the rest of you, but 2A10 is indeed the fabulousEST of all :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE 2A10 banyak-banyak. STILL irreplacable ;D

Da EdN :)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Da Birthdays!

Whooo! It's the 23rd of November today and a very nice day it is! Four of my babes share the same birth day! But diff year of course. But my AhLauAhGirl and AhShellZai same year, same month, same day! :D This is so nice.

Ini Lau Yin Huan. Dia sekarang di Sandakan. I mean she lives there. XD She, is my loved loved loved cousiieee :D I miss her so freaking damn much. We only see each other once a year. How sad. Look at the bright side, it's almost December and I get to spend almost the whole month with her! Wheee~!! I remember those stupid times when we argued about which colour is nicer when we were little kids and became best friends again in like 10 seconds. So farnie! xD I can't wait fer December!

Ini Ho Shelley. SHE is my SON :) Yea nothing's wrong with your eyes. SHE, is my SON. She's a great friend of mine. In fact, a good son/daughter/wife/husband/pet. She's one cute friend of mine. Look at her, such a pure and innocent face. But don't get fooled by her looks, this little angel can also be a devil at times. Ahaha! She cares for us, and we ARE fortunate to have a friend like her, don't you agree? :D She is also oooonnnnneeee crazy girl :) Friday was the last day of school and I MISS YOU ALREADY !

Ini Ong She Qin. This Ah Dear of mine is having SPM now. How sad. And it's even sadder when you hear this: One of my cousins are getting married and her wedding dinner is held on 12th and 13th of December. And SPM ends on 14th of December. What luck, aye? But no worries, she's got da powah! :D She'll manage it. She ah! Very very super nice person. I honestly very seldom seen her mad. Oh yeaa, she gets along with little kids very well. Follow me back to ma' hometown and you'll see all of the little cousins of ours will all be sticking with her. She's like all of their second mum :P

HAPPY MARVELLOUS 17th birthday!
&& Good luck in SPM :)

Align LeftIni Tan Min Yee. Well, honestly, when I go back to Perak, she's kinda our driver. XDXD She's great :) Her awesomeness rules it all. This cousin of mine is super super caring and friendly. I Miss Her too!

:D :D :D

Looks like I'm missing everyone. I really still can't believe it's school holidays already. Arrrggghh!!!! Now I have another sadder case. Seems like SiuLi's oh-so-brilliant plan isn't gonna work. OH WELL, wasn't giving in much hope to it anyway. And and and, I have tuition every Monday till Friday from 10am till 3pm. Don't feel shock. My holidays are always like this.

Ahh well. Things'll get better. FOR SURE. I believe so :)

Thank you for stopping by today. And have you wished any one of the four that you know "Happy Birthday" ? No? What cha waiting for? Give them a reason to smile today :D

Da EdN :)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

21st of November

Hey people! I'm here to blog. Requested by my Lau Ah Girl :)

I'm online now and guess what. MSN, sien. Very few people online. Facebook lagi teruk. I think it's gonna rot soon also. Just like Friendster, which I have no idea what happened to it. I called Lau Ah Girl first, then AhDee. Good for you people, you all get to party and I get to stay at home and rot. How nice. Pardon my sacarsticness, I do it all the time.

Anyway, talking to my Lau Ah Girl makes me wanna balik kampung more. And check this out, my hometown is Bagan Serai, in short BS, in other words Budak Samseng. Nice isn't it? This is created by my cousin Tan Wen Yee :D I miss her so much. Hmm.. That's kinda it I think. And she wanna know what happened to my foot, so here you go. Don't be shocked. Don't faint. It's no pain :)








Nah. Nice bo? I find it very nice. xD And yea, I think I'm crazy. But the good news is I can still dance :) I went to class today. But I don't dare to do pirouettes. Scared that I'll fall and break my foot again. Phobia ahh...

AhDee's at her cousin's house. House warming. Another busy girl she is. Wanted to date her this Saturday but she'll be in Korea. Oh well. Anyway, read this convo:

Fake la you.
No, I really dunno why so front one..
How fake?
Very fake.
HOW fake?
Oh.. Okkaayy..
Fake like me.
(laughed laughed laughed)

AhDee Me

You don't have to get the joke. In fact it's not really a joke anyway. XD It's just a us thing. Haha!

Chatted with AhShell in MSN. And I get to know that her mum's birthday is one day before hers. So nice! It's like she's a present for her mother :) So special, so sweet. Don't cha agree?
2 days to go till AhShell, Ah Lau Ah Girl, Ah Qin and Ah Min's birthday! Another nice thing. 4 person closely related to me have the same birth day. See, the world is connected :D

And one more thing, I can't believe it's school holiday ALREADY. I can STILL remember the first day I walk into 2A10 :D

Till then, fellow readers :)

Da EdN :)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The last 3 days

Day 1
I am so happy to get back to school again! 1st, no form 1s, school will have less people. BOOYAH ! :D 2nd, every day at home, rotten. 3rd, I freaking freaking miss my friends and classmates. Just so not used to not having noisy people around.

Before I go to school, I snapped pictures of my beautiful foot. Look.

The left side of my foot is all blue-blackish.

It doesn't hurt. Just so you know. x)

Go tuh school. It's gonna rain! Cik Indduk called for YenLu, Ah Doraemon, Cheryl, XueHui, YiEn, JiaYi, WeiLi, MeiXi, KerYee, Crystal, YenChen, CheahCheng and I (all that I remember) to go Bengkel to finish up our KH work. Crapped there a little with everybody. So funny la my classmates. All crazy crazy punya.. *loves loves* :D

Back to class with YenLu, the boys at the back doing stuff. If you know you know, if you don't, don't try to find out. Hahaha! Sorry for trying to act all mysterious and stuff. But it's better not telling.. I think.. And I was shocked to see SooPing playing with them. XD

Photo captured by Ah Sim Soo Ping. (:


Cik Kal's period. Everyone back to places. Because YenLu, SooPing and I were sitting at the first table, we had some sorta chat with Cik Kal.

I think the boys at the back are up to something.. Wei Shan, go see what are they up to..

Maybe they're masturbating.
(Cik Kal shocked, YenLu and SooPing laughed like shit.)
Oh god. You don't say that in front of teachers you know, luckily you're saying it to me now. So it's ok.. But other teachers if they ask you "What are they doing behind?" you don't go "They are doooot."
(The 3 of us laughed like shit again)

Cik Kal Me

I didn't mean to bring that word out. It just slipped out. Ooops.

I played BINGO with YenLu. 10x10. Guess what? We played until forgot to go out for recess. Oh well... Then I went slacking with AhShell and NOT tugas. Gimme a break. It's almost holidays. Went kacau-ing the juniors who are doing MD. Then Wesley and MiingPin came and played the 5,10,15,20 thing in BGD. Everyone's in BGD at that moment. Ponteng-ing tugas, I'm proud to say, including AhDee and AhSiFatZai. (LOL !) *Actually we're not really ditching tugas. Just that many people were there and seem like it*

After that, went spotcheck with people (: Mr Lee was stalking us. We said "Because BGD power down. So he come out loh..." Seems like it! :D
Sad to say, this is the last spotcheck of fun we'll be having this year. So sad for leaving 2009.

After SIM 7-ing, back to class.

Ah WeiLi Zai ! ;D

BELIEVE that we're in the same class for 6 years. Standard 3 till Form 2. Long time isn't it? I hearts her banyak-banyak (: Next year, looking forward to be in the same class as her again. Hopefully ;)

Ah Doraemon and JiaYi and gang were playing truth or dare. And they sang in class. *Loud loud applause* :D

JI GU BANG-ed with SooPing, YenLu, Marcus and Eugene. Really had fun, laughed like shit :D This may be the last time we play this childhood game together. D: But hopefully it won't be the last time.

On Da Bus:

Joan Chia ! ;D

End of Day 1 and 2A10 is really really truly LOVED.

Day 2
I went to school again ! Kinda promised myself not to ponteng for the last 3 days. I won't regret not ponteng-ing :)

Behold, our Ketua and Penolong Ketua Lembaga Pengawas Sesi Petang 2010 !
Nicholas Goh and Chong Ying Lee ! WHOOOOO~!! LOL LOL LOL.
This picture is actually randomly snapped.

I came to school earlier than usual today. Cos my dad's home and free to fetch me. Yeah.

AhVick said her back hurts and AhManSai helped her massage.

Back to class. Sien daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo.

Kids under 12 should not be seeing this :D

SooPing requested to snap pictures of her toy monkey - Jiong Jiong. Don't ask me. She's the one who named it.

Then later, Marcus came to play with us. Haha! First we played JI GU BANG again. SooPing, YenLu, XinHui, Marcus, WaiYuen and I. XinHui kept winning. And I kept saying it's beginner's luck. Cos it's the 1st time she played with us. XD

Watch these vids. 12 seconds with SooPing :P

Pn Lau ! ;D

Then we played truth or dare.

YenLu - Slap XueHui and say "I love you".
Me - hug Pn Lau. I went and say "teacher, gimme a hug" and her reaction scared me because she open her arms. Hahaha !
Marcus - Borrow KokBond's specs and wear, if he refuses to borrow, hug him for 10 seconds. xD
WenLi - Hug ManLong and take picture.

He's gonna do it ! ;P

Aww.. How sweet. xD

I know we're lame. We're just OB! (Over-Bored) Later, we have some ceremony thing for Pn Haliza and Pn Teoh. And then later basketball competition. It's special cos it's for Form 2ers. Hahaha! :D

Yeah, !

Pn Haliza ! She's leaving for Negeri Sembilan.

The match begins.

Mr Lee was so happy. XD

We were all sitting there watching the competition, which are very nice to watch, and I was taking some photos. Suddenly THIS ball flew towards us and so ngam I captured this pic. Nice isn't it? :P

End of Day 2. Had fun, but I miss Doraemon :(

Day 3
Morning section class ! But I still went. For once in this year, 2A10 has got 18 people absent! Fake-nya. Our class use to always be with the highest percentage of people present. But today really very *insert some words here*. Hahaha! And when the teacher was presenting the Kahadiran Penuh cert, we made fun of this even more. XD

The school tricked us. They said they'll let us know what class will be be in today but they didn't. Instead, they told us to come back to school the last week of the holidays to get to know it. WTH. So this is their way of making most people not ponteng. So thanks to them, Shelley and I went to school to slack. LALALALALALALA~

Pn Ooi asked AhShell and I to help her bring some (actually a lot, four stacks) of books to Block G. On the way, we saw CheeWeng, MiingPin and JunWai. CheeWeng offered help (: What a good wife. Hahaha. JunWai carried the books for AhShell and MiingPing helped him by holding his apple juice for him to suck. XD What a nice scene and I don't have my camera with me. Damn!

After storing the books in the block G SPBT room, AhShell and I went to the dewan block G for the fans. We sat there, then later CW, MP and JW came. We played JI GU BANG, again. But they changed to KU KU JIAO, MA CAU HAI and some other random stuff. So there, we slacked for another few not-short-not-long minutes.

Helped Pn Goh in her office with AhShell. So funny! Her office was like a jungle of FILES. And AhShell and I get to work there. Hahahahaha! :P Then after that, went to Pintu Besar with One Malaysia. We played CHO DAI DI at Pintu Besar. And after the game, we only notice that the CCTV was right above us. Oh well... What to do? LOL ! It was 1235pm, and my bro and his friends were the first 3 to go out of the school by pintu besar's pintu kecil. (XD) While the guard was standing at pintu besar. In simpler sentence, it means we got out of school 5 minutes early.

End of Day 3.

So yea. It's the end of school for year 2009. I'll really really gonna miss it. Especially 2A10 (: All those happy happy happy memories. I'll never forget them ;D
See all of you Sentosarians next year ! Wheee~!!


Da EdN :D

P/S: I still love 2A10/09 :D *Irreplacable*

P/S/S: I blogged this post on 20th of November. And it's 3:56pm now. Not whatever shit written above. ;)